May 27, 2006 COLOURED.

i be keeping my fingers crossed for something...

12:29 AM

May 21, 2006 COLOURED.

its been reported that men have high risk of death while having sex with younger girls... apparently it is due to the high thrills and excitement that brought the downfall of men... it has a lot to do with extra maritial affairs with women much younger or sexy girls... either out of fear of being found out or the sex was too thrilling, as a result many have increased heart beats and higher blood pressure which instead of enhancing their dicks, they channel the blood flow wrongly causing their heart to explode...

out of so many ways to die like peacefully on the bed or kena shot, kena stab, kena poison, kena knock by car, kena knock by lorry, kena crushed by falling tv from 10 storeys high, kena jackpot by durian from sky, or the latest craze, kena dismembered... so many ways and means to die, why why why have to die during sex...

it makes the opposite sex feels so guilty... causing their partners to die just becos their skills are too good that its deadly... my goodness...

girls for the sake of the guys, dun be too adventurous anymore, dun try s&m, dominatrix, bondage, wax dripping, strangling, roleplay, 3p 4p or how many p u wan... just dun turn us on and just be a dead fish lying there doing nothing... its doesnt take a lot of effort to do that u know... and the best part of it all? u get to save lives...

well unless u are after tt will which leaves you a fortune then by all means, go an make him high until he die... becos i will do that if i was you... :D

11:30 PM

May 19, 2006 COLOURED.

some churches are crying foul over the opening of the da vinci code movie... they are going to the extreme of asking the authorities to ban it and urges all followers to boycott the show...

oh my oh my... wasnt it just some time ago when the passion of the christ was showing and how they urge everyone to go see and even try to entice non-christians into believing their faith by giving away free tickets... thier reason for doing that? spreading good...

dun u tink that christians n catholics are the only ones making noises all the time... anything against them or against their beliefs all cannot... anything pro all must promote and encourage everyone to watch it... why is it that anything they say counts and any other religon say what all not counted... instead anything muttered from other religion is like acidic poison to them...

surely they are old enough to realise the book or movie is after all plain fiction... or maybe its the truth and they dun wan to hear it even they know they are wrong... they are living a lie and they choose to live it like that... just like the matrix... u either go back to ur "normal" life and do what is "normal" to u or u could explore the whole mystery behind the great conspiracy...

take journey to the west as an example... it was fun and a classic story for all ages... by now u would know everything about the story is buddhism... all the chanting, scriptures, weirdo buddha names, monks, vegetarians... they didnt make a big hooha over it... they never go n encourage ppl to view it... why?

perhaps it could be its impossible for monks to have animals as disciples... monkey, pig, horse... which makes it more easier to tell fact or fiction...

whatever, if ppl who have read the da vinci code are considered bad ppl... then i guess they have quite a number of haters... watch it with an open mind... just like u watched v for vendetta... if u believe v is real, then heaven knows how many bombs u will go n drop...

in the end, we are sensible ppl, we're not childish... :X

9:13 PM

May 15, 2006 COLOURED.

i like listening to people talking about themselves and their lives... its interesting to see how one can portrait ownself as what a noble person, such a wonderful person he can be while deep inside i am thinking something along the lines of WTF... hahaha its amazing to hear ppl tell their tales... for one, u can choose to believe them n be in awe of their achievements in the past if u choose to buy it...

or if not, snigger at their blow cows stories... most stories are believeable... but some are just too absurd to be true... thank god they're not my frens... at least my frens make sensible stories which i choose to buy it... hahahaa

like how today chan told me about himself... chicken i thought he is like me same same one until he told me some things which i never expect he would do... well what to say, hes a libra after all... seems to me im the only libra who duno how to charm the shit out of ppl pants... hahaha i know how la, but i never exhibit it excessively...

charm can do alot of things... it can for one, make ppl look very cb... the way he said it and the many stories i heard, looks like girls like to throw their arms around almost anyone... i wonder why they always meet this type of women while i never had the chance... hahahaha now i finally understand chan's actions back in bangkok that time inside the bar... i thought it was unbecoming of him but if i have heard of his past before, i wouldnt be surprised by what he did...

bangkok yes bangkok... alot of things happened over there during the short stay there when i went there with my ship... hmm looks like i didnt write about the journey there... lets just say its different from the trip where i went wif robin, mei hui n xue... being introduced to the bangkok sex industry is well... hmmmmmm....

watch out for friday post! hahahahaa tml cant write le since duty n sailing after tt...

10:16 PM

May 14, 2006 COLOURED.

ever since my one week break has ended i have been on a duty spree... doing for other ppl plus my own duty... add up together i have been staying onboard ship longer than the rest sia... now its time to take a breather and let things unfold by themselves...

completed my pangya beginner e status liao, so now i am going back to maple but not so chiong as yet... im waiting to see how much acash im getting at the end of this month before i make a sprint for the quest to be lvl70... i am still lvl55 la by the way... lvl very slow, duno why... hahah maybe because trying to save money dun wan to eat potions at all, keep resting n slacking... hopefully enough to get 2x exp card... if not, i have the option to go and buy it for real money... after all i got a few hundred extra to spare after my duties, but then i dun believe in spending money for online games... and somemore i cant play everyday also... so i will never be able to catch up with the sick ppl who are lvl100 and above one... well some may be hacking but i choose to believe most of the high level ppl are really playng it day n night... they are so sick man... duno are they still students or what... i that week best la, everyday play so song, level up everyday... hahhaaha but no wan to up one level also so hard sia... sibei nua... so now i is just casual play play, trying to gain percentage bit by bit... becos i dun wan to lose my sleep anymore, its really affecting me whenever i go back to ship...

see how la, if got enough acash to buy 2x exp card, most prolly i will buy the 2am - 6am time slot... thats the onli time when i can cfm i will be very free other than duties n sailing... meaning i will have to forgo my sleep as well as doing other ppl duties and concentrate on leveling... after all they are offering ludi soon, the new world... hahaha... if the acash not enough then nothing to say la just continue normal bit by bit gain hahaha... sooner or later also can reach level 70 de... im drained physically... very soon mentally as well...

wondering why im not writing about my life? becos... im lost

10:28 PM

May 10, 2006 COLOURED.

if anyone was asking me what i am up to these days, i have been busy playing pangya... trying to rush my rank to beginner e so that i can qualify for the a cash... call me kiasu or what... since they are giving away free acash why not... with it i can buy some of the items which need to be bought with real money...

i wun be back until sunday... duty n sailing...

i tink i have unexpectedly entered a field full of mines... today they got this peer appraisal thing... and i didnt hold back with my words... its ok if only the chief sees what i write... but becos i have to hand over to another person who will in turn pass to him, i think they will more or less take a peek at what i have written... and most prolly they will treat me more coldly liao... duno la, if they take it to heart then what can i say... thats what i feel... if they can learn to accept it or do something to change my view of them then ok loh, good enough...

the last thing i want to hear is that im full of myself... even though i really am full of myself at times... lol... whatever...

6:45 AM


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