May 30, 2007 COLOURED.

im so distraught.
heyy im putting in efforts to understand java okk.
n tt fucker actually gave us a ws w/o teaching.
expect us to hand up at d end of the lesson.
in d end none handed up as expected.
how to finish it when u got no idea what d program requires?
common test next week.

my brain has shut down after
4hrs of HTML,
2hhrs of java programming,
2hrs of FP,
9hrs of school.
totally down.
i cant tink of anything anymore.
im too lazy to even reply baby's msg.
i just cant wait to c baby laterr.
he'll make mie feel so muchh better....

6:40 PM

May 27, 2007 COLOURED.

kena the national day parade very sian leh... it was not as bad as i thought... a bit of warm up then break... then the marching contingent rehearsal and break... and then one full rehearsal without the speeches and music and then break again... finally the whole package before calling it a day... actually can very fast finish one... but then there are just too many breaks until i duno is it good or not...

good is they provide the welfare ppl always like to complain when working... no break, no rest, no relax... just work work work... now is they give so many break until u feel very weird and abit not used to it...

the bad part is becos of so many breaks u end up going home later when everything could be finish in like say 3 hours... and they were like feeding pigs like that... the meals come fast and furious... so scared that we will go hungry and complain not enough welfare sia... but its good la their logistics... damn shiny sia their service... they even got this milo truck serving iced milo... then they got so many drinking points each is manned by personnel to top up the water or ice when it runs out... trash bags are also placed quite nicely so ppl can just throw their rubbish into the trash bags instead of just finishing the food and leaving it lying at the hall waiting for ppl to pick up... this is first class service leh... we should have it in navy too... wait a min, isnt this paragraph suppose to be the bad part? LOL

the bad part is only becos u have to go home later since too many breaks already and then ur weekend is burnt... like that lo...

my first rehearsal wasnt so bad... the weather was good to us yesterday... it wasnt sunny so theres no one complaining of being weak or fainting whatsoever... the runs were quite ok except for the last one when they let everything run through without short cuts... that one i feel like sleeping alr le and a bit light... i tink i gotta drink more water if i dun wanna embaress myself by having fall out due to dizziness next time round... esp when the sun starts shining down at the metal plate, sure hot like hell and lots of ppl having to be attended to... good luck medics... their hands should be kept quite busy having to attend to many casualties during hot weather... thats wat i predicted... their hands busy with unbuttoning the female patients tops to let them breathe easy... u know la, breasts need space to breathe also k... they really should invent some bras with fans installed or coolers... otherwise hot hot sweat breasts smelly i think even if big breasts guys will also be turned off... lol...

some of my classmates who have been through the previous national day parades say the suckiest thing is having to wait for bus to send us home... the civilians are given priority to go home first followed by the secondary school groups before we the tri service can take the bus... so sad, its not in a first come first serve basis leh... even if our buscome first they have to queue and wait for the bus that is fetching the civilians to come first... so ke lian... yesterday we waited 45minutes before we can board our bus...

during the wait, duno whose idea so smart we sat opposite some secondary school uniform group... at first i thought it was the girl guides since all i know about purely female uniformed groups in blue only got girl guides... but actually i found out much later that it was the girls brigade... duno wat young girls these days are thinking... they sit ah, dun bother to cross their legs one leh... some never close and open legs like guys like that... maybe they march until their legs too sore so they open big big? many wolves are very willing to provide free massage u know... or maybe they too used to open their legs alr... i didnt notice it until my friend told me about it... too bad i was sitting at the back and i cant c properly... got gf liao so i cannot any how see... then again, when i no gf i also wun peep one... i am gentleman, if i wan to c i will ask one... no need to hide one corner see see... wait drip saliva then paisei... lol

while waiting, the girl guides were having some cheers... i was quite impressed by them wor... my last time sch the girl guides not as power as them leh... their clapping cheer got so many styles one just like stomp the yard the movie... cool leh, my npcc that time only got 3 basic one and quite simple... the guides cheer at the end scream like they kena raped like that... make ppl so tempted to lift their skirts and follow the nike motto: just do it... kidding...

they remind me of my times when i was also in an uniformed group in my sec sch days... no, im not in the girl guides... im not so sissy as u think ok... it was fun, everyone doing one thing together... together we are not afraid of doing anything stupid or embaressing becos everyone is doing it... and everyone is having fun... u know doing the war cries, and playfully insulting other uniformed groups, bragging rights to who is more precise in their drills... its like being in a gang like that... its where you belong and u feel u r not alone... ppl support u as much as u support them... so i guess being in uniform group is actually a good thing... keeps u away from street gangs when u are still young and ignorant about the world outside... i was called x-man in secondary school... lol no kidding... the reason behind it? you will laugh if i ever tell u the reason...

11:45 PM

May 26, 2007 COLOURED.

we've finally bought our TAMAGOTCHI ydae
at jurong point toys R us.
a pink n a white one.
baby kept on reminding mie to look after them,
they cannot die.
i cant help it if they wanna die what.
tis morning they woke up at 9am okayy.
when i was still sleeping soundly.
i got both of them at home,
bcuz baby is gog for NDP.
he got no time for his whity.
i woke up just to feed them den get bk to sleep until baby msg mie at 12.

#1 -HTML my personal portfolio.
#2- one JAVA program.
#3 - C.Maths worksheet.
#4 - programming paper next week.
#5 - get all my tutorials printed.
sad to say i haven done any.i'll come bk n finish as much as i can before i meet baby tonight:))
byebye gog out to buy bubble tea now.LOLS.

1:44 PM

May 25, 2007 COLOURED.

well well well.
someone is gonna fetch mie from school at 1715hours :)))
dun be late alright?!

2:39 PM

May 22, 2007 COLOURED.

im supposed to be doing my C.Maths workk.
BUT im lazyy.
stopped at 9 to watch d drama on channel 8.
gotta upload my CATS work after d show.
since nobody is use d com,
i shall use it.LOLS.
make good use of d braodband at hm.
d fact is i hardly use n i still hafta pay for it alright.

#1 thing happened this week.
my NANO gone CRAZY?!!
i so wanna cry.
i had like 1.8G of songs.
now it's all GONE within a split second.
guess what...
i found out tt i can play game on my nano.
i nvr bother to explore.
since it's pretty so it's MINE:)))
ehh 1.8G of songs is ALOT okayy.
i dun dl songs,bcuz i simply dunno how.
how to get my songs backk now?!!
d worst ting is i din register for warrantly..
bcuz i nvr tink tt i'll spoilt.
i take super ultra good care of my tings okayy.
i wanna load the veronica's song into my nano
but i dunno how.sobsobsob.

today's volleyball is TIRING.manage to serve the ball across the net.i shall not use d use finally bcuz dere r still ple hu cant do consider FAST alr hands hurts.dere r some red patches i hope it'll go off tmr.oh yar..i got face is super RED now.pls go off by thurs,i dun wan baby to see my lobster face.i cant believe it,i actually went for volleyball joyfully,no's all for todae i shall go back to my workk.i realise tt i blog longer den baby mayb he shd do some self reflection.LOLS.
byebye ple~

Come on baby we ain't gonna live forever
Let me show you all the things that we could do
You know you wanna be together
And I wanna spend the night with you
Yeah, yeah, with you, yeah, yeah
So come with me tonight
We could make the night last forever

10:43 PM

May 21, 2007 COLOURED.

im super depressed wit i dunno what.
i hadd a bad day in school.
shant eleborate further.
CA for computing maths falls on 8june.
final exam for tis semester falls on 8AUG.
my birthday okayy.
afternoon paper somemore.
anw i dun intend to celebrate tis yr afterall.
it's still far away,will see how it goes.
i haven study for CM.
i sucks totally in maths.
i dun like numbers...
but i really hafta study.
im just procrastinating....
giving myself reasons to postpone.

FUCKK.nothing goes well todae,even baby made mie mad.i tot i'll feel better after my afternoon nap,but tears are rolling down,i need to sleep.....

10:50 PM

May 20, 2007 COLOURED.

im not kidding... this is a map of how to go my google earth is so wonderful man... i wonder if i can get a better closeup then i can watch my dear dear from internet when she's at school... LOL its just a invasion of privacy la so its kinda impossible to zoom until so near but see the buildings one still quite ok... quite fun man, i just released this is so nice...

oh ya. i love you

1:38 PM

this week i very happy leh... not the entire week... over the weekend very happy... kena so many shit things though... have to go for ndp liao, not say that i dun love my country or wat... when ur weekend is burnt for ur country, i feel its not worth it... they compensate by giving a weekday off but its a weekday leh... cannot compare to weekend... must give 2 days then song song... and somemore becos of this thing course kena extend so sad... i cant wait to go back ship and go home everyday...

so sad life but why still happy... i meet my dear 4 days straight liao... tmr is the fifth day... lol so song... my mind still canot think properly... my eyes so tired... yesterday sleep with dear so nice... then today overslept... i think i pass all my energy to her liao...

12:23 AM

May 18, 2007 COLOURED.

he'll go speechless if he see this but im reali BORREDD okayy?

just woke up from my nap = recovered from depression.
it feels so good when u can get to sleep every now n den
i swear!
i used to b e ger hu is super ultra deprived from zzz.
bcuz i dun believe in sleepg.
i just bought a GUESS top for 30bucks bcuz my fren cldnt wear it.
babyy pls dun scold mie.
cuz im super HAPPY todayy:))))
last one.. i promised.

PS:im not tryg to abused what i've learnt in school but practicing it
bcuz pratice makes PERFECT!:D

7:06 PM

WHEE!im finally done wit my elearning work before woke mie up at 8 tis morning n i only leave my bed at a happy ger.
went vivo city wit baby ydae.he nvr been dere before,he spend too muchh time wit his bought mie a dress ydae.a green dress:D i choose it larh okayy.he cant even mix flowers properly how can he choose a dress for me? mum said it was nice but too greeny.she doesnt like green.she sae i look nice on bright colour like hot pink doesnt means tt i look HOT okayy?WAHAHAHA.she forced mie to buy d havana hot pink sandel instead of d dark green gonna post d pic of d dress when i wear it on sat.mum wants to throw my clothes away,she sae i've got too many clothes n i agreed but nvr agree on throwg away.hahaha.i've one two tube top,one levis blouse n one green dress not wore YET n im still buying.
baby told mie tis veh bad news tis morning..
he might needa attend d NDP rehearsal tis n every sat which means we cant go for tanning.RAHS.he'll b sailing in aug for a month.he wun b ard on my birthdae now he cant even meet mie on d weekend.isnt tt defeat d purpose of mie not working part time on d weekend?im super sad larh okayy perhaps i should work.clubbing tonight.
im tired of complaining,i need some rest;;

i love him..
i love him..
i love him..
i love him..
i love him..
i love him..
he's MINE..
im gog mad..

looks like im not wasting my time in school ehh??!

2:33 PM

May 17, 2007 COLOURED.

week 5- Elearning for year ONE NPictians.
FUCKK elearning..
dere's more work during elearning compared to d amt of work u recieved in school.
i cant do d java.
i still need help from baby in d end.
im sucha looser.

im gog sun tanning on SATURDAY!!'s time to meet again when im backk.
COS to go before i finish my elearning workk.:(

1:09 PM

May 16, 2007 COLOURED.

my jaws dropping.
i cant do my elearning work.
elearning fuck upp.
no lecture to guide,
im lostt.
baby so sweet he wanted to bring mie to hong kong cafe for dinner.
i like d food dere,
haven been dere for so long.
he koe mie d best.
but i got alot of workk to finish.
in d end hafta go his hse do hmwrkk.
im so sad.
kiss goodbye to my hong kong cafe.
i dun haf confident in myself.
i dunno y i choose IT in d 1st place either.
in d end baby gotta suffer tgt wit mie.
i cant cope,im serious.
im not good in numbers.
not good in maths.
my brain got no space for number.
i wonder how bigg is my brain..
got 1gb anot?
mayb baby can ans mie.
i dunno y..
i really hardly use my brain
until i suspect it rust alr.
tt's y i so stupid.

1:38 AM

May 13, 2007 COLOURED.

i stayed at home waiting for the whole day for my dear to come online... but she wasnt around... so sad :(

its ok, i dun think down there in malaysia got internet connection... just hope she had fun down there and think of me when shes sleeping...

on friday night when she stayed over we didnt sleep much actually... ok la, is i sleep abit she couldnt get to sleep... so poor thing, then i just down there zzz liao... then i have to get her up at 5am becos i on duty yesterday and have to wake up early to catch the train... so she pei me take the train and i swear i was very ok when she was ard... once reach her stop and she alight liao hor... i duno wat happen to me la... i just closed my eyes and...

i felt the vibration of my phone in my pocket... i see the message from my dear saying she already reach home want to sleep liao... the moment i saw this message i know i mati liao... from her train stop to her house she still need to take a bus then can reach le... she msg me she reach liao then ready to sleep liao means its quite some time alr liao lo... i saw the stop is orchard i immediately got out liao... and ya i was rite... i was on the opposite way liao wtf... i actually slept through 10 stops without knowing the train is already going the other way...

by the time i reach tanah merah i have to take a cab down to my school, thank goodness dear dear woke me up with her msg at that time otherwise i cfm late alr... all that waking up so early just to catch the 7am shuttle bus gone down the drain... if i know i would have just wake up at a later time then i can hug my dear longer before i take cab straight down to school from home...

i like school duty... nothing to do except sleep sleep sleep and more sleep... no extra job no shit stuff, just sleep and duty... they so nice give me last detail so basically i have the whole morning and afternoon to sleep... after my watch i had trouble sleeping... sleep 2 hr wake up sleep 2 hr wake up... so tired... but i had a nightmare that day... there was a msg on my phone and it said that i have to go to the court for something... at that moment i tell u my balls dropped... i can feel my heart damn heavy lo... i forgot wat it was abt but it was something quite serious and i have to go to court... i felt like my whole world fell apart, my career gone, my gf gonna leave me all becos of an offence which i could have prevented...

when i opened my eyes the first thing i did right away was to check my phone... thank god no have that fucking msg, and it was 4am in the morning... i am so relieved, my career still intact and most importantly my gf still with me... =)

to be honest, i think we are very much in love... LOL im not joking, i really feel that we cant do without each other... last time i dun feel it, but now i do... and i know she does too...

6:05 PM

May 11, 2007 COLOURED.

i've nvr seen mr francis so hardworking.
he koe no shit abt JAVA PROGRAMMING.
yet he's doing my work for mie.
just to get a kiss.
he's a cheap labour.
hire him den i can SLACK.

10:26 PM

May 10, 2007 COLOURED.

YAY.tmr fridayy!!
i loev fridayy.
baby love fridayy.
im gonna meet my baby tmr.
he wanna club i koe.
im gog m'sia on sat evening,
will only b backk on mon.
so if he meet other ger,
he shall die when im backk.
LOLS. gonna tok to my baby now.

9:43 PM

May 08, 2007 COLOURED.

todae is IS DAE.
tues shucks.
cuz i hafta play volleyball.
my hand still pain till now.
it's like a numb feelin.

i dun understand y baby everytm go dbl o
ehh i cannot enter.
2yrs n 4mths to 21.
im not like last tm so active clubbing every week alr ok.
i haven club fer super long cuz baby go taiwan.
2mths is considered VEH LONG.
but i just fainted agn when baby is in taiwan.
so better not go.
if drink n faint means hafta call ambulance alr.
baby wldnt koe how to handle me like my mum.
today almost faint..
if i faint in school die man.
d last tm when i fainted in sch was sec 2 during judo trainin.
guess what?
d sch called an ambulance.
i was admitted into d hosiptal.
tt was when i koe i can actually faint due to shortage of sugar.
dun b amazed when i dun eat for d whole day n only drink coke.
i'll die w/o sugar.
recently d faintg prob kept on coming bk.
d 1st tm when i went st james wit baby i fainted oso.
i tink baby's balls almost dropped.
d worst part is he dunno is i faint he tot i drunk.
nv drink how to get drunk?!
tt tm at st james really bad.
i was veh scare bcuz i koe he dunno how to handle mie.
i scare tt i'll die just lidat.
u mayb laughin but i really got no balls.
i still wanna join SIA den go SMU one lehh.
my dreams still not fulfill yet can.

my flower for the 3rd mths.
i love him.

6:05 PM

May 06, 2007 COLOURED.

read the below post and maybe dear dear will forgive me for being abit woman... lol... scientists have proven it dear, so theres nothing wrong with me... but theres a problem with me if i one day start to twirl my own hair with my little finger dangling around for fun... then i would be mei tian the doctor... how u like that for a doctor boyfriend... rich leh...

haven got the blogging bug yet... read my past entries for my true blogging potential and u know im missing my mojo...

blog for the sake of blogging, not for the sake of letting others read

9:07 PM

Love's strange effect on people

Love really does have a strange effect on people, say scientists.
Italian researchers carried out tests on 12 men and 12 women who had fallen in love during the previous six months.

They found that men had lower levels of testosterone than normal, while the women had higher levels of the hormone than usual.

"Men, in some way, had become more like women, and women had become like men," Donatella Marazziti of the University of Pisa told New Scientist magazine.

"It's as if nature wants to eliminate what can be different in men and women, because it's more important to survive at this stage," she said.

'Love is blind'

The findings come as another study suggests that love may indeed be blind.

Researchers at University College London have discovered that being in love can affect key circuitry in the brain.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of some sort of therapeutics in the future

Professor Gareth Leng,

University of Edinburgh
They found that the neural circuits that are normally associated with critical social assessment of other people are suppressed when people are in love.

They said the findings may explain why some people are often "blind" to their partner's faults.

Both studies add to the growing evidence that love can have a strange effect on the body.

Previous research by the Italian researchers, published in 1999, suggested falling in love played havoc with key chemicals in the brain.

They found that people who were in love had lower levels of serotonin.

In fact, their serotonin levels were found to be the same as people with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Speaking at the time, the researchers said the finding may explain why people who are in love can sometimes obsess about their partner.

Love drugs?

Professor Gareth Leng of the University of Edinburgh is also carrying out research in this area.

"It's about understanding ourselves a little bit better," he told BBC News Online.

But Professor Leng said the research could one day lead to new treatments for people who are having relationship problems.

"We know that a very large proportion of adults do report dissatisfaction with bonding or sexual experience.

"I wouldn't rule out the possibility of some sort of therapeutics in the future," he said.

6:29 PM

cristano ronaldo is pretty popular with alot of ppl... the man u fans for his match winners, the football fans for his sublime skills... the gers for his good looks... the gays for his good looks again... apparently hes the #1 on most of the gay list... he looks exotic and well, pretty gay to be recognized as the man gays most wanna fuck... so ronaldo when u go clubbing be careful with ur drink... who knows the server might spike ur drink and they might gang bang him...

what goes around comes around anyway... after all footballers are famous for sleeping with girls and taking turns fucking them... i suspect he has not been fooling around recently cos his performances this season has been excellent... how much u have sex is a good indicator of how well u perform on the soccer field... that is wat most coaches think and though i never had sex before, hearing about past experiences from my friends makes me believe that coaches are right... they dun have the strength to play soccer after sex...

i guess u now know why man u lose to ac milan that day liao... italian chicks are hotter than english ones... =X

by the way, thats the picture of a damn big ferris wheel on top of dream mall in taiwan... its the sanrio ferris wheel, yes there are pictures of hello kitty and other characters on the mini cars... the queue is damn long lo, i wanted to go and sit one so i can go back and hao lian to my gf i sat on the sanrio ferris wheel but i guess she cant be bothered la since shes not really into hello kitty and shes not as childish compared to me... singapore also building one ferris wheel also if im not wrong, its called singapore flyer or wat flyer wat sai one... but i dun tink it can be compared to other ferris wheels around the world ba... firstly the sanrio ferris wheel is built on top of a building, the scenery must be damn nice lo though theres nothing much to see around in kao hsiung... want to see downblouse also hard becos too high liao cant see properly...

i thought ship sucks, but now i have to say i dread going to school... going to school sucks... learn all the weird stuff... but watever, i have to go through this just so i can get my rank soon and pay increase! and more money for my house fund... hahaha...

5:57 PM

May 04, 2007 COLOURED.

3 words... i love u

ok now time to zzzzz

12:22 AM

May 02, 2007 COLOURED.

Things that i wanna do before i die...

01. body curve like fann wong.(angelina jolie is definitely too muchh:X)
02. can i have a ferrari?
03. tattoo, loadsa tattoo.
04. body piercing.(my tongue n eyebrow can i?)
05. OWN a private property.
06. SG air stewarding.
07. can i try XANDO too?
08. have really LONG n SMOOTH hair.(baby pls dun play wit MY HAIR.)
09. all the perfume collection.
10. have the guts to wear bikini.
11. own a club.
12. learn tennis
13. an overseas wedding shoot.
14. a personal photo shoot.
15. my own BRAND.

shall stop here toking to baby need some concentration if not later he eyes r popping out after 4hours of HTML.

9:36 PM


baby fixed my desktop at home.
he's a genius.
i accompany baby bk to tanah merah
surprisingly d journey bk to my hse is only 40mins.
frm tanah merah to bishan den 410 bk home=D
and yes baby nv send mie bk to my hse yet!!
not even ONCE.
the worst ting he did ydae
was after seeing my mum he said tt
she's pretty n young.
i wanna faint.
is he my bf or my mum's.
he nvr even sae i pretty or young!!!!
i wanna kill myself.

school is boring..
co op in school has too many vairety of tibits to choose from.
im gettg fatter.
i wan XANDO.
i wanna be like fann wong.

im a happy girl.
baby's happy girl.

1:33 PM


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