February 20, 2005 COLOURED.

are you a happy person?
why i always see you smiling?

by that statement alone, i can tell my course commander dun understand me at all... so sian everytime interview have to put up a face and pretend that everything is fine, no problem here or there... cannot say this suck that suck, he sucks, she sucks, everyone suck sucks... if say liao duno have to go how many times counselling... smiling doesnt mean i am happy leh... i am never happy, only contented...

maybe happy during that time, but definitely not now...

something strange happen though, i actually talked more than i should during the interview... previous interviews with pc at tekong tt time were usually uncomfortable silence... say something about you... er er er wat thing u wan me to say ah?... this one i have been more forward with my answers... actually also nothing much, ist the usual family problems, financial problems, relationship problems... you know la, the stuff which will supposedly distract people from working efficiently... i say everything all fine loh ---- on the surface... it was a short one though as we were rushed for time (booking out leh)... hopefully can talk to him more in the near future...

"single ah? same like the birthday girl..."

erm, duno why he pull that girl's name out... i dun want to have anything to do with her even though she's the only lady in our batch that is actually watchable... the rest are vomit-inducing or see liao straight away impotent one... are girls really that spoilt?????

anyway i passed my survival swimming test officially... =D =D at changi swim very fast can pass one de... the training tell us all go the 5m depth pool practise, i see the bottom so bloody scary... you want to give up also cannot arh, legs no strength liao die die must revive them, or else you can try walking on the bottom of the pool... so what if they got the floats on standby, throw to you also cannot reach one... and the instructors all like very reluctant to get wet one... the treading part i already no problem liao, only the taking off of coverall i extra careful slowly take out... once jammed really hong gan... for one your legs get stuck in your coveralls which is pulling you down, secondly if you heng heng managed to kick out of ur coverall, your coverall becomes sunken ship liao... i also duno who is going to go down to the bottom to retrieve for you loh... you can already feel a bit of pressure going 2 meters, imagine going all the way down to 5 meters... think only seasoned divers can do it...

since the actual test is done at the olympic pool, the depth around 2m plus like that... there is a lot less pressure loh, if sink then sink loh, wun die de =X... thats why the test i can pass, last time at sembawang too scared liao then panic panic end up fail... jumping off platform also less scary liao, now i can even make the platform go up and down without my legs feeling wobbly anymore... maybe i am not afraid of heights anymore, some say look down like very tall then dun dare to look, but i always make it a habit to look down first before jumping... actually when u look at the water like quite short only like that la, if look at land then very high loh... the instructor say want to train us to take the 10m platform, tt one from the surface is very high, around 4 storeys ba... he ask who want to jump 7.5m then one went with him, i also wanted to go but i already take out my coverall liao, wear back very mah fun... if jump from that height with only ur swimming trunks, sure worst than last time the 5m... maybe rectum ruptured or what...

saturday book out the birthday girl was asking people who live cck... she already knows where i live le, shes just doing her rounds then ask a few before asking me...

ya wat, want to share cab ah?

want to take course commmander car home?
no one take with me i paisei

of all days, i want to go orchard one leh... then i tell her i go orchard leh sorry... to which i kinda regret later... got free ride, can faster reach home, faster eat lunch and use computer... end up no free ride, so late reach home, so late cannot eat lunch liao can only eat dinner... and so the story goes...

go orchard first stop --- swatch at heeren... my target was a white diving watch which i saw from a fhm advertisement... i didnt know the size so fucking big... like for monsters to wear one, the watch so big n thick, i see liao also scared... then just walk around trying to find other suitable alternatives... die die have to get one watch leh, since sec sch never wear liao then now bo bian military life keep emphasizing on punctuality and timing... i also paisei to keep asking my friend for time check, so get one for myself better loh... in the end i chose swatch skin... i wanted the dark blue thin line running down the watch one but the display is the last they have got... so i settled for the grey one... $123 deducted...

that day no time for hmv, so sad... go in see see abit only, never go and listen to music... if listen, then i confirm starve to death... 2nd stop at wallet shop to get a new wallet for my lots of holes wallet... i never stepped inside one before and i never knew that got so many are for females de... the guys one so ah pek, left the shop without getting any... $0 deducted...

went flash n splash and thunderbird to find beach shorts, never look thoroughly enough at flash n splash... concentrating more at thunderbird becos of prices... end up thunderbird no have me size and flash and splash too many people... emptyhanded

i remembered what uchu said that day so i went to stadium at taka to get my shoes... before that i was at the basement lookin around... sell a lot of polo shirts quite cheap, wanted to buy since its useful for booking out... but too bad its not in my shopping list as yet... saw converse shoes at first thought nice, wear liao nice nice then want to prepare to pay that time i got second thoughts... anyway i find stadium until lost my way... lol saw uchu in his working uniform and ask him for recommendations... he told me to get vans and that particular design, i also liked it but too bad no size... another one also nice but also no nice... WTF... end up settled for their promotion red color vans... $69.90 gone... uchu wanted me to stay longer then go dinner together but he duno i still haven eat lunch yet... so we have to part n i go take mrt to home...

want to go and deposit cash then sales promoter come and approach me... i thought its singnet again so i never reject him loh since singnet queries always very fast finish one... end up hes from prudential selling what else...

i duno did he come at the right time or what, all the while i was already thinking of putting my money in some investments or fixed deposits or any other things that can generate high interest rates than what the bank offers... i only thought of approaching such people once i have quite a sum in my account, now still so little... anyway i stayed behind to listen to him... he was comparing what the other insurance companies offers and what they can offer me...

i told him i already got that ntuc one when i was at tekong but i also mentioned to him about not deducting from my account as yet... so he say he can go and cancel it on my behalf if i am ok with prudential... pretty evil huh those salesman... stealing clients from other companies then teaching the clients to tell them lies to help cover up and pretend the client didnt sign up with other companies... he said a lot of similar things which the ntuc guy said last time... the same figures and protection stuff... i decided to sign up since i not sure ntuc start already or not... i told him i want to sign a high value one but he advise me against it becos he scared i will spend too much money in future then end up poor poor dun have spare cash...

i checked my bank statement and realised ntuc actually deducted le, lol so now i am stuck with 2 savings plan... cannot take out the money until ard age 50 like that... so-called retirement fund not alot, but enough for an old man... old liao cant be chionging and geylanging liao rite... stay home wun use up much money ba =D

6:36 PM

February 13, 2005 COLOURED.

will you be happy alone
will you rather be in someone else's arms

here's wishing everyone happy valentine's day

i love you

hmm... maybe not =P

5:24 PM

February 10, 2005 COLOURED.

how are u going to spend on ur regular pay?

sorry but i am saving for my retirement, care to be my soulmate? (only females need apply)

the sins are beginning to threaten the futures of potential outstanding personnel... altogether my batch got 28 regulars, most of them are planning to get cars once the money comes... some of them are gambling... my bunk got quite a few gamble on soccer thru bookie one, see them win like very shiok like that... but i wun fall for it la... last time at poly my class also got some gamble one, see them receive the money so shuang like that... actually they also got lose some la... gambling no good de leh, the saying of 10 gamble 9 lose is not for nothing one... got one lose money until now still owe my friend money... then now my old friend also need to go borrow money from others...

gamblers got this stupid theory of buy $50 and lose, next time buy $100, if lose buy $150... this is call doubling ur money to recoup what u have lost previously... although it makes some sense la, bet more, u win more, and thus recover what u lost last time... that is ASSUMING they win, they never thought lose then how... lose means lose more loh... given the way gambling on soccer is done, u eiither win half money, all, draw, lose half or all... in short win, draw, lose... so there is no way u will keep on losing ---- what team u pick will always lose one... surely got one match can win one unless u are super bad luck person... sadly this type of gambling method can only be done by the rich cows... meaning those who have enough capital to throw money like that, something like spare change... which i think us regulars cannot afford loh...

got 1 regular even more pro... he frequents joo chiat n geylang for some quick fun... lol i cant believe i will come across guys who visit prostitutes one... he knows the price rate and what country ones are better... i thought only i will be tempted to go there but already got someone faster than me, hahahahaa =D

recently my class plan to go nightclub somemore and they ask me want to go squeeze nei nei or not... LOL =PpppPPp

i was like what the fuck, singapore got such place ah, i thought only movies got such stuff one... then he said at novena square there, $150 for u to squeeze until happy... $150 to squeeze woman's stress balls like abit bo hua leh... like that might as well follow the guy who frequents prostitutes to give us good lobang, pay less and let u play stress balls until sian then finish it off by getting STD on niao niao...

their suggestions really funny loh, anyway i tink they are going to cancel it le cos not many confirm going... all just say until so shiok like that end up no one really want to go... =P think the only real going outs will be clubbing n drinking somewhere... but now i still not that tempted to go clubbing becos i dun like drinking... or should i say i dun drink... they go clubbing they like duno drink alot like that... then if i go with them i never drink will lose out leh... heavens know wats so gd abt alcohol... see how la, maybe in future i train myself to drink, otherwise i really cannot go out n enjoy then stay home play maplestory nia...

9:37 PM

where u like to go swimming so much?

so that i can look at half naked girls openly without feeling guilty =D

why is it illegal for ladies to wear only bra and panties strutting in public yet it is okay for them to wear bikinis... bikinis are so much more revealing leh... unless the government is trying to say, the lesser u wear, the better... wear bra the strap so much thicker than bikini so cannot, must thinner strap then can.... whahhahahahahahaaha, tiko government... see they even recruit eunice olsen for what? to get more beauty queens to promote wear less is good in sunny singapore!

actually the girls never lugi or lose out loh, they half naked only, what about the guys? since we from stone age die die always want to win char bo hor, we went one better by going 3/4 naked... can fight bo? cant right... dun give stupid excuse like have to wear bikini to support ur "melons"... as if we dun have like that, so many guys got 1 big watermelon on their stomach loh, but we no need to wear bikini or bra or watever magic bra or cup to support leh... u prance around with big breasts never wear support very uncomfortable right, same thing for guys with beer bellies wat... see their stomach sway from side to side like washing machine spinning inside like that, they also feel uncomfortable ma... so is the guys lugi loh, let the girls eat their tofu until so happy...

actually, guys are kiam siap la, too stingy to buy stomach cups for supporting their saggy bellies... =X

yesterday go that chinese garden swimming pool, i went back to the wave pool never drink alot of water liao leh, pro le, hahahahhaahah... later my friend came then we go the wave pool again, still can survive wor... getting more n more pro le... =D

there very funny sia, alot of ppl got buy floats ma, so they sit on their floats while the waves are coming, then those stingy ones like us never get floats one have to go and fight the waves... actually can touch the bottom one but we choose not to becos we have to train tread water properly... then got 1 fat fat malay uncle sit on his float lazing around, he look like one big lazy bear like that loh, the waves so strong, his float like not moving away 1 leh, machiam his float bottom already put anchor down there liao, his float stationary down there float up n down but not moving forwards or backwards... i see liao i want to laugh, really like bear like that, somemore his eyes like sleeping... hur hur hur, i told my friend of my evil plan about going underwater n toppling his float then see him BIG splash into the water create nice tsunami in chinese garden... but my fren say try toppling him first then say... =(

quite true la, he was too heavy to be toppled, his float's centre of gravity like fixed one, others are all moving around constantly unlike his... while we frantically kick our legs continuously, we heard shouts from the shallow end... duno wat la, i never wear specs i cant see, my fren say lifeguards shouting at someone down there... usually lifeguards use their whistles and directed at the deep end most of the time, so this one got something extra special... we went nearer to inspect and from what i heard from others nearby, seems like we have the first molest case of the lunar new year... some indian molest some malay ger... too bad i was not in the thick of the action, so cannot see the incident happen... heng ah, i always thought i am very prone to be accused of molest... =D

n later another friend came and we went for a 3rd wave again... 3rd wave = at least 3 hours spent inside the pool le... duno why when he came, i already lazy to kick liao, my friend also lazy... we go and grab other ppl's floats to hang on LOL =D... too bad no chinese girls loh, or else we sure attack their floats... end up we find some indian's floats to hang onto... the indian see us also blur blur, y suddenly got 2 cheenas grabbing his float... while we were hanging, i noticed that the other side of the wave seems stronger, so we went float-surfing... switching from float to float to the other side... the waves there MORE FUN! at 1.8m can actually touch the bottom with my feet when the wave is low...

actually i swim not to look at half naked girls... if i wanted to, i would have gone to sentosa liao... u know last time i went there was in primary school time? when they still got volcano island, fantasy island and other attractions that were closed down already now... dun like it there, but may be going sometime soon when ppl keep jioing...

9:04 PM

when i say i no money, i am bluffing one...

chinese new year i went swimming with my friends at chinese garden, at first thought no people one... then all the indians n malays never stay home watch tv one loh, like the whole malay n indian population camp at chinese garden... want to see ger ger also cannot, sian man...

maybe i should really skip CNY visits from next year... every year go this house come that house sit down shake hand take angbao go home... this kind of life is worse than me stay at home play game watch movie... my friend best, no need to gong xi fa cai to his relatives one, his parents go can already... wonder how come his parents so special, thought if their kids dun wan to go, the cane sure flash out liao...

boring visits, asking me the same questions over and over... in army or study, army ah, bmt or finish liao... join navy ah, why sign on, do wat one... unfortunately none of my conversations with any of my relatives lasted more than 5 minutes... 5 minutes is already giving face liao... i think its around 3 1/2 minutes only...

old things must make way for new things~

today onboard taxi my middle finger kena stuck when my father closed the door, he is not the sissy ah gua gu niang type who closes the door softly n gently one... it just went BANG! and my finger kena stuck there... i only shout one "AH" and thats it... my mother haven see wat is going on and ask me why i suddenly "AH"... i think i a bit crazy, my finger stuck there in pain i never tell my father to open the door... wait until my mother see liao then she tell my father then he go n open the door... lol... maybe i love pain too much until i dun wan my finger to be released...

when i retracted my finger, i thought i have one hand less for fingering liao... cannot finger my nose with 2 hands le... :(

lucky no crunching sound is heard, if bone break my contract sure bye bye... the skin kena come out, and surprisingly minor injury only... no blood gushing out like those crazy japanese yakuza movie, just feeling a bit numb...

7:37 PM

February 06, 2005 COLOURED.

very soon i will be learning the same things as nami if i have my own way... i decided to opt for navigation as my vocation, might be kinda stressful since you cant plot the course of a ship anyhow or else hit some rocks sure hong gan... thought of joining intelligence for extra money... but my wish now is to sail far far away from singapore, if join intelligence sure stuck at singapore unless u super good...

hail honggy the navigator~

1:21 PM

February 05, 2005 COLOURED.

USS Abraham Lincoln 72

this is the US ship that i saw, how long? 328m, thats 140m longer than thai's aircraft carrier, that length is sufficient to fit another LST loh... grand daddy~

11:03 PM

RTN Chakri Nareubet 911

183m long and this is indeed an aircraft carrier!

11:02 PM

rub ur balls with grease ---- WTF?!

lessons lessons and more lessons, its really like going back to poly, listen lecturers talk while sleeping, struggling to stay awake after lunch... now then i know i am one of the most attentive guys in class... morning class i was one of the few to remain wide awake, but afternoon my eyes also start to close liao... morning duno why so many ppl sleep in class, at bunk got alot of time to sleep leh, now i no need alarm also can auto wake up at 530 one...

the terminologies used in navy kan pua cheem, its like navy people are living in a world of their own... urban terms n navy terms completely different loh, they dun call a toilet a toilet... instead they call a toilet as heads... and national flag is not call national flag, its called the jack... parade also can become colors instead of parade... and alot of weird names given to everything that has got to do with navy... they teach teach teach until i mong cha cha...

i think i will get used to the terms once i start working onboard a ship... so for now just have to listen to him explain alot of things which i tend to froget very fast, i only enjoy listening to his stories throughout his naval career... he not singaporean for ur info, he was from the indian navy last time then retired n come sg to teach us trainees all about ships... he was talking about his ship which was a destroyer and alot of nice stuff... initially i thought indian navy useless 1 la, then the ships sure lok cock lok cock one with alot of curry n indian smell... and i supposed he came here to teach becos the money here better and navy more high class than india... then this week he showed us pictures of his destroyer...

i was made to believe that singapore has one of the best navies in the region, i thought since sg so dependent on sea trades, our navy sure can compete with other countries outside this region... i see the instructor's pictures of his old destroyer i blur liao... so POWERFUL n BIG... wah lan their missiles super long range loh... no wonder why they call a destroyer a destroyer... any ship see destroyer sure no chance...

i join navy not becos i enjoy sailing or whatever... i got no idea of how many types of ships are there, wat type singapore possess, which country has the most power naval strength... i came for the money yea... but this week i was very interested about warships, esp when i woke up on that particular day and saw a ship i have never seen before... then i saw its not our country flag, from korea one... i thought ships only got this and that plus the super big aircraft carrier... and i completely forgot about the destroyer... then the next day another ship i never see before one has arrived... thailand aircraft carrier, i see liao i go wah... big ship, but compared to lst like around the same leh, i thought they said aircraft carrier is the mother of all ships... but its still a nice ship nonetheless, big ships = cool...

then today about to book out that time, another ship come liao... guess what my first reaction was... my jaws can say completely drop loh... the US Lincoln aircraft carrier has arrived with bloody lots of planes on its deck... many planes never mind, it is the sheer size that stuns me, kena freaking huge like godzilla like that... i dun think other ordinary singaporeans got chance to see this type of ship loh... the tv got show show a bit... looks big in tv but in reality it eats up duno how many berths loh... very very very long n very very very high, like size of 2 or 3 LSTs... i see liao i really gian about joining other navies... by the way, after i saw the US aircraft carrier liao hor, i have doubts about the thailand ship, looks more like LST liao but not sure real or not, i also never see LST in whole before... have to check it out...

all the talk about new frigates dun excite me anymore, i am wondering when is singapore going to purchase destroyers... u know suddenly i got the urge to go sailing... dun care about the vomitting and extra duties involved, i want to get onboard a huge ship that is COOL... hope can go to LST during my job experience come july... then if good, 5 years later i want to be a submariner... they say life in submarines is not that good due to space contraints and alot of inconviences here and there, but i guess its the coolest thing to be in... after all not everyone can work inside submarines...

see, now i get so excited about ships, i completely bo chap about finding girls liao... you know today book out, everyone has to wait for the shuttle bus to come, those lazy to wait can book cab in advance... then got some ppl approach me to share cab with them... one is my irritating sec sch friend who lives in cck, i straight away told him NO, lol... cruel but its effective to get rid of irritating people... 2nd one wants me to share with them to woodlands... wtf would i want to go woodlands then go back yew tee for, waste my time n money loh, actually he already got people liao but he wants to rope more people so each person pays less ma... then the 3rd one hor...

3rd one is my friend, but hes not taking the cab with me, he asking on behalf of the normal girl... if u read my blog u know who is the normal girl la, other than the pig, the maria maid n the butch, theres one girl which is normal la... i remember about him saying i live near her when he saw my address last time, but what i didnt know was that we lived VERY NEAR loh... 2 days ago we have to write our addresses on the class list then i happened to see her address... we lived at the same street, and her block is within walking distance nia... i see liao i shocked tio then i quiet quiet never say anything... then when the paper returned to her liao, she also notice got someone live near her but she duno who... being low profile is gd u know, lol...

so today she down there want to take cab but no one share with her so poor thing~ my friend know i live where then he wanted me to go home with her but i die die dun want, i say i want to take shuttle bus then take mrt... he plead very long but i too stubborn le... actually my wallet left $1, take cab confirm i cant fork out money, then she has to pay for me i sure paisey one loh... then somemore she n me take cab together i will shy de... :X

see got chance i also dun grab with both hands, looks like i really lost interest in girls... then again, she got alot of guys to choose from sia, so the most can only fren fren only... maybe next time book out then take cab with her, if she is not pissed with me for my actions today... =X she realli look poor thing sia when she alone down there with my friend... *reminder to ownself to bring more money* guess what, this month i still haben get my regular pay yet!!!

9:31 PM


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