July 31, 2003 COLOURED.

i think i spent the whole day yesterday inside the toilet producing heavenly chocolate... 2 nights ago i was having curry for dinner and yesterday's PTN meeting results in me n toy sharing Havenly Dozen... so called for its 12 scoops of ice-cream meant for group of 6... in the end only we 2 finish it up... not really recommended though... any more scoops and i will throw up on the spot man... toy even top it off with a banana smoothie... hats off to him... but actually we needed 3 other people to help finish up the smoothie...

and the group of 6 was given a live demo of how do sharks feed... the manager was explaining and giving us tips which i haben heard of... how do the fishes avoid the shark and how the shark approaches the prey... there's even dory inside the tank... and i believe the invention of treadmills comes from observing prawns... they move their legs alot without going any distance...

that fag lecturer put us up again for fyp meeting... i am so hoping to get a scolding from him so that i can put in effort for the shitty work we... i mean me only... have come up so far... he said meet next week... and i wonder when will we ever get to finish the project at this rate...

the new paper... since when did it become so free as to go surfing at blogs man... i oso duno why it featured the site of 1 of the gers... the web address was down there for everyone to see... haben been there yet but i reckon it must have hit quite a number of visitors since yesterday... imagine the amount of anonymous messages coming from strangers... hu knows she may delete that blog and start a new one cursing the new paper... living, to them is punishment, death is the ultimate nirvana... respect the path they choose to take, becos its their own life after all... no use remorsing with guilt or blaming ownselves for not preventing the incidents...

weili has been discharged from hospital yesterday... bad news is he cant write for now... we thought of visiting him on saturday althought its most likely to be cancelled... this paying him a visit thing has been dragging since monday...

thursday has always been a day for us to talk about our pasts at mcdonalds... cant help but feel i m so obedient in the past... was oso talking about the coffee beans, starbucks and the coffee branches... never understood why they charge exorbitant prices for coffee and the stuff they have to offer... toy said theres a price to pay for the ambience, service, quality n a lil bit of class oozing... frankly speaking i still think they shouldnt charge crazy prices... love to see what will happen if anyone opens another coffee chain that offers the same things at lower prices... and no wonder so many people nowadays are stick thin... all spent their money on a cup of coffee rather than 2 plates of chicken rice...

and y spend $1.20 for a can of drink in coffeeshops when u can get it for half the price at any ntucs, shop 'n saves nearby... the amount of money i saved on it all used up on gym sessions n swimming... cheapskate u may think... but u will be surprised at how much u will save over the years... i dun spend much, yet my savings doesnt seem to be increasing... in fact its decreasing every year... having to pay the fees by myself is a strain... thats y i dun splurge... say i have $100 to spare and was hoping to increase the amount but its always constant, so sian... anyway i have calculated... by the time i finished my 3rd yr, i will become a bankrupt and im off to ns to earn shit money to put the bank balance in the black...

realised that my neighbourhood quite a lot of teens hanging around... stayed at yew tee for over 2 years liao and lost count of number of times i have seen police cars patrolling... quite a few guys have the black tags on their legs... always felt that ppl were watching me last time, but i dun get tat much anymore... they have to, considering their undead skeleton bodies...

the other day the gay in the bridal shop was talking to me... over my ear holes and he went "YAY" and clapped his hands when he counted i have 1 less than him... he dun have them anymore since his ns... lucky, i thought he skipped his ns... not so scared of gays anymore... in fact i look at them often, always wondering how the hell they managed to beef up their bodies from a skinny frame... and having holes on the right ear doesnt mean gay okie... thats wat ppl with no brains will think...

hungry ghost festival has arrived... along comes the hot sun, burning joss paper, incense smoke all over, noisy getais, crazy auctions... in short, welcome to hell... the weather is oreadi hot enuf oreadi and they still wanted to burn paper... going to my hair on saturday b4 i pull all of them out...

Muse - Shrinking Universe

Cast your eyetears on to me
And I'll show you what you really need
Give too much attention
And I will flex your imperfections
Can't you see it's over
Because you're the god of a shrinking universe

Purposeless survival
Now there's nothing left to die for
So don't struggle to recognise now
The cruelly heart - felt suicide
Can't you see it's over
Because you're the god of a shrinking universe

Can't you see it's over
Because you're the god of a shrinking universe

"its all for u... and u got me where u want" - hong

11:36 PM

Oasis - Hello

I don't feel as if I know you
You take up all my time
The days are long and the nights will throw you away
'Cuz the sun don't shine

Nobody ever mentions the weather
Can make or break your day
Nobody ever seems to remember
That life is a game we play

We live in the shadows and we had the chance and threw it away
And it's never gonna be the same
'Cuz the years are falling by like the rain

And it's never gonna be the same
Till the life I knew comes to my house and says

There ain't no sense in feeling lonely
I've got no faith in you
But I've got a feeling you still owe me
So wipe the shit from your shoes

Nobody ever mentions whoever
Can make or break your day
Nobody ever seems to remember
That life is a game we play

We live in the shadows and we had the chance and threw it away
And it's never gonna be the same
'Cuz the years are falling by like the rain
And it's never gonna be the same
Till the life I knew comes to my house and says

Hello - Hello - Hello
[It's good to be back, good to be back]

12:54 AM

July 29, 2003 COLOURED.

cant walk properly today... moved about in small steps like a tortoise...

SP and its stupid STRES thing... after the lessons i went to salc to record temperature but the bloody database got problem... tried many times but still cant connect to it properly... cant be bothered with it anymore and left with bthk for lunch...

has been skipping lectures to get away from the boredom... i dun care about the attendance anymore... i dun consider my arms to be big compared to those at the gym... im always one of the smallest... which just drives me further... one day i will make it so big that it can even cover the whole face... provided i eat like a pig that is... have to start eating 4 meals daily liao...

reached home at 6pm after gym and tried to record my temperature again... then i realised the link is gone... WAT THE FUCK SIA... it means my temperature is not recorded for today... and my name will appear on the warning letter again... not my fault man, its the lousy stupid database that took so long to load... somemore keep giving me canot connect to page in school... do away with the whole thing better... asshole waste my time go do such stupid things... when are they going to stop this lame excercise... no more ppl can be seen getting masks... and young people have better resistances against dieases... SARS is not that deadly, go n count the no. of those who caught SARS against singapore's population... of cos it has got to do with the health ministry so-called "fast-thinking" who came up with a whole bunch of safety precautions that really shows that singaporeans are quitters and not stayers... onli kiasee ppl will run to a safer place... next time c the principal i go take soccer ball and ram his balls manz...

took a nap at 8pm... refreshed at 10pm... sure to be scolded, so i prefer to lie on my bed when the coast is clear... always get told off by my father saying that i have poor time management... come to think about it, im the one who sets the time as to when i should sleep and when i should be awake... if i feel lethargic yet u still wanna keep me awake, then my performance will suffer mah... at least after sleeping i will feel much better... although the next morning i will be like a dead zombie... who said schools should start in the morning... so much better to have it in the evenings...

"u gonna u gonna u gonna make it, u gotta u gotta u gotta faked it" - hong

10:51 PM

July 28, 2003 COLOURED.

something is wrong with my class... when we are in year 1, we spent our free time looking at people paying basketball... in year 2, we were the ones being watched when we played basketball and carrom... and now in year 3, we finally started playing soccer... i waited so long for this to happen manz... dun like basketball but forced to play since theres no other sports available... now got soccer i so happy... looking forward to school everyday liao...

too bad weili couldnt be in school... his bike yesterday kena accident then now at tan tock seng hospital... supposed to be going for operation today to repair his tendon or duno wat... we only knew about the situation this morning and not sure about the full details as we dun care ask his father... maybe wednesday chicken rice gang will be storming tts to pay him a visit... when he got his bike 2 months ago, i thought its abit too early to start riding leh... bikes are just dangerous... sometimes it may not be ur fault as all it takes is a slight tap to the bike from a stupid car to send u flying away like superman...

that's y cars are better... my class quite a lot all take theory tests liao... left me haben take... lol... i oso duno take for wat... i dun think i will ever have enuf money to own a car... and the lessons are so bloody expensive... if i have the money, maybe i will get a van... can pack many illegal immigrants behind or many ppl can sit behind and happy happy themselves away...

got myself muddied and sweating like a pig today... and our group really stinks like hell... shit my shoes even got into water and my socks are wet... the most siansation is that everything is wet, even the bloody underwear... reminds me of sec sch after PE... we all take turns nodding away in class sia...

after school ended at 5 i went to lakeside go find my grandmother to take things from her... she told me to come inside but i cant, my socks are wet... but then i duno how to tell her in teochew, i onli know simple simple words... inside the mrt i felt a bit guilty that the passengers have to smell the nice sweaty smell on my tshirt... for guys i dun care, in NS they will oso experience it, for gers i can onli say its just their bad luck...

had i know the condition of my feet, i would not have told sano to go jogging in cck stadium at 6:30... but all along i didnt take off my socks so i didnt know... just went back home, change my shirt with brown polka dots (mud) and go straight to the stadium... so demoralizing... every single one of them all went past me like i am invisible like that... even gers run better than me, super sian... surprised that i didnt cramp my legs... it just goes to show that warm-up excerises are really a waste of time...

i had problems walking home... legs like gonna give way after a hectic day of soccer n jogging... took me 20 minutes to reach home... off with my socks and no sooner had i landed one feet on the ground i quickly lift it back up... bloody pain... the skin on the soles contracted then walking on the ground got problem sia... and i have peanut butter feet again... had massive difficulty bathing as i kept going ouch ouch ouch... my right feet is developing corns again... how nice it will be if theres someone to massage my idiotic stiff shoulder blades...

"honggyish?... yet another long name in the coxford dictionary..." - hong

11:30 PM

watched wasabi on vcd yesterday... another luc besson film but i duno why it haben appear on arts central yet... ryoko hirosue looked ridiculously cute in the movie... and the music is nice... every luc besson film is nice!...

not thinking much about the fyp liao... and it felt like a heavy load has been taken off my shoulders... so relaxing... but it doesnt mean that i have completed one part... in fact its still left untouched... i just dun wan to do it... maybe when i have greater motivation...

changed my gym schedule to more of a strength workout rather than endurance... basically pushed myself to the limits today until i got a neck strain... there was a basketball competition happening just below the gym... jimmy was oreadi there watching the gers in training...

was left stunned by the performance of the gers... they can bloody run man, ask me to do that for 10 mins continuously and i will request for a sub... perhaps the only sad thing is gers tend to rely on their star player a lot... once the star cant produce the goods, its adios... and quite a lot of the players look like guys... most have short hair and 1 is even botak...

the guys... were just guys... putting their bodies to the danger zone trying fancy tricks, cool moves, jacks, blocks... i will be satisfy if i have half of the gers' ability to run... then i can pass my 2.4 with no worries...

"another day is just another day that will neber come" - hong

12:12 AM

July 27, 2003 COLOURED.

Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There

You were looking down on me,
Lost out in space.
Laid underneath the stars,
Strung out and feeling brave.
Watch the riddles glow,
Watch them float away.

Down here in the atmosphere,
Garbage and city lights,
You gotta save your tired soul,
You gotta save our lives.

Turn on the radio,
To find you on sattellite,
I'm waiting for the sky to fall,
I'm waiting for a sign.

All we are is all so far.

You're falling back to me,
The star that I can't see.
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

You're falling out of reach,
Defying gravity,
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

Hope you remember me,
When you're homesick and need a change.
I miss your purple hair,
I miss the way you taste.

I know you'll come back someday,
On a bed of nails awake.
I'm praying that you don't burn out,
Or fade away.

You're falling back to me,
The star that I can't see.
I know you're out there, oh.
You're falling out of reach,
Defying gravity...

I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

Well I know,
I know.

You're falling out of reach.

I know...

12:22 AM

July 25, 2003 COLOURED.

last few days i have experienced despair, frustation, anger, innocence, happiness...

tt visual c++ is really taking its toll on me... my mind keep thinking about how to do how to do... spent so many hours looknig at it and stil duno how to do... then c toy n bryant both neber do anything i veri dulan... i have oreadi stopped listening to lectures and i have skipped a number of them as well...

somemore got that stupid SP compulsory thing for students to record their temperatures to the database twice daily... like shit sia... today the lecturer showed our class a list of names of those who didnt record the results in the database during the past few days... he said there will be warning letters if we forget to record it again... after 2 letters, its fine $5, then $10... and subsequent failures result in facing the student disciplinary committee... if they so free, then they should go around catching people with long hair, dyed hair, spagetti strap tops, mini shorts, slippers, smoking, playing with cards, soccer at basketball courts, overly makeup gers, shirtless guys walking around foodcourts...

while they made it convenient for those with handphones to send thru sms... anti-handphone ppl like me have to go salc to record online... long hair they oso neber catch, i oso bo hiew... lazy to cut hair liao...

these few days i have been sharing my pri sch, sec sch experiences with our surviving 07 mates... people do change... toy spoke about his pri sch n sec sch days were all about standing outside the classroom as punishment, chiobu was talking about his abilities about not donig homework... once he had to write 1 line 100 times as punishment, which he didnt write... over the weeks it snowballed and actually rose up to 3000 over lines... actually he was quite smart at that time, accumulate until alot then when the year ends, he can actually forfeit the punishment, smart eh... bryant was saying about all the silly things which he likes to do...

me... while they have all grown up... i realised i haben changed 1 single bit... i was neber made to stand outside classroom, i always do my homework on time, always brings all the books, always quiet and reserved... read my report book and u know... my form teachers all give the same comments year in year out...

i oso dunno why i got them to talk about the past... maybe its got to be the appearance of an long lost classmate... he has changed the most without a doubt... when he was young, weixian was the guy every ger loves to hate... he was crude, rude, violent, anti-gers... hell he knows how do gers get pregnant... at tat age, i was around 11... i thought sex was a gross thing to do... then 1 yr later when we were in pri 6... his father died in an accident... and he sorta become a changed man overnight... suddenly he has become every teacher's darling... heard that he was even made prefect in his sec sch days... in my view, it was kinda blessing in disguise... his mother would have been proud of him, since she need not worry about him so much liao...

he reminds me of my pri sch past... where i actually kissed someone and being kissed on special occasions... that dun happens in my sec sch days and after... the kissing was so stupid... on teacher's day she got my whole class to kiss her... she said that it was for sucking her blood over the 2 years and she wanted to recharge... boys being boys at that time, we all went eeeee... one guy he hide under the table dun wan come out... the gers happy kiss kiss... while we just quick peck and rushed to the nearest toilet...

being kissed was a different thing altogether, that violent ger won the honours... in my pri sch, almost everyone know who she is... lian of all lians, even guys bigger than her oso scared of her... tt time she was a bloody matured ger hu frequents Fire disco regularly... and she is only 12... anyway, she shouldnt have done it... and i should have ran away... she said it was to make up for the lack of prezzies on my bdae and she did it on behalf of the whole class... she even apologised to me for failing to persuade miaoling...

but its just in the past... and like i said, they all changed... that violent ger, annabel kena many counselling sessions in her sec sch days... and she did change for the better... seems likes those naughty and bad when young all grow up to become someone quite sensible n matured... maybe i should have been bad a long time ago eh...

i know i crap alot of rubbish today.. but its better to remember ur childhood and then sharing stories with ppl who will become friends in years to come... my sec sch teacher once asked the class to talk about childhood experiences... we all said we dun have a childhood... he was kinda disheartened and said its bad when u grow up and realised u cant remember what u did when u was still a kid...

actually managed to play soccer today... its been ages... oso duno why we decided to play... the soccer courts quite tempting and ys was talking about it all week... and we did play... perhaps the best way to enjoy ourselves... except that we were panting away after onli 10 minutes... lol... jogging and running is 2 different thing man... then weili n ys both smokers yet have better stamina than us... so i said, ppl neber smoke sure run slower than ppl hu smoke... my team of ys, jonathan, junia n me lost 8-10... so sian man... but lose to friends still okie... its losing to challengers that is really pissing and it will become a warzone and not some golf course where we are stolling about... admired those footballers... even though they may be some sleague players or epl players... they sure can run...

"i dun know, i dun care... all i know is to take me back" - hong

11:25 PM

FIRE is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You?

1:18 AM

Oasis - SLide Away

Slide away - and give it all you've got
My today - fell in from the top
I dream of you - and all the things you say
I wonder where you are now?
Hold me down - all the world's asleep
I need you now - you've knocked me off my feet
I dream of you - we talk of growing old
But you said please don't !

Slide in baby - together we'll fly
I've tried praying - and I know just what you're saying to me

Now that you're mine
I'll find a way
Of chasing the sun
Let me be the one that shines with you
In the morning when you don't know what to do
Two of a kind
We'll find a way
To do what we've done

Let me be the one that shines with you
And we can slide away.

Slide away - and give it all you've got
My today - fell in from the top
I dream of you - and all the things you say
I wonder where you are now?

Slide in baby - together we'll fly
I've tried praying - and I know just what you're saying to me

Now that you're mine
I'll find a way
Of chasing the sun
Let me be the one that shines with you
In the morning when you don't know what to do
Two of a kind
We'll find a way
To do what we've done

1:05 AM

July 22, 2003 COLOURED.

after that bloody thick book... i was given another thick book... but its chicken's sister one, have to give it tender loving care... otherwise i die... his sister actually quite helpful sia, the book wasnt hers, it was her friend's friend... which means i borrow the book from my friend's sister's friend's friend... very nice of them, but they will of cos lend me the book when they hear my name... lol...

toy 4get to bring towel manz... sian... then i ended up in salc downloading things while chicken n toy go carrom leaving versace to listen to the lecture himself... i got the white album now... lol...

thought i was going to have a hard time tonight trying to do the coding since the previous attempts all ended up in failure and lack of enthu... this time bo bian, got deadline, so die die must do... was afraid i got no time to sleep, no time for jacky wu, no time to publish blog, no time to destress... in the end i managed to do the base things liao... and its onli 9:40pm now... gd gd, i have done my "big" part now... its big so far since toy n versace neber produced anything yet... when it comes to the later parts, my big part will become minute part liao... neber mind la, as lnog as i have contributed... i have reason to slack liao... wOO~

"one by one they all fall" - hong

11:33 PM

July 21, 2003 COLOURED.

after that boring morning lecture bryant n i were camping at salc... i was continuing wif my trance classics album download... but quite dulan, limited to one download, must wait until it finish then can open new one... then bryant down there download too fast too furious ost, bad boys II ost, 50 cent in da club... saw this album... "Sensation Black Edition"... didnt take notice of it at first... i thought it was all the black singers rapping and r'n'b or some hiphop thing... until i saw mauro picotto's name appearing there... some kinda dance... some kinda music i never hear b4... dark dark, those which u'll normally find in clubs late nite... and there's even a white edition... tink tml i go dl white edition liao, maybe its more for afternoon dance stuff...

dun ever drink newater... although it tastes like too much like mineral water like that, got the too clean taste... it should neber have been introduced at all... my uncle working in this company where they were given cartons of newater... those who want can just take while the leftovers were left untouched... my uncle said that after a few days... he actually saw RESIDUE inside the water... residue, shit water... u know wat the residue is rite... so the company called to complain and the bottles were taken back immediately... my uncle thought of reporting this to the newspapers but decided not... he knows if malaysia knows about this, singapore will be made a laughing stock... mind u, my uncle is malaysian...

"call my name and make me hot manz" - hong

11:43 PM

July 20, 2003 COLOURED.

those little luohans behave like piranhas sia... 100 over offspring from my father's luohans super hungry... just place ur finger just above the water and u c them pack tight tight like canned sardines like that... but they no brains... the fish food was there... but onli a few were smart enuf to ignore the finger...

the water filter abit sot sot liao... it makes noises like a whistling kettle like that, except that its whistling the whole night... how do i manage to sleep?, im not telling you, go ask ericia lee...

only ate 2 meals yesterday and eat light today... yet my weight increased sia... shoot up to 62... hope i can maintain above 60 liao... hate to hover in the 50-60 zone... toy was suggesting that tml we play soccer to see how power his 200lb leg packs... then we will compare hu will have the nicer cleavage... but unfair leh, i have to eat to get it, he oreadi have it liao... never mind, i just work on stomach, no stomach = no show...

and i thought i will get to see many nice yellow faces on blogs... but i didnt... wat is wrong wif these people... its so easy to get the yellow one... and its the nicest of all the faces manz... nvm, i happened to see this ah pek on the mrt that truly deserves the crown, the horniest of the horny... one hand high up on the pole and he was kinda rocking on the pole, like pole dancing and surfing mixed together... and he was rubbing his crotch on the pole... later he stood veri close to the door like hoping that the doors will close and tio his dick... all this in front of a young ger... many people oso down there blur blur watch him do his thang~... luckily he got off at the next stop...

thought i can continue to work on the vc++... played heroes 4 hoping to get some morale so i can work efficiently... i was dead wrong... in the end i got problem winning scenarios and i overshot the time allocated for the vc++... now i left onli 1 hour to do which i think i can 4get it liao... need someone to give me a pep talk to hype me up manz...

"need therapy, therapy, advertising causes need..." - hong

10:54 PM

July 19, 2003 COLOURED.

quite an uneventful day... went woodlands library to get some vc++ books... like shit like that... last time i cant even find a decent book... now i close 1 eye take any book oso can sia... bring back one book that is thousand pages thick... will only be reading it as a last resort...

waste 4 hours trying to get the thing working... which works... but onli after i followed exactly the same as wat the author is saying... which sux... now i dunno how to do this how to do that... the only consolation is that we are progressing... no, not we... it is me who is progressing... bryant and toy all dun wan to do... well, they did do something... but all half-hearted efforts during the june holidays... at least now i got something to show them wat i have done... haiz, such a simple program and i oreadi want to give up liao... and its not even 1/4 of the fyp...

went looking at strangers' blogs yesterday... quite a lot wanna be politicians... all have links to news articles, about US governments, about religions... all take it seriously sia, like they are going to elections like that... life is much more than that manz...

supposed to go out after my trip to woodlands, but i sian... have to be hardworking for once... will onli step outside when i look decent enuf... lol...

Our Lady Peace - One Man Army

Take these plastic people
Read their lips, now let it linger
Is there anything that makes them sound
Tightly hold your hand
Take a deep breath, give them the finger
Are you worried that your thoughts are not quite clear?
Overlooked, unfit appearance

I remember falling
I remember marching
Like a one man army
Through the blaze
I remember coughing
I believe in something
I don't wanna remember falling
For their lies

Unbutton your clothes
Undress your soul, shouw them your vigor
Are these inhibitions easiest to fear?
Take this gasoline tin
Head up high, walk like a winner
Let the bare feet be the last sound
That they hear

"dun tell me to do it.. cos i will" - hong

10:59 PM

Blinking Smiley
You are the horniest of the horny. You want ass,
and you want it now. Lookout world, because
you are on a mission.

How Horny are YOU?

1:47 AM

long lost song : : : Sash - Encore Une Fois

still remember that song was all the rage along with "magic carpet ride"... i was still in primary school then and the pasar malams at that time were blasting this song over n over again... happened to find the song in the album trance classics... going to download that album liao, onli got 6 from the album listing so far...

our class rep informed us that class will start at 2... which means we will have our break cut to 2 hours only... which was nice... went salc to find examples for vc++... got quite a few... hopefully i'll be able to make my own interface soon and show the lecturer that im the best... saw our lecturer along the way and asked him about the time class start... he said it will start at 3... basket... spent 1 hour c ppl play street soccer and laughing at their "brilliant" play...

i thought the network management lab requires configuration of switches... i was wrong... kena faked sia... actually only need to configure router... but i 4get alot... lucky chiobu help me abit then i slowly remember how to do... then jonathan n chiobu down there playing around with net send and "hacking" different consoles... basket he change my router name to my nick... in the end i learnt quite a few things from them esp about preventing net send messages from popping up repeatedly if he goes on a loop...

i believe guys in general are more prone to malnutrition than gers... just take a look around and u know wat i mean... but of cos when the age group gets older... its the other way round... suddenly the guys all look like pregnant... beer bellies... the more u drink the bigger the "baby" inside will grow... of cos it was all crap... tummies grow becos working adults are too tired after work and have no time to excercise... which is a lame excuse... b4 a jog i always feel lethargic... somewhat of a psychology thing... if u dread things, the body will react in a certain way...

now i run i always set myself min 2.4... the rest all depends on my legs... after the 2.4 i will get very hot and my legs will take over the running now, leaving me to huff and puff like the big bad wolf... found out that if i dun think about the distance, i can actually move a lot without realising it... but i prefer to stop at 4k... run so long oso no people see, so dun run more better la... furthermore so many people overtake me as the laps increase, very demoralising one...

took a short break and go to fitness corner to "show off" a bit... no teenagers around there mah, a lot all in their 30s, 40s like that... so whatever i do, most of them cant catch up... except for running, i kena overtake so many times until sian... happy about pull-ups liao... finally i can do 9... next target = 12... after that hopefully try to break uchu's record... the only thing that still bothers me is the jumping 1... next time i walk i have to jump around to strengthen the spring within me...

had some difficulty walking home... my calves are tightening like fuck... so i was kinda walking on my toes... then halfway through the journey tio cramps liao... arms, hamstrings, back pain, now calves... i feel so rusty manz, like bones all cracking like that... but i liked it~...

shouldnt have underestimated the power of vc++.. so bloody cheem... all the codes are there but i just cant seem to figure out why they do this why they do that... sian manz... have to find books liao...

"hu knows how to do VC++ with GUI is realli a pro" - hong

12:59 AM

July 18, 2003 COLOURED.

You are Gambit!

You are a fierce fighter and a good friend to have.
Your preference for solitude and your
attractiveness make you very intriguing to
those you meet. Unfortunately, close
relationships are few and far between for you
because you often have trouble opening up to

Which X-Men character are you most like?

12:27 PM

July 17, 2003 COLOURED.

shouldn't have made that statement about wat cramps will i have today... theres something wrong with my back now... i have to be careful about it liao... otherwise its bye bye to walking... duno wat happen leh, whenever i bend backwards i can feel it...

lecturers are good sources of sleep activators... every lecturer's speech makes me wanna sleep... why cant they get someone with evelyn's voice... its pleasant and so high pitched that its near impossible to fall asleep with her around...

i realised that publishing blogs at certain times of the day actually increases the rate of the hit counter at a steady rate... yesterday i did a small test and once i published, after about 5 mins got 7 visitors liao... sometimes i need a full day to get 7 people manz... found out that quite many singaporeans are blogging... just check out the 10 recently published blogs and you'll know... one of them is bound to be done by a singaporean... once i actually got 7 out of 10 all singlish pattern... so i will continue my hopping around and hu knows, i may hit upon my old pri sch, sec sch classmates' blogs...

Our Lady Peace - Not Enough

There's nothing you can say
Nothing you can do
There's nothing in between
You know the truth

Nothing left to face
There's nothing left to lose
Nothing takes your place

When they say
You're not that strong
You're not that weak
It's not your fault
And when you climb up to your hill
Up to your place
I hope you're well

There's nothing left to prove
There's nothing I won't do
There's nothing like the pain
I feel for you

Nothing left to hide
Nothing left to feel
I am always here

What you want
What you lost
What you had
What is gone is over

What you got
What you love
What you need
What you have is real

It's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough, I'm sorry

It's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough
It's not enough...

"whats the story, morning glory" - hong

11:12 PM

lost my motivation to do things liao... the interest has waned... now i just want to get it done and over with as soon as possible... financial management i dun understand a thing sia, kept referring to lecture notes during the tutorial... duno test how liao, but those who have taken accounts all said you just need to be careful and its quite easy to score... i certainly hope so...

after 3pm versace, toy and armani (me) went to find our fyp lecturer... lol... he was getting impatient with us liao... he told us what are the things to be done immediately... and questioned our ability and mentality since we dun have anything to show him... he said he could help us do everything in 2 weeks for us but he will cut 50 from each of us... watever, his speech angered the 3 of us... but he gave us a little assignment which is a small step to the final thing to complete in 2 weeks... duno whether he did it on purpose or not... this psychology method works, just like wat terminator need to learn...

after that short lecture, i went home like a zombie... reached home i neber bathed straight away jump to my bed and died... woke up at 6pm and went to cck stadium for my hopefully 1 of many runs... thought of doing 4k at first, but decided to finish 2.4 first then c how... was beginning to get the feel of running again... so went for a 4k... feels like torturing myself... but its more like endurance, how much strain can you take, even worse than swimming 50 i tell u... and i finally realised that crunches actually improved the no. of situps i can do now... nice nice... somemore the rain started to fall liao... finished 50 then run to the shelter nearby... but the stupid rain is still falling...

so sian manz, in the end walk home in the rain... every part of my body is wet and drenched... but i feel happy... u dun get to do that everyday ya know... maybe the rain is there to cool me down... b4 going to the stadium, i was crossing the road then this car sped past a puddle of water and KNNNCCBFFF the water splashed so high splashed until me nia... somemore is not splash leg onli loh, my tshirt, my head oso tio... super dulan... but that heavy rain got everything wet so bo hiew la...

singnet is losing its customers... they are actually going door to door to get more people to sign up sia... the lady offered me promotional price of $50 plus... but i wasnt interested... now the best value is starhub maxonline... and hopefully it will push prices lower a bit more before i get my broadband if possible in next year...

"yesterday arms cramp, now hamstrings cramp, tml?" - hong

12:37 AM

July 15, 2003 COLOURED.

first week i listened to lectures... after that i am not so into it liao, canot wait to skip skip skip... duno la... i dun like lecturers when they talk... why cant they get people with nice voices like djs... so what if the lecturers have high qualifications and expert in this n that... he must still be able to talk properly mah... if not they can just find a job anywhere outside as a specialist in network or security or electronics or watever they are good in... stupid give us lecturers who speak cheena english, indian english, honkie english... no wonder i love to skip skip skip...

wah today gym do until both my arms cramped... so shiok... see the people arms all fat fat i not happy, i must oso have fat fat arms... toy was telling me to look at one guy... he was around my size, the most i give him 5kg heavier than me... and he actually lifted 110kg!!!... 55 each side... kaoz, thats almost equivalent to brock lesnar doing a big show sia, the most i can onli until 50kg loh... anyway, oso tried the assisted pull-ups liao... wanted to do sets of 10 but ended up doing fewer n fewer... super weak manz... must train more...

"i got wings, but wat color are my wings" - hong

11:34 PM

July 14, 2003 COLOURED.

jessica is now considered one of us... but it still feels weird having her at the back in the lecture theatre... seeing her holding hands with jonathan gives me nitemares... no appetite to eat sia... not used to seeing them getting close since jonathan is always the type that is more interested in computer parts...

and jimmy was babbling about his failed attempt to get a gf... a ger was in a basketball team in some kinda competition at his house downstairs and he was some sort of mesmerized with her... after watching her for a few matches, last night he actually approached her and asked whether they can be friends or not... the ger just said no... and he was broken-hearted... admired his courage sia, went up to a sranger and actually ask this sort of question... and the chicken rice gang was crapping about the correct way to approach a girl... of cos i have to pitch in some ideas... and they always said my ideas were the best... becos it was just crazy and people wun be crazy enuf to do it... not saying it here though, the fun factor isnt there, must listen then know...

jimmy was thinking if piercing his ear will enhance his image a bit or not... golden monkey and i were giving him some advice about it... then jimmy told us about his younger brother's piercing incident... he bloody used a safety pin to make a hole himself nia... super pro... i dun tink that any torture chamber can force him to let the cat out of the bag eh...

golden monkey oso said about his fren using ice cubes to numb his ear then ask the mother to use sewing machine to punch hole... super crazy, go some shop pierce mah, $5 oso wan to save... but i know aunties all used needles to poke their ears since they dun have the equipment then to make holes...

young gers wan to look old... when they grow old then they wan to look young... young guys hate gers... when they grow old they cant live without gers... the guy says "i love you" over n over during courtship... once married, he will go "dun disturb me la, i watching soccer" over n over... people may label you as someone who make rude remarks, in a few years time, the very same people will say u're the closest friend they ever had...

to be a good systems administrator, you must possess a hacker's mind... now the security module is recognized by all of us as the hacking lessons... not bad, finally beginning to learn how to do it... nice~

was given the title of aunty killer last semester... now i am given a new title of armani... toy say its becos of the wings i had... and bryant was versace becos of his medusa hair... he say he wana cut botak once it grows long...

"shivers shivers shivers" - hong

11:18 PM

July 13, 2003 COLOURED.

sleep is perhaps the best thing humans can ever have... but many of us have taken it for granted... common reason being they can have eternal sleep when the time comes... but i dun tink i will be sleeping forever when im dead... who knows i maybe become a puppy with a pretty owner, a very sleepy kitten who kena caught on the camera and sent to funniest videos so my owner can get some money... or maybe become someone famous... or maybe my ultimate wish will come true, i will be invisible and gets to do wat i want without anyone telling me off...

reached home at midnight last nite and today my parents chided me... u may find it funny, im 19 oreadi and my parents still tink i am a kid... but i never argued with them... once in a blue moon i erupt, but thats about 5 years 1 time like tt loh... in a way u can say that i am a good boy, well i have always been good wat rite :)...

they always say nian qing ren dun stay out so late, there's many bad guys out there... i dun tink anyone dare touch me though, all the xiao hun huns are like skeletons like that, they remind me of POWs... like kena starved like that... all act paikia paikia but all humji until their knees turn jelly when the police come visit them...

not that i agree with my parents that i should be at home early... i always wanted to go see some clubs and ktv myself crazy... but its useless to quarrel, once you start, it just goes on and on and never seems to stop... so might as well dun start and get some peace... maybe thats y i listen to rock music... neber fails to get me all hyped up for some action...

You came to see the mobscene
I know it isn't your scene
It's better than a sex scene
And it's so fucking obscene
Obscene, yeah

"if you have strong beliefs, you wouldnt be trying to stop me" - brian warner

that was roughly wat he said... duno hu is brian warner?... brian warner = marilyn manson... what he said makes great sense... if my parents believed they have laid strong foundations in me, they will let me do whatever i think is right and not oppose me... but humans dun get enlightened easily... that's why they must listen to nirvana songs more...

anyway... my grandmother is feeling dizzy nowadays... so my parents going over to have a look... as for me, i still have to go gym leh, since i initiate it, i cant fly aeroplane around... saw sano in the mrt and then wait for takumi so slow...

morning a lot of people, afternoon all go happy happy liao, so quite many equipment free... do alot of chest since friday session dun have... that toy... always wanted to have it his way... he n his influence power... am seriously thinking about swimming alone in sp pool on fridays liao... otherwise i oso duno how to pass the time... gym is impossible on fridays...

so kelly chen is complaining about the money going to her pocket is getting lesser n lesser due to piracy and mp3s... just how much did she earn in a year... the profit she gets just from a person buying a cd is alot loh... actually i dun see any big loss, her singing is perhaps the worst in cantopop... just another pretty face trying to sell with good looks... majority of her income comes from advertisements, endorsements, concerts, movies...

i dun think mp3s should be banned... once they ban it, the price of CDs will go up... mp3s are here to stay, and its there for the music lovers... it actually forced the price of an average CD to fall about $4 over the years... i remembered it used to cost $20+ for 1... now its below $20...

Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead

do you worry that you're not liked
how long till you break
you're happy cause you smile
but how much can you fake
an ordinary boy an ordinary name
but ordinary's just not good enough today

alone I'm thinking
why is superman dead
is it in my head
we'll just laugh instead
you worry about the weather and
whether or not you should hate

are you worried about your faith
kneel down and obey
you're happy you're in love
you need someone to hate
an ordinary girl an ordinary waist
but ordinary's just not good enough today

doesn't anybody ever know that the
world's a subway...

"boys who dun masturbate just becos the doctors say so should go and be eunuchs" - hong

11:04 PM

checked out my primary school report book which includes this napfa test requirements for different age groups and the height - weight stats... found out i can actually reach up to 69kg without being called fat... super happy sia, but my priority is 65 first...

napfa or ippt as ns call it... i think i have a high possibility that i will fail sia... situps, sit n reach, shuttle run can ignore them... they are extra, put there to gain points onli... checked out my sec 4 stats, was able to pull 7 for pull ups... but that time i was just 47kg????... shit manz... no wonder, when u're light, its easier to pull... for those heavyweights, they have to rely on their pure strength... 2.4km, that can be passable if i jog on a regular basis and stop my swimming... the thing i fear most is perhaps the one which basketball players like... the standing board jump, hit 225 in sec 4... and that to me was a shock... now my age group, to jump 225 means less than gold, or ever worse, just a bronze... so i hope i can leap to 250... but i dunno how to train jumping leh... lol... watever la... the test still some time away... i still have to deal with one whole bunch of pc experts in my class...

woke up early for the fyp briefing... only then do i realised i was oreadi one of them... less than 10 students turned up and the briefing was just mere talk cock... 30 minutes and we were gone... pissed... and i do not wan to return home empty-handed... so salc is the place to head next... completed our lady peace live album, shino 1st best, sammi best (cantonese), oasis 250,000 fans can't be wrong... that live oasis live album only got disc 1, the website said disc 2 will be available soon, but thats where the problem is... the album was out in 1996, now is 2003... but they sound quite polite, i expected loads of profanities....

left school at 11:30... decided to go swimming as planned... the weather was quite alright... until im inside the pool... within 3 laps, it was raining... raining heavily... i can feel the rain hitting me whenever i go up... i was swimming lower and lower... to embrace the warmth of the water and to avoid the harsh beatings from the surface... and i have the whole pool for myself other than the swimming classes... sometimes i just feel like i am breathing through water... its like 2 become 1, lol... at lap 14 when i felt a stinging pain on my right ankle... stopped to c if there's any cut... cant see anything though, just carry on until my 50 finish... got up straight away to the jacuzzi, si bei song... those aunties and uncles should work until their muscles so tired and then enjoy the water power, neber do anything sit down there let it shoot like no shiok shiok feeling 1...

got up after all this and i was freezing... even worse than the ones that i normally have in batok... lunch at 4... went home call sano ask him wat time... i had to get out, otherwise i will sleep in my bed and that's my bedtime liao...

so we're at borders reading all the books that we love to read... after a while takumi was there and got tickets for T3 at 9:15... uchu caught up and went for dinner... i was on the verge of puking while eating... too full sia... then somemore still got this singapore rojak thing... went past it and outside taka got this actors concert... not bad sia, not only can they act, they can sing too, thats multi-talented compared to F4... and their singing is nice, live and no lip synching... after all, some have written their own songs, wanna cheat oso cannot...

anyone who said T3 is bad becos it has no storyline is really crazy... first, terminator movies always didnt emphasized on the storyline... they are known for 1 thing, the action... T3 action was from start to end, destruction destruction... reminds me of gta... and kristanna is nice... but mystique is better without a doubt... :)

Our Lady Peace - Whatever

There�s no holding me back
I�m not driven by fear
I�m just driven by anger
And you�re under attack
I�m just climbing up slowly
I�m the one and only

The tease, the way you lie
The stumble in your mind
The fear, the hope inside
They hit here
Hit here

But whatever you need
�Ever you got
�Ever you want
I�ll take back again

"need a little time to wake up wake up" - hong

1:20 AM

July 12, 2003 COLOURED.

spent 2 and half hours in salc for free access to pass the time... 3 1/2 hours with nothing to do... downloaded stuff, although not much... had some difficulty getting the things i wan... in the end shino's album not yet complete yet... and yikes, she actually did a cover of ayumi's song in cantonese... at first hear liao thought how come the tune so familiar... dun ask me the aymi song title though, i dun remember japanese song titles.. got boa's atlantis princess korean album though... didnt know that our lady peace actually sang innocent, u know the "we are, we are all innocent, we are all innocent, we are, we are"... their live album rocks, but oso incomplete, not enuf time to download... thought they onli sang "whatever" which was chris benoit's entrance theme...

stupid rain... today no gym... wanted to run and the stupid rain... lost shape liao la... take a look at this week manz... in 5 days, i had 4 chicken chops, 1 big mac meal, 1 chendol, 2 cocktail jelly... all for my lunch in school... i am eating again, but i cant see any mass gained yet... or maybe i never work out hard enuf...

if anyone steps into my room, they would have thought that my room is painted using scented paint... no doubt its lime green, and my room is full of pandan leaves smell... my mother put them in my room... she say my room stinks, i dun c anything wrong wif it... i cant smell anything at all...

for those who are into korean music... solid07... not bad, quite a lot of artists and their old albums still can download, unlike other sites which only give the latest ones... warning though, most of them r pop, so dun expect too much k-hop or dance...

Our Lady Peace - Are You Sad
Your life has been so hard
It's been dried up angels that can't keep guard
I'm trying to reach your hand
But I'm on fire
I never planned to fade... away
Stay with me
Stop pretending when they say that you're nothing

Are you sad?
Are you holding yourself?
Are you locked in your room?
You shouldn't be..

I'm drowning inside your head
Help me to answer
Help understand
But it's been so long since we talked like friends
Please, forgive me,
I'm just a man
Whose makes mistakes

Are you sad?
Are you holding yourself?
Are you locked in your room?
You shouldn't be..

"i was brought up to believe that all gers are born innocent" - hong

12:19 AM

July 10, 2003 COLOURED.

first week of school not yet over and im beginning to feel the stress... quite many software programming experts in the class, the lecturer even speed up to cover lab 2 which is meant for next week since he saw our progress so fast... still quite alright, was lost abit, but can catch up slowly... i wonder how jimmy will fare for this, he sure got problems...

the thing i hate most about maths is the stupid theory part... and if u spent 1 hour just to go through 1 page, i wonder how long will it take to finish the whole notes... theory theory, all useless junk...

speaking of useless junk, quite many lecturers are actually anti microsoft... their common complaint was that they just want a simple answer but microsoft give complex answers... anyone using the windows help will knoe... to quote my tutorial lecturer, "help has become totally helpless"...

those yr ones... all dressed up like going to downtown like that everyday... cramped the mrt station every morning... and all look older than me... im beginning to feel the heat... going to cut my hair... duno how to keep my hair anyway... adn i truly think my new combined class is full of nerds who are good at almost everything... thats good, being in a competitive environment will force me to work harder... which i am not doing right now, thanks to bryant n toy for helping me to maintain my slackness... it takes some time to change u know, not like i wil become a nerd overnight just like that...

"i'll be ur scapegoat, i'll be ur savior" - hong

11:55 PM

July 09, 2003 COLOURED.

idiotic year ones... dover mrt completely jam packed... even the staff have to use the loudspeaker to chase them off while they were waiting for their friends... luckily i wasnt in year one... i wouldnt wear that lousy lanyards... sp trying to act cute, so many different color lanyards...

finished maths tutorial early since there isnt any maths lecture until tomorrow... hit salc to download some shino~... went to t1a to change the thermometer... actually i wasnt sure where was the place really, it only said school office... toy, bryant n i asked the admission office people and they said go to the department school that we are in... say oso neber say clearly... walked back to t12, the staff there quite nice, at least we feel more at home...

played carrom until 11:40... toy wanted to eat... told him later since im sure the tutorial wun last long... i was wrong, dead wrong... lecturer just went on n on n on... 3 of us n chiobu oreadi wan to die liao... in fact the lecturer even overshot the allocated time... rushed to t14a for more lectures... straight after that the 3 of us had enuf and went to fc4 for lunch at 2pm... later jonathan joined us... he said there was no one in the classroom at all... we were taking our own sweet time eating while jonathan wolfed down his and went back to the classroom... soon toy called jonathan and told him to help us mark attendance... he said he was all alone... we were stunned... and knowing jonathan's dark side, 1 guy n 1 ger alone = you-know-wat... learnt that the class was actually held in the same lecture theatre as she lazy to move to another class... watever...

wat luck i have... all hyped up to run at 6pm... step out of my block and it starts to drizzle... oh great... have to go back home and close the windows... by then my mother will be back and i have no chance to run for today...

she saw my back and say why so "ou sor sor" (black)... i tink i have become more white liao loh... shouldnt use too much milky lotion...

nice of chicken to lend us visual c++ notes... it was his sister's notes from the U... but then i take home oso kinda neber study... lazy lazy...

took veri long to get used to staind's music... didnt like it at first... but keep playing the songs over and over the past few days... kinda addictive...

"thinking back, i find it amusing..." - hong

11:19 PM

You represent... loneliness.
You represent... loneliness.
Always alone and always sad about it... unlike
angst, you don't have to look for a reason to
be miserable. You want to be in the company of
people but aren't sure how to act when you're
with them. Sometimes you have to make an
effort. You can't always wait for others to
come to you.

What feeling do you represent?

"Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."
- George Orwell

10:10 AM

You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

10:03 AM

realised that napfa should be coming this semester... i have better start running, otherwise my 2.4 realli gone case liao... jimmy ballooned to 70... i oso duno why am i staying at mlt2 listening to lecturers talking... they talk i oso neber listen... early go off still can early gym... dunoo... i am a good boy...

its that stupid 2hr break again... ate lunch and played carrom with the available chicken rice gang... at least our group more people given that its still the first week and they are released from their classes early... lent toy my vice city, but junia was nice... watever u request, he will deliver... lol... he brought me his vice city for me to play... trying not to let him down, i decided to give vice city top priority instead of heroes 4 so i can return him asap...

gym gym... finished everything in 1 hour... way too fast compared to the usual 2 hours... kinda fast becos there's not much people around anyway, dun have to wait for equipment... got 1 ger wear sports bra to gym to show off her stomach sia... not those type of slim slim stomach... its the type that actually got the shape... can actually c the pecs nia... she must be doing situps her whole life... i cant keep up with jacky wu anymore... the 5hr sleep is not enuf for me... eyes now oreadi wanna die liao...

"its like a book that cant be read" - hong

1:43 AM

July 07, 2003 COLOURED.

not used to waking up so early nia... i should change that to not used to sleeping early... go school oreadi stomachache... like my primary school days where i have stomachache almost every morning... experts say its all psychological, an indication that you dun wan to go... maybe, i wan to go, but not so early la... 3rd yr liao still 8 am must reach school, basket...

i was halfdead at school... my eyes pain sia when i try to open them... so i kept them 3 quarters closed... realised the new 07 class has only 6 of the original class... luckily all from the chicken rice gang... it feels like going to school for the first time, our class now has 3 factions... the rest were just minorities... never mind... will only see each other faces for 6 months and we're strangers again...

sick of the one of many 2 hour breaks over the whole semester... played basketball since 3-4 months ago... shooting becoming lousier... think the next few 2 hour breaks on be spent wisely on carrom... of cos i wished there were more basketball games but too rusty not nice... a lot of people all become charcoal... bryant's fren looks like an indian now... he said that he went sentosa everyday during the holidays to suntan... even blacker than me liao... lol... oso a lot like on drugs sia... last time their bodies can shake like jelly... now i see fucking hard like rock... if say give them 3 months i still can believe... 2 months?... crazy, unless they go find some personal trainers... lucky today i onli shoot for fun, neber paly match... play match take off shirt then will feel inferior...

"wats the price you pay to play the game..." - hong

10:55 PM

July 06, 2003 COLOURED.

how i wished everyone can be mute on sunday mornings and public holiday mornings as well... they never fail to make me curse at them... noisy like hell, talk oso talk so loudly... they are not born deaf, and i dun sleep with ear plugs...

played heroes 4 for a while and left the house at 1:30 after i was hungry... didnt go out to eat though, i was going swimming~... which was a very bad idea... swimming in cck on a sunday is like going through an obstacle course... was twisting my body here, there, everywhere to avoid the swimmers around... sadly all of them are guys... those who like aunties will like this place immediately... flooded with aunties and their small kids all over... of cos it was a sunday, saturday will be a different matter...

i may be swimming fast, but im not good at avoiding the obstacles... had a fun time kicking, brushing, scratching other people while i was swimming... but u win some, u lose some... i was kicked by many kids... the competition pool kinda become the wave pool... kept seeing bikinis that actually look like bras, maybe gers find it a fuss to tie knots eh... and i saw that sickly white coloured water again... nitemare sia, condemned sunday forever...

ate lunch at 4:30... go back home sleep sleep until 8... my mother was encouraging the baby cousin to kick me... i had suffered enuf kicks in the pool oreadi, but the cousin so cute, i wouldnt mind if he bite me... :)

find wu yen when there's a problem, find ying chun when all is fine... sammi's mark near the eyebrow nice, remove liao not nice... those ancient people really duno how to differentiate between nice and not nice...

"now will you live at your own pace" - hong

10:38 PM

July 05, 2003 COLOURED.

the spirit was willing but the chest wasnt listening... bloody sore, even if i were to go swimming, i will swim like frog liao, without the arm movements... so stay home saturday watch sunichi in super yoyo...

went to borders afterwards to finish the book... only did i realise that books cant be trusted... all have their different views, different methods, different facts, different styles... in the end it was just a case of experimenting to get the best results... but anyway, read more only increases my knowledge...

then saw this magazine with allan wu on the cover... see his body veri dulan... went to the sports section right away to find some books for abs... lol... i dun wan to be the best, being the best means i will lose my drive to do things liao... at least i have someone to compare with so i can gauge how good can i be...

inside the mrt... got 1 mother not bad leh, let her kids punch each other sia... 1 kid was telling his brother that he will punch this way punch that way and tell him to block... funny sia... then they trade blows while the mother just looked on... soon they were giving each other low blows... lol... so young oreadi know how to low blow people liao... poWer~...

taiwan women are complaining after a japanese av star was there for some promotions which saw her lifting her translucent dress to reveal her panties which is oreadi visible liao... wat the heck, i dun see people complaining whenever i see women taking off their clothes in public swimming pools...

"so i looked in ur direction... but you paid me no attention" - hong

11:29 PM

my father is accusing me of things i've never done... he tell my mother that i so late sleep becos i online go and cheat innocent gers feelings... if u count sano, toy, kagnon, uchu, takumi, 3c as innocent gers... then i admit la... i m a flirt, with guys... lol... gers? i think onli 1 dare to chat to me loh... beri pc oreadi kaboom liao then no more irc for her... others thought that i m invisible or i think they cant be bothered at all...

got 1 ah pek was saying young people carry so much weight for wat, wait the shoulder pop out... i dun care if my shoulder pops or doesnt pop... as long as my spine is fine, anything is possible... must eat more... must have enuf meat to grow chest... or breasts... watever... i wished i can shoot up to 70... but my height doesnt allow it... the most i can reach is 65, anything more and i will be labelled as overweight based on my BMI...

3 yrs in poly... still the same class... 07, 07, 07, 07, 07, 07... like some kinda toto numbers... but the final year is different, our class is split... BTHK left onli TH onli, duno wat class is B going, K go 05... our class pathetic 2 gers oso gone liao... the course is realli turning us into gays... and i had a bad feeling about mayi... most likely shes coming over if im not wrong... i do hope i am wrong...

people kena retrenched is bad enough... n the rich wans to make it worse, electricity prices have increased... all this talk about retrenchment is unavoidable is all crap... if they truly feel for the retrenched, then they should give up their high paying jobs... try road sweeping, its a good excercise... and u cant get SARS from that too, since u wun inhale recycled air anyway...

waz up with dekap... banned my shoutbox becos too much profanities appeared in it?... i think it kena hack until song bo liao... keep going down and down...

"everything has been said before... theres nothing left to say anymore" - hong

12:13 AM

July 04, 2003 COLOURED.

okie... i cant stay late anymore... at this rate, i will be losing more weight than gaining... at night oso nothing to eat... better not torture the stomach better... and guess wat... i farted when i woke up in the afternoon... too much air inside stomach loh... eat air eat air...

dekap is so dumbo... change server oso neber tell people 1... at least notify via email mah, must go their site to get updated information... tink they purposely do it so that they can have more visitors to show off... they think they are being nice by keeping the settings which users have defined... yea... the bad thing is they changed the css name... then still have to get the new coding and edit... basket... now my shoutbox looks abit weird no thanks to the new naming scheme...

i have good news... i've got my second strand of white hair... yea!... but at this rate i will neber accumulate enuf to have a head of white hair... toy tell me to stress myself more, which i did... i think n think n think... wonders if theres anything more stressful than that to think of...

"how sweeet are you... how sweet does it get" - honggy

12:18 AM

July 03, 2003 COLOURED.

expensive SIA!... forced to pay $1.50 for entry to cck swimming pool... not that i wanted it... the stupid auntie is seated next to the entrance... sian diao... but nice... no people swimming since its still around noon... felt like floating in the water like that, moved around easily without using much energy... must be that urine thinggy again... still as salty as b4... next time anyone ask me if i have drank urine b4... my answer is hell yeah, i can even describe the taste quite well... should get more people suffering from diabetes to swim, i have a sweeet tooth ya know...

done my 50 and got up to go play with the "spa"... as i was walking... 2 indian schoolgirls were giggling and pointing at me... wats so funny to giggle about... if i see a sexy lady, i wouldnt giggle at all... my temperature will just shoot up up and away...

love the water... warm compared to the competition pool 1... then the sprays kan power... so many elderly there, duno their fragile bones can take it or not... i was wondering if i positioned myself so my stomach face the spray then will it blast the fat away or not... but people should not try this at home... make my stomach pain onli...

wade around the compt. pool for a few more laps b4 i go wash up... kranji sec brought its contingent for some swimming lessons... i just sat on one of many seats available which i shall call it the buaya seats... the seats all positioned purposely to face the pool, wave pool, play pool... so while buayas enjoy a cup of coffee or reading newspapers, they can always find some nice views to see...

and so i sat there like ah pek leering at xiao mei meis... the kranji sec pe teacher's calves super power... i wan to have calves like tt... so fat!... but it also means i have to give up swimming if i wan the calves... i was watching and the guards all so relac relac, can laze around and see pretty gers or handsome guys... hmm... me oso wan their tan... they have some sort of uniform tan sia... all have the same tan 1...

anyway... i was late for my lunch so enuf of all the binocular-watching... at JE long john silver waiting for my combo 1 to be served when this guy was approaching me to make a donation... im a miser... my mom knows best... but he was quite convincing... i was ready to get my wallet and give him $2 when he said "we are not asking you to donate a lot, little bit only, minimum $10"... FUCK... i kena stunned for awhile then i tell him i not enuf money b4 he took his leave... $10 consider little bit ar... ass... why dun i tell him to finance my swimming and gym seesions...

yamakasi is cool... movies by luc besson is always cool anyway... wat show gives u 7 spidermans?... onli yamakasi...

"u rather us climb buildings or sniff glue" - les yamakasi

1:47 AM

July 02, 2003 COLOURED.

i didnt notice it at first... but then sano happened to remind me about that ass... now i know why i hate him in the past... lol... had a grudge against him a long time ago... realli pei fu that master of all chee hongs... he better wished that i dun see him...

didnt know i can sleep that long... woke up at 11:30... dunno wat to eat... cant eat bread anyway since im going gym soon... my mother tell me to finish the plate of yam cake... go gym early purposely so i can do some excerises on the upper back... a lot all focus too much on the front but ignore the back...

its good that holidays are over... the gym machiam like my own... no one to snatch the machines and the weights... even the swimming pool is quite empty, except for some caucasians... and some info for frequent swimmers... brush ur teeth immediately after swimming... saw a newspaper article that says soaking in the water for more than 1 hour is bad for the teeth... while most onli play with water for a while then go suntan, i have to watch out... maybe next time people will be greeted with my toothless grin like chris benoit...

some people are born with some kind of influential power... i dunno whether it can be learned or not as time goes by... watever toy says is nearly final... he influenced many things in our class liao... the other time i sent him system of a down's chic n stu... these type of songs he wouldnt like but i just send him for the kick of it... the next day he was singing the song... lol... and bryant asked him to send it to him... wah lanz, i sing so much jolin and he never asked me to send to him... nahz... i know i wasnt 1 with the type of power... im more of a follower... anything wrong just put the blame on the leader... always an easy way out but the sad thing is, we cant seem to do anything wrong... too bad...

lent him gta:vice city to fool around... going to ask him for enter the matrix to lag my computer... still have to get him heroes 4 to his sister to install expansion... maybe i go and ask for more cds... then again, no time to play play leh... speaking of play play, i've finally heard the Sarvivor rap... lol... better late than never mah...

"help you to help me is to help you" - hong

1:37 AM


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