October 28, 2002 COLOURED.

hmmm... found that some of my blogs have been missing in action!!!!.... something's wrong and i try to get it back on the web as soon as possible... in the meantime, my blog has been suspended to make way for my final week of exams =( ... this blogging will still go on though.... =)

12:27 AM

October 27, 2002 COLOURED.

(ps: this is meant to be posted yesterday, however the site was down... hence it is a day late =( )

didn't update my blog due to the shitty exams... 2 days ago, i had insufficient time to complete my maths paper (1 whole page of questions left undone), resulting in a loss of 33 marks =/... i dunno what exactly happened, my brain wasn't functioning at all... i was sleepy (no thanks to the overnight studies the day b4)... felt like a retard, and i felt so useless when i learnt most of my classmates managed to complete it... it's just shit shit shit and well... shit all the way... that day was a all time low, went on irc at night moodless when senzi caught my eye... started chatting with her and things start to brighten up a little... seen her nick for far too many times but this is the first time chatting to her since aidil has been hogging the queue for so long... it's nice chatting to her...

yesterday things even got better... i had a field day by the pool, swimming past those hapless idiots feels oooh so good =) (esp. those who brought their gers along =X)... nowadays there seems to be more people at the swimming complex... not bad but they were guys... developed a splitting headache after swimming (pretty usual for me which i dunno why)... and there's yet another test to prepare... suddenly it's like so many things to do and yet so little time... must be my poor time management =(... i seem to be bringing luck to 1 of my classmates... i helped him placed a number of bets and he hasn't lost any money yet!... what's more, he currently has a surplus of $42.50... a terrific achievement considering he places $5 bets only... initially intended to sleep at 3am... my friend sent me a table tennis mini game... i had a hard time playing forrest gump (yap, it's forrest!)... out of the 3 players available... i only managed to beat 1 and it's already 4am by then (supposed to be at school by 9am)...went to sleep and hope things changed for the better...

okie now to today's events... today's paper was done with lots of careless mistakes... my mind just couldn't wake up on time, perhaps it gotta do with a sex survey i done (shit, i'm a exhibitionist!)... true or false i dunno, i'm a virgin after all =)... aidil approached me when he saw me (as usual) and the usual "how, full marks liao?" (again)... i was about to answer him when antz interupted and aidil went "WHATTT" (i'm not making this up, he did say 'what' in a booming voice), leaving poor antz murmur a tiny "nothing" (i can't hear properly)... this scene has been repeating since we know each other? yeah that antz... calls aidil up every day of the night asking questions which a newborn can answer (that's the first word which a baby learns!)... he also said about a potential outing on saturday with eyu... the way he phrased it makes me wonder, "eyu ask me to ask you whether saturday wanna meet them up"... at first thought, i immediately conclude "you ask out 1 right" and the response was fast "no lah! she ask me first"... in between he also mentioned something about uchu wanna meet us too... evil thoughts came to my mind (put aeroplane on uchu!), but then going out with eyu is weird, for me i mean... aidil will be smiling happily the whole day while i try to stay a distance... whenever i see girls i just dunno what to say to them except the occasional "hi" and "bye" ... otherwise i can't hold a conversation, crack jokes is only possible with guys... hmmm does that make me a gay i wonder (i hope not!)... personally i prefer going with uchu... at least we can talk more and laughters galore throughout the day... whatever it is, there's a chance the jokers (aidil,uchu,me) will be out in full force on saturday... but aidil wants the eyu outing, most probably we will be meeting them in the end... happy ending for all~... quite delighted that i managed to complete my revision by 9pm which allows me to write this blog right now, which means i will sleep early today (cheers) and hopefully tomorrow i will be fresh for my test...

12:03 AM

October 23, 2002 COLOURED.

today is a sleepy day... slept no more than 4 hours and my alarm clock rang... my mom dragged me out of bed as she thought i was going to school... nah i was going swimming... whenever someone spoke to me when i just woke up... that person can be sure that whatever i said is all bullshit... my mind can't function properly, still in dreamland... and damn there's no breakfast, head off to 7-11 to buy some bread and reminded myself to check last night's soccer results...

they say someone's birthday will give others luck... quite true for my friend... i helped him won $20, and i lost =/... i was late for my swimming appointment with takumi... spend a whooping 20 minutes on the complex's toilet after suffering severe gatric pains resulting in removal of bowels, had i been 1 second late in pulling my pants off... i swear my swimming trunks would get a new color... went to pool and it was, freakingly cold... i don't like cold water, too bad there's no one nearby that i can hug for some warmth =X... saw takumi coming out from the changing room... like me, we have no mood to swim... i sswam only 8 laps and that's it...

went to dover mrt waiting for friends where we will have a discussion on maths... tomolo's the test and i haven't got a idea of what is going on... went changi airport to study or should i say talk cock... sometimes i just love the east side (or is it the girls?)... luckily for me, my friend got a copy of answers for all the tutorials over the past 7 weeks or so... at least i can take back and analyse =)...

today is just pretty sucky... went to sleep at 8, woke up at 11 pm and here i am trying to complete the maths preparations... wish me lucK!

3:01 AM

October 21, 2002 COLOURED.

everyday's a brand new day.. and today i shall begin my brand new year.. finally 18! now i can do many things legally (not that i'm the sort of person who goes around doing bad deeds)..... smoking, drinking, betting, clubbing.. and the list goes on.... out of the list, i'm only interested in clubbing although there may still be a long way to go... my parents don't like people to be out so late in the night... and that means i can't stay at my friends' houses... well, i can always stop listening their whining and said i'm grown up, why should'nt have my own freedom --- but i didn't... maybe i was brought up to be that way... obeying orders.. sometimes i should try to rebel abit.. like when i was 16.. my eca --- npcc, as a group we did all things unspeakable... creating havocs in all campfires we attended... we even got ourselves a PCC club which i was chairman (since i started the idea in oct 18 1999)... i never forget that date... we were at Xiao Guilin trying to catch some hot action after a campfire organised by the girl guides (ooh... guides campfire is a must-must for our boys-unit only)

i start off my birthday on a usual note... waking up late which has been a rountine since i started irc late... birthdays... i never celebrate them... perhaps the only celebration i ever had was when i was 16... that bunch of npcc was just terrific... they got me 2 condom keychains... n a dildo (courtesy of house of humor)... although i wonder why the hell would they give me a dildo for... i don't need that =/... btw the condoms are lubricated... my friends play around with the dildo so much that within 2 weeks.. the whole thing can't take it anymore n it isn't working anymore... too bad there's no warranty card :(... another thing to note... i still keep 1 of the condoms at my house :)

after my breakfast (3 pieces of bread with milo), i decide to head to my friendly 7-11 store where they had recently opened a betting booth... as i pencilled my bets... i can't help but think i'm following my dad's footsteps... when i was young... i hate to see dad bet... a waste of money i thought... why when he could use that to buy me a PS... so here i am giving the exact amount to the cashier... she looked at me for a moment before she put the ticket into the machine... she thought i was underaged... well can't blame her... i went to watch a NC16 movie but the attendant demanded my IC... my irc friend mostly thought i was still in secondary school... this shows that i'm quite youthful eh... perhaps the only giveaway of my age is the 6 earholes i got... like i said... i don't break rules... i did the piercings after my secondary school education was over... i place small amounts on my bets... quite unlike the 25k i place on the internet (that was fake money of course!)... i'm not known to be a risk-taker , maybe that's why i'll be a pauper forever (play big win big play small win shit)

head on down to bukit batok swimming complex after that... it's like a third home for me.. after my home and school... i've been swimming since i was.... nah... i started swimming only around june this year... some may find it hard to believe when they see me swim... but that's the truth... do i get to hug you if i'm telling a lie?... continued my usual 50-lap swimming... don't say woW yet... before that i was doing 100 (it took me 3 hours to achieve)... at least a 50-lap takes around 1 hour 15 minutes... i'm trying to get down to 1 hour... that's only achievable when i have some "fierce competitors" swimming alongside... i hate to see people overtake me... in swimming my ego is as huge as the universe... sometimes i feel that people at the pool are just so pathetic.. bimbo-wannabes wearing bikinis suntanning themselves... beach boys wannabes lie by the poolside getting a tan... uncles ogling at the bimbo wannabes (sometimes i'm guilty of that =X)... fat lifeguards also ogling at the bimbo wannabes (not a bad job eh)... those who came to swim just swim 5-6 laps and they start to collapse, grasping for air... few can swim as much as me... save for takumi n aidil... aidil is aiming to swim 40... i wish him luck =).. btw he said he woud be at the pool but i didn't see him... perhaps he has been dreaming of eyu n christine too much that he can't wake up... takumi is someone i admire when i first started out my continous swimming back in june... i started off with 20... he said he would try to do that... the next week... we did 40... then 60... suddenly he did a whooping 80... not to be outdone... i surpassed him at 100... that was way too crazy that time... my whole skin changed color... i had a white butt... and my hair started to turn gold... when school restarted, my classmates thought i went for artificial suntanning... think louis koo (same birthday as me)... that crazy idea of continuous swimming was inspired by a girl... i never saw her again but she was the revelation... i was impressed that she can swim nonstop for so long... so i thought, if she can, so can i... i didn't tried diving today... i was inspired by a guy for diving (yeah, i can't help having inspirations)... he managed 3/4 of the pool while so far the furthest i got was approx. 5/8 of it... today i don't have much luck... most of the humans there were guys... i thought my birthday would spring some surprises for me... actually there was 1... a yellow bikini... too bad aidil was not there, he loves yellow... she was just beside me and damn she was kicking her legs, floating by the side... too bad i didn't get a chance to stop and take a good look at her... and she got off the pool too fast, like most girls... i didn't like to be stopped when in the midst of my swimming... try doing that and i will curse you until u die... when i'm done, i got up and head for the changing room when i noticed a girl at the 1m pool looking at me... hmm got people noticed me... not bad, or is it she's looking at the lifeguard behind me... after i've changed... i went back out and looked at her... this time with my specs, i can't see a thing without my specs, and she looked at me again, sec sch girl... inside my mind, i was elated but no i didn't went up to her... i head for the nearest exit...

i proceeded to do my "filial" job, only aidil and some of my classmates knew about that "filial" thing... a mrt ride to jurong east and to Popular Honeymoon Bridal where my mom works as a seamstress... not there to talk to her, but to carry groceries home... since she injured her back a few months back... she was instructed not carry heavy things... hence the "filial" starts to kick in... after school... after swimming or whatever... i do it mondays to fridays... not that i wanted to... but at least her back has improved...

my mom sure buy a lot of things... my dad eats a lot... and i have to carry things which i'm too lazy to eat... when i reach yew tee... it was raining cats and dogs... no cats and dogs really but the rain was like stones peltering on me... pit pat pit pat... went to order my chicken rice, not any ordinary chicken but chicken thigh... i just dig them!... no umbrella, and too thrifty to take a bus home... i walk home in the rain... i tried to sing but my mouth would be full of water if i did that... by the time i got back home, my whole pants was wet, i took them off and threw them away (to the laundry)... combed my hair all the way back... looks kinda like ZER0 except i'm the dark version...

today's gonna be a long day... planning to start my maths soon when the exams commence wednesday... btw gotta thank someone who made me decide to do blog... i may have a bad start but credit to her, i managed to write this, if we have a chance to meet again, i promise i will show up with orchids, winter virgins to be precise (when i have the money that is =X)... the original blog that was done a week ago... i don't intend to publish it since the police will get me if i do publish it... and it shall remain at that...

11:27 PM

October 13, 2002 COLOURED.

no mood to write a blog after i spent 1 whole hour writing it and when i decide to post it.. *POP* it goes... it wasn't saved.... talk about a way to start my blogging! phMT =(

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