April 30, 2007 COLOURED.

school is crazy... go one day only i already half dead liao... swim then after a while still have to run... theres only one thing on my mind that kept me going... and thats my dear... man i going to sleep liao... tmr go dear house to fix things...

9:34 PM

okayy.let's haf some ENGLIAH lesson.

how do u pronounce ASCII?
MH:i dunno..arsekey i tink?
NO!is askey
MH:ohh okayy. then?
do u koe wat's arskey?
MH: dunno
arskey is the key to your ass.
(a conversatin btw mie n my lecture)

he's darn RUBBISH.
tt bolding man!!
he corrected my ENGLISH wit no logic.
binary number makes mie MAD.
baby i go school got study hor.
but u din do my hmwrk properly.
u wldnt koe wat im saeg if u doesnt koe a shit abt binary number.
d stupidest woman koe,
so if u dun understand.
gif urself a slap..

9:49 AM

MH. . .

monday is so BORRING.
baby din do my worrk properly.
so he shall b a labour on labour dae
since he dun needa work.

8:49 AM

April 26, 2007 COLOURED.

thank goodness school is more understanding now... they let us book out on wednesday and go back on thursday morning... in the past i would have stayed in since i dun see the point of going back home to sleep n wake up in the early morning to get to school... but now got gf my mindset totally changed... we dun have a lot of time available so i guess i have to make the most out of it...

right now, every moment with her is precious to me... i think this is going to become a gross love post which ppl find it hard to stomach but i just have to share it... honestly i didnt know wat love really was until we got together... in the past i liked some girls, but that was just that... i dun feel the pain when they have bfs or stuff... she is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me till now...

all the tiredness, sadness is gone the moment i see my dear, bad things all start to look good automatically when im with her... holding hands may be a simple gesture but i like to hold her hands... whenever our fingers are intertwined, i feel very xing fu...

when i was single, i used to look at couples and c them hug i will think so xing fu... my guess was right... now whenever i hug my dear, i got that same feeling which i thought i will feel... but i guess the most beautiful thing has to be waking up to see ur dear beside u sleeping soundly... if life permits, i would be lying on bed 24/7 with her by my side...

1:17 AM


HMMM.. baby is currently busy wit sumting
n i dunno what
cuz he nv blog.
he's now out of mind..
he's just too engrossed wit some papaya recently.
he's MAD..

i've just learn HTML.
no kick..
CM is super tough.
i've nv take A maths
n i cant even pass E maths.
im nv friends wit MATHS.
tt's y i got baby to help me!!

baby sae he loves me.
n i love him too =D

12:44 AM

April 23, 2007 COLOURED.

MH~ ~

RAHS. so BORED in class.
d hmwrk no kick man.
i koe how to use powerpoint ok.

12:59 PM

April 22, 2007 COLOURED.

been a long time since i last blogged... thanks to my dear for bringing it back alive, so i guess i have to make some contributions here abit otherwise i might as well changed to the title of my blog to my dear instead of it being me... just came back from taiwan from some crazy exercise...

for those still not in the know, i have a gf now. ya, the guai guai one has finally found a ger... we were together before but due to some reason we remained as friends until we got back together after 1 year plus... i so so so miss her when i cant get to see her... i can only call her for a limited time only while i was sailing and i was pretty frustated when i couldnt get to listen and talk to her for long... i know i cant talk la, but 5 min is really too short for even me man...

ppl wun realise how important some things are until they are gone... i always told my dear dear that i cant get to sleep without hearing her voice, it is so damn true when i couldnt get thru to her on some of the days... i start to panic and i toss n turn in bed, unable to rest peacefully... i guess thats wat happens to ppl who's lovesick...

will blog more funny shit once i get back to my blogging mode... which should be soon, considering i have unsubscribe from world of warcraft for now since i am going back to sch... the sad part is my current payment last until june... which means i have 1 month wasted...

10:46 PM

April 18, 2007 COLOURED.

bringing a notebook which cannot b used is consider as you're ABSENT.
i bought my notebook outside.
as a result..
it cant read d NP domain.
im a computer idiot.
now all i can do is to slack in class.
surfing d net,gossipg.
i dun wan it tt way.
i got homework to finish!!
d worst ting is they can only load d os for mie
which means tmr go school oso do no shit.
im supposed to finish sch at 2 tmr.
but still hafta load d os n microsoft office.
which takes 4hrs.
baby isnt ard nobody to help mie do hmwrk.
hafta hand up on fri 5pm alright.
im gog crazy...


3:22 PM

belly piercing isnt as bad as what i thought.
is not pain at all i swear!
im just afraid of infection.
i wanna change d stud but
im so scare of pain.
i got no ball.
baby not gonna call mie until fri.

1:52 PM

April 16, 2007 COLOURED.

cant wait for 21st.
my class is filled wit freaks tt i cldnt read their mind.
but i got one...
hu does d same ting as mie=D

1:36 PM

April 12, 2007 COLOURED.

time check it's 1.12am.
baby haven call me.
doubt tt he's gonna call me todae.
cuz he wan me to sleep early.
slept at 4plus ydae.
i din koe life is more happening w/o baby.
dun needa sleep early.
ok,i was just kidding.
i miss him.
just finish watchg d tokyo juilet eps 3.
d quality super lousy.
baby dl one.

i needa go school tmr for some orientation stuffs.
it's like from 9 to 6.
i needa sleep lehh.
from 2 to 6 it's some interactive game.
how old alr still need game.
i planned to skip n leave early tmr=)
since baby nt ard nobody to nag at me lehh.
im scare of him at tms.

im gog to bed alr.needa report to school tmr at 9.
nono.i just found out something super interesting.
im gonna check it out 1st then get to bed.
fresh piping hot from oven lehh.


1:24 AM

April 11, 2007 COLOURED.


im being brought up in a protective family.
try sumting funny,
my dad will look u up fer sure.
he'll scare until u pee on ur pants.
tt's my dad.
he koes tt he cldnt b dere for us forever.
since young he taught us how to protect ourselves.
how to tok for ourselves.
tt's y whenever i got into trouble,
no fear.
my dad's ard.
i dun understand y is baby sucha good boy.
he just kept quiet all d tm.
i cant stand it.
is nt tt i wanna kick sucha big fuss but
it' a total EYE SORE to me.

baby called me todae ard 12plus.
he said tt d tok tm has cut down to FIVE PATHETIC MINS.
i was like alright then.
i was out tt tm,
went hm after ansg his call.
i was too tired after a long dae of work.
rushg here n dere.
din tok much.
one of his ship crew actually scolded him for using d phone.
it's NOT EVEN FIVE MINS YET alright?
wat's wrong wit him?
i dunno wat did baby replied him larh.
i kow tt he replied him nicely
then hung u on me.
i really wonder...
who d fuck is tt barking.
wat's wrong wit him?
will he actually die to wait fer a min more?
or will his gf actually run awae w sumone else?
if u wanna use d phone come earlier d next tm larh.
i was super angry.
after some thought.'s him larh.
wat to do?
it's doesnt pay to b nice all d tm.
we dun need anything in return but just some appreciation.

wanted to pierce my belly tmr
but it's my mum's off day.
so hafta go shopping wit her.
postpone agn..
by d tm baby is bk.
no need to pierce alr=(

i haven watch d tokyo juliet tt baby dl for me.
i got no time.
just work everyday,
sure got sumting to do everydae dunno y.
i haven club for so so so super long.


2:29 AM

April 10, 2007 COLOURED.


just got my ear pierced
my belly pierced n a new haircut.
i had my piercings closed d last tm
cuz i wanna b a nice ger.
i tried veh hard but still same.
when baby is back he'll b like
i swear tat's wat he's gonna sae
nothing more,nothing less.
he got no emotion one larh.
i did told him but i dunno whether he still rmbs.
i kept my hair long n not layered
cuz my mum said tt i look like ah lian.
tt's wat i detest to hear..
i realised i look quite innocent lehh.
tt's y those ah pek sittg at d kopitiam ones
like to look at mie.
i really got d urge to kick his balls
n dig his eyes out.
i look veh dumb but im NOT ok.
im a green belter judoka k.
imagine if my hair is BLACK will b even worst.
baby owaes like my hair black.
he's blind larh.
i got too many frens doin percing..
now im spoilt wit choices,
i dunno which one to go.

baby sae he's gonna compansate mie
if i dun work on next weekend
when he's bk.
ohh..i love him.
im eyeing on a onitsuka tiger shoes=D
after tis week i'll ve money to buy.
tt is hafta wait until baby is back
he's gonna buy tgt wit mie.
i haven collect my levis shoes.
n im gonna buy d levis copper collection jeans tis sun.

im gog to bed now will update agn tmr.
1030am to 530pm pumpkin patch
6 to 930 le collection.
tell me..who is more hardworking than me?
full shift lehh!!



12:27 AM

April 06, 2007 COLOURED.

i dun understand why is his blog working better than mine.
i needa post a new posting
then d alteration can b shown.

wat's wrong with tat uncle lee.
he posted some of his snoopy photo onto his friendster.
d big one can drop alot of hair,
small one like got virus.
he treat tt snoopy better than mie ok.
im gog to work alr.
blog agn when im free=D


4:26 PM

OHH.. Uncle Lee is out for sailing.
to taiwan.
will be back only on the 21st.
here im invading into his blog.
anw he gave me d pswrd w/o askg why.

ydae was our 2nd mth anniversary.
i was quite sad initially
cuz he wasnt ard.
i cdnt blame him..
it's his career larh.
but baby is so SWEET.
he actually bought roses for me=D
who else ve a better bf than mie?
but im super sad over sumting..
d person actually wrote my name wrongly!!!
hui mei instead of meihui.
i was like WTF!
how can they make tis kinda mistake!!
i got flowers d last mth n tis.
i tink baby gotta stop,
my mum is nagging alr.
LOLS.she's just JEALOUS.
tis tm d flowers r prettier than d last tm.
i tot baby has some improvement...
but he told mie tt he bought it online.hahh..

baby called mie last nite..
he puked last nite. poor ting.
i hope he's alright now.
i dun really wanna tok to him,
cuz he sounded really SICK.
but i just cant put dw d phone.
thou baby is sick but he din forget to ask mie tis qn,
got miss mie anot?
tt's his std qn tt he's gonna ask mie everyday.
i miss him trying hard to sound like d jinxiuyi in hana kimi
callg mie meihui meimei.
thou it's kinda irritating n gross.

15 more days to go..

2:10 PM


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