August 30, 2007 COLOURED.

th reason why m i still awake?
i found something interesting,really.quizes.hurhurhur.some of them is so damn true can.
mc for today.i realised that i had too much of donuts yday.yeah,it's so bad for me.stomach upset for th whole damn day.u'll nvr koe how bad it is.i couldnt even get out of th bed in morning,it's super pain is killing me,tt's y i chose to sleep off my whole's pretty alone when u're sick and nobody is actually free to attend you.
finally restocked my shampoo from body fragrance is fantastic's so tasty tht u feel like drinking th whole bottle.i got 6bottles,not forgetting mango for baby!!:DDDDD

You Probably Look Younger Than Your Age

You live a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of yourself.
You'll probably have a youthful glow for many years. looks haven changed since 14?

You Are A Gold Girl

You're dependable and hard working. You never miss a deadline - and you're never late.
You have a clear sense of right and wrong. You're very detail oriented.
You get frustrated when your friends are sloppy - or when they don't follow through.
You're on top of things, and you wish that everyone else was!

this is so super TRUE.omg.
im off to bed.
work tmr.

11:57 PM

You Are a Bad Girl
You are 20% Good and 80% BadYou're a total bad girl, from your wild hair to tattooed toes.But you're too badass to even care if you're labeled "bad"!
Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?

i was doing some random quiz.
im unhappy wit th result okay.
im a 100% francis's good girl.
hurhurhur.what rubbish.
one of the part is true...
i dont really bother when ple sae that im bad.lols.bad den bad lor.i even recieved comments even worst than that.but that was how many decades ago.HAHAHAHA.
i wanna laugh.

11:27 PM called me so happy.
at least i koe tht he's fine and i dun have to keep on guessing why didnt he call sad is .... he had auto roaming in order to call me. and we couldnt tok for too long.

my tamagotchi passed away yday.ARGHH.i only wake up at 11 everyday by th tm im free to attend to my tamagotchi it's alr like 1pm?soon,it died of starvation.hurhurhur.

finally i can sleep in peace.i couldnt get to sleep for th passed few days bcuz i didnt hear from gog to get my sleep now.err... but my stomach veh full.i just had my dinner >.<
sweet dreams

12:08 AM

August 28, 2007 COLOURED.

chatted wit max earlier on.
he's super least i feel better now.i guess i was just being paranoid plus mum's exageration.she kept on saying those negative ship sank,he fall into th sea,bermuda triangle,blah blah blah.i dont deny th fact that im worried,i really am.i'll be devastated if anything happen to him.
but max say maybe no satelite.actually baby told me before but i forget.they wont be able to contactable if there isnt any satelite.well..if he's really hugging some aussie babe instead of calling me i'll kick his balls when he return.but baby haven reach australia.hurhurhur.
i guess i'll have to wait until he reaches australia.

no off day this tmr,tmr supposed to b my off day.i dunno m i being cheated or i forgotten about it.
all i koe is it has been 5days since baby last called me.

2:31 AM

August 26, 2007 COLOURED.

th conversation between me and my mum.
mh:"mummy,francis haven been calling me.two days alr lehh."
mum:"oh..he doesnt want u anymore."
mh:"cannot be."
mum:"what if he doesnt want u anymore?"
mh:"cry lor.but it's impossible,he talked to me few days ago!!"
mum:"ohh..then he must be busy vomitting.too sick to call you."

i wonder y is my mum so mean?no wonder im sucha mean ger.
if baby still doesnt call me today,it'll be the THIRD day alr.sobsobsob.
it's frustrating when he doesnt call,really.

i was listening to umbrella by rihenna today on th bus.
and i started laughing.
th conversation between me and francis.
mh:"'s raining,bring an unbrella out."
francis:"ella ella ella eh eh dear dear come under my umbrella."

he changed th lyrics.farnie thou.hurhurhur.'s quite impossible for him to do tht i koe.everyone thinks that he's quiet and doesnt talk much.even my mum think so.but pls..he's super irritating.he talk non-stop to me,i dunno why.maybe he haven been talking for th pass 22years tht's why he's telling me whenever he've a chance to.lols.he's doing harm to my ears.i've got too much of peace these days tht i want him back.
he maybe irritating at times,but sweet.
that explains why i love him.
i miss your singing.

10:22 PM

August 25, 2007 COLOURED.

baby din call me yday at worried.i dunno m i being promised tht u'll call me everyday.i just hope tht u're me when you read you..

11:53 PM

normally i'll feel dizzy and sleepy when i dun wan enough sugar in me.
im borned wit low sugar's a must to take sweet stuffs everyday,if not u'll see me faint.hurhur.
i had 3 donuts today and a can of im super awake.die..i still got work tmr.hahaha.serve me right.i dunno why but th donuts are really addictive.2donuts for donut for dinner. life haven been sweet since baby have left for sailing.lols.

12:19 AM

August 24, 2007 COLOURED.

work was good.
i mean as in.. time pass kinda fast.i've a full timer working wit me actually.but she's like missing all th time.she's good at sales was good.i've sold like 6 electronic shavers,one electronic toothbrush.
she sold like only one hairdryer? wasnt tht hard to sell afterall.time pass really fast larh,u can have tea breaks,dinner breaks.whatever break u wan, how long oso can.bcuz nobody is there to control you.i mean is good larh.i dun go for many breaks nor having long breaks simply bcuz im alone all th still new there,i've no fren except for th full kinda unhappy wit her today.but nahh..forget abt it larh.u'll get to see this kinda ple in th society one larh.

shengky came to visit me today.he's working at some photocopying company. $6.50 per hour,higher than me lehh,weekends off. he asked me to join them.but cant,my cousin will be unhappy.he accompanied me for lunch.yeahh..we had donuts donuts from donut factory are really nice i swear esp th double chocolate:DDD

baby promised to buy me donuts when he return.reached home at 11 today.took a shower quickly waiting for baby to call.but until now he still haven call yet.why why why? *ponder* i hope tht he's really fine.

//th pieces of my heart are missing you right now//

11:42 PM

August 22, 2007 COLOURED.

uploaded th song specially for you.anyway i doubt u listen to her song.
changed my bedsheet,bathe alr.
upload some new songs into my ipod n off to bed.
i love you baby.

//ple tends to take things for granted.
just like how i bully you all th time, giving you tht im-really-annoyed face.
only realised how sweet you're when you're away.//

11:14 PM

baby haven call me today...
fat and i went swimming today.hurhurhur.bcuz we were really bored.nothing to do at home and mum is not cooking us dinner tonight,she've got company dnd to no sun at all and it's so cold can.wasted th 50cents.

first day of work at carrefour not really excited or what larh.dunno change how many damn jobs alr anyway.they wouldnt dare to bully me larh unless they're dumb or forgotten im anson's cousin.hurhurhur.i hafta work 25days of full shift in order to have fees 900plus.
nothing much happened today.probably bcuz im pms-ing.
im gonna change my bed sheet,wait for baby to call.

24more days to go...
come back soon.i miss you.
i've to change 5more times of bedsheet before u come back.
queen size bed ehh.come bk help me change.lols.

8:18 PM

August 21, 2007 COLOURED.

When you're gone.

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed where you lie is made up on your side
When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it ok I miss you

I've never felt this way before
Everything that I do reminds me of you
And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor
And they smell just like you, I love the things that you do
When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now

We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were, yeah
All I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I'd do, I'd give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah

10:31 PM

i've just finish toking to th master of th tumor boy.lols.
i just found out tht it's a GIRL.hurhurhur.i din koe snoopy is a she ehh.okayy.actually i've got a new left his snoopy at my place before he snoopy has a big big tummy,bigger than baby's.due to frequent wash, th snoopy has a big n hard tummy.really,nvr lie.bcuz after many wash the cotton in th snoopy will stick together forming after day,it hardens.therefore th snoopy tummy turn logic,sounds cool eh? tht's y baby name him th tumor boy.
in return baby got my cat's pink in colour i got no idea how come he wanna take along, he's not gay.he's just in love wit my stuffs and me.lols.m i right baby?he love to do what i do like buffing my finger nails,doing facial mask...opps:X thank god he doesnt have long hair.lols.

i've been like sleeping for th whole of today yet i still feel lethagic.something must be wrong wit me.hurhurhur.starting from this thurs i'll be working together wit my cousin.same company but different location.1 to 10pm daily.i hope to work i'll have alot alot of money.lols.i sound like baby ehh?deducting th money for th next semester school fees i dun think i'll have alot of leftover larhs.

mum bought me like anna sui mascara,but i like th lip balm lehh.not rebonding my hair anymore bcuz mum sae tht my hair is straight enough it's a waste of money.she sae mayb i can perm.i was like wtf?! i'll be like an auntie can.den baby will be my lil doesnt like curly hair neither do i.lols.

right multi tasking.waiting for th igloo garage sale to re-stock.veh long lehh.i needa re-stock for my shop.almost empty alr.
dad says tht i slim down but im still 57kg lehh.he asked isit i got no money to eat.hurhurhur.i wanna laugh.50kg is then consider slim to me.
i wan a tongue piercing lehh,but i've got no balls to do it alone.i hope jackie will accompany me.hurhur.

tht's all for today.shall concentrate on my neopets.

((boy you always make my day happy:D i love you))

12:14 AM

August 18, 2007 COLOURED.

i just found out that i dun have th passion to blog anymore but here im blogging bcuz of him.
we tok like less than 30mins a day?? which means tht 30mins is really precious. thou i've got loadsa stuffs to tell him i choose not to. well..i have to give him a chance to tok to me. i just wanna hear how much he miss me.lols.
baby called today when i was at work. i couldnt tok to him at all.why?
i woke up at one first thing i did was to on th computer so tht i could check how much my neoshop had a result.. i was late for work.
mh:"sorry i was late."
may:"glad to koe tht u koe it"

i was like wtf can. i really do feel like giving her a slap letting her koe tht she's not my boss. she's just a full timer. fuckk her. i work there longer than her can. when i was really annoyed baby called. i tried to control my temper. which i couldnt.. i asked him to call back later in th night. damn.. after tht i was feeling irritated for th damn whole day. i didnt get to tok to baby.ARGGHH!!

raffles city was damn crowded today. everyone is so exciting abt th fireworks. what's so nice about it i wonder. i've nvr koe how to appreciate fireworks. nothing nice or usual to me anyway. i'll feel happier if i see money falling off th sky. lols.

baby called me again after my work. we didnt tok muchh bcuz i was still out. th busstop was super crowded n noisy i couldnt hear him properly. damn.. in th end i nvr really tok to him ok.

i nvr koe tht i'll miss you tht much until you're away. can you come back soon?

11:26 PM

i've juast reached home:DDD
time checked it's 2.45am.later den i expected.which car can contain 8person?well,eleanor's car can.hurhurhur.she drove a bmw can.i wanna get my liscence real soon.

it's good to have more frens.really.i've got a deal. tongue or eyebrow piercing for 50bucks.ehh tt's cheap can.but baby will be unhappy when he return.sobsob.if i were have a chance to choose again to be attached or single to have all th freedom to do anything.i'll still choose not saying just to make u song.tht's from th bottom of my heart.i love you.. gog for reblonding soon.which is tmr.hehehe.which is only for 70bucks.rebonding plus treatment.yeahh.i love sheryl she's great.

fishing session today.the khatib fishing place is nice.nice atmoshpere i mean,but it's really hard to catch the prawns are overweight really.damn heavy.but th uncle so nice... he gave us loadsa prawn for FREE.whee..prawn for dinner tmr night:DDD

well..tht's all for today.i cut short gog to tmr:)
i love i'll have more money.hehehe.

2:51 AM

August 17, 2007 COLOURED.

im seriously deprived of sleep.
th chalet at coasta sand was's like a distance away from th downtown east and it's super duper so called bungalow we had was door's of th cupboard looks like it's gonna fall off anytime,tt's why i decided to b gentle:D if it falls off from my hand im gonna air con they had produce hot air instead of causes me to be so awake in th 1st night.well,we complained on th sec day and they had th air con serviced.i din koe those air con can still be koe those air con u saw in th 80s movie??th old n noisy one?yeahh.we had that.lols.we went for a swim at security guard was pissed bcuz we went back after th 1st warning.we had a extension for shengky therefore we are allowed to stay slightly longer for th last day.

we had fun at th wild wild wet at th second day.we had like 6 complimentary tic plus abit of class fund,in th end we paid only $3.40 per head to th wild wild was fun,really.the tsunami is damn games there was fun but i tink it's not worth to pay $13.50 an adult.they limited games.there were one where you hafta bring th float to three storey's something like th high rope.i cant rmb th name of th ride but it's was really first experienced was really havent been there so maybe i shall bring him there together wit fat.hehe.

rebeeca's bra actually came off at th tsunami river.well.i hesitated awhile to help her anot.i did in th end larh,i felt tht i shouldnt.i brought three bikini in i lend it to other one best part is rebecca return it to me after wearing w/o bringing them home to smart.i should just borrow a pantie from her th next tm,and return them to her th same day.ARGGHH~~this lesson taught me something; pls mind your own business.

all of us was burnt after th whole afternoon there thou it was drizzling.thank god i brought along th after sun lotion.

im having a bad headache
shall continue on sat.
work in th evening,prawning session tonight.
restock my neoshop before getting into bed:DDD

1:08 AM

August 14, 2007 COLOURED. gog chalet tmr.
truth is im not looking forward to tmr,really. i dun really wish to see any scandel. it's obsence in case they dunno. neither do i wanna comment anything bad. im trying to be nice to them at least. th whole class listen to me i dun deny but i hate giving instruction, instructing them to do this n tht.leo baby are good at leading :D im a leo baby. lols.

baby oh baby.. he's away for the third day. i miss him. i miss his irritating voice. im too used to having him available for me 24/7.i miss him singing tht irritating song. lols.i've just updated his neoshop. damnn. i just found out that those plushie in this deposit box is useless.lols. th lucky thing is i bought a scratchcard tht value 18000np in th market which cost me only 500np.lols. i hope to see everything sold when i return from chalet.lols. then i'll have loadsa money. n i hope shenkgy will bring his notebook to chalet so tht i could check my shop till.lols.

mum is so sweet today. she wanted to get me the GUESS handbag tht i wanted long ago but no stock. so gotta wait.. but she bought me a sunglass today bcuz she sae i can go tanning wit baby when he's back. so sweet rite? i miss tanning wit baby~~ anw im gog tanning during th chalet without baby. he'll b so sad to koe it. work today was fine, sales was great. i had a peace day thou. no rushing.. woke up at 12 to meet mum for shopping before work. heehe. we had MOS burger for lunch. ohh.. i just realised sumting. i've got only one meal today. chris wanna meet up wit me soon but this week is booked. lols. tues to thurs chalet. fri, prawning wit des n frens. sat working. sun chris wouldnt b free for me bcuz it's her bf off day. haha. i'll have one more present soon~~ i still haven think of what to buy thou. i tink i've got everything. hahaha.

it's alr 2.12am n im not sleeping. i'll get high tmr.lols. i needa get sotong from my grandma tmr morning n meet them at ten mile junction at 12. damnn. my house is in bishan ten mile junction is so fucking far.i've junction 8 near my house thou. lols. im gonna wear my new sunglasses from river island tmr~~
tata ple..

my snoopy is calling out for me.

1:47 AM

August 13, 2007 COLOURED.

Mr Francis is currently at vietnam so i shall take over his post to blog :DDDD
right now... im waiting for his call n toking to sheryl pan.lols. she got sucha cute surname ehh?!
i miss baby so muchh. i cant believe it man. i actually hug the alien to sleep yday. oh man oh man oh man. what's wrong wit me? th worst thing is... tht snoopy stinks~~~ ahahahaha. baby is gonna kill me. anw i've told my mum to give him a bathe when she's free bcuz i couldnt stand th smell. lols.

wents batam ydae. it's not fun at all's freaking HOT somemore.i bought nothing but a bag, n a polo tee for's only like 65 in batam.lols.dunno good buy anot tt's y only buy one.hahahaha.i hope he like it, if not waste money.
oh yarr... i got a PINK PSP from baby for my birthday. it's so sweet of him, my fav colour somemore. i dunno why m i into pink these days. haha. we had cable car dinner. he even got flowers n cake for me :DDD in return i woke up at 6am on sat just to send him to airport.lols.

im tired, i dun even koe what im blogging. better get some rest. blog again tmr~~
yeahhh.. prawning on sat :DDD

12:12 AM

August 09, 2007 COLOURED.

thankew for everything.
you're the greatest.

i<3you :DDDD

11:31 PM

August 08, 2007 COLOURED.

the time has past and its dear dear's day today! i managed to sing her a song with my lovely voice... yea but she still outside with her frens... tmr still got sch leh dun tell me they wan to skip school... now i just waiting for dear dear to come home and call me... but i guess we wun talk long la, by the time she go back alr very late liao, she tmr still must wake up early... guess i simply love her to bits...

12:04 AM

August 07, 2007 COLOURED.

i used to have wisdom tooth, but not any more... i removed my wisdom tooth on the 31st july... not one, not two, not three but four... yea i remove all four at one go... no kidding, u can ask my dear dear or i can show you my tooth any time... the experience was pretty good? after all i just went to sleep and the next moment i woke up, someone took a part of me away...

i think it has got to do with the expert handling by the surgeon, after all i went to alexandra hospital becos the medic in changi say they do it faster and efficient... but good things come at a price... little pain 900 for 4 tooth... u wan many many pain, one tooth can go see any normal doctor... i still rememeber the first time they told me about taking out the lower jaw wisdom tooth... they are near the lower jaw nerves and usually the nerves will be affected... and u have to wait for the nerve to recover, its just that how long does it take to recover is another different thing altogether...

the guy got told me before

ur nerves may be affected like u know, u cannot feel ur tongue and lower jaw, if permanement damage, ur tongue cannot feel anything, u feel nothing when u kiss ur gf... awww thats a scary thought... the purpose of kissing is lost if u cannot feel a thing with ur tongue even though its just tongue touch tongue... theres a connection u know... connection... ppl never kiss before will never know... i didnt know that too until i had a gf...

when i was single i thought kissing was stupid =X

that day when i went for the operation... it was quite funny... i duno how to wear the damn thing... its like a slip on followed by a kimono... too bad, i too fit liao i am totally alien to the hospital stuff so i duno how to wear these things can... only those sick birds are all too familiar with them and can wear them with their eyes close. at first the slip on i wear the wrong way, i tie from the front instead of the back... then i think again... when girls wear bras they dun tie from the front what, unless their breasts grow from the back... so i use my feminine instinct and tie from behind like how girls wear those bikinis... now i know men are clumsy fucks becos i had problems tying knots from the back... girls are so elegant i think we need training... then again... only weak men go to hospital to tie knots from behind so i no need to learn can...

secret: i am going for wisdom tooth surgery only but i actually took off all of my clothes, including my boxers...

i duno, i thought when they tell u to change into operation clothes it usually mean taking it all off? or is it can keep ur underwear on... whatever~ just take off lo, anyway the below there too hot no good... sperm killer...

i have a very nice china nurse to look after me~... actually its an auntie who tell me wat to do first... then she say she hand over to the china nurse... she took me to the lift and some place where the gay man come and give me injection... very sian one when u see a effeminiate man down there talking to u while he's preparing his needles... somemore hes in charge of the anaestasia, u know the one who decides how long i should sleep and not wake up... its bad... cos he looks gay, feels gay, and the most important thing, i am male... and the saddest part, he holds the needles...

i so wan to cry out for dear dear to come and rescue me k i tell u... :~~~~

once i have been injected with the lethal dose, i feel so sleepy k, the effect quite fast... i think 5-10 minutes? i only remember my surgeon was a female who was quite straight forward... the next thing i woke up, they had raped me left right up down... oohhhh~

my tooth were raped... left right up down... all gone... ohhh...

that was supposed to be part of the plan wasnt it? otherwise why am i there in the first place -_-`

i remember when i woke up my mouth feel very weird... like got no feeling yet very sore... the nurse saw i was awake and ask me to open my mouth... i try to open but can only open a little bit... she said something about th gauze then she took a gauze and tell me to bite... and she gave me water to wash my mouth and wah lan... so bloody can... they brutally raped my mouth until no spare sia, leaving a bloody mouth... then the virgin blood from the wisdom tooth all come out... i cant believe i got so much blood inside my mouth yet i cant taste it... i still think is saliva or what... lol...

more shocking is when they wheel me back to a bed for me to rest, my right nose got a bit of a problem breathing... i thought i got a blocked nose or what then i wan to dig my nose... and then i felt something very very hard inside my nostril... it wasnt some normal nose shit... it was blood clot... i was bleeding from my mouth n my nose... who the hell so pervert go and take my nose virginity... oh no... dear dear~~

my op was at 11 i woke up at 1pm? and i waited for dear dear to come... i told her to come at 5 since it states that i will sleep for 6 hours... i was doing fine and i was so happy to see my dear dear... im always happy whenever i get to see her... and she bring me home... so touched i wanna melt in her arms... lol

11:37 PM

few more moments before dear dear's birthday!!! duno why but i seem to be more anxious than her, like machiam my birthday like that... frankly speaking, i dun think i even bother about my birthday at all... i dun feel so jittery like what im feeling right now... she now still outside with her frens eating her fave hk cafe... i wanted to talk to her initially then once past midnight i will sing to her happy birthday over the phone, but her friends got to her faster than me... =(

so i can only pray they let her go back before midnight, otherwise my golden voice go to waste liao... i wan to be the first leh to tell dear dear happy birthday... dear dear phone low batt alr so i also dun dare to msg her too much... wait the time come liao then i wan to call but batt dead i can cry sia... so while i wait, i tot i should blog... after some time so long never blog and she blog so many until she dun wan to blog anymore... anyway so many things have happened... just read on above...

10:52 PM

August 02, 2007 COLOURED.


this video is actually taken from a show in japan. the title is gaki no tsukai, basically its about 5 actors/comedians who are not supposed to laugh at any situation created for them. if they cannot help it but laugh they will have to be whacked... its funny watching the people making them laugh, sometimes its so funny but yet the five of them cant laugh at all thats so torturing...

i remember the first time i came across gaki no tsukai is when sano introduce to me about them viewing a video of a japanese guy learning english... it was hilarious. i post it soon when i can find it... meanwhile enjoy...

7:34 AM

August 01, 2007 COLOURED.

男人最怕的三个答案(Three answers most scared by men)

男:今天晚上咱们吃什么?Men: What should we have for dinner?
女:随便。Women: Whatever..
男:吃火锅吧。Men: Why not we have steamboat?
女:不行,吃火锅脸上要长痘痘。Women: Don't want la, eat steamboat later got pimples on my face
男:要不咱们吃川菜。Men: Alright, why not we have Si Chuan cuisine
女:昨天刚吃的川菜,今天又吃....... Women: Yesterday ate Si Chuan, today eat again?
男:那咱们吃海鲜去?Men: Hmm..... I suggest we have seafood
女:海鲜不好,吃了拉肚子。Women: Seafood no good la, later I got diarrhea
男:那你说吃什么?Men: Then what you suggest?
女:随便。Women : Whatever..

男:那咱们现在到底做什么?Men: So what should we do now?
女:都行。Women: Anything
男:看电影怎么样?很久没看电影了。Men: How about watching movie? Long time we didn't watch movie
女:电影有啥好看的,耽误时间。Women: Watching movie no good la, waste time only
男:那打保龄球,运动运动?Men: How about we play bowling, do some exercises?
女:大热天的运什么动啊,不嫌累啊?Women: Exercise in such hot day? You not feel tired meh?
男:那找个咖啡店坐坐,喝点水。Men: Then find a café and have drink
女:喝咖啡影响睡眠。Women: Drink coffee will affect my sleep
男:那你说干什么?Men: Then what you suggest?
女:都行!Women: Anything

(3)看你(You decide)
男:那咱们干脆回家好了。Men: Then we just go home lo
女:看你。Women: You decide
男:坐公车吧,我送你。Men: Let take bus, I will accompany you
女:公车又脏又挤,算了吧。Women: Bus is dirty and crowded. Don't want la
男:那就打车走。Men: Ok we will take Taxi
女:这么近的路不划算。Women: Not worth it la... for such a short distance
男:那走路好了,散散步?Men: Alright, then we walk lo. Take a slow walk
女:空着肚子散哪门子步啊?Women: What to walk with empty stomach woh?
男:那你想怎么着啊?Men: Then what you suggest?
女:看你。Women: You decide
男:那就先吃饭?Men: Let's have dinner first
女:随便。Women: Whatever...
男:吃什么?Men: Eat what?
女:都行Women: Anyting
(看看四下无人,杀了她......)(Look around... no one here, gonna kill her....)

7:18 PM


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  • Coloured @October 2002
  • Coloured @November 2002
  • Coloured @December 2002
  • Coloured @January 2003
  • Coloured @February 2003
  • Coloured @March 2003
  • Coloured @April 2003
  • Coloured @May 2003
  • Coloured @June 2003
  • Coloured @July 2003
  • Coloured @August 2003
  • Coloured @September 2003
  • Coloured @October 2003
  • Coloured @November 2003
  • Coloured @December 2003
  • Coloured @January 2004
  • Coloured @February 2004
  • Coloured @March 2004
  • Coloured @April 2004
  • Coloured @May 2004
  • Coloured @June 2004
  • Coloured @July 2004
  • Coloured @August 2004
  • Coloured @September 2004
  • Coloured @October 2004
  • Coloured @November 2004
  • Coloured @December 2004
  • Coloured @January 2005
  • Coloured @February 2005
  • Coloured @March 2005
  • Coloured @April 2005
  • Coloured @May 2005
  • Coloured @June 2005
  • Coloured @July 2005
  • Coloured @August 2005
  • Coloured @September 2005
  • Coloured @October 2005
  • Coloured @November 2005
  • Coloured @December 2005
  • Coloured @January 2006
  • Coloured @February 2006
  • Coloured @March 2006
  • Coloured @April 2006
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  • Coloured @June 2006
  • Coloured @July 2006
  • Coloured @August 2006
  • Coloured @September 2006
  • Coloured @October 2006
  • Coloured @November 2006
  • Coloured @December 2006
  • Coloured @April 2007
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