February 18, 2011 COLOURED.

everyone is curious as to what the government will be giving us this yr. many are thinking of incentives galore since the elections are coming. today's paper featured an article about the expectations of the nation. they are divided to 8 types of classes.

all their concerns are quite valid except for one class. they call it the corporate honcho.

other ppl concerns are about being sandwiched to fund their kids education as well as take care of their aged parents. rising medical bills, utility bills, tertiary bills, property for genuine buyers are some of their concerns.

u know the corporate honcho's concern?

"lower income tax"
"lower maid levy"

lower income tax hor, i guess everyone also likes that idea. no one likes their money to be taken away after slogging it out like a slave. but go any country is also the same. in fact singapore taxes are reasonably low compared to some countries. the only way not to pay tax? very simple, just earn less.

this maid levy lowering though is a joke. if u have the money to buy sentosa cove but no money to pay maid levy then ur financial management is damn fail. somemore 2 maids.

why do they need 2 maids. one to do housework, one to have an affair with?

dun tell me rich ppl got no hands to do anything meh. their concerns is really bullshit. its not so much of a concern, its more of a lifestyle choice. no money to pay maid levy then go sell ur sentosa cove man.

or in fact, let me pay for ur maid levy and i stay over ur sentosa cove fucker.

12:11 PM

February 06, 2011 COLOURED.

the photo is hyomin (t-ara)

went to visit azduke yesterday with pm n meow. the newspaper say its no good to visit ppl on the 3rd day of cny. judging by the number of ppl at his house, looks like its kinda gg to his family then? traditions are bullshit just to scare the kids. ever seen a hopping vampire with a charm stuck on his head around in the western countries b4? you get the idea.

everyone knows my motive for going his house. of cos to visit azduke la! lol the eye candies around are just secondary really. too bad we arrived quite late if not we can see the china beauties longer. the smell, the looks, their skin are so wow. my horns wan to grow alr but lucky the lions distracted me enough not to drool openly. this yr they got more lions n more special. the name of the troop? SJ Handphone?

super junior handphone? WTF. at least thats why they put on the back of their shirts. imagine lions dancing to sorry sorry or bonamana. hmm that should be one of the new judging criteria for the lion dance competition annually.

the china beauties left early so i was scanning around for someone but this yr they didnt turn up. sadfase. well well i came to see azduke! and yea he still looks cute as b4 except hes now busy playing with sc2 custom maps instead of backstabbing mobs in cata.

and i tot meow dyed his hair pretty nice until he told us that its his natural hair color. damn pro his hair. u should see it some day man. how natural can that be. we left at abt 10 and head for circular road to meet up with the lich king arthas.

he told us to go to deliozoso to wait for us? i tink its spelt like that. anyway its the pub with no ppl one. even on saturdays man wtf? didnt know such places exist whereby theres no business one. anyway he was late and by the time he arrive arsenal was alr 3-0 up.

okcir n agis came too and said hi. think agis knows the connections in circular road. u see ppl quite talented in wow but in real life so chui. then ppl quite chui in wow but outside life they are so high flying then u really cannot imagine their status in the society.

it was quite easy to recognize the 2 of them. okcir looks like okcir and agis looks like agis. lol true story. its my first time meeting arthas too. they say he was an ah beng but everytime i see the facebook pictures + his liking for hello kitty, i tot how is it possible that hes an ah beng. the most just a wannabe ba. even in vent whenever he scold or talk he dun sound beng-ish at all. sadly he broke his image the moment he open his mouth. yes hes an ah beng. LOL

on a sidenote i dun understand how delizioso got no ppl. honestly speaking, i tot the dj was doing ok. i mean he spins even better than the bloody double o dj. i tell u double o has been playing the same music from the first time i step in until now. and ppl are still loving it wtf. the only reason why im still there at times is the drinks thats all. the music is really killing me. wtb at least kpop club or more updated music pls.

and yea i so wanna go to a kpop theme party but no one is interested in kpop wtf. this yr they prolly organised quite a number of kpop theme parties and i tink im gonna go to one of them alone just to see wat its really like. this hallyu wave will become bigger n bigger, sooner or later they will open one club that plays korean music.

12:05 PM

February 05, 2011 COLOURED.

soccer soccer woot woot.

by now u would have realise that england is very much like singapore, very last minute shopping for the best bargains in town. all the aunties from singapore must have infiltrated their system. it doesnt concern me much as man u didnt make any movements for a big player other than a new keeper.

the biggest news is of cos liverpool double striker buys. suarez n carroll in exchange for torres.

i feel for the liverpool fans when i read what reasons torres gave for wanting to leave. its a joke man. before the season he say he loves the club and kiss the badge more times than he ever kissed his wife or kids then now torres wan to play for a bigger club.

epl there is no bigger club man, theres only 4 clubs. to move among the four is not a step forward at all unless u say u wan to go real madrid or barcelona. sometimes ah u really have to question the intellect of footballers. are they more dumb than boxers? at least boxers kena box until the head gong gong cannot think properly thats why they think ears are crunchy snacks.

its a very crap reason which of cos dun go well with the supporters. its like i like girls but i wan to go for men. does it make sense? no right. same logic. unless u tink i go for men. then u must be siao.

wat torres did was to pull a rooney trick. rooney also wanted to leave that time but look at what man u did. everyone hated him to the core until he gave up n say sorry. at least he got a new contract for his efforts and ppl are slowly accepting him again.

wat did liverpool do? just take the money and go find $1000 pound prostitutes for the whole board to celebrate. ok maybe they are cash strapped. 50 million is gd money really. and for that they bought in 2 gd strikers which i find a gd deal though carroll may be a bit overpriced. time will tell.

anyway all this time i was thinking wtf la torres and carroll. say this and that but never keep promise. then when i was reading the newspaper today, i tot they made the right choice after all. its easy to be angry when they have done so much for their respective clubs then suddenly they wan to leave. but have u ever thought about the real reason why they wan to leave?

the only viable reason i can think of is money. say if u are paid 5k per month currently, then someone offers u 8k per month doing the same amount of things. what will u do?

lets not cheat ourselves here. its human nature. you cannot resist it. look at the amount of ppl leaving their jobs. right now the economy is good, everywhere is green. and they always say opportunities only come once in a while.

imagine suzy from miss A comes to me n say "i like u". you cfm grab the chance right but have to be careful wait kena charged for underaged stuff.

footballers dun have a contract that lets them play until 60 or retire pls. their legs will give way once they are past 35. so they can only hope to earn as much as possible for their short career span and hopefully do some sound investment in whatever instead of splurging on useless stuff.

it would be a better answer to just say "i need the money to support my family, i love the club but they cannot afford my wages."

i think thats a gd answer to give to anyone who wishes to leave their current job. hint hint*

so yea, my conclusion is i support torres n carroll. good luck to them. (thank goodness they are not from man u if not this post will be a hate post)

12:13 PM

February 04, 2011 COLOURED.

i was shocked when i saw my first post was in oct 2002. thats like 10 yrs ago man. 10 fucking yrs. what am i, veteran blogger? LOL

just because its 10 yrs, i guess i have to put in some effort to make it worthwhile. its been a long time since i last blogged. and the last post is not very pretty to be honest. that was what i can say my dark period? if women can have periods then why not men, just that mine is a damn constipated one.

anyway, my concept of blog is still the same. like a hellfire missile, fire-and-forget. everything i put here is my opinion at that point of time. a few days, months, years later i will just laugh it off as a distant part of my memory.

yes i shall keep this blog alive.

i know people will chance upon this and try to catch me. "see this fucker call u xxx"

so i will be careful with my words. but if you know me through my blog, u know i never hold back. just that i never specifically name anyone except for special people. i wonder if my boa photos are still ard or not in the old posts. just a habit, every post comes with a pic, not of me since my looks cant sell readership but gers can =).

whats past is past. dun be too angry dun be too sad dun be too happy if i mentioned whoever in this blog before. this is the present. this is the future. this is 2011.

yes 2011 is my year.

9:41 PM

its been a year since the last post. wtf.

watch this space. cos i have too many things i need to vent out.

5:42 PM


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