May 30, 2009 COLOURED.

i need to buy a life.

too much world of warcraft during weekends is horrible really.

6:02 PM

May 12, 2009 COLOURED.

My house gate is being locked up by some loansharks and I duno about it until everyone is making a din and police have arrived.

throughout my 25 years of existence, i have never encountered any exciting stories to tell. everytime its always listening to others. they have very interesting stuff to share.

u know the dark side of singapore, geylang, flings, flirts, affairs, gangster-ism, bookies. all the bad things always sound very interesting to me since it never happened to me before. every time hear them talk im always like "so cool, wow i wish i have a life like urs" or "omg u did that? u dun look like the sort lo, wa lau"

so this week, i finally have a story of my own i can proudly present and make ppl show interest in me. LOL

it happened on a saturday night. i remembered clearly it was 11pm. i was on my headset playing world of warcraft when i heard my house phone rang. i hate the sound made from the phone. always so loud and irritating, i used to soften the tone before but my father dun like becos cannot hear the phone ringing then sometimes miss answering a call. but fuck la, the phone is so near my room everytime it rang it is very irritating. so i never bother to answer most of the time.

anyway, i was still raiding at that time so i didnt go n pick up lo. surprisingly my mother woke up and answered the call. at the point of time everyone was asleep. lol yea my family is boring i know. she sounded shocked when she listened to the phone. i thought what sia, something happened to my grandmother or wat since her leg is not very better these days.

then after that i hearda small commotion outside. my mother was talking to my neighbours outside. my father also woke up liao. i heard what loanshark lock duno wat duno wat. i was still engrossed in my game. L O L

yea, i tink my house got fire i also will be sitting on my chair still playing game. the only way that can get me away from the screen is a hot woman calling out for me lying on my bed frustrated. yea but i no longer have one liao so its hard to prise me away from the monitor la lol.

so i took a short pee break and went out of my room and see whats the commotion all about. and I SAW SO MANY PPL. i dun even know some of them are my neighbours lol. oh ya i saw some police outside too. i saw a bicycle lock on my metal gate.

wow, my metal gate since when become someone else's bicycle sia.

and they said they scribbled "OWE $ PAY $" outside my house but the unit number is wrong. lol. either they fail their spelling or they fail their maths.

but if u assume they are highly intellectual ppl with high IQ, the logical thinking was the nearby units on the floor their wooden doors wasnt closed except for ours, so we are easy targets for these sort of pranks since no one will ever know until we open the wooden door then can see. so thank goodness our neighbours spotted it and informed us. otherwise the next morning my mother cannot go out and buy breakfast and i will be so HUNGRY!

the police did their interviews and all. advised us to get install cctv to monitor the situation but my mother tell them to help us install for free then ok, otherwise forget it lol. typical singaporean spirit! i love it lol.

but a very good lesson learnt is they should all learn from me. amidst a important crisis, always remain calm and perform as per normal. dun panic n play game like its just another ordinary day. =D

i can save this story to tell my precious ke xuan. if single, im prolly going to adopt a baby girl anyway lol

9:37 PM

My mother never fails to put me down. She scared her son will get kicked out of service and out of job.

u know i was so surprised when my mother actually said this to me last week. when i came home, she told me i need to get more rest and sleep early so that i can remain alert when i go work. i guessed she everyday see me come home so sleepy so listless she thought that my attitude to work sucks.

truth is she duno how capable her son is.

i think no one would believe my ability in work if they knew me outside work. outsiders only know how to say just stay the the office slack, go for tea breaks and prepare to go home. no one knows the struggles i went through to get to where i am now, only my colleagues who have saw me learn n improve to contribute to the organisation.

my mother would think i everyday go work laze around, daydreaming.

i hate to study, but when it comes to qualifications and tests and assessments, i made efforts to make sure i perform well. i like to be untouchable. i like the feeling where everyone respect u for the efforts u have put in and they have no doubts in my ability. but to be untouchable comes hard work. loads n loads of it, knowledge is power. keeping up to date with the knowledge is something that is critical.

but untouchable is bad, complacency always sets in. now i have more free time, i should devote some of it to update my knowledge brain.

one day she should come visit me at work so that she can be proud of her son.

i have never let her down.

but she always think that im a failure.

she blames me for losing my relationship

she blames me for being a lazy worm.

i guess that is what tough love is all about.

she doesnt want to feed on my ego, shes just hell bent on destroying it. and perhaps thats why i have become the submissive n humble person that i am now.

i was never proud in front of people, just silently confident. from asking to stop asking and accept everything that is happening. if i have been stronger, things might not have turned out that way.

what kinda things?


i was immune to emotions in the past.

yet i have cried so many times over a woman.

and the only tears i ever shed over a woman again is my mother if anything happened to her.

sometimes i look at her and think i really resemble my mother alot in terms of thinking. maybe she has alr drilled in all the things a good boy should do inside my brain.

no smokin
no drinking
no gambling
no womanizing

i have to thank her for letting me live in a protected environment since young so i know very well what is right from wrong and things i shouldnt do.

heck she even go hard on me to force me to save since young. everyone loves money.

i like money too. but she everytime give me so little. the only consolation i get is i let the money accumulate day by day.

brands dun entice me, fast cars dun interest me. sometimes i really dun understand why people drool and sells their lives just for a piece of it.

am i really from this generation?

im just a simple guy

is it possible to find a simple girl in singapore?

i always admired the old generations of everlasting marriage. they can bicker all day long but at the end of the day they are still together.

tolerance doesnt exist in many ppl now.
thats why i dun harbour any thoughts of finding the one anymore.
one party can always compromise to accomodate the other, but when its always a one sided affair, it gets too tiring really.

im a lousy person in relationship too
it doesnt mean that i always compromise
sometimes i just refuse to move
and sometimes i just dun appreciate how she try to accomodate me
but its too late for anyting now
i have learnt my lessons the hard way.

it feels gd to be loved no doubt
give me ur unconditional love and i'll give u mine.

love me
and i will love u forever
this i promise u

erm, arnt we supposed to be talking about my mother? lol sorry i got too carried away. my mother very ke lian. she is still in the #2 position in my heart. lolololol

i suck

8:42 PM

aunties aunties, they are here there, everyday...

u can never avoid them no matter where u go.

they are fine examples of what kiasu-ism is all about.

best thing - they dun mind if u touch their boobies, they just wan to get their butt on the seat regardless of what it takes. aunties have such quick reflexes that within a blink of an eye, there goes the empty seat that you are obviously approaching.

quick as lightning n sting like a bee.

lost gf liao now i even have to lose the seat to aunties.

life is terrible~

8:35 PM

May 07, 2009 COLOURED.

aunties should take part in olympics 100msprint n breezed passed Usain Bolt effortlessly judging by their speed at taking up seats inside MRT.

they have amazing agility i tell u. look so fat so loh soh but their eyes ah, power eyes la. can see ten cent coin from far far away one.

continued this tmr.

im tired


1:33 AM

May 05, 2009 COLOURED.

fun fact: women dig men in uniform even if u are butt ugly. like wise for men

usually i went go my camp before changing but today i wore my uniform to work. very troublesome, u cannot sleep when u are in uniform otherwise ppl is going to snap u and post on stomp and appear on the papers the very next day. its true its true, dun laugh.

sometimes during the morning brief they talk about this, telling us uniformed personnel to behave themselves in public. cannot sleep nvm, but somemore u have to give up ur seat to other ppl. and u cannot refuse, u have to bloody do it. it happened to me once b4.

i was in uniform and i waited damn long for a seat to rest my tired legs. i was so happy when i finally found one. guess wat, the next stop some smart alec came over to me and ask whether i could give up my seat for this person.

"i will give up this seat, if u let me see ur breasts"

straight away go detention barracks if i say that sia. at first i tot why must i give up my seat to this woman who doesnt look old or weak or sick or watever. she seems just fine. but nonetheless i just mumbled some shit and got up. i realised she wans to let this old person sit...

i hate wearing uniform in public.

when i dun wear, i can sit and stare at all the people for as long as i like, i dun need to give up just becos im wearing a uniform. i can always fall alseep in my seat n drool. i drool and overslept the stations whenever i go home. it happened many times. imagine me appearing in the papers while in uniform. die man.

at least i wear civilian i still look like sch kid. ya ppl say i look like 17, 18 wtf...

its gd that i slept enough so that im still not so sleepy in the morning so i can look smart in my uniform. and ya ppl like to look at ppl in uniform. i wear civilian also look handsome but apparently uniform makes ppl heads turn. lol

didnt know women have this type of fetish too. men can understand, all the porn and fantasies about teacher student, doctor nurse, pilot air stewardness, sailormoon bla bla bla. men are very gd imaginative creatures. but women is catching up...

side note: i never even tell ppl i started blogging again but how come they know sia... unless they have my site on bookmark and they religiously check here for updates everyday. omg thank u all. im going to put my link on facebook soon. once i feel the time is right. cos i know ppl will see. and some specific ppl confirm will see...

i aint freaking i aint faking this so shut up n let me go hey!

today world of warcraft on maintenance so i cannot play thus the blogging lol. ive been playing too much world of warcraft ever since the relationship is over. only went out once and thats it? i duno, i seeked solace down there, somemore i just changed guild only and so far so gd, i liked it there and people appreciated what i could offer.

i need to sweat it out really. i wan my body back. but just too lazy. blah blah blah

8:09 PM

May 04, 2009 COLOURED.

i tink i should blog about things on my wall on facebook to elaborate abt some things. at least it forces me to elaborate more and sell my wittiness to ppl lol.

the world is unfair #1 - when women give u the "u are a sex maniac" look when their buttocks brush against me in MRT. who knows they never clean properly after big business and using my hands to wipe their shit. men always lose.......

mrt is a public transport that i take everytime i go to work. and be it going to work or going home its always crowded and hard to find spaces to sit unless i get to go off early in the afternoon.

crowded = squeezy

that means u dun need to enter the train at all, ppl from behind will help u to enter the train. sometimes it feels like u are a rockstar jumping into the mosh pit from the stage and doing body surfing. u get the idea if u take trains during the rush hour.

being a guy its ok for me, i got nothing to lose. men, women, children of all sorts of ages n sizes can touch me for all i care. but women are so poor thing. they have to fend themselves. have to protect the chest have to protect the bottom. where got enuf hand sia u tell me.

somemore u know girls la, like to carry their LV la, gucci la, coach la, all the lalalala la. so they only left one hand to cover either the front or the back. but its ok, men are always helpful to help women. men are gentlemen ok. they dun mind touching ur bottom or chest so long as other men dun get to touch it.

and somemore most girls are short. and they like to wear clothes that ppl can peep down at their shirt, dress, or watever u call it and view their long kang aka cleavage. i duno is it purposely or wat. from my experience wat i learn is its not purposely done, but i can never figure out why are girls angry or annoyed if they are like wearing low cut and if they are sitting down ppl can see half of the breasts alr. not happy then cover up lo. but i never purposely go n look one hor. mai siao siao. i very serious one, i never look at girls one.


u saw my title right. i am just a innocent cute boy standing in the train going home when this woman walk in and go nearer n nearer and then the back of my hand felt something soft. i always like soft things. thats why u see i have so many soft toys. but today i felt something softer. buttock flesh......

i cant be bothered actually since i didnt purposely one or wat. and usually accidentally one the girl will also dun mind.

PS: i never purposely go n touch anyone b4 unless she is my girl. so pls dun get the idea that today accidentally but other days is always purposely.

the girl bottom kena brush on my hand straight away look at me with this disgusted look. i gave her my poker face look as usual. i know wat she is thinking becos i was a girl in the past.

u must be crazy if u believe my last sentence.

actually i see her face sure know what she is thinking. its kinda obvious.

she is thinking "a stranger touch my ass, i like it. hope my bf dun mind it. it felt so wrong it felt so right. dun mean that im in love tonite"

oh too bad she isnt katy perry, so she isnt feeling that way.

enuf of crap, she is feeling "this small boy boy never touch girl b4 isit, then purposely wan to touch me to get the shiokness feeling, kns, if i wan i rather let george clooney touch than let this little nerdy boy touch, pui!"

see wat i mean by unfair. i never do anything and she tink i am that kind of person. gd guys always lose. i wish i can be the bad guy but i cant. my heart is pure and innocent. i should be a church boy but too bad his followers are keeping me away.

skali she never wipe her ass after shitting and she is happily wiping her dirty butt on my hand. move left move right move left move right like very shuang like that.

i lose.

9:39 PM

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg gorgonnash server is laggy and i cannot do a thing about it!!!

9:30 PM


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