April 28, 2006 COLOURED.

lol i adopted a pig and i decided to make it a permanent feature in my blog... LOL on the left hand side, watch oinkoink oink at u and the more u click on oink oink he will get himself dirty... lol feed him apples or clean him up with water... FUNNY

10:45 PM

(ps: dun take this seriously, becos u sue me, i no money!)

the elections are here!!!

its more like a comedy action drama in reality... or should i say, the new highest rating reality show --- the general election... the last time round we have this very funny "wheres the five billion" question, now what are we going to have... already the opposition has said they will focus on the nkf saga...

i can finally vote, but i think my place is uncontested... live in choa chu kang but not counted under choa chu kang... wtf... lol if counted then vote for the opposition becos ppl can go naked in their homes without being charged! now all guys like that dun they... the stupid housewives all go n complain to the police got ppl naked in their houses... wah lau envy their bodies n jealous dun have to deprive us men from a good show ma... chicken u yourself the body u know cannot make it then at least go n do something la... make until can make it, make until fiona xie nude ur husband dun even bother to look, only wan u only then thats the way to go...

when i was young i think if i can vote, i sure choose PAP, becos support majority... u know just like how ppl support chelsea just becos they start to win championship or ppl support blackburn in 94/95 season becos they win... i was one that jumped on the bandwagon... i supported man u, way way back in 94... becos they win ma, but the following season they lost to blackburn, sadded but nevertheless i stuck toman u and never looked back since...

now ask me to vote again, i will see what they have to offer before the vote is cast... although the odds are stacked heavily against the oppostion, if they are able to convince the ppl, they may actually win some seats in the parliament... here are some guides i have read that will help u make ur decision...

ask ppl who vote for opposition why they vote for them
"becos i tink PAP sucks"
"bookies offer higher odds for the opposition ma"
"becos i wan my 5 billion!"
"becos i do it just to spite PAP"
"becos they are after all, the opposition"
"becos its time for change"
"becos ifi dun vote for them, who will"
"becos they are the underdogs, i like underdogs"
"becos i dun like white color, they get dirtied easily"
"becos nkf cheat my money!"

u see none is about "i think they are capable to do something for the people" get the idea????

then again, what can they do when the number of opposition ppl in parliament is so pathetic... you wan to argue something once the big head say no, all the rest will follow... they want to help make things better but hor... hard la pity pity...

check their credibility first, the stupidest thing to happen so far to me has to be the opposition team challenging the minister of health for what? nkf... they say they are going to bring the matter up and hopefully ppl will vote for them... nkf thing so long ago liao they still want to bring this up... and nkf is what, my lao bei own one ah or government own one... what the charities do all must report to the minister one issit, then like that very busy leh, so many charities to handle... soemore still have to look after the hospitals, the illnesses, diseases, sicknesses, epidemics...

ok what, if they win becos of the nkf thing, what will the opposition do for the next five years... bring nkf up again issit? or perhaps install the golden tap in their very own office...

"u say me, say me right! u die, i will sue u until u die!"

before elections even start, they were already in trouble over some remarks made... no money to pay means bankrupt... bankrupt means they cant even qualify as candidates... actually like that quite easy to make fast cash... all i need is to find ppl defame me then i can sue them liao... i more lenient i sue cheap cheap, enough for a month's pay can liao... hahah like that i no need work... tax free somemore :D

and the big boo-boo also went to the opposition... the stupid opposition guy nearly got himself disqualified when his application form under the gender part he went to tick "F"... WTFFFF

F doesnt means father, it simply means fucked-up guy... wah lau... will u vote for a person who doesnt even bother to read instructions properly? like that how to lead sia... not i want to make them die but... this is really schoolboy mistake...

all in all, u know who to vote ba... imagine voting for someone whom u never see before for the past 5 yrs only to pop up when its time... if its for the people, as least do some house visit or what... then its not like once a year house visit... like that like what u know... like chinese new year reunion where all the unfilial sons n daughters gather together to quarrel... busy, busy with what, meetings meetings... house visit cannot every month at least quarterly ma, like business like that... quarterly post reports and stuff... 5 years come one time visit and u expect me to vote for u becos u say u will do thins for us... meet me in person ba...

8:06 PM

April 27, 2006 COLOURED.

why would anyone pay $0.80 just to...


2.change to swimming costume

3.wade from width of pool to the other end width of pool

4.slide from the length of pool to the other end

5.wade from width of pool to the other end width of pool

6. slide from the other end back to the front length

7.swim breaststroke to the other width

8.change back clothes and leave

dot dot dot... in the whole 30 minutes she was just soaking in the water and swim one width breaststroke before calling it a day... she could be forgiven if it was a sunny day, at least i could say she was basking in the sun... but no sun no nothing, full of clouds only... the only logical reason i could think of was... she wants to get picked up... i so evil eh, lol ok la, a more milder one ---- she is my fan... LOL

nowadays kids so rich sia, pay money to go soak in water... u pay me money i give u my bathtub u go n soak la, i can see n ogle at the same time... if maybe bath tub too small they dun like, i can order custom made gigantic fish tank and fill it up with water then let them soak inside for all they wan... fish tank nice sia, u can see everything thats happening inside the water! lol... anyway i like to thank her, without her i wouldnt have swim 20 extra... whhahahahahahaha i swim until 20 laps then i stop liao becos no motivation... pls refer to the previous post to c what i meant by motivation... lucky she come then got motivation...

9:57 PM

yesterday i did the sane thing... i actually went for swimming in the late morning... feels so weird to go back to swimming after so long... i mean all along recently whenever i told my parents or sister that i am going swimming... i am actually suntanning... it was last week when i tried and only swam 20 laps before calling it a stop and heading home... they were wondering why i so fast come back...

"i swim finish liao ma"

if i was suntanning, i would take at least 2 hours... the older days it was much sicker... with so many laps and nua time at the pool, i could easily clock up 3 1/2 hours wasted at the swimming complex... thats why u c me like now... i wasnt born dark, i just simply spent my poly vacation at the pool since my 2nd yr... dun believe i can show u my pipi... its white :D

last week i tried getting back into the water and i feel so old loh... i cant swim fast i cant overtake ppl its a sunday the pool is crowded too many kids for swimming lessons too many ppl at the poolside taking up space and worst of all ------ girls breezed past me effortlessly... omg i feel so lousy...

the only excuse i can come up with is they are trained... becos got one guy down there giving the two of them instructions like u swim normal n the other one try to overtake...

im not sexist but... girls cant swim fast unless they are like joselin yeo or tao li with their WOW-WOW shoulders... i mean after all girls cant swim fast becos of their figures... u nd streamlined body shapes to swim fast, not hourglass... c i am complimenting our local girls ok... not like the so-called non-sexist ppl labelling me sexist, they tink that local girls are all FAT!

at first i thought what, they wun swim faster than me no matter what... starting i was in front of them while they are still listening to their instructor... then after a while my leg hit something... i thought i have hit one of the girls then i paisei relak my kicking abit, and the next thing that happened, i nearly drowned...

the girl was pushing ahead of me already!!! one stroke my leg hit her arm, the next stroke her leg is in sight already... WTF! that is super fast loh...

thats why i am back at the pool yesterday... to find them and beat them... haha abit competitive at the pool, i just die die want to win everybody that dares to swim alongside me... motivation is there when the sun is good, few ppl are swimming, lifeguards are watching, everyone in the pool is watching... the best is the girl in the bikini is watching u... :D

beginning want to give up liao... but somehow the more i swim the more i can continue... so i start going from 20 end up finish te day with 40... happy~ just 10 more laps to my old routine... now i also cant stand the sun so good liao... 15min already buay tahan... hahaha nonetheless, its a small step to my fitness regime... soon i can prepare for ippt le... :D

12:08 AM

April 26, 2006 COLOURED.

i tink i need to write something or ppl will think i am off to some other place for a month again... at this point of time i am... addicted to maple...

dun ask me why but i became addicted to maple liao... its like gambling addiction, drinking addiction, sex addiction bla bla bla... u just cant live without it... heck i wake up the first thing i do is on my pc go n brush teeth and then click on the maplestory icon... :( seriously i think i need to see a doctor...

so thats why i am writing this down asap so that i wun go back to chiong maple again without updating.... in the progress of re-templating and hopefully from then on i will blog more often and cut down on my maple playing time... i thought of buying duty again to curb my addiction... last time when i c bright sun on a morning/afternoon, the only thing on my mind is swimming n tanning n bikinis... but now i even have to drag myself to the swimming pool yesterday just becos i am reluctant to leave my computer...

i'll be back i promise with the happenings of my life soon... after i am done with all the maple n dota... lol saw that cute purple monster? thats mini wild cargo for you... from maple :D

11:12 PM

reblogging in progress

10:37 PM

April 10, 2006 COLOURED.

currently listening to: yeah yeah yeahs

im addicted to them right now... i say i dun like punk but hey... their songs are so catchy... and not blogging currently... chiong maple until siao liao... lol

12:56 AM

April 01, 2006 COLOURED.

neocharge!?!?!?!?!?! wtf is wrong today man... so many weirdo stuff popping up here and there... dun tell me its another april fool joke... why not lets have a game... im going to source out all the april fool's hoaxes on the web then i am going to publish the best hoaxes which even got me... hahah brb...

9:17 PM

ignore the figures if u dun like maths and if u dun wanna borrow money from me... otherwise i welcome anyone with open arms... girls more than welcome... LOL

Gross Pay : $ 2,452.32
Net Pay : $ 2,078.32

mother : $ 500
phone : $ 30
internet : $60
daily expenses : $ 200
transport : $ 150
investments : $ 415

total expenses: $ 1355
total savings : $ 723

i finally understand why my account is getting lesser and lesser... my projected expenses actually shot up quite a bit... so there goes my hope of saving $900/month... you may think crazy ah, monthly save $900 for what...

thats roughly the amount u need to afford a car... hehe, get the hint?

see how la, now on $700 per month... still can get car, but will struggle... each year i will have $8.4k, 5 years i have $42k... can pay up front without any instalment liao... but hor like that will be damn long loh...

9:13 PM

jr wraiths... nice little host that take so much damage from fire just becos their clothes are well... prone to fire... lol, entertaining them for a while since i am at victoria and not at ossyria where i miss the jr grupin and their horns... going back to ossyria soon once i reach lvl48... now still lvl45... while i was busy trying to lvl up this morning, some stranger ask me this

i thought the 4th job come out liao so fast when so little ppl at lvl120 loh... then he say sth abt the superbeginner i am like wtf... anyway after he said that, i went to the website and check...

i see here see there, nothing makes sense to me... super beginner with no skills... the skill all hard to believe loh, what exp gain increase, what death blow... beginner can only attack attack, cannot use magic or what shit what... if ppl wan train super beginner the est is put all stat pts to str liao loh... rare drop increase more funny... maybe the super man tshirt looks nice... but other than that, its crap really...

u know why? becos today is aprils fool day... and thats what i suspect, the maplesea adminstrators playing a prank on the poor maplers... and shit people are actually buying it... lol duno we shall see... if really got then i eat my words loh... but te chance of it happening is 0.01%... back to my training...

10:00 AM

one more time i get another marriage proposal i swear i am going to cheat them of their valuables... gosh, didnt know sg got so many gays around... hehe, wondering where i was? mapling loh, dun worry now i got more time to blog le... hhehe the laughing angry man is back with a vengeance...

btw, this picture i was in the way... looks like i am some mei po who successfully matchmake a couple eh hahaha

12:09 AM


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