January 30, 2005 COLOURED.

notable quotes during my time in military life

"if you grow taller, you can be like tay ping hui" - HX
"just get the money and fuck everything" - PS
"nobody will suspect a thing if u put on a NDU shirt" - CM
"muscle man!!!" - Alpha P3 n JRC Bravo
"wait she see francis body sure drool" - Wilson commenting on the Butch
"girls are fucked up" - KL
"i will be better than any NDU" - FLee
"i will make horseface diam diam" - WD

1:36 PM

the man they call spiderman

in navy there is a man which everyone addresses him by spiderman... he doesnt like spiderman, he doesnt look like spiderman, he doesnt draw lines all over his body, he
doesnt have white eyes, he doesnt wear any costumes, he doesnt crawl around, he doesnt spit slime anywhere... he got his nick from the spider tattoo on the side of his neck...

almost everyone knows who is he, ask the big shots who spiderman is they also know oh that one ah... he kena recourse though i duno why he tio, maybe fail too many
tests or too slack liao... out of all the recourse trainees, hes the only small sized one, the rest all big sized by his side like bodyguards like that... needless to say, all are paikias with tattoos n blasting techno... navy recruits a lot of dropouts or ite ppl one, their trainees ang moh all cmi... and everyone's faces have the "i will kill u" look... compared to us crossover from tekong one, we look like guai kias... lol

i never forget the first time i saw him at the swimming pool with his gang... he looks weird, can pass off as a girl if u give him a wig and proper dress... his cigarettes all different brands under one pack...that time i wasnt talking to him even though i was just next to him... its never my policy to go talk to ppl anyway...

then got one time liberty that time coming back liao, got up the bus n saw him but never say anything to him... alighted liao i just walked off then after a while he caught up with me and started talking... he not bad la, if me i only talk to my class ppl, he can talk to any class one... thats where i learn one thing...

paikias are human too, just that they are like wild dogs ready to bite anytime... my class got one third is from navy side one, and somehow i enjoy observing them... their tests always score very low, when someone from our class fail the papers, usually its from them... even though they have the "fuck you" look, sleep during lessons so often, talk cock as and when they like... they are quite friendly actually, i think some of them quite capable of bigger things when they grow older... who knows soon they be the next druglords, kingpins, gambling king, loanshark, international bookies, killers, serial rapists...

then hor next time i can tell my friends, hey this guy i know b4 one when the picture shows up on newspapers about all the criminals... its nice to have famous or infamous ppl as someone u have met before... =D

1:32 PM

January 29, 2005 COLOURED.

done! nice ma, lol

too bad the posting area got horizontal scrollbar becos my boa pics too big le, have to post more to clear away the old pictures...

and most prolly i will change the radioblog background to a darker color 1 otherwise it realli seems out of place... but duno can find boa in black pic or not...

*edited* replaced boa with ichi as background for radio

8:11 PM

January 28, 2005 COLOURED.

lil update, cant find a nice background for new layout, so most prolly using my own desktop wallpapers to create a new one... radio is back but with only 2 songs only... my old songs on another server all gone... will add more later... did i tell u i like that shunza song? any girl sing that song i cfm got feelings de~

顺子 - 写一首歌








Oh, love's in the air, its everwhere.
Everyone can see, everyone can feel
Thats loves in the air, it doesnt matter where
Everyone agrees, love is all we need

When the moon falls in your eyes, i know the sun has set
The fire still burns within me, since the day we met
I know my heaven would be so complete, you could make it real
I won't let this chance go by, i can see, i can feel you
When the moon falls in your eyes, i know the sun has set
The fire still burns within me, within me


10:58 PM

January 27, 2005 COLOURED.

wah sey, my bank passbook can actually be updated 1 sia

do u know that the last date that was reflected on my book is actually in the year 2002... 2 whole years never go n update loh, lucky no one hack my account, take my money i also wun know one de... i also duno how much money i have in the bank, most of the time use agar-ration by deducting my expenses as a rough estimate... but recently got check balance when i got the nsf allowance...

never bothered about updating the book becos last time i went cannot update one, feed inside always come out say error error... then i though the barcode spoil liao or need to use the new book then can... but i see people use the old one also can update with no problems leh... today off day nothing to do go test test see can or not, after feeding into the machine, the machine starts to make the coughing sounds, then can hear the munching sounds a while later... i heard that sound i so happy man, can finally update le! :D but hor all the transactions not recorded inside leh, 2003 n 2004 transactions all never show, only show lump sum deposit n withdrawal for that yr... nevertheless i made quite a number of ppl behind me wait for very long... lol the machine munch lagi long loh to update days of deposit n withdrawal from october onwards... eat up 4 whole pages of the book... if all the transactions print out from 2003 onwards, sure can go inside request for new book liao...

everyone is looking forward to february... now i see my actual balance liao hor, i can afford to treat... so anyone want a treat from me can tag hor, pls indicate u wan a treat... (particularly aimed at jack la, he so rich still wan me to treat him, bhb lol, might as well treat female strangers...) DEADLINE by Jan31 2359hrs (im serious abt this hor, mai play play)

PS(revamp this weekend, n radioblog will be back... )

8:40 PM

January 26, 2005 COLOURED.

we have moved... no longer staying at near sembawang, now at far far away changi liao... nice deserted place which looks like a resort from the outside... the fencing is not fully done yet on the sea side, so anyone wish to suicide, no one is stopping you... if tsunami happens to hit that place, the whole brand new stylo milo complex sure bye bye bye... even a small RSS ship sailing can see the waves splashing over the walls liao... i finally understood how it felt for those staying in the east side during our stay at sembawang... from my house go changi is super long leh... 1 hour 15 min, take mrt always end up sleeping and knocking onto the person sitting beside... call it instinct or wat, i always knock onto girls... if guy n ger sitting on either sides, my head will sway towards the ger side one...

if every week take the long journey twice still ok la, but this week is everyday can go home... becos our bunks not ready yet, then also duno why they want us to move there straight away... down there we help the mangkalis move our new bed frames, beds, lockers, cupboards to our own bunks... machiam like DIY, want to stay there must go set up ur bed urself... duno y we have to do the dirty job when they already have mangkalis moving for us liao... maybe the big shots want us to move there asap as the handover date approaches...

at sembawang so shiok sia, when the big shots moved over, we simply can do the things we like without fearing getting caught n doing extra duties or confinement... it was a ghost town, leaving our batch of trainees down there, dismantling every single dismantleable thing on every building... loading boxes n boxes n boxes of stuff to the big tonners... shredding papers like shredder in teenage mutant ninja turtles... thats life for the past 2 weeks... everyone is grumbling n whining about having to do all this bird bird stuff... too bad i remember the day i put pen to paper for my 10 yrs, i said i have no problems doing the bird bird things... just get the money n keep quiet, but hor i am still not getting my expected pay... now still getting the small allowance which the rest are getting as well... so all the regualrs including myself expected the super duper big ang bao to come in february... considering they backpay u from october, november, december and january... the money is snowballing every single day loh... worrying news for some who are pretty big spenders, rumors are that we wun be getting the money next month as well... they confirm fret over money matters... but see their appearances all like quite ok leh, some might even pass it off as rich when actually their bank accounts all in low 3 digits only...

i think i look one of the poorest among them, they all dress nice nice, quite a number own bikes and 1 drive car liao... during liberty when we are allowed to go out in the night to relax, i see them spend also like quite well off leh... they dun seem to mind the cost as long as they enjoy themselves... i may be stingy abit la becos i scared i also no money, lucky my bank account is better than most of them...

my friend read my palm and said i am a big spender too... but i dun see it happening currently though since i dun buy unnecessary stuff... i thought chiam liao, if really spend alot by the time old liao still must carry on working to survive... heng he say my wealth line is long, means im wealthy thats why can afford to let money flow out of my hands... i think quite true leh, i save on the small cents n dollars but never give 2nd thoughts when it comes to above $50 n hundreds... like my physical test that time... now the bmt phase finish when take the test attain silver or gold got monetary rewards hor, as usual la my standing board jump got problem, only jump 221... minimum must get 224 for a silver... at first i dun think of going for a rejump since i have already jumped twice liao... some ask me why i dun wan to jump again, i reply i was happy to just pass can liao... they say $100 dun wan ah, just 3 more centimetres to $100 leh, i told them $100 is nothing la...

yea i really did say that, $100 is nothing... LOL

now when i think about it, $100 is something man, its not nothing... this is a very good example of letting money fly out of ur hands just like that... cant be blamed la, becos i was still comparing a hundred bucks to my pay... if i compare the money to the time when i was at poly, $100 is a super big deal loh...

anyway under peer pressure i decided to jump again... and guess what, i jump until 230... just 4 more centimetres then can hit gold standard liao... pleased with my 230 though, at bmt the best i can jump also only 224 leh... strangely, i wasnt too excited about getting $100 extra that time... sometimes peer pressure is good once in a while, help me get extra hundred leh...

9:20 PM

January 23, 2005 COLOURED.

sorry sorry sorry for not updating.... too busy playing maple as u can see fro the picture (i got these 5 items from 1 day alone, BREAK RECORD) actually after this pic i got a blue legollar n blue knucklevest pants which makes it 7 items from a day. FREAKING SHIOK!

will be an obedient boy and post nice nice from next saturday onwards, hopefully still can remember what happened this week la... most likely will keep my promise after i finally got to lvl40... most quests n items completed so maple can put less focus liao... more on clearing space from hard disk n of cos blogging~

9:40 PM

January 16, 2005 COLOURED.

A Perfect Circle - Imagine

imagine theres no heaven
its easy if u try
no hell below us
above us only sky
imagine all the people
living for today

imagine theres no countries
it isnt hard to do
nothing to kill or die for
no religion too
imagine all the people
living life in peace

imagine no possessions
i wonder if you can
no need for greed or hunger
a brotherhood of man
imagine all the people
sharing all the world

you may say im a dreamer
but i am not the only one
i hope some day you'll join us
in the world as one

life in navy is like going back to primary school, study something take test... no need to worry about failing becos its almost impossible to fail unless you have been sleeping throughtout the lessons... the more significant part in primary school is the excursions... everyone looks forward to it, becos its rare and u get to go out of school during school hours... and navy has its excursion week last week...

out of the 5 days, we spent 4 days going to other places... whenever can get out of the camp i always very happy, becos it means alot of time is wasted on the travel then u get to nua for as long as u like even though navy is already very relaxing liao... last time went out becos have to go other academies to learn things... this time is must help to move stuff cos relocating liao...

is it possible for some company to hire part time movers for 2k per month? thats the power of civil service... they get their civil slaves to do all the dirty work yet they can keep them happy by offering high wages... ask u go outside work, they pay u peanuts and tell u go n help them buy lunch, make coffee, clean toilet... for people who think im stupid by sacrificing my freedom, u better think again... outside life also no freedom, the only freedom u get is u can walk out anytime... but if every job all like that and u walk out everytime then whats the point... back to the bangala-like movers...

we were really like slaves leh, one day attached to this branch help them move, another day attached to another branch help them move... its like we cannot choose who we want to work for, who bids the highest gets to control our fate...

the first day of moving kena attach to manpower, down there so low morale, the guy in charge of us was barking orders n never do anything... at first we thought he was a instructor or something then his colleague say he is just a bloody lance... end up we all shocked and feel like beating him, too bad his colleague only let the cat out of the bag when we have finished moving everything...

once we went over to changi, our attitude changed for the better after what we have seen... the new place like chalet like that, even better than tekong... really close sea view n very windy, best of all ----- GOT GIRLS!!!!

back at our camp also got girls la, but i didnt know that navy got other hidden gems loh... now that the headquarters everything is under one roof, we saw alot of girls that we never saw before back at camp... all i know is the slut, the act young lady, our talking-so-cute madam, and a sultry looking lady complete with the voice which a lot of gers love to hate (u know, the pitch that makes any emotionless guy go soft) wearing no.3 (sometimes coveralls)... im not including the female trainees becos they cannot make it la except for one, but she also got some problems... blame it on my preference for older gals...

down there the new gers we saw got one lady duno wat branch one, then at manpower got this girl...

at first sight i thought nothing of it becos if u have to look, theres only one girl... which is the slut...

if slut is a bad word to use, we came up with a better term for it, snail without shell... in navy theres really nothing to look at except for the snail without shell...

what makes the snail without shell so attractive to man is of course her choice of clothes... everyday give u something to see, either the back, shoulders cleavage, legs or butt... dyed hair cut by some stylist with nippon-painted face who smokes and swears... the real reason why guys like sluts is of cos the sex appeal la... so dun try to become a slut if u wish to find potential husbands becos guys are just looking for sex la, they wun marry snail without shells de, they only marry snails with shells intact nice nice...

about the ger...

first look, second look, third look, fourth look still not interested to look at her properly... so we were just going up n down the lift moving boxes n boxes of stuff to their office level... then the kuku guy in charge of us took most of our men back to camp for a 2nd trip and i was left down there with another 3 guys to help out at changi... so the 4 of us are down there with the ger taking charge... then one guy decided to show his true colors as he kept asking the ger abt her life... i was beginning to get irritated when we are so busy moving boxes then he still got time to ask her this, ask her that... its obvious he is interested in her when he asked abt her age and told us his observation that she has a ring on the finger...

after that we had a short break, while the guy was still raving abt her, my mind is beginning to form images of her... and and and... that was it... cant forget about her liao... not pretty, looks very normal n ordinary leh but..........

actually the guy talked about the ring, i thought hes referring to another lady... then i also noticed her right hand got the ring loh... zzzzzzzzzz... same age so young why must have ring, like tt more no freedom compared to 10 years in military life... at first i thought still got chance since i always thought its on the left hand de... then go back camp i ask alot of ppl alot all say man left woman right... super ZZZZZZZZzzzZZZzz... nvm la, rings doesnt mean anything de...

why i suddenly got interest in gers huh, people know i dun have crushes that easily, and most of the time i say say is just for fun nia... but after what the master palm reader told me, i took note... lol our batch got 1 guy got read a bit about palm reading one then he was telling us about some of the basic things and which lines to look out for... palm reading is something that i wanted to study about b4 i went for my national service back then but lazy to go n find books abt it...

about relationships, he said i will have only one, a long one... which is most prolly going to be my wife or forever bachelor... some ppl think palm reading is crap but i kinda believe in it just like how people believe in their religions n constellations... he oso said i will have a very good fren for a long time but all duno who... think when i sick n tired of maple then got time to go borders to buy palm reading books to read... at camp got alot of time to read one...

the second day we werent attached to manpower but she was around in camp anyway so happy to see her again, LOL... we were making fun of the guy who was interested in her (not me, another one) as he was staying at changi to help move with some others as the rest stayed here... then i found out from gossip gossip central that one guy got her number... i never showed it but i was like >--< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so while we continue the talk, i asked the guy about how he broke the changi guy's heart as he got her number, then he told me the ultimate shocker... SHE TOOK DOWN HIS NUMBER! there i was >--< *1000... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, she interested in another guy! actually that guy was also interested in her la... BUT!!!!!!

he also got the female trainee's number as well! (when i refer to female trainee, i mean the only one who can make it)... got reserves still never mind, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND OUTSIDE!!!!!!

i really duno what to say la, i like him as a friend n dun mind losing to him... at least better than that act act who only act hardworking in front of gers... duno why but good guy friends are kinda like womanisers... got one i know in bmt oso like that, great friend but doesnt cherish love relationships so much...

good advice to singles out there, dun find partners who are extremely good in talking... i guess they make great friends becos they know how to talk... just like the way they know how to hide from their opposites... find mute is a good alternative...

9:32 PM

January 15, 2005 COLOURED.

anyone called me on friday thrice? if its a guy, can forget about calling again, if its a lady, then pls call... (private number) :X

7:46 PM

January 09, 2005 COLOURED.

given $10, who would u donate to...

Red Cross Society for tsunami
honggy for true stories

i think its getting out of hand...

everywhere they go
people want to know
who they are
where they come from
so they tell us
they are from red cross
blood sucking red cross
money leeching red cross

the navy is getting ppl to donate, even the train stations oso got boxes for ppl to put money, supermarkets also have... money no enough ah, must carry on for how long huh... u dun even know how they are going to utilise the money andjust blindly give... as long as u see the television got show the poor ppl over there grabbing rations from a helicopter then u assume ur money is wellspent... how u know they really got the food?

I.E a minister was around for some tree planting day occasion, he was lazy and dun wan to do anything, he just wants to get out of here as soon as possible... then the cameras start rollling and he suddenly became as lively as an energizer rabbit as he went to help a pri sch kid plant a small tree with a spade... u get the idea? holding the spade, leg on the thing, and smiling widely while talking to the boy like he was his own son... after the interview, the minister chuck both the spade n the kid as he went for some refreshments instead... THIS WAS A FACT... how i know? im not telling u, thats y im a great storyteller... tt kid was my pri sch fren last time... theres no way he can make up tt bullshit to me becos i was present as well...

theres a saying, once the camera starts rolling, its time to make love to the lenses like u are enjoying it aka porn stars faking orgasms all over the place...

there are reports saying about how most of the affected areas that needed help urgently were highly inaccessible... so what abt the images that we were seeing on tv while lazing on a couch digging our noses...

most of the money is not really used to help the countries... business class flights for the red cross society bosses from ard the world, add the ambassador from various countries travelling around the world to give speeches on how thankful they are for providing the big shots lobster lunch, oyster abalone shark's fins dinners, the 5 star 6 star hotel treatments was absolutely excellent, the wonderful designs for their corporate suits n vintage wine n cigars, not forgetting the exotic looking social escorts... of course they are not saying it out, but their stomachs dun lie...

what was i doing when the public warning system was sounded... busy playing maple loh... at first i thought wat, church chimes... then i remember the 6pm sounding... now then i know every month first day at noon that sound comes from the public warning system, i always thought it was from the churches becos the sound very similiar sia...

8:00 PM

January 02, 2005 COLOURED.

big helmet means big head? see so cute rite, i onboard ship... like navy like that... LOL

6:21 PM

how matter how big it is, none of the helmets can be compared to this HUGE bomb!

6:18 PM

warriors have big helmets for their heads... heaven knows y

6:17 PM

i thought i post some of maple b4 i go back to serve the nation... lol the kuku instructor looks damn funny

6:16 PM

no matter how fucked up life is, always look forward to the next day... and of cos, Stacy Kiebler! Happy New Year

1:25 AM

perhaps the only ger in WWE who doesnt have silicon breasts n possessing a normal lady's body instead of bulky lita n trish n victoria n the rest

1:21 AM

given $50, who would u donate to...

NKF - Children
Heart Foundation
Cancer Foundation
Spastic Association
Ren Ci Hospital
donation drive for duno wat BS

the answer is of cos donate to honggy la... poor honggy~~~~~~~ since start of october, he has already lost touch with world n home affairs...

Huang Na
during my bmt i kept hearing about huang na huang na... its on the news everywhere but i duno a single shit abt what really happen or whats the big deal abt her except that shes from china... china ger~~~ *drools* now got more free time liao and i still duno what is the case abt her... :X

but i saw a report recently abt another lil ger, this time its a filipino who has gone missing b4 she was found... the papers wrote abt how careless n ignorant we singaporeans really are when she was taking public transport while she was reported missing n posters were pasted all over, yet no one stopped her or do anything... though it could have been a kidnapping case... the poster gives me the creeps sia...


i really hate to see this type of missing persons poster... missing dogs n cats still okay... persons still can take it... BUT THE WORDS ARE TOTALLY WRONG... didnt they watch Dark Water meh... if im not wrong, gothika also got a missing persons poster towards the end where they start playing the limp bizkit song...

Singapore Idol
i dun watch american idol but i did catch singapore idol though... too bad the finals started while i was in bmt throughout... so i suay suay didnt get to watch hot maia perform n kena kicked out... actually i watch idol becos of her la lol...

What Happened To Suprnova
i never thought that the MPAA would have caught up with them, some torrent sites have already got into trouble but they always manage to get away somehow... so removal of suprnova was a huge shock to me, exactly the same way i felt when napster n audiogalaxy were gone just like that... but if rumors are to be believed, suprnova is not really dead yet... *hint hint*... death of a technology gives birth to another better one... :D

this is the more recent one... at first they only reported abt the earthquake somewhere in the seas and singapore could feel the tremors... then i thought there was nothing to worry about since last time oso got tremors before... shit came the next day... the aftereffects of the earthquake resulted in tsunamis... the big shock was it actually affected so many countries, usually only one country will take the damage... but this one got many countries suffering casualities by the thousands... since im inside camp, i duno abt the death toll until i heard the news somewhere from my fren's radio... its been a long time since so many people have died in one shot...

the current official death toll stands at 130,000 and is expected to increase over the next few days... the earth has spoken, too many humans are living on earth and using too much resources, it has to get rid of a certain amount to ensure the rest can live longer... overcrowding on earth ------- solved by natural disasters....

1:20 AM

so many things have happened staying in the navy... life is definitely not going to be smooth sailing when u have to keep worrying abt the minor stuff... the level of discipline they demand of us is really very crazy... right now my hair is the longest now, and ppl whom i have met up recently will know how short it really is... almost everyone sport square tops except for me, i thought it really was a waste of money to cut every now n then... see the rest the hair all can grow long one, only our batch so weird must cut until so freaking short... better go n cut, dun wan to cut? prepare to get fucked... kena punishment is okay, but the ppl above are smart, no physical punishment, they only give u dun book out, give u extras... make u do all those stupid things...

sometimes i feel that the sergeant major is going to get into deep shit sooner or later with his actions... he could have gone to jail for what he did during just 1 short week... imagine the amount of chargeable offences he has done throughout his career, i think is enough for his head to be served as fish head curry loh... alot of his offences is during the daily morning parades... want everyone of us to do properly, he starts to scold us and do crazy things... duno how come he can become the rsm when he doesnt think before he act...

other than that, it has been a hectic week... learn how to repair hole on ship temporaily using wood in case ship kena hit... and fight fire at the civil defence academy... the firefighting helmet very funny sia, wear liao then pull the visor down look like power ranger... but it really resembles a darth vader mask... except that the visor is gold n helmet is orange... attend these 2 course but completed neither of them, next week then finish both of them...

really very slack, no physical training at all, just go for this lesson that lesson, practical here n there... machiam like back to school... thats the reason why i sign up loh, can slack n nua... but got quite a few of the regulars all scared grow fat and want to train during their free time... lol i not so interested to train until i have achieved my desired weight... hate the early swimming though... swimming at 0530 is not a funny matter, bloody shivering loh...

having eaten food from tekong, civil defence, and navy... i can safely say navy food is still the best la... civil defence treat u like prisoners like that, use the exact same metal plates which u see in movies with indents to put ur food... n the food there jialat, the rice duno how to cook properly, so watery, the veggie n meat tasteless... like eating vegetarian meal like tt... but navy bad part is for breakfast n dinner u have to diy... the aunties there is 8 to 5 one... all so freaking lazy to come n serve us...

at first look i thought the bunks suck, but after living in one, its not so bad after all... the thin sponge bed will sink inwards when u rest ur body on it but it doesnt give u any aches the next morning... and the biggest plus abt having a small room is no nd to clean so much, just sweep sweep for fun then okie liao... there got many mosquitos, very night must burn mosquito coils... we burn 2 coils every night for extra protection but morning still can find love bites from them one la...

oooh n abt the gers... there are 4 gers in our batch but none of them are in our class... :(

and out of the four, one is fat, one resembles any typical maid, one is a tomboy who has a masculine name, and finally one normal looking girl... so the talk of the town is all about the tomboy n the normal one... no one cares abt the maid n the fat one... the tomboy is interesting becos she really looks like a guy... the first time she appeared, everyone thought she was male... she has short hair, walks n talks like guy, smokes, the chest so flat that my chest is even bigger than hers... look from front view side view, back view and u still dun think she is female... must go super closeup of 5cm away? then can see her cheeks got abit pink pink and wear hearing aids to amplify her voice can hear a bit of feminine in her voice... she is the key to sending the rsm to jail... its jsut a matter of whether she wants to or not...

everyone has their eyes fixed on the normal looking ger, her every movement every word she speaks... during meal times her table always got guys go n occupy one... she made a nice move by joining the navy... vey soon will have bf one... for those ladies out there looks okay okay type but have low esteem should join navy... join liao hor, the self esteem will be an alltime high one, confirm guarantee plus chop la... imagine 70+ guys vying to get ur attention... feel like real princess loh... out of those 70 odd guys surely not all are ugly one ma, will have some decent looking n rare good looking ones... so easy to find bf from there! if only there is national service for some sort of girl guides or brownies movement... then i cfm go n sign n go train as instructor over there... lol shy shy nvm, SURE CAN GET GF 1

1:18 AM


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