November 24, 2006 COLOURED.

after 2 weeks of brainless sailing, finally its time to get back on track on what i have been missing... pretty alarmed to find out that no one updates their blogs... WTF?! need me to go and disturb their blogs' peace then maybe will invoke some response ba hahaha... they cant be busy as me playing world of warcraft nonstop and sacrificing my sleep just to gain a level i suppose... maybe they are the masters in bed... =X

last week i read this very interesting thing which i wanted to write about but i was too caught up with my night elf rogue that i didnt bother to share it here... why do ppl marry? if a couple love each other, it doesnt matter really whether they are married or not... its not a matter of time like being so long together the time is ripe to get married... what does marriage gives u anyway... first it gives u the right to hold a wedding banquet...

which means u have to go through the traditional rites... where for once, u will listen to ur parents obediently about the auspicous times and going over to the bride's home getting tortured by the bride's maids... so ke lian leh the bridegroom... imagine so many marias bullying u and holding u ransom before allowing u to see ur bride... must report to the maid agency to complain sia... wat type of maids are those... deport them back la! =X

think about it, why would u wanna go through all the trouble when the two of u are so happily in love... who knows suay suay the maids went overboard and anger the bridegroom and he said enuf is enuf the wedding's off... then how... succk thumb? its a question of time when he will hurl abuse at the maids and call them bitches...

the benefit of getting married is u are allowed to buy a flat early... well, maybe u just got tired of living with ur parents that u wanted to be alone u decided marriage is the best thing to escape from ur old house then go ahead...

the true reason why ppl marry though is becos it gives them the license to fuck... not saying that they are not allowed to have sex while together but at least it applies to the more conservative ppl who strongly believes in marriage is the license they needed to make mini-mes and mini-yous...

imagine a person's horror when after all the shit u have been through, ur opposite actually still dun wan to have sex with u... they say love isnt complete until they have sex... true i think but the girl somehow loves her hubby but dun wan to have sex with him... what is wrong wif this girl! how can u like someone but dun wan to have sex with him/her when somemore u are already married!

however, i do believe that in true love, u dun feel the urge to have sex with the one u like... sex with the person is just an emotional affair which perhaps deepens their love for each other? i think i just won a couple of female fans with my remarks eh... LOL but emotional is also not so emotional until ur snot is all over ur face or want to drip on ur partner's face... if u see a person that u tink u like but all u ever thought about is when will she strip then its just lust... its not love man...

so this weird girl is truly in love with this guy it seems but she just dun wan to fuck... so frustrated is the man that according to her, he raped her... how can a husband raped a wife when they are legally married... when they went thru their vows didnt the father or whatever u call that mentioned about fucking? so there they were, happily saying "i do"... typical women, like to sign for so many credit cards without reading the fine print... =X

but rape is when its involuntary sex for either of them and the girl is reluctant... surprisingly the guy is still faithful to her for wat she has done to him... but who knows maybe he is visiting prostitutes but telling the newspaper another story...

moral of the story: dun get married if u know u are not going to get sex

11:12 PM

November 15, 2006 COLOURED.

gst rising to 7% wtf?!?!

it wasnt that long ago when i remember it was still at 3%... yea, at least that was when i was in sec sch... hmm i think poly is also 3% sia... say that was like 5 yrs ago? and now wow, it has risen to more than twice the original amount... within such a short time too... why like that huh?????

brb, i go find evidence to support my writing, wait i kena then sian... LOL

"The GST was first introduced in 1994, at 3 per cent, and raised to 5 per cent in 2004."

OMFG... its so much worst! 2004 is like just 2 years ago lo... but i remember got one yr is 4% one... so shld be 2003 ba... even then, thats just 3 yrs ago... so now is every yr rise one percent??? simi lanjiao!

rise rise rise, why rise? becos the economy is doing well apparently... reasonable but i dun see my pay rise to double the amount leh... if u wan to count like that ah, i would be earning 4.8k now le with the 2x input due to "excellent" economy...
i thought it was weird la... last time that hike to 5% everyone alr complain like theres no tomorrow like that... so much so that it end up staggering the hike by 1% each yr before it reaches the current 5%... now to hit 7% just like that duno how many more will complain... it seems that the old man's joke of PAP real meaning is really true... pay n pay... do i see any more PAP supporters punching their fists in the air for victory like in the recent elections? or do i see them punching ppl in their faces who are upset about the decision...

what to do? rise rise lo, u cant do anything about it... ppl usually make noise but in the end they are resigned to their fate and do what is instructed...

to quote a song from radiohead

"this is what you get" ---- for voting them

if u ask me, honestly i think alot of ppl dun like this tax increment... becos its too obscene liao la... within such a short time rise until so much, how to survive... imagine u are old n have an equally old wife and when u look at her saggy breasts and ur limp dick, and u go "thats life"... then out of a sudden, fiona xie shows up naked in front of u, how would u feel... ur heart beat increases, ur blood flows to ur dick immediately and miraculously ur dick is up and alive and ready for some digging action... but before u could even reach the valley, ur stick suddenly gives way and splurts out blood... and ur heart stops beating... a result of a nude fiona xie and too much blood flow to ur dick...

a better real example would be this... u know that many yrs ago the normal temperature is only around the 20s degree celsius? nowadays the average is now 30s... a jump of 10 degrees is quite drastic le... but due to the spreading out over the yrs, ppl actually adapted to the temperature and thus could cope with the rise now...

so if u lump the old man n fiona xie story with the temperature story with the gst real thing, i think u know where i am getting at...

since wat is said cannot be unsaid, the last they could do is give something back to us to absorb our loss... just like the previous hike they handed out some monetary packages... ppl were happy but i thought it was stupid since they can dun hand out the package and just use it to prevent the gst hike... that is creating something out of nothing... teachers would have been so proud of the government... it was stupid no doubt, but if they dun give, ppl wun be appease ma, so they give and ppl are happy...

"THE Goods and Services Tax (GST) will go up from 5 to 7 per cent to pay for more government spending to help the lower income."

this statement alone is enough to make ppl take their knives and kill everyone in the government... if i am correct, the government rise the tax so that the extra revenue they generate will be used to help the low income familes... i think i interpret that correctly... if right me if i am unright... in a way it makes sense... as in ppl will unknowingly buy things for themselves while at the same time helping the needy... sure its ok... UNTIL....

gst applies to every product... the needy no need buy things? they also need to buy things right... otherwise where are they going to get their clothes, toiletries, food etc etc... if u think that way, then something is wrong along the line the government think... becos its supposed to help the needy right... in fact it seems as if nothing is changed since the needy also pays the extra gst which in turn the government use it to help the needy... which translates to the poor pay money to help themselves... in simple terms, i pay money to help myself...

if u can still remember, making something out of nothing... guess u never saw it coming eh... =D

this time though its a bit different as in this time one group will suffer the loss instead of no win no lose situation the previous time... that group is the so called high earning income families... they will pay the extra to help the poor, whether they mind or not i duno, all i know in general they are quite stingy with their money... otherwise how they become rich right...

sometimes no news is good news, and this news is very bad news indeed, i dun see how good can it be no matter how i see it up down left right... guess we have to wait for the next budget to be announced then will we know the full extent of the situation... u know when no news is made, everyone is happy... now our dear PM has announced this shocking news, everyone becomes gloomy, seems that the only person still pretty optimistic about it is PM himself... maybe he is right i duno... since not everyone understand wats it like to be in his shoes, we just hope wat he has done is for the best for the citizens... this decision just makes me think... why would i work so hard to earn a high income just to pay for other ppl expenses, isnt that supposed to be the government's job? like tt i slack and dun work i will also get money ma since i am the needy... if i can think like that, im sure the rest are as smart as me too... in the end everyone slacks and productivity goes down... song bo!

economy looks good no doubt, but nxt year is the year... and soon u will hear the dreaded "R" ringing in ppl's ears... whats tt? next yr is 2007, 10 years... shares will take a tumbling and handshakes is very golden and the R? recession is coming ppl... dun understand what i am talking about? actually its a cycle... every ten yrs the economy will be bad... we shall see, i hope its not la... but u never know...

1:03 AM

November 05, 2006 COLOURED.

my ear~~~

this is wat happens when my leave is up and i have to go back to work... no time to blog... actually got but then too busy lvling my WOW character and so tired everytime after coming back from work... so i thought i better write something today before im gone again for the next 5 days due to sailing...

how much is a life's worth? if u jump on the mrt tracks, its worth half a million... so someone tried to repeat it hoping to get the same amount of money for his family... sad thing is, i think it backfired... because i hear no news from the 2nd jumping... dun think theres any donations pouring in...

what went wrong? why like that... singaporeans so cold and heartless like me?

all i can say is the jumper is quite stupid... his iq is either very low or he got no common sense at all...

imagine u strike 4d first prize this week, do u expect to strike 4d again next week?
if u got married this week, u expect to marry again next week?
say u kena knocked down by car, next week u will get hit again?
u got urself a lv, next week u have another lv?
nkf plead n plead and got their golden taps, will u give them gold bars now?

apparently, he is quite poor in maths... when ppl just die from a similar fashion, u cant expect the whole world to sympathise 2 ppl at the same time... one has to go and sadly that is the latter one... after ppl donated so much money to the first one, they already no more money to give to another one liao... if so easy to make money, then mrt have to hire more cleaners to clean their blood-stained trains when more n more are jumping... this reminds me, are they watching too much japanese movies like jisatsu circle?

"because the dead shines all night long"

ps: i cant think properly... sleep so much but still so tired, something is wrong with me...

9:52 PM


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