June 30, 2003 COLOURED.

you really have to give it to the people that created dharmol pills... my temperature shot right through 38� last night... this morning i felt so much better... perhaps they should create some sort of medication that allows you to feel nothing when lifting weights... then i dun have to listen to so many groans and moans liao...

was at the school... saw the year 1 students... i was left stunned for a while... i think if i were to mix around in their group, people will think i am in my first year and they are in their final year... teenagers nowadays mature so fast... they look so old compared to me... think i can endorse some products promoting about maintaining youthfulness...

eck eck... SPSU reuse their black paper bags sia... now they have different colors of the orientation t-shirt... still got give water bottle... and the freshmen have some very funny hairdos... one had the yang guo hairstyle...

since the lab technicians have formatted the pcs... we cant play any games... spent my time down there looking at greek and norse mythologies and the seven wonders of the ancient world... i really wonder whether they are for real... especially the seven wonders... save for that giza pyramid, the other 6 were lost oreadi... and the hanging gardens sound way too absurd... i will definitely want to see it if it was still around... same with the giant zeus statue...

the new wonders... the one in barcelona... forget the name liao... looks so grand and paikia sia... got money to go europe then go see see liao...

"bad people weren't supposed to be nice" - hong

11:21 PM

-(And when I dream)
-No mommy, don't do it again
-Don't do it again
-I'll be a good boy
-I'll be a good boy, I promise
-No mommy, don't hit me

cant sleep... no one can sleep like a pig when u have a blocked nose anyway... having a mild cold... heck i was oreadi sniffing away when i was swimming... lol, a bit the inconsiderate... but i swear i did not sniff even once when i start to swim...

this cold hot combo in my body feels so nice... burning hot inside, freezing cold outside... and my face is burnt by yesterday's sun... everything has gone wrong since yesterday...

we used to reject... but now he's the rejector... lol... how does it feels to get a taste of your own medicine... tastes bitter... but no medicine is sweet... anyway channeled my focus on yahoo pool with toy again... he wanted revenge... but he didnt get it, still lose to me 4-6...

how does it feel to watch ur frens leave 1 by 1 and in the end left urself onli... *shrugs*... think 2Q knows the answer best... feel a bit guilty at times... but i will feel more guilty when the bill comes... lol...

who's the worm in da house now... definitely not me... wanted to go out and get lunch then my sister tell me to buy for her... if i never buy, she will cook maggi instead of going out to buy... my mother love to say im lazier than a worm... in studies maybe la... when it comes to excerising, i just want pain pain pain and more pain...

way sey... karena lam swim freestyle nice nice... leslie chung anyhow whack 1...

"having a heart of stone prevents misunderstandings" - hong

1:02 AM

June 29, 2003 COLOURED.

-Been here before couldn't say I liked it
-Do I start writing all this down?
-Just let me plug you into my world
-Can't you help me be uncrazy?

my mind is still a blur... lol... cant stop thinking about yesterday's yahoo pool session with toy in the early hours... im not sure what made me go there... too bored perhaps... was playing with a stranger with mixed results... win lose win lose win lose, very inconsistent...

-Do I have the strength
-To know how I'll go?
-Can I find it inside
-To deal with what I shouldn't know

and toy was in irc raving about ace of base, modern talking and their best hits albums from musiclines... i wonder how long will it takes to convert him to a rocker... he's still struck at the early 90s... while he was downloading all the music he was bored, same as me when i am downloading things with nobody to chat with... actually there are people to chat with... but i prefer to be picked up... lol... and i got toy to go yahoo pool and compete... never play with him b4...

-All the shots I take
-I spit back at you
-All the shit you fake
-Comes back to haunt you

started inconsistently again with him... win lose lose win... he loves the black ball so much that he got the ball in when he's supposed to clear his own balls for 2 games straight... and he was giving excuses that he neber aim... challenged him to a 3 straight win competition... i think he's not suited for the night life... judging by the way he hit the balls... i thought it will take a while to win the 3 straight since anyone can break a 2 straight and have to play longer... i was dead wrong... i won 3 straight in 14 minutes with 12 minutes to spare before i dc... was laughing all the way when i thought to finish the contest will require me to reconnect...

-I see my reflection in the window
-It looks different, so different than what you see
-Projecting judgment on the world
-This house is clean baby
-This house is clean

my reflection is different than wat u see... as we continued playing... i was on a +6 streak... he kena stunned... told me when go play real pool... i rather not, waste my money go play... unless im gifted and every ball i hit went inside the pocket, go there onli xia suay myself...

-Wake the sleeping giant
-Wake the beast
-Wake the sleeping dog
-No, let him sleep

i had to get out of bed at 10:30... i have to... otherwise i will miss my pokemon show... i know its childish... but i just liked it... not sure why either... maybe i got addicted becos monsters can be so cute?... mcdonalds now even got pokeballs... other cartoons i missed oso neber mind... but pokemon is a must watch...

while watching, i was observing the skies... think my place is the onli location where u can have orangey red skies from 3am onwards to dawn... cloudy... then the clouds cleared... it sure knows what i wanted...

went bukit batok to book drop... i should suggest they put a chopper on top of the book drop thing man... hand put inside too long will kena chopped off... that will speed up the dropping process... stupid parents and stupid kids... typical stuff i see... 1 parent carry the kid... 1 parent take the book to give the kid to book drop... drop liao then the hand still inside dun wan take out... basket... ever seen a lot of people queuing just to return books?... come to west mall and u see... bloody block the whole passageway leh the queue... next time i just pushed the kid inside... and it wun be known as book drop animore... its known as the brat drop...

-Wash your back so you won't stab mine
-Get in bed with your own kind
-Live your life so you don't see mine
-Drape your back so you won't shine

oh great... bukit batok pool is closing from july 1st for some renovation... wonder what sort of renovation will they be doing... hope the prices remain the same... and hope they attract more girls there... wait a minute... they cant attract anything... im the main attraction there... lol...

-I bite my tongue
-Trying not to shoot back
-No compromise
-My heart won't pump the other way

swim like going on a cruise like that... slowly wading my way around... lol... and people beside me keep splashing water at me... if u duno how to freestyle then dun bloody freestyle... kick the water oso anyhow splash at me... and they have put up the stingy 2 lane continuous swim again... and i went for the 4 lane training 1 again... lol... i deserve better leh... and im thoughtful... i wun wan to swept people beside me away when im swimming...

-I will only let you breathe
-My air that you receive
-Then we'll see if I let you love me

-Ooh, what a good boy you are
-Out of the way you're kept to yourself
-Ooh, can't you see that he's not here
-He doesn't want the attention you give
-Ooh, unplugging from it all
-Invisible kid floats alone in his room
-Ooh, what a quiet boy you are
-He looks so calm floating 'round and around in himself

"the difference between dreams and accomplishments is purely desire" - WWE

1:22 AM

June 28, 2003 COLOURED.

We're the lower Gloominati, and we aim to depress
The scabaret sacrilegends
This is the Golden Age of Grotesque

like ive said earlier... i went on a soul-searching trip... thats why i wasnt writing anything at all, since people know i publish on a daily basis... long holidays, 1 more week and back to school... or should i say i have always been a good boy and attended school since the last 3 weeks... everything has changed during the vacation... the people are still there, but its just not the same anymore...

Pain- they want it
Pain- they want it
Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain

pain not as in punching or kicking or whacking or biting or hammering or slamming or slapping each other with trouts in irc... that is plain crazy... pain as in torturing oneself to have a nice body... my arms still hurt from tuesday's one... lol... wat to do... muscles dun grow just by sleeping...

I am a big car, and I'm a strip bar
Call it fake, I call it as good as it gets
Nothing in this world is real
Except you are for me, and I am so yours

nothing is predictable... most of those big big muscular guys that u see oftenly in gyms are fake... all take supplements, mass gainers, stimulants... u name it, they've done it... toy has said to reach until that kind of man-giant without doing drugs will take a lifetime... they just took the easy way out... thy're quite easy to spot too... big bodies yet they have frog legs... yea their legs doesnt look like they can support the upper body...

I'd like to love you but my heart is a sore
I am, I am, I am so yours

the perfect 10 advert... marilyn monroe's going "diamonds are forever"... i am looking for a diamond grade... but not now... diamonds take very long to polish, i dun have time for that... til then its back to bthk, powerpuff, the chicken rice gang and the guys...

I woke up today and wished for tomorrow
I don't want to be like anyone else
I woke up today and wished for tomorrow
I don't want even be myself

we r 3 strangers from the start... we have our own lifes... we have our own ways to do things... but we r the same... share the same bad thoughts... share the same jokes... share the same failure... we r the same... used to be... now its just 3 strangers from the start... yet another cycle...

I'm on a campaign for pain
And when I get elected
I'll wipe the white off your house
The smile off your face

its not nice to change from the main man to the middle man... wat to do... i dun have wat it takes to sweet talk my way through... lol... its too cold to go swimming these days... my heart will prolly go below 30bpm if i ever try swimming... i have been observing that Russian Roulette show for very long liao... about people's heart beats while they are playing the game... while most have 90-100+ for their normal rate, some have veri low and some have veri high beat rate... very surprised when 1 girl actually has 70+ bpm... must have been excerising like mad 1... sometimes out of boredom i oso try to calculate my own heart beat... oso ard 70+ but sometimes i feel the heart like not beating at all... especially when im in bed... 2 or 3 seconds then beat once... scary...

We'll be the worms in your apple pie.
Fake abuse for our biles blacken our own eyes.
Grass isn't greener on the other side
We'll set it on fire, and we have no reason why

well... no one said that grass is greener on the other side... it has been dried up by the blazing sun... :)... who says you r stupid if u give up a forest for a tree... who knows the forest all kena parasites and are dying...

Set fashion, not follow
Spitfantry all not swallow

setting fashion... at jurong east mrt when i saw this guy with a nice hairdo... not nice... in my eyes it looks sucky... but it draws attention and thats all it matters... he was growing this manchu hair... u know those chinese period movies like wong fei hong with their pig tails and top half of their heads shaven... the guy is something like that... except the hair on the top half has grown back and looks hideous... and he didnt tie the long hair behind... gross gross gross... but congrats to him, he has set fashion...

I don't care if your world is ending today
Because I wasn't invited to it anyway
You said I tasted famous so I drew you a heart
But now I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking work of art

"i eat too much lady's fingers thats y i got fingers like a lady"... thats wat i tell ppl when they questioned me... goodness sake toy doesnt even know what is ladys fingers... told him it is like starfruit but starfruit is the grandfather and the grandson is hairy... and he still doesnt understand... maybe i should show him niang tofu one day...

You wanted perfect, you got your perfect
Now I'm too perfect for someone like you
I was a dandy in the ghetto with a snow white smile
But you'll never be as perfect whatever you do

tell me the answer to my question and you will be perfect... becos i duno the real answer really... question: do fishes ever pee?... we all know they shit... but pee?... my father ask me this seemingly dumb question and i tell him i duno... chided me that go school for more than 10 years and still duno this kind of question... i rather he ask me any sex question and i can bloody answer him without ever going to school... sometimes i wonder why do i have to go school for... learn all the stupid things.. what if i had a job and its not related to my studies?... they will go "oh its okay, u can learn on the job"... learn on the job... then i rather work now then wasting money studying... my sister studies engineering and she ended up with a networking job... she said the supervisor was around to help her... so wat i have been studying for 3 years is actually a few days of knowledge?... in the end school is just an excuse to know more girls...

Once I ran to you. (I ran)
Now I run from you.
This tainted love you've given
I gave you all a boy could give you.
Take my tears and thats not nearly all.
Tainted love

"its like the world has stopped spinning" - hong

12:48 AM

June 27, 2003 COLOURED.

back after finding my way to Nirvana... will be doing more later....

2:16 PM

June 21, 2003 COLOURED.


redeemed the Football Top 10 that is given free when i completed the five tokens... surprisingly, viera is not even in the top 10 of midfielders... lol...

toy was complaining about me purposely conserving energy on wednesday for today's gym... not that i cant help it, hands wise i was quite weak... the chest excercises are really free frag... later he still have to play basketball with his friends, wonder how does he shoot...

what can 3 hours offer you... it is enough to experience all the things that u will go through in life... i feel invisible at times... okie thats good, no one to bother me... but sometimes i wish people will bother me... at least give me a chance to be pissed... lol... thats when im bored of cos... no one wants to be disturbed when he is doing something...

being invisible is fine by me... then all of a sudden i feel wanted... people swarmed me like an army of bjorks... then i just dunno how to handle... you know what it feels like to be at a very low then reach a very high in just 3 hours?... ppl with a poor heart will most likely suffer heart attacks or strokes... luckily i was saved by a kind soul... made me regained my old self and back to normal... it was actually the kind soul who helped me... yet the kind soul doesnt know... it doesnt matter anyway... the kind soul was just too engrossed in herself... anyway i thank you...

listening to metallica and marilyn manson at the same time spells anger and frustation... have to thank mariyln manson for teaching ppl how to pronounce "grotesque burlesque"... thats wat i have been listening over the past few days... feels so pumped up for some kinda action, watever action it might be... just bring IT...

.::]We know who we are and what we wanna say[::.
.::]And we don't care who's listening[::.
.::]We don't rebel to sell, it just suits us well[::.
.::]We're the bright young things[::.

"i have ten middle fingers on both my hands" - hong

12:08 AM

June 19, 2003 COLOURED.

sick of blogger... likes to be down for no particular reason... and wasted yet another day in school...

"my lifestyle determines my deathstyle" - hong

11:48 PM

honglin asked me yesterday if there are girls around in the gym and i told him no... then he ask me go for wat... a veri stupid question really... maybe i should tell him i go gym so that i can see guys working out, so sexY~... and he wun bother me ever again, good idea...

sometimes i feel its a waste of money going to gym twice weekly... tuesday session is all about the hands and legs... something i can achieve better with push-ups and swimming... anyway, went for the sake of listening to the radio... my house cant tune in to any local station due to the awkward location...

finished gym at noon and went to batok for some swimming... i tink wednesday is some kind of free entry for ladies like those discos with their ladies nite out stuff... for the first time ive actually see the number of men outnumbered by the number of women leh...

and if u want to swim without goggles... please make sure u know where u are going... dun anyhow swim from lane 5 to lane 3... i was swimming halfway then this girl began cutting into my path liao... i was like "oh good, now im going to be accused of molest for nothing"... i dun have much enery left, but i still have to go fast otherwise i m really dead meat... in the end i swerved out of danger... but not before kicking her in the head... :) better than hitting her somewhere else...

some people can be so weird... one girl was listening to he discman on the steps of the medium pool... thought she was crazy or not... saw her discman was covered with a zippo bag... lol... wonder wat will happen if i kicked it into the water...

veri long neber spend more than two and a half hours at the pool liao... wanted to wait until 3 hours... but my palms are ready to crack... so i left the pool with a nice red back and my gold hair again...

wanted to buy spring chicken for lunch but i didnt bring enuf money... ended having to go back home to get money and go all the way back to yew tee mrt to buy my lunch... neber mind, just treat it as a training...

i am always one of the first to know... yet i am alway the last to get close... anyway i shouldnt be bothered with these stuff... seems like i am living in my own world... maybe they think i am someone who takes things lightly... so its just like the matrix... they prefer to take the pill that takes them back to their 'normal' life being played around with their 'normal' friends... instead of seeking the real truth... becos they know truth is ugly... we are 2 different people... we dun talk much, but i have respect for this guy... he doesnt talk about it... i always act like i dun give a damn... that's 2 guys sua cool for u...

never mind if you dun understand what im saying in the above paragraph... it takes a lot of thinking to know what i am crapping... so save the time for some useful things to do... :) ... and surprisingly, i like metallica's album... lol... all nice nice tracks...

and becks is finally going to real madrid... off u go golden balls... hope man utd will get ronaldinho now... becks is always a liability to the team... except for his free-kicks, he's as good as any s-league player...

orchard has been giving out qoo drinks for the past few weeks... while we have to queue to get ours... my sister told me she got 3 bottles without having to queue... said that the person approached them and ask some stupid questions, if get right then give out qoo drinks... her friend even more power, got 5 bottles... they really should give more to the guys mah... guys can hold their water better...

"wats underneath the clothes is something which u will neber imagine in ur entire life..." - hong

10:31 AM

Metallica - Some Kind of Monster

These are the eyes that can't see me
These are the hands that drop your trust
These are the boots that kick you around
This is the tongue that speaks on ths inside
These are the ears that ring with hate
This is the face that'll never change
This is the fist that grinds you down
This is the voice of silence no more

These are the legs in circles run
This is the beating you'll never know
These are the lips that taste no freedom
This is the feel that's not so safe
This is the face that you'll never change
This is the god that ain't so pure
This is the god that is not pure
This is the voice of silence no more

We the people
Are we the people?

Some kind of monster
This monster lives

This is the face that stones you cold
This is the moment that needs to breathe
These are the claws that scratch these wounds
This is the pain that never leaves
This is the tongue that whips you down
This is the burden of every man
These are the screams that pierce your skin
This is the voice of silence no more

This is the test of flesh and soul
This is the trap that smells so good
This is the flood that drains these eyes
These are the looks that chill to the bone
These are the fears that swing over head
These are the weights that hold you down
This is the end that will never end
This is the voice of silence no more

We the people
Are we the people?

Some kind of monster
This monster lives

This is the cloud that swallows trust
This is the black that uncolors us
This is the face that you hide from
This is the mask that comes undone

I'm in us

10:31 AM

June 17, 2003 COLOURED.

early in the morning... rain rain rain... bryant called and said 11 then meet... told him change do to 1pm better... later toy called me to said its 1pm... whEE!... went back to sleep...

honglin called at 11 plus... my mother answered and said i was at school... she didnt know my white butt was still sticking on my comfy bed since i told her im going to school in the morning... finally forced myself out of bed at 12 noon and gave my mother a shock...

so i head to school and saw this note pasted outside the lab... "on a half day leave"... oh great... does it mean a half day leave for the morning shift or afternoon 1... we were complaining about the wasted trip... toy was whining about forgetting to bring gloves for the later gym session... waited 20 minutes outside and another technician came... said that actually it wasnt supposed to be open in the afternoon but no one turned up in the morning so she had to make the extra trip... so nice...

duno but theres something about her... in her thirties, she had all the makings of a huang lian po (yellow face woman)... dry skin, crooked teeth, hair like just wake up 1, black rings form ard her eyes, balding head... yea, she is losing hair... maybe all good mothers will be like this?... black rings = good mama... my description of her may seem like a monster to anyone, but she has some sort of attracting powers... well to me at least...

something refreshing for a change, the aunty killed me instead of the other way round... since i have been bestowed the title of aunty killer by my chicken rice gang some months back... i was going around killing aunties... the most recent being one incident at SP mcdonalds last week... the store manager was serving me when i ordered a big mac meal... as u know, mcdonalds seldom have big macs ready, always have to wait for them to make 1... so i waited... and waited.. and waited... finished my fries and waited again... told him 2 times liao yet its still not ready yet... then the 3rd time i go i find one auntie down there and tell her i still waiting for my big mac... she checked wif the kitchen crew and found out still haben make the big mac... oh great... she say sorry many times then promised to deliver it herself... within 3 minutes i got it steaming hot...

left at 4pm for the gym... while on the way to mrt i realised i 4get to bring my towel... lol... in the end we decide to postpone it to tomorrow where we give ourselves a day off...

is it normal for a person to do sit-ups until his stomach feels funny?... like the stomach is bloated with air and not able to eat much becos of it... anyway... i think the bridge is much worse than crunches... or maybe im not doing the crunches properly... but bridge is really a killer... nowadays while i pei jacky wu... in between the commercials im always doing something... sometimes u just have to force it for the real thing to appear... going to carbo-load myself after skipping my lunch today...

btw... marilyn manson's version of tainted love is cool...

"do u see wat i see, can u hear wat i hear, do u feel like i feel" - hong

11:21 PM

June 16, 2003 COLOURED.

hey hey hey hey ba la ba la... la la la la la la... hey hey hey hey ba la ba la... la la la la la la...

6am... the strongest wind i ever encountered in my life so far... i felt like i was watching earthvision in front of my eyes... the winds were howling... blowing all the shirts, skirts, sarongs of everyone in sight... i wanted to hug someone so badly that time... i was scared man... the windows look like it is going to give way anytime... then the rain come piak piak piak against the window panes... i hugged my chinchilla even tighter...

come 8:30... my alarm clock woke me up... not my alarm clock really... it was rather the lack of wind that kept me awake... and its getting humid all over again... oh great...

guess wat... they still havent solve the internet problem for student account... oh great... now we have nothing to do again... and i was dabbling with the cdrw with some effect... oh great... anyway i felt very important these few days becos the technicians always need me for my password to my account... lol... they were trying to test out the new domain and needed to make sure everything is okay... and since there are only 3 students around, we were treated a bit like gods...

so while he was toying with the proper setting up of log ins... he was asking us what we were doing... i said we were doing programming... and he was like 'wah, programming veri xiong 1 u konw, i last time oso kena... everytime do wanna vomit blood'... we were nodding in agreement... but too bad he didnt see what was on our screens... CM4 baby...

went outdoors to clementi hawker centre for lunch... onli to realise that the western food 1 is not open... oh great... settle for some porridge, something which i got hungry after 2 hours... left the school early at 3:30 to watch nemo...

bryant was commenting that i have beautiful fingers... said they look like a woman's... my sister was dying to have my fingers... my mother said i can shoot wedding ring commercials with my hands as the bride... the fingers were not always nice... in primary school i used to bite them often... so maybe it helps to shape the nails better?... oh great...

head home after 8 to check my cdrw... it kept restarting my computer automatically once i start to copy files over... install the old reader and then it works... oh great... finally marilyn manson... finally metallica... finally matrix reloaded... finally staind... finally deftones...

"babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel party party" - hong

10:46 PM

June 15, 2003 COLOURED.

i felt old... takumi overtook me twice while we were swimming... chased him initially but gave up in the end as somone punctured my lungs... make me no breath then have to swim at a tortoise pace... so while uchu and co. were outside at orchard having a fun time... i am frolicking in the water like a beach boy... lol... going to cut my hair to spikes once it grows out of hand... it kept blocking my vision when i was coming up to inhale...

if the cdrw cant help... i just have to rely on the goold old diskettes... going to watch nemo tml... and i really do hope the school has fixed its SD domain problem... otherwise it will be yet another day of rotting in school...

"no more mood liao..." - hong

10:55 PM

desperate to find an answer... i migrated to WinXP... took me 2 hours to complete the installation... no thanks to some lousy handling... i kept disrupting the installation process accidentally... finished my supper and dips with time to spare...

i realli feel like a mountain tortoise using a new OS... not used to the "user-friendliness"... so many weird things i neber seen b4... and it looks a bit too big leh... big icons, big taskbar, big folder icons... want to be blind oso cannot liao...

those using XP one ar, is it possible to change the color of the green "start" button?... it looks weird with the silver appearance... i thought it would change as well but it didnt...

okie... y is "picture gallery" not shown under "my documents" window... had to go to "start" button to find it... i thought it was lost...

supposed to be going out today... now i had nowhere to go... but the weather is too hot for me to nap anyway... so i went out just to see see look look... those bands and groups and solos performing at the street festival are actually not bad, think they can go the Ocean Butterfly auditions...

happened to see sano... i knew he was out, but i didnt know it was that easy to find him... went borders to search for visual c++ books... in the end i dun understand a single book... and the security guard there was quite meek... sano n i couldnt hear what he was saying... but we get the idea that we arnt supposed to sit on the floor...

those who have been to the starhub roadshow at cineleisure may have spotted some california fitness center personal trainers taking their shirts off and showing their bodies ala hulk... was impressed with their physique, always thought personal trainers are all has-beens and have beer bellies... toy should have seen them, too bad no one was around my size...

"my sassy ger where r u..." - hong

12:56 AM

June 13, 2003 COLOURED.

first time im allowed to wake up later than 8:30... supposed to go to school to continue with CM but bryant didnt wan to go... so toy n i can go to gym at 2pm... bring the pain, i'm loving it... then i'll go home acting like jelly... if anyone tries to poke me, i will probably fall to the down with a thud and not get up again...

who likes to torture himself yet finds pleasure from it?... not sure if anyone has tried korean noodles in package form... the packet is red color 1... whenever i eat that i will always sniff and cry like someone just passed away or something touching like tt... my lips became bigger than angelina jolie, sweating worse than a pig, feeling hot all over... but i just cant help it, its nice... is this considered torture?... i dunno... what i do know is neber brush ur teeth with toothpaste immediately after u ate that... that is really torture...

and my pc is getting blue screens over n over just because of the stupid InCD... normally when a software is updated, it usually gets better than the older version... but no, it onli screw up big time... and i still cant read the data from the cd... which means no new music to listen to... :(

if there's anyone feeling stressed, i truly recommend u to try playing vice city... i love that chainsaw so much... i feel like eminem... going around hacking innocent people... and they even make the blood spill all over and drops of blood can be seen on ur monitor... even amazing is a car can be blown by using the chainsaw as well... wonderful~... just like the song in papa roach's blood brothers... ITS IN OUR NATURE TO KILL KILL KILL!

"pain pain pain" - hong

10:26 PM

June 12, 2003 COLOURED.

i feel like an old man... my upper back is killing me, i neber do anything except for pushups but its impossible mah... aching is good, force the body to adjust and become stronger... and my sister is going to get fat... her bony shoulders dun look nice on sleeveless clothes... anyway i tink all should eat as much and dun bother about losing weight when u're oreadi considered underweight judging by the BMI...

and its so sickening to see people actually list suntanning as a hobby... its totally absurd... they ought to be shot and put to sleep just like abandoned pets...

is it me or is it the weather... my forehead feels hot...

"so so so so so near... yet so far" - hong

11:08 PM

June 11, 2003 COLOURED.

just how bored am i at school?... just take a look at how many quizzes i have posted... toy n i have even started a 20 push-up per hour challenge... but most of the time we were too busy playing CM4 to remember that the hour is up... in the end we only did about 3 sets out of a possible 7 sets... may seem a little... but i am beginning to feel the effect... pain means growth :)

set another target for myself... although it is high impossible... try to hit 15 for pullups by end of june... was motivated when i saw so many guys at the gym yesterday pulling at least 10... right now i can onli 5 or 6... so must work hard...

in between CM4, i was oso busy downloading albums...

marilyn manson - the golden age of grotesque
various artists - matrix reloaded ost
staind - 14 shades of grey
deftones - deftones
metallica - st anger
eason - black white grey

but i hate the pc... damaged both of my cdrws... lol... in the end i cant copy them to my cd then i have to get another cdrw tml... and the good old teacher finally brought the visual c++ for us to install... finally we have something to do...

sometimes i wish i can insist i am always right... toy always say i wrong i wrong... for those who were doing C++ or java will know sth about the "endl" thing... we always saw it as "end1" and neber thought that it was actually a 'l'... so we keep getting some stupid errors and then when we remove the '1', it works... so toy was saying why i so stupid borrow outdated book 1... i say he so clever he go n borrow la, he himself lazy dun wan go borrow... hmm, i will make sure he eat his words tml... and we will keep insisting each is right then we will start to compare things... but it'll always stop then i say he got fat stomach n i dun have... lol...

"laughing gives u a toned stomach, not insomnia..." - hong

10:35 PM

I'm going to Hell because I am a pervert! But shh! Don't tell anyone.
You're one of those perverts. You know what I'm
talking about.

Clean yourself up, and
get outside more! Fucker.

Why Will You Go To Hell?

3:42 PM

The Jackal

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?

3:35 PM

Middle-aged. You'll die from something unexpected,
just when your kids are going to college or
something great is happening. Cause Unknown.

At what age will you die?

3:24 PM

You are Cypher-
You are Cypher, from "The Matrix."
Selfish, disllusioned, you are misguided at
times. You deviate from the "right"

What Matrix Persona Are You?

3:17 PM

This Is The New Shit

Everything's been said before
There's nothing left to say anymore
When it's all the same
You can ask for it by name

Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch
Rebel, Rebel, Party, Party
Sex, sex, sex, don't forget the violence
Blah, blah, blah
Got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along

Are you motherfuckers ready for the new shit?
Stand up and admit it, tomorrow's never coming
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit it
Do we need it? NO!
Do we want it? YEAH!
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit it

Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch
Rebel, Rebel, Party, Party
Sex, sex, sex, don't forget the violence
Blah, blah, blah
Got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along
Everything's been said before
There's nothing left to say anymore
When it's all the same
You can ask for it by name

Now it's you-know-who
I've got the you-know-what
I stick it in the you-know-where
You know why, you don't care

Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch
Rebel, Rebel, Party, Party
Sex, sex, sex, don't forget the violence
Blah, blah, blah
Got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely
Stick your stupid slogan in
Everybody sing along

Are you motherfuckers ready for the new shit?
Stand up and admit it, tomorrow's never coming
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit it
Do we need it? NO!
Do we want it? YEAH!
This is the new shit
Stand up and admit it

Let us
We're entertaining you

12:01 PM

June 10, 2003 COLOURED.

sick of the junk i keep getting in my yahoo mail... porn porn porn and more porn... dun they ever give up... report to spam is useless... it just sends more n more copies of it... i need some serious help...

it takes a bit of thinking to make calculation faster... whenever i was thinking wat was italy's time... i will subtract 6 hours from my time... quite easy... wait til u have to subtract from 1am or pm to 5am or pm... realised i was such a dumbo... all i need to do is add 6 hours to my time and i will have italy's time forwarded 12 hours which makes it easier to know the time faster...

sian manz, teacher is not here again... only be free on wednesday... which means yet another day of CM4 in school... and i can access the internet again... wheepEe~... sometimes its down, sometimes its up... thank goodness it is up, at least i can say something in my dekap... and many thanks to VOnne, if u went all the way to find the information just to enlighten me, then i am veri thankful... no stranger has ever done that and im willing to yi sheng xiang xu... lol... once again, singaporeans arnt that heartless after all...

hit the gym at 6pm with toy... flooded with people... everyone is waiting for the weights... and i went to measure my weight b4 the workout as usual... crazy leh, lunch neber eat then lose 2kg liao... toy oso neber eat lunch and he lost 2kg as well... didnt know that it was so easy to lose weight...

while we're waiting for our turns to do our sets, we were looking at the swimming complex which is flooded with people as well... black is the color of the day... see so many gers wearing black bikinis around... wat is the difference between bikinis and bra - panties combo?... u can get wet wif bikinis and if ur bra - panties touched a single drop of water, u will cry me a river... which is understandable considering how much they can cost... i've worked b4 in this area ya... :)

finally saw a handsome guy with the muscles... duno why but most handsome guys always dun have the figure to go with... tink of all the crazy fans who dig boybands (esp chinese ones) made me realised so many people have no taste... WeWe left a very lasting impression for me... Li Wei was flabby, You Wei was skinny... and i thought they were working out... so if u're handsome, go build up then the gers will pile up like Mt Everest instead of the Bukit Timah Hill that u're getting currently...

a mrt ride with many encounters... getting in at chinese garden when i saw zhang zhengyang coming out from the train... the only words he n i would mutter was "BYE" as the doors closed... right in front of me is the master of all thieves, the one who is always on par with my score come promotion tests in npcc during sec sch... looks are always deceiving... innocent looking are always the most evil... i m innocent-looking, so... needless to say... people may think i am harmless... they only dun realise how much damage i can cause...

anyway... once i got off at yew tee... i saw mr tan boon cheng and ms jessie tee... make that mrs tan... my sec sch teachers... mr tan was a dynamite... as usual, he doesnt seem to be threatening but wait til u hear his booming voice when he gets mad... ms tee, well... one of the rare teachers in swiss that are not aunty aunty pattern ones... neber taught me anyway so i duno much of her...

Man of No Compassion
why call people heroes onli when they die...
does that mean that surviving nurses and doctors are not heroes?
did they not sacrifice enuf?
did they not give as much as those who died?
must they die so that the public will remember their names rather than the fatty alex chao?
must a male nurse or doctor die on father's day so that he will become a feature story?

so they died... dun blame it on SARS... blame it on their lousy immune systems... doctors should know better... yet he eat until this size... excercise oso dun wan excercise... but i cant blame him on that, he spent most of his time saving lives... and blame his father for being famous...

and stop praying... praying dun work at all... i pray that i'll get all distinctions for my exams... i pray that i get to see BoA up close and personal... i pray that i will be rich... i pray that i am handsome... i pray that i am influential... i pray that i got a nose-bleed activator body (Etoiles... sorry for that, steal ur line)... i pray that all free-stylers will lose to my breastroky... i pray that osama and saddam would come out and do a full monty... i pray that i can sing like any rock band... i pray that i m the next jordan... i pray that i will play in Manchester United... i pray that i understand all languages... i pray that i m the fittest... i pray that i have perfect vision... i pray that i have x-ray eyes... i pray that i m invisible...

in the end... all these are just dreams... but they can be done if u dun pray but work for it... some can be achievable while some will just remain as fantasies... invisible, i really wish i can be invisible... then i dun need to give a damn about money... just take wat u wan and people wun know...

and i know gers can be so funny... see my sister eat so little during meals... she said she was trying to lose weight... and the very next moment i can expect to see her getting some ice-cream or chocs or soft drinks... u mean the meals are fattening and then these dairy and sugary products are not fattening?... thats girls for u...

"u're so sweet that i can turn jelly in front of u..." - hong

11:12 PM

June 09, 2003 COLOURED.

went library-hopping according to wat aunty etoiles suggested... AMK was quite easy to locate... i was busy counting the number of coffeeshops around... and the heartland shops reminds me of jurong west st 51... so squeezy... so many shops selling cloth and curtains...

okie, enuf of my window shopping and back to my book search... cant find dummies or idiots in here either... wasnt disappointed cos i was kinda expecting it... rushed to take the mrt to toa payoh...

this is where i got lost... i went 1 whole big round before i can find the library... but its selection of IT books is good... managed to get 1 which is not dummy or idiot... its teach urself in 24 hours 1... watever, as long as i got a book, it should suffice... i was interested in the event right outside toa payoh library...

the event is called FeedME! which is held in conjunction with World Environment Day... about recycling and protect the environment bla bla... there are many huts that u can visit... games booth, grasshoper-weaving, paper-making, create ur own t-shirt, family portraits etc... they even have monster models... some were made of newspapers, can drinks, plastic bottles... cool~

there were performers... 1 group is doing street magic david blaine style... i dun believe in magic but its nice to see ppl perform it in front of you... they were doing the common card trick, then the spoon twisting, split the spoon into 2... nice...

but i was more intrigued when he show ppl some toto betting slips then when he flapped the slips on his hand, they changed to 50 dollar notes... i swear i saw it with my own eyes... the crowd surrounding him oso couldnt believe it... it was crazy but we know if he can keep doing that then he will be very rich liao...

he oso made a lighted cigarette disappear when he stuffed it inside his clenched fist... he wasnt wearing any long sleeve shirt so i was puzzled... interesting interesting interesting... they should show it in orchard manz, perform in heartland onli...

had i know there was such an event... i would have stayed until 9pm... onli saw a few performances... a group was dancing but they're just like any secondary school performance... there will be a fashion show by LaSalle at 8:30... but i didnt see it... saw the models though... lol... they dun seem to have proper meals... while they were watching the early performances i saw them munching on some chips...

"drinking is bad for health..." - hong

why should i care, why should i care... why should i give a damn... why should i be forced... why do i bother... why do i give a fuck... wats the use of giving everyone +@ when its the same with everyone not given anything at all... wats the use of +v when they are obviously mute and not talking at all... and all they bloody like is to look at what shit i am talking and stabbing me around in the back with some private messages...

who says luohans brings fortune to families... they onli cost families fortunes and some even on the verge of bankruptcy just to get a "PRICELESS" one... i think guppies are worth much more than luohans... at least they dun eat so much... and if u're sick of it, u can always feed it to the cats or dogs or any pets u have...

why do i always have to listen to others and why cant they listen to me... and why do bastards like to scold fuck fuck fuck and yet doesnt liked to be scolded... and stop flashing the cash in front of gers... ass... the money is not urs... please say thank you to ur filthy rich parents first b4 u drive them to their graves... unless u know how to make betting slips become 50 dollar notes, dun even try to show your soft ass to others...

geez... in my fit of rage i nearly deleted the above entry... lol... and neo, i got wat u mean by large links... its only occurs when there's a error... looks cool but its kinda oversized... so... maybe will change to that 1... lol...

finally we're going to do some work tomorrow when the lecturer is surveying... good thing too now that my right eye is going blind thanks to continous CM4 gameplay... at least i can start to rack my brains for something worthwhile instead of questioning why people should even exist in this world...

dips dips dips... how long must i do to see the effects... right now the triceps still look like jelly... and my butt is flattened since i keep sitting... has to find some pelvic excercises soon...

the book i borrowed from toa payoh has some receipts from previous borrowers... saw a very interesting name... CHEN LIPING... aiyoyo, she wanna learn programming sia... lol... but i reckon its not the artiste, just some lady... the artiste so lazy to go excercise then go take slim10, sure oso lazy to go library to learn c++...

[No One's There]

You and me
We have no faces
Soon our lives they�ll be erased
Do you think they will remember?
Or will we just be replaced
Oh I wish that I could see
How I wish that I could fly
All the things that hang above me
To a place where I can cry

So why can it be?
No one hears because
Echoes back at me
No one's there
To all these meaningless feelings
I can't deal with in my life
To all these greedy people
Trying to feed on what is mine
You�ve got to feel your hunger
And stop fucking with my mind
I know it's time to leave these places far behind

"sometimes i wish u'd die..." - hong

6:54 PM

June 08, 2003 COLOURED.

surprisingly no people are alive on friday nights... not a single soul... maybe all know how to go happy happy le... but 1 person is still alive...

[01:30] hong~
[01:30] ya
[01:30] when did u becopme koko crunch?
[01:30] =D
[01:30] no la
[01:30] ppl use my nick
[01:30] lol
[01:30] auth ur nick la
[01:30] thn kick them
[01:30] i kicked her le
[01:31] i waitn for her to come back
[01:31] n kick her again

didnt know that gers can be so bad... kick once oreadi should be contented... somemore beri still wan to wait for that person to come back so that she can kick her again... violent sia~...

no call from alien means another saturday free... at first thought i can go see ju-on le... watever... finally had a good sleep after 3 days...

bukit batok swimming pool like kids central like that... flooded with kids... medium pool, competition pool... i had a fun time kicking them... lol... so nice to kick around and not getting a scolding... actually im not as violent as beri la, i only kick a kid once and thats it... didnt know he was near me so i just do my usual business... hit him on the head, i can feel it...

i love to eavesdropping on ppl's convo while at the pool... i wanna laugh when i hear this...

"i give u face oreadi leh u know... i swim 16 laps liao... u know normally i swim 8 onli hor... swim double for u manz"

maybe i should tell him "excuse me, i gave all of u a lot of face leh... i swim 50 leh... many more times than ur 'a lot' 16 leh"...

been ages since i went to a library... didnt even know how to borrow a book... and didnt know that now there's no more returning booths, onli book drops... then like that cannot borrow again and again liao...

anyway went to bukit batok's 1 at west mall... not a single visual c++ book at sight... libraries, libraries, so lao ya 1... decide to go woodlands 1... since its a bloody 4-storey... reckoned it will surely have some books on it... ate my lunch at 4:30... sale sale sale everywhere... tempting but no money... lol...

visual c++ for dummies... only dummies or idiot's guide will do... search the catalog and found 8 books are for dummies... out of the 8, 4 are available... was happy and began my search... took me 2 hours and i cant find a single visual c++ for dummies... ass... hole...

in the end i got a beginner's 1... but it meant that toy wun have any book to read up on since i promised to get him an idiot... going library-hopping tml...

played around with the borrowing station... my ic need some verification things... approached the counter staff and inform them of my problem... they asked me if i have lost my old library card or not... i told them no... but it was a lie obviously, i lost it when i was still in primary school and never bothered to get a replacement... anyway they were nice people and they fixed the problem for me...

something which puzzles me... how does the machine scan the book... SP library oso like that but i dun understand how come it can identify the book just by placing it on the spot... anyone knows pleease tell me... mountain tortoise here needs help~

ericia lee... oohh... still schooling... oooh... sweet~

"why do u like a sha gua so much?" - hong

12:06 AM

June 06, 2003 COLOURED.

good thing i onli have to spend my morning in school... during lunchtime we went off and neber to go back... go gym gym...

toy's joints got some problem... he canoot lift much things then i calling the shots for a day... while we were inside... we were enjoying mother nature's peeing problem... rain then sun, then rain heavily wif sun... then sun again... then rain with no sun... then sun... this is wat men call it as premature ejaculation...

they once said money is not important, as long as you r happy... if theres no money to spend for u to be happy then how can u ever be happy... no money to bring ger watch movie... no money to gym... no money to swim... no money to buy shoes, clothes... no money to cut hair... no money to eat outside... and u still dare to say thats a happy life for u...

wat so depressing abt life... an average person will spend 1/8 of his life not giving a damn in this world and 7/8 of his life being depressed... if u like to moan so much then do it when u die where u can moan for all u wan and ppl wun find u bothering at all...

finally understood etoiles's meaning of backwards pushup... cos i saw this picture in the gym... called reverse dipping... and i had better work hard on it... seeing that i kept shaking when i do the exercise...

some malay people keep making a din downstairs late at night... my father yesterday dulan then he fill up plastic bag if water then throw from the 13th floor... wheee~... afterwards no more sound liao... lol...

"i will whack him until he die..." - hong

11:01 PM

June 05, 2003 COLOURED.

saw chee soon juan at the jurong east mrt trying to sell his papers... was awestruck by his unbelievable english... never heard a single singaporean said such strong english before... but then again... he targetted the wrong audience... i dun tink the ppl around there understand english at all... mostly dialect-speaking and chinese...

seems almost anyone can become a politician as long as he makes the headlines whether be it right or wrong... maybe i can oso be one just by crapping my theory of lion-tamers... then i will have some familiar spectators like the police who will be so glad to invite me to their nice cell for some coffee and biscuits... thats how singaporeans should behave, open their arms to strangers...

started going to school on a regular basis since wednesday... we're supposed to do some work... guess what we have done, nothing at all... spent the 10-to-5 days playing CM4 with bryant and toy... the other group who is oso using the lab wif us has gone veri far already and we're just pretending to do work...

told blatant lies to our lecturer about the researching of c++ when obviusly we cant be bothered at all... but we went to the sp library to find books abt c++... i got the thickest book since i thought it has the most infomation... but i was wrong... in the end i brought this fucking heavy book home and i realised it has no use at all... wondered why i even bothered borrowing the book in the first place... will try the national libraries b4 tuesday cos thats when he's coming back to check on us...

going back to school is just like going to school as always... as in going for the sake of attendance... show him that we are hardworking... come back everyday... except that we have nothing to show for spending our time in school...

anyway i hated going to school... it means waking up at 8am everyday... might seem late for anyone working but i hate to wake up in the morning... but it also meant that my eating hours have been fixed... now i always feel hungry at 6pm...

shocked to find that i lost my shape... must get it back in 9 days... which means no slacking is allowed... no matter how tired still must do... and i tink i can add black eyes to the black apples...

i tink my arms are not meant for arm wrestling... they have a terrific record of not winning at all... ay, hu cares... i dun even nd to use force to show the shape... they're more for display onli, fragile... once touched considered hers 4ever...

everywhere is a battlefield... no matter where u go, theres always some things to fight over with... gers, boys, bodies, knowledge, games... fight fight fight, then when one loses, he wun accept defeat and will sit on the floor legs kicking and crying loudly for mummy... the winner will always go "HA HA HA HAHAHHAHAHA" and rub the loser rub until he song bo... the ultimate humiliation... but it also means the loser will unleased his anger like a devil when he plans his revenge slowly and quietly... it hurts the most but he deserves it...

will u have an active volcano that always spews lava almost every other day or would u prefer a sleeping volcano that will 1 day awake... sadly i belong to the sleeping volcano type... when it erupts, it wun be nice, people will be shocked but he himself isnt, becos hes has had enuf putting up with stupid things...

"wats mine will be mine... no matter how ppl try to take away from me, its always be mine..." - hong

10:46 PM

June 03, 2003 COLOURED.

okie... so ju-on is a japaneses movie after all... next time i will stick by my decision le...

i used to think as long as i can slack in ns, that's fine... can treat it as a holiday... but my mentality changed... i wonder how tough can ns be... now i wish i am in some kind of hell treatment lol... then i can say, is that all they got?...

something happened inside the gym... was carrying 7.5-7.5 on inclined using the freebar... when i wanted to put back on the stand, i cant raise it high enuf sia... nearly fell back and land on my chest... luckily i let it stay there bit b4 i got my breath back and pushed it upwards back to the stand... damn close shave...

"they call me superman, im here to rescue you..." - hong

11:13 PM

June 02, 2003 COLOURED.

went on a wasted trip for the second time in 2 days... choa chu kang swimming complex is closed on mondays... i didnt know that... thought they'll always stay open like bukit batok... so i have to go back to the gay-infested batok pool...

theres someone who can actually swim faster than the tattoo guy... i was very impressed with him... kept pace with him but his lead was increasing lap by lap... alas he only did 20 and stop... never felt so good witrh my goggles, missed it so much...

anyway, since all the people were discussing about breathing techniques in swimming ysterday... i tried all myself and found some interesting facts about it... and i have to say sorry becos i realised i wasnt inhaling wif my nose at all, lol... for all the commotion and i keep thinking that i m using my nose to breathe in when i was using my mouth... anyway i have tested all the combos lap by lap and below are my analysis...

inhale: nose ---- exhale: nose
perhaps the craziest thing 1 will ever try... was practically breathing in water and trying to drown ownself... almost impossible to breathe in properly... but spare a thought for those who use a nose grip, they cant use this method... exhale wise okie but im not used to it...

inhale: nose --- exhale: mouth
same as above for inhaling part... exhaling through mouth is possible, but takes a lot of practice to get used to it...

inhale: mouth --- exhale: mouth
now we're talking... inhaling is good... exhaling requires u to taste the water which i do everytime... its my habit, but more on that later...

inhale: mouth --- exhale: nose
perhaps the most popular method... needless to say i oso find it quite nice and doesnt take some training to get used to it at all...

these 4 are not how i used when i swim... lol... i swim with a oxygen tank ya know... okie...

my actual way: inhale mouth --- exhale: (inside water) begin wif nose, middle is mouth, about to come up is nose again (outside water) nose to force it all out...

i know it is wrong but i prefer to breathe out completely when i am above the water... and i have a habit of opening my mouth when im underwater... dun ask me why, i duno myself and i cant help it...

always thought that suntanning isnt for gers... and if anyone watch that channel u's ready steady go and c that shirlyn will know wat i mean... if they wan a bronze color its better to go to tanning centres...

"like superman, i was put here for a reason" - hong

11:15 PM

i will kill my sister's bf when i have the chance... asshole... disconnected me yesterday... actually oso not sure whether they are still together or not... seldom call these few days... i dun bother anyway... she oso dun tell me anything... nd i dun like him anyway... like an idiot...

and i was disconnected not once but twice... why do starhub like to do maintenance at 2am... they should do it in the mornings...

just how popular is jolin... i witnessed it myself yesterday when her mtvs appeared on the tvs inside HMV asian section... i can swear everyone in that section were looking up at the screens... the guys ignored their gfs, the gers ignored their bfs... the gers were singing along, the guys were ogling... me?... i was listening to jtl at that time lol... but i was looking oso, at the 72 bian mtv, got anime characters dancing with her, quite nice...

i always believed that when a guy strikes when a woman is at her weakest, she will look to him as the knight in the shining armor so shiny that she cant even look at his ugly face... then watever the guy commands, she obeys without any thought...

read something in borders yesterday which changed my concept... goes something like this... man shouldnt act like a hero and comfort women when they are down, they will either get over it themselves or commit suicide...

oso read up sth veri interesting... women like bastards becos they feel more attractive that they get to tame the beast within the man... they think they are as capable as lion tamers and will feel a sense of achievement when they managed to tame it...

word for all ladies out there who likes to tame beasts:

firstly, u are not a lion tamer becos u are not trained...
secondly, since u cant train, the beast will still be a beast...
thirdly, and being beasts, u know they will hurt u time n time again...
last not not least... u'll most likely get eaten up if u ever try to tame him...

of cos, these are just my views... not that i tink all ladies are trying to be lion tamers, most prefer to be tamed than having to tame... and it doesnt reflect on the majority's thinking in any manner...

okie enuf of this... back to my life...

regretted going to batok pool today... never open... waste my time... but since i said i was going to swim... i cant go back that early... so i went to choa chu kang swimming complex...
first time went there and it looks like a poor man's jurong east swimming complex... where are the sprays... the waves are not even big enuf to drown anyone... but the floor quite slippery... lol... nearly fell down on many occasions... didnt explore the whole place properly as i spent my time at the competition pool... heard that there are spas ard... think thats wat i will be heading to after my swim next time...

yea, next time... its time to make an impact at CCK... show all the lamers, uncles, aunties, the lifeguards, the gays, the kids, the bengs, the lians something which they prolly haben seen b4... unless that tattoo guy oso comes here, otherwise the centre lane is mine...

the swimmers in cck actually quite nice, they gave way quite often, something which ive never seen in batok... in batok its always a fight, see hu gives way first, but usually we're heading for a collision course...

the showers there oso not bad... how lousy the pool is i dun mind... wat i do mind is the quality of the shower hose... it must be strong... cubicle or no cubicle is fine by me, i prefer no cubicle since i can run around pressing the knobs... cubicle means the gays have no chance to peek at me... hate the jurong east cubicles, so squeesy... at least cck is bigger...

and did i mention the water is too salty... but not as salty as bishan... bishan 1 is like dead sea... no matter wat u do, u just wun drown... unless u breathe in inside the water for 1 minute la then i nothing to say...

duan wu jie is here again... which means my diet will include dumplings for the next few weeks...

spent my entire evening installing n uninstalling... just becos the directx updated version caused my soundcard cannot function properly... rite now no have sound... no music to hear...

finally got my sound back after 2 hours of install and uninstall... now the bad news is it cant be played with just 128MB ram... lol... c the thing load so slow until i wan to cry...

"let those xiao hun huns be arrogant for all they want, cos they wun live long..." - hong

12:43 AM


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