December 22, 2006 COLOURED.

i know damn long never update, i try to update when im at home ok, shall devote some time instead of wow-ing away... as i speak, im now already lvl52 liao... i play maple also not so sick until like that sia lol... anyway once i hit lvl 60 then i have more time for other things...

went to ikea today to find some frames since my chief keeps bugging me to do the project that the big shot wanted... was pretty lazy but i decided to go anyway since its been ages that i went out in broad daylight to relax instead of wandering around the streets at night along mohd sultan rd...

honestly speaking its my first time there, i dun mean the tampines outlet... im referring to the main ikea shop at alexander... ya its my first time there... i was like a kid marvelling at my new toys like that... i actually spent 3 hours walking through the place thinking about wat can i do to my future home... ppl always ask me why i save so much money for... well this is wat i am saving for... my dream home...

having seen the items, i have to say i kinda decided what theme i want to have... initially i was thinking of eithe zen or colorful vibrant colors... now i can say i prefer the safe black white grey combo with tempered glass n frost glass n lots of mirrors n a few drawings on the walls...

drawings isnt those normal ones, go ikea and have a look at the audrey hepburn sketch... im talking about this type of drawing... i dun wan plain walls, i wan the sketches on the walls... and then strictly no wood! though ikea has quite a number of wood stuff, they also have the black white grey things that turns me on...

first of all, black grey white is stylish... if i have my way, i would have my tiles glossy black... then all the females that enter my house must all wear skirts then can see their underwear... LOL... glossy black tiles is cool but its hard to match the tiles with... at least it gives the feel that the place is bug free... wood always reminds me of termites, red ants etc... theres nothing for the bugs to bite onto if i use black white grey...

next, tempered and frost glass will feature too... i was thinking of normal glass but it defeats the purpose... u know its just like someone is naked in front of u and u dun get aroused becos they are naked when they are supposed to be wearing something to cover their vital parts, u know bras or underwear n stuff... its the covering that makes ppl wan to uncover, and thats wat turns ppl on... like rapist like tt la, if u dun struggle they will sian and they drop the idea of rape liao... resistance only offers greater satisfaction, all the bimbos understand? anyway tempered and frost glass act as the cover... leaves a mystery of aura... i like to have my bathroom door to be fully glass but guests will be afraid to use right... so tempered glass is the solution... seeing the shadow but cannot see the real thing is ok... but i waas thinking of a glass dining table though... so that while eating u can see who is holding whose hand under the table... u will be caught if u go under the table on the excuse that u r picking up something when actually u are unzipping someone's pants...

mirror mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them all... im not vain but i believe that mirrors are a vital part of my masterpiece... they will form part of a design in various positions... ppl wun feel lonely living alone as they will constantly see someone else in the mirror... but its also kinda scary when u really see someone else in the mirror other than u... for me i not so easily frightened by these man-made scares so its ok with me... mirror helps to make ur house look bigger i believe... i even saw a wardrobe where its doors are all mirrors... perfect for any ppl who love themselves so much they wanna see themselves making love on the bed without having to make do with a troublesome camera...

so there u go, my dream home... i could start work on it right away... if only i had someone with me then i can fulfil my wish earlier... provided she is fine with the idea too... if only... =(

12:42 AM

December 13, 2006 COLOURED.

recently i have been getting quite a number of offers to make money from my navy mates... and some of the nsfs used to work for some special companies... whenever i tell them to sign on to earn money, they always say they can earn more outside... usually these type of ppl are those that like to bullshit... they will purposely dun sign on becos they dun like the saf and they believe grass is always greener on the other side...

now we all know grass is always yellow on the other side... they are just disillusioning themselves... but the few that i spoke to are exceptions... im amazed with the jobs they held outside before getting enlisted for national service and how much they earn... some quite understandable as they have been working for the company for a number of years liao... i didnt know that one works as a credit card consultant... no wonder his presentation skills sibei tok kong even though he only got nitec qualifications...

ppl would be smiling secretly if they could ever get 2k as their starting pay... to some its too little to even consider working, but to some its beats working in a factory doing 12hr shifts... me? i belong more to the happy to get 2k types... thats why u can say im pretty satisfied with what im getting right now...

but sometimes when i hear how some of them are doing well and what they're getting, its tempting to fall into their trap... maybe its not a trap, maybe it really does turn out to be a money-churning machine... but im just a down-to-earth guy and its really hard to believe those too-good-to-be-true-returns... my friend has already manage to get quite a number to enrol in this special investment thing that promises returns which i think no insurance company will dare to match... initially i was bought over... but the thought of having to plant in 10k into uncharted territory is something that is too risky an investment to make...

its horrifying to know my friend sign up for many cards just so he can invest in the thing... he dun have the capital so he borrowed... maxed out all his cards for a total of 60k... pretty crazy thing to do, i just hope he will see light at the end of the day and the investment really works... if it works then good for him, for me its just a missed opportunity to retire early... but the problem of humans is they are always optimistic, way too optimistic... i prefer to see things from worst case scenarios... if i can live through it and still survive the setback then i can afford to fork out the money... investment to me is simple. as long as u are comfortable without the money u are putting in, then go ahead...

even though im cautious, my mum is much much worst than me... everytime she sees prudential letters addressed to me, she would tell me to stop putting money into it and instead leave it at bank cos its the safest... safe, yes its safe... but i dun wan my $250 now to still become $250 in the future and its only enuf to buy noodles... if u remember old ppl love to say... their meals always can be settled in less than $0.05...

my poly friend asked me whether i was interested in some health supplement stuff that guardian was advertising... i said no straight cos to me it sounds like multi level marketing which i detested... and recently my old friend msged me out of nowhere asking me how was i... in this case, there's only a few things that can happen... the person is really sincere to know whether im still alive... the person wanted to rekindle our relationship, too bad its a he... the person want to borrow money... the person wants flavours...

sadly in this world, no one belongs to the first category where they really wan to catch up with their long lost friends... he was telling me wat he was doing and how much he was making... and he mentioned the same product which my poly friend had failed to psycho me in the past... the difference this time is my fren is more convincing with his sales pitch and making spare cash while working sounds nice... sounds even better when he says that u can make more than what u earn...

he offered to meet in person and talk more and in the end, it didnt materialise as i constantly put off the date...

this type of thing to me is very sensitive... cos i never believe ur friends would ever want to help u make as much money as them by joining them... personally if i ever had an money making opportunity, i wouldnt recommend it to my friends... instead i will do it myself... selfish but it beats having the burden of trying to explain to ur friends whenever something goes wrong... relationships get strained and friends no more... all becos of money... hence i rather be conned by strangers than ppl i know... at least its not so hurting... if they are now happily making loads of money then so be it... im contended with wat i have, anyway its not too late to join them when u are desperate... i just hope that day never come though...

5:26 PM

December 08, 2006 COLOURED.

u know while i was on duty yesterday, i was doing the usual domestics at the same old places where the officers and warrant officers are so lazy to throw their rubbish yet keep whining that our own cabins dirty dun wan to clean... the up pole not straight, the bottom pole cfm crooked is the chinese saying... u wan us to have clean cabins at least show a good example ma... thats wat i dun like about, keep ordering ppl to do this do that when u cant even do simple things properly...

i spotted this exotic girls calendar 2007 at one of the warrant officer's area... now being a male of cos i have to stop and take a look right... u cant expect me to go EEEEEEWW then go cover my eyes while chop chop sweeping the floor and run away from the crime scene... after a few flips i put it back and continued with my domestics... no signs of raging hormones... no signs of sudden growth of body hair... no rush of blood to the head, dickhead i mean... no urge to plug into any hole that i see... in short i think i turned gay for a moment...

SIAO BO, i gay? lol

now i believe that first time is always the best, u get so excited u can just shoot out just by looking at the pictures... over time after intense training staring at the monitor screen for hours, ur hard work has finally paid off as u are now immune to pictures... then the natural step would be to move on to videos... once thats done, u get down to the real sex... either pay for it, force it or watever means... once ur stick cant even stand up upon the sight of a naked woman... the nirvana stage would be turning gay... so in a way u can safely say that gays have done it all...

its not interesting any more when u look at the various calendar girls in bikinis or in weird clothes thats extremely revealing... why? becos photoshop is to blame... heck with the help of photoshop, they can remove the nipple just like tt... meaning if i shoot u naked with u not covering anything at all, u can still be nippleless... thats something i dun understand... why is it that age 18 and above can view nipples and those younger ones cant? is nipple such a turn on?

its just a pointed lil thing protruding out from the breast ma... what is it that warrants a M18?

i have no idea... maybe ppl can enlighten me...

12:01 PM

December 05, 2006 COLOURED.

you know that u simply cant live without the internet when u almost went hysterical upon discovering that ur modem's missing when u reached home... thats wat happened to me... =X

i powered my computer, was all ready to click on the world of warcraft icon to quickly gain abit of experience before it goes down for maintenance when i clicked on a website and all i see is a page cannot be displayed... then i saw it... on the bottom right hand corner of my taskbar... the yellow triangle exclamation mark inside 2 monitors icon... i turned to look at the place where my modem is and it was empty... the cables n wires were there but the modem was gone... WTF!!!!

instantly i can only think of three scenarios that happened...

1)robber broke into my house and took my cable modem to sell to karang guni... doesnt make sense when i got some spare cash at a drawer next to the modem that is worth more than the modem itself... somemore theres no evidence of a break in...

2)my mother did it becos she got tired of me playing world of warcraft everytime i came home glued to my monitor and not paying any attention to her... its an extreme thought but it was quite possible... considering she threw some of my soft toys away when we moved over here some years ago without my consent... so sad u know... soft toys kena thrown... wah lau :(

3)my sister took it... which i found out really is her who took it after i messaged her... lucky is she take... if its the previous 2 choices that i could come up with then i would have been so devastated... very exaggerated but its true... i cant live without computers...

10:44 PM


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