June 30, 2006 COLOURED.

i want to get up to lvl 60 by today!!!!

sucks sia, today supposed to celebrate saf day one... nothing to celebrate abt saf one la... we only celebrate the half day that comes with it... lol everyone also like that one la... the national day or this day that day my day her day his day... dun care what day as long as its a holiday its a good day!

kuku my ship dun wan to give half day cos it never say its official... nei nei, then like that all come back tmr loh... act so hardworking for what... end up still the same, wan to act hardworking tmr all can come back n pei me do duty la... stupid idiot...

but i got half day hahaha... my chief let me go out to do something then let me go as an excuse... have to go motion smith to change chart becos the one they gave us got some problem... one big lobang somewhere in the chart sia... its near tanjong pagar but the location map hor... really cannot make it... never put shenton way... and my L say its near tanjong paagar... so i just walk around aimlessly trying to find shenton way... walk 15 minutes still cant find a single road sign that read shenton way so sad k. so i decided to rope in the help of yun who just so happen to be at home... so i ask him to help me locate the bloody location of shenton way... thanks to him i managed to find a shenton way road sign... and the very first shenton way building i see was no.1 shenton way... LIEW, guess the number of the motion smith one? no.76!!!

oh ya, btw no.1 is near raffles place... i actually walked one station away... WTF

walk one station still never mind... the problem is i walked the wrong direction!!!!

when i finally reached motion smith... i realised that it is indeed very near tanjong pagar station sia... never mind, just take it as a lesson learnt... next time i know how to go le... along the journey to tanjong pagar i actually overslept... until tiong bahru... oversleeping is causing quite a number of precious minutes lost leh... can go home earlier and nua... or rather play maple... :X

i have to put this down beos the next week i wun be around... sailing from monday to thursday then friday can finally go home... not home... is go n teach meihui... i think my brain is dying day by day... the last time i teach her, i was staring at the paper, feeling lost... hahaha maybe theres too much distraction or what... stop talking to me! somemore tml n sunday i wun be ard as well... stay at ship do duty... c i so patriotic sia...

lastly on a side note... im doing duty for ppl who dun like to do duty... its a 2 way thing u know... for me, im ok with anything... perhaps thats why im always the first person they will look for if they dun wanna do their duty... i dun demand much and i dun have preferred method of payment... unlike the others who are in need of money... in fact i dun need the excess money at all... i just have it for the sake of having it... at least u know that u can splurge once in a while without having to think of burning a hole in ur pocket...

u know why im saying this? becos im sending out a message... dun ever try and bargain with me becos i am already one of the most affordable and the most safest to be in their watches... bargaining doesnt work with me becos i say lia0, im not in desperate need of money... i dun mind doing, but it has to come with a suitable price... im using up my maple playing time to go n do duty for u, u tink i very happy meh... talking about closeness and friendship to get bargains is not me... business is business, friendship is friendship... i sacrifice for u to go n enjoy n u wan to offer cheap cheap, this is not brother loh... go n plead all u want but im a tough nut to crack... and dun be surprised i wun give in all the way... becos i know i will get what i want... unless he found someone better...

and that is perfectly fine with me... :D

6:14 PM

June 25, 2006 COLOURED.

ever wonder why i never write abt my stuff le, instead focusing more on whats happening ard the world... becos i forget things very fast, my thoughts are lost... like needle in haysack cannot find them back... im back to playing maple again thanks to the maple events thats happening for the next 2 weeks... recently always dun have time for maple becos of pangya addiction... and somemore these few days so late go home no mood to play, only wanna sleep but sleep also never sleep... becos of pangya again...

but now i decided to have a better timetable... i shall devote a few hours to maple daily if i dun have duty... so far so gd... up 2 lvls liao thanks to the 2x exp... now then i know why some of my maple mates can level so fast... 2x really add alot sia... i today first time try the 2x exp ah... 2 hrs up 50%... tts sick! hahaha... managed to lvl up today becos of the nice 2x exp... imagine the ppl with 2x cards... stack with 2x give 4x... wah lau... tts why ppl can level so fast la... onli dumb dumb ppl like me no have 2x cards down there struggle like siao...

i try to play as much as possible before the end of the month... next month too busy to even do anything becos too many sailing!!! hope to get up to lvl60... then august or september or latest october try to clear some leave to do what i did when i get 5 days leave... chiong maple hahaha... the best is pangya dun introduce kooh... once kooh come out thats it liao... i will keep pangya-ing... kooh so cute!

wtf... i sound like a kid dun i...

11:42 PM

June 21, 2006 COLOURED.

so far so good, my 2 teams that i like have been doing well... germany looks good to go all the way this time compared to te last world cup finals... they did manage to get to the final last time but they were pretty boring... constantly grinding out results with clockwork efficiency... but this time round they have been exciting... having scored a number of goals, they look good... but the defence is not fully tested yet... we shall see...

next one is argentina, after that disastrous outing, they seem to have come good... honestly i rate them higher than germany becos of their wonderful defence... i know, becos i have watched heinze played for man u n hes damn good... add ayala and sorin their back 4 is pretty safe for riquelme to do his magic...

this would be my dream final but i tink they will meet each other in the semis...

12:16 AM

June 20, 2006 COLOURED.

the aftermath

ok, i expected qinobe to be out after mantou due to their poor judges ratings... but i certainly didnt expect them to be out on this week... heard that theres a revival round which should be the chance for qinobe to get back again, provided mantou dun kick another gd band out of the competition again... revival will be between qinobe and juz-b and i think qinobe is going to bring the house down with that initial d song piao yi... good luck guys... even if the judges dun like it, its ok as long as u gave the perfect performance...

and yesterday one of my friend asked me for money... i duno what to say la... not my close friend, and not even counted in my list which i deem just so-so still can accept one... hard to reject anyway since its just a small amount $70 nia... to some may be a big deal but once u start working... suddenly u feel like u can simply afford anything up to 3 digits... money ah is very problem issue... u know this money borrowing thing ah... today i go find out from the rest... turns out he also got ask from other people also same amount of money but they all dun wan to lend...

amazing la, $70 dun wan lend people, prefer to spend it on 2 stress balls build on girl's chest... i decided to lend him after quite some delay... simply becos he dun wan to tell me why he need the money... at least i have the right to know hor... i duno then i lend for what... lend to help him do evil? or lend so that he can go for the stress balls... chicken like that then i need it for myself loh...

though i find it weird... normally people dun borrow such small amounts... whatever... AND DUN CALL ME BRO... i am not anyone's bro... especially not towards indians... kuku...

10:15 PM

June 19, 2006 COLOURED.

i dun have much time for tv these days... but whenever i catch it, its because either of soccer or superband... i watch superband becos i tink it should be better than idol ba knowing that i prefer rock to pop... imagine my disgust when i heard that superband actually means 2 or more ppl in a group... meaning the boybands and girlbands and choirboys and acappella and hip hoppers can take part...

to me, a band is a group of people who play real instruments... the minimum comprises of drums, guitars and bass... for the extra u can have the keyboards n turntables, percussions... this is what a band should be, and this is what a band should sound like... not the boyband girlband and what nots...

becos the genre is so general, its really hard to judge performances properly since each play their own unique styles... becos of that i hate the bnads that dun have the minimum band music that i expected to hear... and i was so early that so many bands with the band sound got kicked out... however as days go by, the bands without the band sound do sound good really... so from today onwards... i shall give you the low down on the 7 bands remaining and assess them accordingly...


right before the start, they were one of the favorites because of their past... ever heard of xinyao? u know the singapore singing competition that kickstarted many of our local chinese singers... they won quite a number of awards at the last xinyao... they sound very smooth n slick... nice melody and yesh, they can be counted as a band even though the only have the guitars and keyboards... when i first heard them, they look like they can go far becos their performances are quite polished compared to the rest of the bands with insufficient exposure and experience... sure the judges say they sound good but they need to have a few changes here and there or their performances will be very stale... which is almost the same comments as what the judges give to qinobe week in week out... but more on that later... J3 smooth vocals and radio friendly songs will no doubt attract people... and i like them...


i like them right from the start... before they even played their first song... becos they share the same music interest as me... nu metal rap rock, and in some of the songs they performed u can hear traces of limp bizkit and slipknot... while this type of music is what old ppl call noise, its good to see that quite a number of people actually enjoyed it... particularly more n more girls are converting to qinobe fans becos of the lead vox samuel... good job guys... though sometime the judges keep emphasizing on evolution to go a step higher... not that they never tried, they did and failed miserably... however they brought the house down with the jay chou huo jian hua song which sadly i never get to see them perform that song due to duty and stuff... i only heard bits of it from the commercial and i truly believe that is their best performance... i also like their 5566 remake of fang shou yi bo... how the hell do u convert a boyband song into something so cool sia... as much as i want them to win... sad to say, its obvious from the judges remarks that they only favoured 2 of the teams... and qinobe is not one of them...


cant qualify as a band cos they play no instruments... they're good cos they sound like power station... yeas they really sound like them... the judges as usual... too much of something makes them sick and they wanted something fresh... they tried to change once and nearly got them eliminated... so much for sound advice huh... lol they went back to power station songs and yea they sound good again... but recently in the themed weeks, they have stopped singing power station songs and boy do they sound good... no doubt the way they sing still got the power station sound but they did it in a better way compared to the first time they tried to adapt... the little brother quite handsome also... =D wtf im gay!


their performances were so-so thoughout, not a single performance from them stand out for me... even though they are a true band, they sound like those from 7th month ghost festivals bands who get up on stage and sing those canto pop songs... the singer sing not very good la...


i duno what to say abt this group really... this boyband starting very lousy... sing very lousy, out of tune, no looks, the only saving grace was they dance well... dunno why the judges like them in the beginning... it was only as the weeks go by that i started not to hate them anymore... becos i tink they do deserve their place in the top 7 now... their singing have improved and their dance coordinations are even better than good... one of the two teams which is the judges' fave...


this band tried to sound angry becos of the ah beng looking guy but ended up with only so-so marks... its was when the drummer started to get more singing parts that they became better... and soon the drummer is now doing all the first solo for their songs becos they have hit jackpot... sing slow n nicesounding before proceeding to something more angst and hoarse sounds from the beng... the judges dig their performances and i have to say i like their bu xiang chang da remake by SHE... this is their winning formular but if it keeps repeating i guess the judges will say the same thing again n again...


this visual kei band... i always like to label the bands who dress up as wannabes... u know the old japan fever, everyone into japanese... the girls, the porn, the ayumis, the utadas, the violence, the dir en greys, the gackts, the anime, cosplayers... the first time they sang sun wu kong i thought they were good... not bad, at least they dun have to depend on their appearances to score... however subsequent sub-par performances by the vox doesnt play well with the judges... nonetheless they gave one of the best performances so far to date which i liked tremendously... well qinobe could have won it with the huo yuan jia but i didnt get to see that performance.... that day lucify did that yi qi zou ba i was like omg, this is what qinobe should sound like... i mean it would be really interseting if qinobe did a version of this song and compare it to lucify's...

now my predicted standings...
1. soul
2. miluping
3. J3
4. qinobe
5. lucify
6. brods
7. mantou

u know mantou is the easiest to predict... they dun sound so good compared to the rest and their scores are not very good either... its only a matter of time before they get booted out... but at least they are not that hated as much as summer breeze... actually i am a bit biased with my predictions because as much as i like qinobe to win... it seems that judges patience seems to have wear thin... im not so sure abt qinobe's fanbase also... if i were to tink logically... i hate to say it but i tink qinobe might be going out next week unless they come up with a hell of a performance...

really, the 6 teams left all are very good, but only 2 are untouchable so far... the 2 being soul n miluping for their constant reinventions of themselves... i tink lucify and qinobe r the two teams to go next after mantou... in no particular order... leaving no real bands to represent superband liao... brods sound good but im unsure about their fan support... J3 should have better votes than brods ba... unless brods super rich their family all chip in... soul n miluping is a close call... anyone can nick it... but i tink soul has the edge becos they are more confident of themselves... whatever i wish qinobe te best... and hopefully they can win it...

11:13 PM

June 18, 2006 COLOURED.

i didnt bet on the world cup but i have been losing money... got a bit too engrossed with world cup shopping... buy this buy that buy this buy that... cannot control sia... hahaha now i have 2 tshirts, 1 polo, 2 jerseys... further breaking them down we have...

germany tee $24
england tee $24
brazil polo $24
spain away jersey $85
germany schweinsteiger home jersey $135

total 292, and i just bought my glasses too... another 239 gone... total this month alone i have spent $531 yikes!!!!

lucky last month do alot duty... no wonder i c my bank account like why no drop in money one, still same same... if ppl still like to ask why i keep doing when i dun really need the money... i can tell them what i have spent on this month alone... world cup fever is not complete until i get a jacket...

heck i even got the macdonalds goleo and converse world cup england bear... LOL im sick... anyway i lazy to blog nowadays... play too much pangya liao... its even more addictive than maple sia... cannot la, i must switch focus... must maple until can use poison to poison ppl... must reach lvl70 asap!!!

12:07 AM

June 13, 2006 COLOURED.

today i went to get my eyes checked for quite a number of reasons... my eyes get tired easily after staring at the monitor of my computer for just a short while only... and i think i cant c clearly also liao... but the most bugging thing is my lenses kena scratch until like duno what like tt... got one clear circle like cyclops can do optic blast on ppl lol... hmm and also to visit an old friend...

sibei shagged loh today... chicken i take the mrt to choa chu kang from tanah merah sleep until buona vista... i am so sick, lol can slp so long... actually i just wanted to rest my eyes one... cos later go check eyes eyes very shagged i scared will affect the results... so rest as much as possible so that can see more clearly... but end up left eye still twitching non stop...

lingling thinner le... hahahaha, i damn paisei to find her... i wanted to go some shop n go get myself since i know i cant relate to girls tt well and hor scared wait i become problem for her... hahaha but i thought it would be better to get someone u know who at least wun try to cheat u, say this is nice, that is nice bla bla bla... so i decided to find her loh...

the results are well stunning if not shocking... my eyesight never weaken leh, instead it has improved... wtf... duno what is wrong leh... but really can see with lower power lenses... hahah happy... if like tt can reduce, then hopefully can reduce all the way until no need glasses sia...

i got my duo color frame which i wanted all along... hahaha next week can go n show off liao... didnt regret finding her, at least now i know what are the things the previous optos did and why they did it... if not for her, i tink i wouldnt have asked and just continued to let them do their job while i just say can see canot c can see canot see... and who knows maybe they go n increased my power again when i dun need them at all...

thanks again wendy! muack muack haha

1:11 AM


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