September 30, 2006 COLOURED.

oo drunk ppl really know what they are saying or not ah? im very very interested to know... they say drunk ppl always say the silly and stupid things... however whatever they say is actually what they think inside... according from what i know la... i just need clarification... becos last night, a drunk person told me something and... i wish what she said was really true lo... what she said i cant tell la, becos its something damn unexpected coming right out from her, when she said it i really stunned... LOL

anyway, before everyone was drunk or as a matter of fact before i was hot n high... i went to my L's wedding dinner... being a ship affair, 4 tables are all occupied by the ship crew and we are a nightmare for the newlyweds really... when they were going around tables doing the routine yam sengs... my L purposely left us the last becos he knows we are going to make him drink alot of weird stuff... i was wondering its actually a bad thing to invite ur colleagues esp if they are all drinking experts to ur wedding.... first they expect u to drink alot, then they want u to drink a special mix of all the bloody sauces and juices and what not... hold a wedding dinner for everyone to happy end up u r the one whose suffering made them happy...

if poor drinker then die liao lo... wait vomit then make a whole mess out of ur suit or dress then like that how to greet ur guests when they start to go home... more like ruin the dinner sia... so bad ah the guests, never spare a thought for them... but its ok, theres alot of ppl waiting to be married onboard our ship, so theres always the chance of revenge anytime... :)

if i ever have the chance to get married and have a wedding dinner, i really dun dare invite them sia... lol i cant drink well as them lo, they drink beer is one or two gulps then one glass gone... they can do that for duno how many glasses without stopping sia... drink faster than drinking water lo... lol i one glass also cant one shot gulp down... crazy one...

during the dinner everyone was eager for the next stop... dbl o for jeff's bdae... at the dinner everyone was talking about going over there... in the end all talk big... all say go go then ask i got go these type of places one meh... end up the talk big crappers all never go...

a big crowd nonetheless, and i found out how to gain entry faster after learning from the seasoned ppl... normally the dbl o queue is long from 11pm onwards... u can actually go to O bar chop chop there... then exit O bar and go to dbl o re-entry area... much faster than queueing up... :)

first time chiong with kelvin and i finally understand how flirt he is... LOL... bloody shit he wasted no time in getting to the dancefloor and finding targets... his actions are very obvious sia... wah lan eh, he purposely look to his target's way then danced his way there... lol, the rest of us all like wtf but he dun care... girls not interested will automatically move away... i think he work in sales before... cos he knows never to be dishearten with rejections as he just keeps on moving to other preys...

marketing ppl have one saying: every no brings u to a closer yes

and kelvin finally scores one... with a bapok too... LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL the bapok is the main attraction yesterday la really...

should bapoks be addressed with a he or a she? i think to respect him, i shall addressed bapoks as her la... i didnt notice her at first... but there was a commotion among my group ma then i go c c then i realise kelvin is up to no gd again... he was dancing next to the bapok... at first i duno shes a bapok, all i know is that she's sexy... she was wearing a dress revealing half her breasts then kelvin down there... LOL

we took a break, and then kelvin went over to her and yea her hands were on him... i was like "WELCOME TO BANGKOK", when he came reporting back to us he said its shiok when her breasts keep pressing on him... LOL bapok's breasts leh... not real women breasts... wah lan... LOL watever la... when i said shes the main attraction, i really mean it... my group all took turns to go and brush with her... sick sick sick sick sick... damn disgusting but my friend just said as long as feel like girl can liao, dun think about the rest... LOL sick sick sick...

i dun dare go n touch her sia... i only dance near her only becos my group all at there... then end end part cb i was her victim liao... she was dancing with me i so wanted to go away... heng got other strangers c bapok so sexy they all want a piece of her... very soon she go find other ppl liao... hahahaha, lucky lucky sia... dun stick to me!

just when i thought i have gotten out of trouble, another mini storm is coming... mrs toh grabbed me and pass me martini glass of lamborg... she ask me to help her drink wor... think the rest not dancing one all at one corner drink until she half mabok half awake come to me... its weird la, i mean yesterday was the first time i met kenny's wife and i never talk to her at all then she now come and tell me to drink for her... since i never really drink much yesterday then i just down it lo... then she kept holding to my hand dun wan to let go becos ppl keep making her drink then she dun wan hahaha... damn funny la her expression...

and thats when she started saying things which i think i must be dreaming or what la... but she certainly made my day with her comments... lol...

u can be in close contact with girls that have no attached status... girls with bfs still can talk... but married esp when u're newly wed, its really better not to get so close to them...

when everyone has gone home, gan drove me home... along the way he asked me whether i knew kenny's wife beforehand... i just told him i knew her the same time gan knew her, which was yesterday... as to why gan ask me that question, i think i dun have to explain... its easy to figure out... whatever, hopefully after today she will forget what she said to me...

"did many girls told u that before?"

i didnt answer her question, and neither did i tell her she was the first to tell me that...

5:01 PM

September 18, 2006 COLOURED.

my mother said something which really made me write this... she said dun ever underestimate china women... that was a "wow" statement from her...

i guess everyone knows who's guo juan alr... if u duno know, pls do read up the news, shes impossible to ignore cos she looks not bad eh... quite interesting to know a girl can have so many lovers... maybe gers are all like that? duno, i prefer to uphold the image of the ideal girl... haha

the fact that a girl can have so many lovers is one thing... when all ur lovers are butt ugly, thats another thing... look at her lovers n husband... one is a pocked mark face, one is old, the other is unknown... theres something in common among the three of them though they all hail from different backgrounds... all are old and they go to nightclubs...

honestly i never been to a nightclub though i would like to go see see... see the tv drama nightclub so sian, i wanna c what its all about... song n dance or let u play with human stress balls one... whatever, wait until i got enough money first =x

its expensive to go to such places... pay the girl duno must pay how much, some more no guarantee can let u fuck... just sit beside only a few hundred gone le... like that for the budget ppl they would rather go to geylang... unless u like to see girls singing then go ahead, though i doubt their voices are as good as any of the professsional singers... heck even the song artists' concert dun cost that much too... so what, u dun have to sing to save ur life... so long as u have a pretty face thats enough... think a female version of boybands who cant sing, can onli pose...

too bad girls everytime go and buy expensive bras and bags and heels and what not... otherwise i think the boys in the boybands would be rich performing at nightclub exclusively for females... no money then how? have to stick with their ugly bfs and get fucked so that they have allowance to go and play the pretty boys lo...

bla, i know girls are all nice, so dun go around flaming me, im on fire already thank you... im just stating this from a male's perspective... seeing how man is driven by sex and woman is driven by love... there are instances where its the other way round... but majority is still like that la, we just have too much testersterone duno how to spell la...

say so long but whats the story all about? china girl works at nightclub singer... meets pocked face man... marries pocked face man... has affair with a professor... has another affair with another guy... pocked face wants to settle the matter... one listens to him, the other doesnt... pocked face wants a divorce as their marriage is beyond repair... professor accuse pocked face of being in a sham marriage... end up in court... end up pretty lady appears in papers...

u know what ppl mean when they say pretty ugly? guo juan is one of them... pretty on the outside, but ugly within... my mother say u cant play with chinese women... becos they have been through hardship and they know how to survive... they may look stupid, but they arent... really cunning...

just look at zhang zi yi... look so innocent but killed me with her voice... im melting~

3:25 AM

September 12, 2006 COLOURED.

today is such a bad day...

at first when patrick told me that gun po2 was looking for me, i thought he had something for me to do or what... then patrick mentioned about what i have done to make him angry... i have no idea really... here i was as a line handler and got a bit cock up starting la cos i put the line in the wrong position... i thought he wanted to scold me for this but then i remember he wasnt around at all leh... so i have no clue as to whats the commotion all about...

after finish the thing already i wan to put back my things then i heard from wuda about something that caught me by surprise... just moments ago they were having a mustering about something and wuda told it that they're trying to find the culprit who mixed the paint earlier in the morning... my heart stopped beating for a moment there... becos that person is me... =x

but me being the type who does not cook up stories to save myself, i didnt bother to think so much la... thats why u see me dun have white hair one... the most one or two strand only... so when i stepped inside the briefing room... gun po2 waved me over... i know what he was going to ask me... but i just act blur like i have no idea whats happening...

he asked me area x is supposed to use which paint and i told him is paint z, then he sighed and said it should be paint y... then i was like oh shit... he asked me whether i know wats the situation now and i said no... all i know is that i got them the wrong paint... then he said as a result of that, now they have to strip the paint and repaint it all over... and the officer apparently wanted to redo the whole thing, not just the area where they painted wrongly... once that was said, everyone had to stay back late to do finish the thing...

i guess u have a rough idea of how powerful am i onboard my ship already right... not the average tom dick harry of my status can make everyone stay back late to work hor... =x but actual fact is i am the cause of the trouble...

then after that they spoke for quite awhile... calling us nothing but a piece of shit... not us, its refering to me... they never direct aim me la but hor when they ask who did the paint, i put my hands up straight away... if i can read the mind of others, maybe there will be quite a few ppl cursing me... thinks its alot more than few ppl la... whatever... i feel bad...

but later, i dun feel so bad already... becos i think i have been made the scapegoat for the whole thing... i mean if paint wrong ok la i can repaint it over that area, but now is they want to do the whole place which is what should be done by that deadline... maybe becos not enough time to finish it, they need to find an excuse to get ppl to stay back late to do those stuff... hence, i was their excuse, i was their sacificial lamb...

sacrificing for a greater good is worth it... but sacrificing for this certainly is not... sure got alot ppl unhappy at me de...

so i wonder, whats the use of staying here when im not happy... whats the use of staying when ppl dun help each other out, instead of helping, the just condemn the person lo... they say everywhere is like that, but i think is my ship that is the problematic ppl one... but i also learn something about ppl...

its hard to be an impartial person i guess... having seen how i was treated and how my other mate was treated, he was also around when i mix the paint la... once his name was announced, everyone fuck him upside down until all his holes are filled with human plugs... but when they found out its me, some said they have alr seee it coming liao... some were suprised that i duno such things... can see the way i was treated and the way he was treated sia... so big difference...

12:41 AM

September 07, 2006 COLOURED.

its quite surprising to see how much u are paying to stay at a place where nurses will take care of u when u are old and got problem one... my mother successfully managed to dragged me down to see my grandmother on sunday... and i was pretty shocked when i learnt about something...

the stay at st luke's hospital amounts to about 4k a month without subsidy... 4k... lol staff sergeant wun even be earning that much monthly sia... its like u are renting a nice condo with bikini babes suntanning topless by ur pool or what... just imagine what u can do with 4k...

confined to a aircon room, the meals all so little only... caring nurses no doubt but all so old, no cleavage showing of their uniforms to justify the price tags... maybe its for the safety for the patients since all of them are elderly and i supposed they got heart problems... u know, their hearts only seem to function when they see hot girls... no girls their heart beats all like dead like that...

i see no point for old ppl to sleep in aircon places... their body cant take it, their bones will start to rattle rattle and sound like wind chimes then so noisy the other ppl also end up cannot sleep... they do have non aircon rooms which look fine to me but my uncles they all... duno la wan to show off rich or what can afford 4k per month... none of us are very rich or what except for one, the rest all so so only...

whatever la, im not paying anyway... =x
get well sooon~

4:10 AM

September 03, 2006 COLOURED.

went to comex after visiting my grandmother... didnt expect to get anything at all, just wanna go c c look look... my second time go to such IT exhibitions stuff... the first time was quite long ago when i go and buy my maxonline... what i didnt expect was the turnout at expo...

bloody hell, so many ppl... machiam going countdown party like all where all the ah neis want to go in and squeeze human stress balls on ladies chests... except that down here at expo not much stress balls to squeeze la cos so many guys... if wan to squeeze can squeeze below one lo... but hor there too hard, its not made of fats and damn pain can... dun believe can squeeze own balls try try, i tried le... can cry one i tell u... =x

there got so many brochures i think print liao all waste money sia... ppl take and all throw over the floor... so many times i nearly slipped becos the papers all on the floor so slippery sia... hahaha at first i wanted to go find ps2 mem card but i see the price like no difference between outside... so never get anything... then go the creative booth my sister see the zen neon offer her eyes open big big... $119 for one gig... not bad a bargain... but it comes with a catch, got only blue color only, cannot choose one...

since my sister dun have mp3 player, she quite gian... i just tell her to think for a while then we go see see look look again... i wanted to get speakers one... the i-trigue 3400 sell for $99... u know the groovy looking ones with 3 speakers on each side that one lo... but ah, i hear the sound like not very power like tt leh... ppl may say what do u expect much for a 2:1 speakers... but at least it should sound alot better than 2 normal speakers right... i see one guy testing the speakers, up bass down bass, up volume down volume like not very impressive leh... the only impressive sound i heard is the gigawork 550? forget the number liao but that one not bad la, can instantly tell the difference cos of the power... $611 though...

then my sister go back n buy the zen neon, i see the advert for aurvana earphones say almost as good as shure e2cs... shure e2c is the earphone that i wanted to buy last year one lo... but that one the price $200 over so i never buy... then this aurvana sell $186 at comex, i go listen listen liao not bad leh, but i wish can adjust the volume abit la, cos he give me testing the music so soft, cant hear the boost of anything at all lo, but the noise cancellation is there la... i see my sister got buy thing then if i never buy thing looks very weird, so i go and buy... =X

9:45 PM

September 02, 2006 COLOURED.

someone told me yesterday that if i shaved my legs, i would have been mistaken for a girl... now what was that supposed to mean...

to put it nicely... it means that i have a hourglass figure where i have a big chest and slim waist and big butt... big butt... can challenge j.lo? duno wor... but guys with big butts seems weird eh... who knows its enough to bear children =x

or it could be becos of my slender legs... not fat n short but nicely toned which girls would envy... minus the hair of course...

or the worst case scenario, small size enough to dress up like a female...

u know when i heard that comment ah, i sibei dulan leh... in wat sense does my figure look like a girl huh... kuku u wan me to show u my bulging biceps issit... as big as rafa nadal's arms and as explosive as superman's dick i tell u... kuku nei nei...

u ask me wear tube top i cfm cant cut it as a drag queen la... my shoulders not small enough to look petite... so gross lo if got a girl like tt...

wth... nonetheless, i tink i better get in shape liao... need to gain some weight and start some serious workout then i am going to shave my legs and ask the same person the question... "so how i still look like a girl isit!!!!"

bloody hell, u have been warned...

11:37 PM

September 01, 2006 COLOURED.

it seems as if every entry is late by a week... since this one is late... remember wat i said about having to go back last saturday night because im ding duty last sunday?

it sucks la... to be back at ship so early... and for what? just because singapore tried to be more adventurous and they have their race track which covered part of the road leading to the base... i was already very sian liao the moment they called me about the situation where the whole duty personnel have to come back early...

actually i have already seen the notice about the closure of roads... at first i thought it wasnt so serious, until the phonecall came... imagine u just come back from duty ah, u wan to go out relax abit or what... then they say u have to be back early... of course they not so evil tell u night have to come back la... but 530am has to be at ship to take over them... 530... cb still consider midnite leh... where got ppl come back at tt time one unless they driving right... the last time i take cab with midnite fare already 30 over dollars liao so dulan... more dulan when it was learnt that they will sail late becos of defects...

then i wondered why they so selfish... they wait until the whole thing over then go back ma... but if like that then it is us who are being selfish... so that day i 1045pm reach ship liao... u know what happen the next morning? it was said that the base has no updates about the bus schedule... meaning the bus coming in will still carry on as per normal... which also means the route to the base is not affected at all... which means we all come back for nothing...

well done guys, well done

keeping this short beocs it onli makes my blood boil thinking about it... but mark this day... that i had my revenge... what happen no one will know becos its the innner me that is the culprit...

12:34 AM


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