May 27, 2005 COLOURED.

currently on a maple frenzy...

starting all over from scratch playing the SEA version...

shant blogged until im satisfied with my level...

current level: 19

watch this space


6:36 PM

May 22, 2005 COLOURED.

its been a long time my friend...

went to find uchu on friday just to tell him how much i love n miss him... if only i am that passionate k... actually went there to find him becos he got lobang for something la... quite long never see him since his bdae... even longer since we last hang out... but he still looks and feels the same to me though he might beg to differ... he said doing away with the internet has done him a whole lot of good...

maybe... maybe not...

the 3 of us might have went separate ways, but i think we are still the same... no one has changed dramatically whatsoever except ageing... then again, how old can be we anyway... coming to 21 consider old ah?... then 25 is antique?, 30 is ancient? 40 is dinosaur? 50 is earth? 60 is sun? 70 is galaxy?

counting down the days to 21yrs can be pretty demoralising... not becos u feel old or what, i guess everyone knows the feeling of so near yet so far ba...

last time how you wish the time pass as fast as possible so that once you reach ur bdae, you will book tickets for every R21 movies available in singapore at that day and lau nua to your whole heart's content...

having said that, note the first 2 words of the previous para... LAST TIME... now u dun even have to wait til 21yrs to lau nua, there is something called the internet and bittorrent and av and bitcomet which will make you lau nua even more than being inside the cinema... it also reduces the number of rape cases when the guys watching in the cinema cant take it and decided to release his seeds at any nearest opposite gender spotted inside the cinema... thats why home is better, unless you wouldnt think twice about doing it to ur mother...

you shouldnt even think about it in the first place!!!

as a rule of thumb, dun do ur mother or grandmother... other than that, anyone else is quite okay... if ur preference is older women who can give u the type of love ur mother gives u, then find ur aunts loh... or older sister oso can... just dun do on mother okay, i will kill you...

anyway, he gave me a brief recap of what happen in the past 5 years... abt some revelations and truth... only then did i realize something... that guys are actually more honest than the gals... quite surprisingly la, what they did in the past and their lies... really too free until come up with such wonderful imagination even the ppl who wrte harry potter or lord of the rings also cannot compare loh... i am so glad i was not the main victim of their scam otherwise i would have become an anti-woman mcp liao...

1:35 AM

May 21, 2005 COLOURED.

didnt i say i hate charities?

i actually donated $30 for the president's challenge...


man i am so contradicting sia...


here's a tip on how to con honggy:

offer alternative donation payment methods other than cash... he will feel the pinch when he suddenly see $30 fly out of his pocket, leaving him no money to impress the gers, if $30 is enough to satisfy any sg girl in the first place... maybe it would be sufficient enough for a female infant to go naked the whole day to make u high... how high? depends on how imaginative u are... imagine paying fiona xie $30 to go naked the whole day would be fine... heck i think she would raise 10 million dollars alone just by stripping for charity, much better than the lame but dangerous stunts they do...

yes, his heart will pain pain when he saw hard cash fly out, but somehow he doesnt feel anything when he gets his $30 deducted from his pay the following month...

so there you have it, the ultimate trick to cheat honggy's money... as revealed by the man himself...

judging by this incident alone, i think i will be better off without a credit card... becos i am the sort of person who wun feel anything if the money doesnt fly off in front of my face... imagine i donate to all sorts of kuku charities while swiping my card... just becos i thought that i still have $30 in my wallet to get strippers...

*paste post-it note on somewhere visible

no more donations other than cold hard cash... donations to save honggy's gullibility open to all sorts of payment modes though...

12:45 AM

May 15, 2005 COLOURED.

the total amount of time i have talked to girls (for real) this year has already overshot the amount of time i have talked to girls for the past 20yrs...

just a short update here becos i have to wake up at 530 later in the morning for duty...

just as i have predicted, it was one hell of a week... and tml is the finale before we head on to the long weekend in a few days time...

it sucked to be the color party for 5 days straight, hmm actually it was good since there isnt much marching on the spot to do anyway... nonetheless, the pressure is always there when so many ppl are watching the color party... and then there were the tests... i was made to eat humble pie for the first one cos he really exploited my weakness... second one was a shock but luckily i did some preparations beforehand... u know its good not to listen to instructions from ur superiors once in a while, i did exactly that and i was duly rewarded... results haben announced, yet the outcome is pretty obvious...

in the later part of the week there was the duty and duty cancelled and duty revived drama... thats why i have to go back early tml... sucks

it is also in the later part of the week where i experience what you call human feelings... i finally realised why i always felt much better than the rest... becos while ppl are worrying about others, i only bother to worry about myself, if i am ok, i am happy... others is if they are ok, they will worry about others, and they are troubled... so when i saw her so lost since shes stuck in the middle, my heart also feel a bit pain leh... maybe i am beginning to feel again...

but the funny thing is while i worry about her, i dun worry about the other one that is really going to be in deep shit sooner or later...


12:43 AM

May 08, 2005 COLOURED.

games games games...

i got fed up with the prince of persia warrior within game... it has some good reviews but i really hate the camera angles and directions movement... really must have an analog controller then can fully utilise, otherwise the camera angle keep changing then u have to change ur steps, very mah fun leh... why they cannot make the movement like those first person shooter one... becos it doesnt make sense when left is right and right is left, up is down and down is up...

worse of all i duno die how many times and have to retry over and over again becos not i lousy but i fell to my death many times... and the path is always so troublesome, must look around for ledges to climb, to run on walls, run up walls... why cant they just give the hack hack hack slash slash thing more easier... im not cut out to play such puzzle games that need brain juice processing...

easier to play rpg games, just attack or defend or use item, so simple... somemore can walk ard explore on open area instead of figuring how to get out...

speaking of rpg, i decided to create a new character in maplestory for fun becos i am sick of waiting so long to lvl up snoopy... then the stupid map keep hanging end up i create for nothing loh... wah lau i thought i can test other characters instead of warrior then end up waste my time la...

now currently getting the freedom force vs the third reich which looks good... hopefully it doesnt disappoint me la... but this week like no spare time liao... with all the tests, duties, understudy, contingent ic, safety ic, color party coming together... hope i can come back in one piece and with a clear state of mind...

4:31 PM

last night afer finish watching kingdom of heaven with my frens, i was waiting at the bus stop outside pacific plaza for my bus since theres no more train le... while waiting, i couldnt help but notice the number of lighted rooms in the hyatt hotel which is on the opposite side of the road... the time then was 0015hrs...

i thought hotels are supposed to be a place where tired tourists turn in early so that they can make full use of their time for sight seeing in the morning... so what could be the ppl inside the lighted rooms be doing...

watch tv? nah, singapore tv is as boring as hell...

i think they are having sex... or something even better, having sex with their mothers to celebrate mothers day :X

hmm, we really need to learn a thing or two from them...

u can never get the same amount of lighted rooms in any hdb flat at approx that time... are we plain lazy or do we prefer to do it in the dark, or simply doing it in the bright daylights like shooting adult videos...

oh, my father just taught me a nice lesson in life... he saw a lollipop stick lying just outside the window and ask me did i left it there or someone threw it from above... i gave him the innocent look when actually i did it... anyway he also can tell la... i thought he is going to tell me to throw inside the dustbin and dun be lazy... but the answer i got from him is absolutely classic...

"want to throw outside then make sure you throw further out, dun leave it outside your window"

wow, like how cool is that!

11:41 AM

May 07, 2005 COLOURED.

saw this from a newspaper...

Women: A Chemical Analysis

Element: Woman
Symbol: Wo
Discoverer: Adam
Atomic Mass: Accepted as 53.6kg but can range from 40kg - 200kg
Occurance: Copious quantities in all urban areas

Physical Properties
- Boils at nothing, freeezes with no known reason.
- Bitter if incorrectly used.
- Found in various states, ranging from virgin metal to common ore.

Chemical Properties
-Absorbs great quantities of expensive substances.
-May explode without warning.
-Most powerful money-reducing agent known to man.

Common Uses:
Highly ornamental.
Can be a great aid to relaxation.

Potential hazards:
Highly dangerous, even in experienced hands.
Illegal to possess more than one.

General Advice:
Avoid contact wherever possible as cures can be expensive

2:25 PM

May 06, 2005 COLOURED.

heard of this?

love the sinner, hate the sin

now how about this?

love the charity, hate the charitiners...

this is exactly how i felt in my last post...

fuck u charitiners :D

6:40 PM

fuck you charities...

i never liked charities in the first place, but what happened today is the final straw loh... no matter how they beg i am really not going to give way to them anymore fuckers...

after the nice celebrations at orchid country club and settling my bank updating + giro business, the next thing i want to do is to get home and have a nice warm bath since it was raining so heavily you know... and then this idiot come approaching me for donations...

an idiot is too lenient a word to describe this jihad inspired guy here... just hear what he has to say to me later...

he is just like those typical ppl going around asking for donations for people where they have articles of them, lost eyes or limbs and stuff... his article was an indian young girl who is blind and need money... donating is one thing, demanding a sum is another...

flag day tell me give 10 cents i already grumbling liao loh, this type of donations is usually in the dollars range... so i thought $2 might be enough to shoo him away... until he said the amount that started to make my heart boil...

"just one time donation of $10 is sufficient and u get to receive this free gift which act as a paper clip with a light, it can also hold ur girlfriend's photo and look at her clearly with the light"

i thought NKF is already so fucked up already with the $5 n $15 dollar trick, this one really more power loh, where got ppl ask u to donate $10 straight away one... like everyone is born fucking rich like that... (for ur info, i was carrying only $7 cash in my wallet at that point of time)

so instead of drawing out my wallet and handing over the $2 note, i said sorry and shook my head...

"you sure?"
- "i not enough money now"
"you can draw money from the atm"


he purposely stay near a place where the POSBank is right in front of me and told me to press money from atm so that i can donate... since when am i so good to go the extra mile to fucking queue up and waste my bloody time just to draw $10 so that i can donate and i can get the oh-so-wonderful paper clip with the damn light...


i just continued to look reluctant and shook my head yet again...

"look, i am not doing this for myself, i dun get to earn anything, but ur $10 can help lots of ppl out there in need of help, and you are doing a good deed and u get this amazing paper clip with a light"


i am fucking sick of his emphasizing of the lousy paper clip with a light that looks like going out anytime... this is one time i hate about those ppl involved in charities... they are persistent, way worse than houseflies and salesmen... however i am always fine with the previous ones becos up to this point, they will give up and look for other targets... but today, this fucker went one step.... hmmm no, many steps further...

i shooked my head yet again and said no...

"look at them, so young and blind, how do you feel?"
- "nothing"
"*looks shocked* u dun feel anything for them?"
- *shooks head*
"not angry or sad or anything?"
- *shooks head*


if i were to feel sad for the entire world's population of the blind, loss of limbs or anything... wouldnt that make me the saddest man in the world? wouldnt i sink into depression everyday? wouldnt i be thinking of suicide everyday? wouldnt my parents be worried about me everyday? *growls*

"are u the same person when i approached u cos u seem kind?"
- "huh"
"are u the same person when i approached u cos u seem kind?"
- "ya"
"then dun u feel anything for this poor young girl?"
- "nope"


maybe he was also beginning to get frustated with me becos i was giving him contradicting answers, but wtf... i dun need to talk sense to someone who doesnt understand what is sense in the first place... hmm so becos i seem kind thats why he approached me eh, so next time i shall look fierce fierce like those loansharks ba... why am i irritated? BECOS HE JUDGED PPL BASED ON LOOKS, HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT!

"ok, imagine touchwood ah, ur little brother or sister is in the picture, how will u feel?"
- "nothing"
"nothing? really nothing? ur brother or sister u know... no angry or sad or anything?"
- "sad loh, but i will take care of it"
"how will u take care of it"
- "like that loh"


ok, so now he is cursing my family... how great is that huh, this decent looking guy is saying this right in front of u... told u liao dun ever judge ppl by their looks... box him i will, if i love my family alot... he should thank his ancestors that we are not a close string family... btw, notice the answers i give him, simply classic loh... this is what happen and the type of answers u get when u pester me and i am not willing to entertain you...

"ok, i believe in god and i feel everyone believes in what goes around comes around, u dun help her, next time u may end up becoming her and others wun help you, how will you feel?"
- "nothing"


now he is using god theory to pressurise me into donating... yes, i believe in what goes around comes around... but believing and doing is 2 different things... just look at the number of rich spoilt brats we have here, if that theory is true, why werent they kidnapped, raped, missing, died, traffic accidents, drugs, aids, impotent, infertile... so i dun help her and i will ended up being blind in future... so be it, i accept that and i will go n squeeze any girl's breasts within my vicinity... my excuse ---- im blind and i cant see, so i need to feel around for directions...

i am 50% freethinker, 45% satanist, 5% taoist...

i dun really believe in religions, i think their rules are crap, i think i am free to do what i want without any religion restricting me (thus the satanism)... taoist becos my identity card states so... religions in itself is already a bad thing cos it is always the cause of all violence around the world... thank you osama

"just now i approached a 14yr old guy and he pitied the girl and donated $10, you are an adult and u dun feel anything, are u any worse than the 14yr old guy?"

IRRITATED lvl up to FURY 1

i really duno what he is trying to say here, is he trying to tell me that the young one got conscience and i dun? i think its more of who intimidates who... i feel the 14yr old was forced to give up his $10 cos he scared he keana beaten up... i dun give becos i dun believe he can beat me up...

and he should learn a thing or two from the salesmen... didnt he know that its always "no obligation to buy"... that means every person he approaches is not obliged to donate at all... i am using that right just to piss him off...

dun compare me to a fucking 14yr old... each is his own individual... i cant be you and you cant be me... i think wat i think n u think wat u think... if every person he approaches agrees to donate, then there is obviously something wrong with the society here...

say for every 10 person and 1 person dun donate... that fucker will be me

actually this percentage is too high imo, i thought it would be every 10 person and 9 person rejecting him...

which means he is cursing 9 persons out of every 10... so bad right, he really deserved a good beating loh...

see, i hate those stupid ppl who always approach u and telling u they are not forcing u to do anything then they will start giving you the kuku face when you reject their offer like "we had already done a deal already and now why are u backing out!!"... just fucked up people... just fucked up

he really sucks... when he has given up hope on me and proceed to other targets, he didnt bother to wish me good day or shake my hand... eh, even those charities that i rejected will always smile back n say good day one loh... this guy is really knnbccbhkk...

so my day was spoilt by a fucker, no mood to go home take a warm bath and sleep...

i dedicate this post to u fucker... not many has this privilege you know...

anyway i also wondering whether he was a fraud or not... firstly he didnt even showed me which organisation he came from when he introduced the article... the article never put the source, he didnt display any pass... heck i could call the police and catch him for being a public nuisance...

6:24 PM

May 04, 2005 COLOURED.

good day ladies... erm and to the gentlemen as well... cant believe i actually escape from camp to give u some top secret info i managed to smuggle out...

like this whole week i only stay in camp for 2 days and now i am released from hell's gate yet again in advance sia... last week was becos of singapore poly thinggy... this time is becos of a generous act by our department :)

it has been set that we will be booking out on thursday afternoon after the celebrations so we were all happily making plans for the long weekends, my plans as usual loh, stay home nua... sad to say some of my classmates have to do duty on thursday and friday while the rest are out enjoying...

so today in the afternoon when he msged me asking about liberty, i couldnt give him a straight answer due to our department notorious background... in case u didnt know what is liberty, it is similar to nights out, like release u in the evening go to geylang play with chickens for one - two hours then return back to camp before midnight... u know, male version of cinderella... and by right, we are entitled to liberty only once on a wednesday every month, and last month while other departments used up more than once, ours is like non-existant loh...

i didnt like the idea of liberty when u are living so far away... for one, you couldnt go back home to touch ur lovely computer and see ur parents... all u could do is go to some nearby shopping mall to look see look see... too bad i dun play with chickens, i prefer to devour them, thats why i cant go to chicken paradise... :)

then later when our classes combined, some bigshot dropped an atomic bomb out of nowhere... it wasnt bad news though... it was something which we had never expected at all... from cinderellas to doves... hehehe, he said we were allowed to book out, only need to go the country club on friday by ourselves... all of us were over the moon like chang er like that loh... the most amazing thing is that we are the only department booking out today, the rest were only allowed to do so tomorrow afternoon, some can book out today, but only later at 10pm... somemore they must help out with the preparations then can... we like never do anything at all then can go out early, sweeet~

anyway last sunday i went out for dinner with some friends and later some ktv... i cant imagine how would i manage if i had a girlfriend leh... if every week go out and eating out + entertainment... i know its okay to go dutch but...

i wouldnt mind at all or even better she pays for me and i get to live the duck lifestyle i always wanted... but still the instinct is i want to pay... weird huh... maybe to leave a good impression on her ba...

anyway for those guys that benefitted from my treat last weekend, u can be sure that it wun happen again unless i am like earning 10k a month, or i changed my taste to men, or u changed ur sex to female... :) hmmm, maybe when i get nice bonus then treat again la hor...

10:57 PM


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