June 27, 2007 COLOURED.

im backk.
i was granted off on th weekend.hehehh.tht lazy pig finally blog.
ohh is getting thinner n getting fatter and can like tht?!!!i wanna kill myself.
school is BORING.DARN.i cant get myself back to still feelin lazy.i wanna go tanning again again.slept at like 2ydae?simply bcuz i couldnt get myself to stop playg tht game.harvest moon is ADDICTIVE man.maybe i should return th psp to baby :X
i scored a C+ for kinda like disappointed and a bit of expected.i sucks at th binary numbers.i cant seems to get it into my mind,i dunno why.COS is th only module tht worry me most.since pass i've got no more worry:)))th rest of th module paper are under moderation anw im confident of doing well :DDD

no programming paper this semester.
WHEE!let's celebrate!!!
byebye people.time for PROGRAMMING.
i desperately need a good sleep tonight:(

2:07 PM

June 25, 2007 COLOURED.

i see dead people...

saturday while waiting for the bus to take us back to changi we were talking about ghost encounters... im always intrigued why my friends always have stories to share while i can only sit back and listen... u see i have never encounter any of these stuff before... this ghost that ghost...

if u wan to ask abt experience, i tink the closest i can think of is being pressed in bed by something... u know they say is the ghost press u thats why u can see but u canot move in bed... but this thing is alr scientifically proven before so its clearly not the ghost doing but ppl still believe it is ghosts up to no good...

i believe that everything can be explained... sometimes things are unexplainable not becos they are out of this world, its just that the einsteins and newtons are not there yet to derive a theory or explaination... i am not afraid of the dark, i only get scared when ppl purposely wan to scare u...

if u wan my explaination as to why i dun believe in ghosts, i have this to share... if i ask u to draw or describe a ghost... it seems everyone's description is the same... in white or red, floating with no legs, long hair, smell nice... they are yuor so called ghosts...

and something interesting to note... why is ghost all female... no male ghost one meh... all the stories i hear are all female one no have male ghost one leh... it can only mean two things...

one: there are more female deaths than male deaths... or maybe males never die at all... so where do males go when they die, why they dun wan to remain on earth like their female counterparts. this theory cant be right becos males do die... we just duno where are them... it cant be true that there are more female deaths than male deaths becos its proven male die faster than female... bo bian, women always dress so hot make the guys increase blood pressure thats why die so fast...

two: females are crazy, they cant get over things, they are mad, they are insane, they are sick, they are psychopaths... dun kill me dear dear! u know i love u

its funny ghosts also got different types at different countries... why we never sight any vampires in singapore? why why why... why no sharp tooth around... or why no stupid jumping hopping zombies in singapore wearing thick make-up like bapok wannabes... why why why... why ang moh countries no have pontianaks... u mean they dun grow banana trees meh, then like that how their monkeys live! why singapore no have pumpkin head man... why why why... dun tell me ghosts live in certain parts of the world k, its crap...

to me its the mind that is playing tricks... but ppl still believe in it... i wun say they are stupid or wat, who knows i may be proven wrong one day when i get to see a ghost personally for myself... so respect, to each his own...

if theres one thing that is very hard to explain... i have to say its love... u cant explain love properly... u just feel it and u know that its love... now that is not very scary right... if love is a scary thing then its bad... but u see many ppl are happily in love so it should be something good... take a look at this video for ghost sighting... its something well... i dun say it... just look at it...

is there any wonder why we look to the sky
search in vain asking why
all alone, where is god? looking down?
we don't know

we fall in space
we cant look down
death may come
peace i have found

2:54 PM

how to make a frog eat a frog

step one

first u have to find a frog, preferably a female one so when she croak, she will attract the male to her.

step two

the male frog senses the female frog but not sure where is her presence, so the host decides to have some fun game and purposely choose the male frog to come up and show his froggy power... we play the crazy frog song to make him high so as to drive his sex drive higher... he was blindfolded so as to heighten the sensation, the pleasure... just like how man dun get really turn on when they see women naked straight away... they like to be teased abit, can see but cannot see, u know wat i mean? never mind...

step three

the male frog's hand is feeling restless now, he wanna grab onto something and squeeze it so hard... oh, spare a thought for the poor female frog, the male is just too horny... hes deprived of his sex...

step four

HIS HAND IS IN!!!! he placed his hand right inside in front of everyone... SHAME SHAME!!! he is so damn horny omg. its just like putting ur hand into ur gf's shirt to feel the breasts or putting ur hand into ur bf's pants to feel the dick in public... wah lau who will ever do that, no one... absolutely no one... except for the crazy frog... everyone is shocked by his indecent act in public... just look at the faces of the organisers...

step five

the female frog likes his touch and let him caress her... he place it on his hand n he gets so high high high... by the way, the male frog is saying hes a master in taming frogs, no frog can ever resist his touch... omg, lucky there are no other female frogs invited for this event... so he advertise i tink the girls also not interested to be touched by him... somemore he touch the dirty frog...

step six

omg now what is the frog thinking... he has opened his mouth and show his pearly whites... dun tell me... pls no... he wan to kiss the frog so the frog will turn into a women for him to fuck?

step seven

nice froggy, yo so sexay

step eight

u wan some loving from me ms froggy, i can give u a night to remember

step nine

hes so hungry for the frog can until he wan to eat the frog... yikes... they are animals in bed alright...

step ten

for that wonderful R21 show which the audience saw, he was rewarded with a prize for the public service award... it was supposed to be the president who gives out the awards but he couldnt watch the show cos sure nose bleed too much and no good for heart and blood pressure so we have another one to give out the prize...

thats it, yesterday everyone had fun... well it wasnt so fun, but me the photographer took the pictures in such a way that everyone had fun... bringing pictures to life, i am the expert! awww, i miss my dear hug hug...

1:12 PM

June 23, 2007 COLOURED.

th DOG fever.
met up wit des and sheryl todae.
they got a dog.female damnit cute can!!cookie:)))they paid like 1k for it.her body is fat wit a long long nice.her fur so long and smooth.ohh..tempting eh.

if i have a dog i'll buy a big big rattan bag for th dog.i'll name her happy:))callg her only makes me happy.hehe.i'll carry tht rattan bag wit th dog out for dog and i'll wear th same sunglasses on sunny days.i'll have all th accessories inPINK!!sound familiar eh??


lols.madness!!tht was just a crazy thought at tht moment larh.sheryl kept on tempting me to buy a dog.true i wanted a dog long long ago.but come to think of it.. th dog needs alot of attention and care which i probably couldnt's so expensive useful is 1k?! i can use it for my school fees,one semester mann.forget about it larh.pets have a life just like human.

chris is flying to sabah gonna miss her.she's th bestest fren i ever had i,she's 12yrs older than me but we've th same mentality!!!LOLS.she'll only be back like 1mth later??baby will be so happy when she's away.sometimes i meetup wit chris more than i meet baby in a week.he's so damn JEALOUS.ahahaha.i bought a levi's jeans just now for 15bucks,genuine one okayy.but i need alteration.darn.if i couldnt get someone to do it'll be wasted!!

okayy.that's all for gonna play my harvest moon.i've got baby's psp this weekend.WHEE!!

8:29 PM

June 22, 2007 COLOURED.

i believe in th thing called

L O V E.

3:35 PM

im feeling... BORED.
im turning 19teen this august.i've been doing nothing these few years.i dropped judo.i can only get fame and glory in judo yet i've stopped.i just can seems to finish anything i learnt.
well.. what i did in pri pri 2, i learnt swimming for like half a year? and i stopped.bcuz my fren said i was fat.pri3,i learn piano at yamaha th teacher sucks big time.she cane mie.pri 1,i learnt abacus for a year and not knowing how to use th abacus set correctly,i was forced to stop.i learnt ballet which i really like but th ballet teacher looks gay,dad doesnt like his gay look so i stopped gog.chinese dance that's th longest i stayed since like pri1 to pri6?i failed my grade5 grading,i was devastated and nvr go back again.i learnt line dancing and tap dance too:)
in secdonary school..
i joined cheerleading:)))
but i was forced to stopped bcuz my th training days crashes wit judo teacher in charge forces me to quit cheerleading:( other than tht..he's nice i swear.being a captain of th club you can no need to attend pe lesson,just help him out will cool?everyone is so envy about me.lols. there's too many politics in th club tht makes me so sick n tired.i left.. shortly after my teacher in charge retired.anw judo isnt really a sport for girls.,it makes you have no breast but you wan a chest instead of breast?since 16 i havent learnt anything other than study...i cant study.

things that i wanna learn..
#1 break dance (i so regret not joining O school.darn.)
#2 salsa
#3 wakeboard (maybe i should join junyi for wakeboarding:) but 60bucks per session is so EX!)
#4 driving (this one can wait.lols)
when are you gonna learn? when u're old? dotdotdot.
lemme do some calculation if i can afford to go for wakeboarding.hehe.mum would rather i go for dance she doesnt like me to be tanned.bleahs.

2:58 PM

June 21, 2007 COLOURED.

why?! simply bcuz i need love.crapps.i dont understand why doesnt th sun shine at bishan so angry.fat n i was at th pool since 1pm till long ehh?!but th sun shine for barely skin is peeling i dont know why!!!!fat find it super gross.he suggested tht maybe i shd do something about it.we headed to j8 watson(your personal store:)) we bought a after sun lotion for only $5.80, we realise tht it's under th buy one get one free promotion upon payment.whee.we're one means tht we got one extra bottle to waste.he volunteered to apply th lotion for sweet:DDD

school starts next week.darn.i dread to go school.never ending of projects n ppt.fuckk.i still gotta work after school tis coming work = no more sun tanning:(

finally i've th official permission from mr lee to buy th shorts:DDD i dunno if they have my size,i'll just suck thumb if they've got no more stockk.nono.i'll bite baby.
how sad?! i can only meet baby on friday this week. NDP for him on sat, class outing on sun, i've got school and work after school on mon:((((
i haven meet my love sheryl and des this holiday.darn.

can i pierce my tongue pls?
eyebrow piercing look great too:X

byebye cyberworld.hello xiao zhu:DDD

11:59 PM

th bak chang FEVER.
i've been eating bak chang for like th last 4days?? super sick of it. bak chang is making me FAT. it's super ultra oily.

i love WATER!
went swimming wit my lovely fat today. no sun and no ple. we got th pool all to ourselves. hehehe.. we had water fight :))) it was so fun fun fun. and we're gonna swim again tmr!! i hope there's sun and emty pool again. then i'll be able to sun tan. im craving for a tan. lols. it'll be great if baby could join us. i do think of you okayy, yes i do. im nice :D
im in love wit tht ripcurl tat ripcurl?i cant rmb. anw im gonna get it tis fri. tht stupid fat is in sucha a hurry to get home today,he dont even allow me to try at all. nvm i'll have baby's company tis fri.

i bought baby a pair of shoes from adidas but i doubt he like it. fat wan th same one i got for baby but i din wanna get it for him. simply bcuz he cannot have to same one as my bf :))) it's quite annoying when you're not being appreciated.
my boy oh boy.. why are you so hard to please these days??

i din koe u can change th color and font size w/o th html coding. how cool is that?
xiao zhu is waving at me. im gonna watch 100% entertainment. i need 100% concentration. hehe. byebye.

12:51 AM

June 19, 2007 COLOURED.

work have never been so stress for me. guess what? i've got no sale today. ARGHH! i always thought that im a goddess of sale. im a good liar. LOLS. i always give discount like alot??! but actual fact i didnt even give yet customer dunno. they just happily listen to mie buy n go.

met holly today in th toilet after work. her stupidilty manage to cheer me up. she's still as bimbo as ever. she th only woman who is stupider than me and that makes her th stupidest woman in th world.ahahahaha.but she's nice i swear!! she's working as a door bitch at home club. so cool!! i wanted to be a bartender at 16 in my friend's pub but mum threaten to chase me out of th hse. i din to go for th course in th end of cuz. i've got no balls. LOLS. im gonna visit home club someday i wanna see that bimbo at workk!! home club used to be mad monks where i frequently visit. boat quay..... sound so unfamiliar to me now. i hardly club now anyway. it's fun when you were underage. now when you can throw your ic you'll be damn bored when you cant enter those club with age limit of 21. 2 more years to 21. i dread to turn 19 actually. i wanna be a small girl forever :))))

i saw th MNG sale going on when i was on my way home. i never like MNG. there's something about MNG, you'll feel damn cheated when you know it. do you know that no matter what you wear you still look super nice in front of th mirror in MNG? i mean your figure, as in body shape. MNG actually had all their mirror customise to make you look longer and thinner. dont believe try it. im so proud of myself im not a bimbo i learn things when i shop. LOLS. not all th clothes you can buy in MNG sale, it isnt anywhere cheaper at all. during th sale their bottoms n basic tees are th only best buy. tube tops n basic tees are those i'll buy durg th sale.i hardly buy their clothings but i do compare prices. that's what you called th window shopping. hehe. why buy when it's not really cheap when you hafta queue up so long for th fitting room? when you've to ransack that pile of clothes?
hardly see ple wearing levi's jeans nowadays. everyone is wearing those jeans you see in bugis. levi's used to be typical. i dont have any jeans you see at bugis i swear, not boosting. but levi's jeans last longer than those cheap ones. in order to follow th trend im gog to bugis to get one myself too :)) just kidding, but i seriously wan a skinnie jeans. my hip size is 30 but my thigh aint as big as those size 30 have. skinnie jeans is th right choice for me man.. :X

i bought a hairclip for mum n myself today. 2hairclips for 36bucks can. it's ex i know but i can hardly find a hairclip that stays nicely on my hair. this one can last longer at least. there's a pig on th hairclip. so cute can!! im gonna ask baby to take photo of th hairclip on my hair when he's out. lols. anw mum's one is ex mine cost only 12bucks. affordable larh. buying hairclips, bottoms, bags and shoes i believe in buying th more expensive one. they last longer. you wouldnt wan a jeans color that fades after a few wear, a hairclip which is fragile, a bag that couldnt hold heavy stuffs, a shoes that bite your feet. most imptly, you've to check for th quality that you're paying for in order to make your money worthwhile ;)))

11:36 PM

June 16, 2007 COLOURED.

im SERIOUSLY deprived of sleep.
only manage to sleep yesterdae,
and and that is bcuz i stopped taking th pills.
is nort bcuz baby is stayg over my place okayy.
i cannot take it anymore.
it's making mie so weakk.
weather is good.
good for staying in bed:))))
my poor baby is still have to go for NDP rehearsal.

i havent wear jeans for so so so long. im gonna wear jeans today.
wait for baby to finishh. lalalalalaala~

7:12 PM

June 15, 2007 COLOURED.

WHEE. friday :))))))
i haven been sleeping for like er.. 2 nights? darn. should i stop or should i not? it's so annoying when you cant get to sleep at night at all yet you're still feeling damn alert. th side effect will only affect those whu dont need it at all. DARN. but but but but but... i wanna continue taking larh. it's so hard for mie to get those slimming pills can. you have to consult a doctor, th doc will only prescribe to those whu are really fat. thanks to jenny then i got those pills can~!!! if i go myself i think th doc will direct mie to mental hospital instead. lols. i've seen quite a number of doc for th pills but they dont think i need it. those doc lie. they're liars.

baby is a super bad liar can. he sae he's gonna sae i nvr even slim down even after taking those pills so i'll stop. damnhim. i'll ask him to sleep on th floor tonight if he lie. LOLS.

1:59 PM

June 13, 2007 COLOURED.

todae is wednesday. baby din book out, he's tired i guess. i went shopping. hehe. i tried very very hard to control myself today alright?! i bought a nike handbag for only $17.90!!! it's so tempting when it's so cheap. it's like a must buy thing. that is like 70% off!!! goshh.. im a auntie larh okayy. im poor so i can only afford cheap stuffs. hehe.

wenta novena again. this stella macartney shoes really caught my eyes. original price was $169 after staff purchase discount it's like only $39?? it's a ballet cutting kinda shoes, my favourite. damn good buy. but i promise baby n mum to stop n i din buy in th end. so proud of myself. chris couldnt believe it. but it's true i should start saving money. my closet got no more space for new clothes, th white color clothings are turning yellow. my mum is nagging alr. i swear th adidas shirt dere are super good buy after th staff discount. LOLS. i'll buy for baby when th new stocks arrive. no more shirts for my bros bcuz mum is gog hong kong in july.. and they're growing, it's a waste of money if i got th wrong size. there is no exchange for staff purchase discount.

my hair are getting more and more dry. it's time for mie to do some treatment to them if not baby is not gog to touch my hair again.LOLS. im like a raw meat now. RAHS. the burnt is painful. lesson learnt; dont ever wear a bikini again.

okayy enough for todae. work till four-thirty tmr and i'm gonna play wit water again after work. hehe. gdnite.

11:13 PM

June 12, 2007 COLOURED.

im in a total holidae mood,and i swear it's awesome! i dont needa crack my brain for anything. do you know why human hate to read? research shown; reading requires your brain to work as well, after reading you feel tired if u dun read regularly. i cant remember where i read it. LOLS. but it's true.hehehe.

woke up at only like 2pm today? ohh.. simply bcuz i'm burnt. LOLS. went shopping wit mum n fat today. fat n i fetch mum from work at raffles. well well well.. we wenta GUESS, mum bought a belt which was really cool! her waist is bigger than mine, so we couldnt share at all. anyway i got one myself larh. hehh. there is this handbag that caught my attention today. $129.90 darn. so expensive can. i swear it's pretty!!! im so gonna get it. i bought a top from far east today. WHEE! i wanted that long ago. it's like a coat more i dunno. all i know that it's super ultra nice on mie. mum scolded for buying that top. darn. i dunno what's wrong wit mie seriously i've a never ending shopping spree, did i spell it correctly?? i had tonnes of bags, 2closet of clothing but why m i still buying?? i dont know. hehh.

so muchh for my happy ending...

10:07 PM

how to tame a kangaroo

step one

approach it nicely and gently and pat it

step two

face the camera and look good

step three

awww, the kangaroo feels so loved

2:13 AM

after tanning session of like only 2hours?
it's so happening man this week.
sunday to th zoo,
mon tanning.
nvr go sentosa larh okayy.
mr francis is super busy wit i dunno what.
he dun even have time to blog.
i let him blog about th zoo.
slowly wait..
IM LAZY in pain.

normally i dun bother to open my eyes to see what im pressing.
i just press.
press what?
ur mother's breast.
th lift button larh of cuz.
i supposed to to press down,
but i press up instead.
then tat idiot boy scolded mie.
for such minor mistake.
he dun normally scold mie.
OHH..he doesnt love mie anymore.

1:26 AM

June 09, 2007 COLOURED.

im famished.
i dunno what to eat.
i dunno where to eat.
i've eaten only breakfast todae.

8:34 PM

th common test is finally over!!
time for fun.
my classmates arent tat bad afterall.
shengkiat is FABULOUS.
he alwaes make sure tat i understand everyting before he left mie to die.
he really help mie out ALOT during th common test week.
i've nvr put in effort in my studies.
bcuz i koe i'll nvr do well.
mayb bcuz im a looser.
i dun accept setback.
i expect good results, good outcome when i put in effort.
either produce th best result if not
dun even bother to do it.
C.Maths paper was do-able
i dun sae it's easy larh.
getting a B isnt a prob.
baby is so lazy to teach mie C.Maths.
dat's d difference..
when you're not his gf he'll do anything you ask him to.
he's different when he got you.
now he rather to finish my work for mie den to teach mie.
WP is easy my fav module:)))
FSP is sucky but i dun see any reason why i'll fail.
COS sucks bigg time.i dunno about th binary thingy.

2WEEKS of holidae.
but dere r project to hand up after the 2weeks.
so it's like only 1week of holidae alrighht?
im gog to th zoo wit baby tmr!!
i've been to th zoo alot of times but im still excited.
mon sun-tanning.
i kinda dread to tan.
i alwaes wanna tan but i've got no balls to wear bikini.
why why why why?!

im declaring bankrupt this holidae.i should just get up n get out to work :((
my pacifier got no light okayy.

You're so fine
I want you mine you're so delicious
I think about you all the time you're so addictive
Don't you know what I can do to make you feel alright (Alright...)

Don't pretend I think you know
I'm damn precious And hell yeah,
I'm the mother fucking princess
I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right (I'm right...)

im gog to dye my hair.
byebye ple!

3:28 PM

June 07, 2007 COLOURED.


marche singapore cow

step one
first of all u have to approach the cow silently and gently... ensure that the cow deems u as friendly and not some horny bastard who wan to slip behind and squeeze the cow's tits just becos their girlfriend's breasts is too flat or girlfriend-less or just hand too itchy need to squeeze something just to satisfy ur desire... once u manage to approach near, gently pat and sayang the cow's back... nice and slow, thats the way cows like it...

step two
once u have pat it enough times alr, u can place one leg over the other side while u slowly lift urself up onto the cow... remember, its a living thing, its not some log which u can use ur strength forcefully to push urself up... dun grab the cow's hair or balls or tits or whatever that can be grabbed... dun dig ur fingernails into the cow... it will starle the cow and the cow will become a crazy horse keep moving around... once on top of the cow, position urself so that u are sitting on the cow and ur balls are in between the cow... u dun wanna have both balls on one side of the cow as u will definitely feel very uncomfortable in that position... so ur dick will be in line with the cow's head but be careful there... due to the friction ur dick may stand but u have to be focus, becos u dun wan the cow to go horny on u...

step three
remember to face the camera for every cow mount... u may be professional facing the front but facing the camera means u are in control of the whole situation here...

step four
lastly dun forget to pose like borat... this will ensure that u will become uber cool, heavens know how many netizens are worshipping me right now for performing that physically challenged task... but for the sake of mounting cow idiots, i have to do it... picture speaks a thousand words right...

i have conquered the marche singapore cow... this sunday i am going to conquer more animals, with pictures to show and my dear is going to be oh so proud of me man... im such a wonderful beast tamer...

1:07 AM

June 06, 2007 COLOURED.

i dun wanna grow up.
so that baby will look mature.LOLS.
we got th same mentality alright?
he's 23 and im 19.
we're going to th zoo tis sundae~
sun-tanning on mon.
here comes my hols.
2 more papers to go ;))))

1:16 PM

ydae was a BAD BAD DAE.
FIRSTLY, i lost my key to the cart.
ended up i only finish work only at TEN.
i'll start to panic when sumting goes missing or wrong.
DARN. what's wrong wit mie?
initially i was super cold but i start to sweat when i realise tat my key gone missing.
when was d last time i lost sumting?
i dunnno.
if im gonna lost my handphone,wallet or watch again
im gonna just suck thumb.
my dad is not gonna b dere to buy mie new one again.
handphone, wallet n watch r the items i alwaes misplaced them.
it's okayy if i misplaced my adidas watch larh
but if it's d guess one.i dunno.
most prob i'll cry.
oh yar.. i dun tink i'll ever misplace my nano larh.
i lost d 1st handphone my dad got for mie when i was pri 6.
i lost my entire wallet when i was sec 2 in class.
most probably sum blacks stolen it larh.
i rmb is d hello kitty one.
until now i stll carry hello kitty alright?LOLS.
i left my casio watch in d cab.DARN.
when it was only like few weeks old.

SECONDLY,i dropped baby's motorolaRED on d floor ydae.
my heart ache for tat moment.
ydae was so damn freakg bad dae for mie.

okok.imagine urself 30yrs old down the road....
30 years later i'll be 49
and i'll still wear tube top n mini skirt.
im gog for d skin firming thingy.
den i can have tattoo still.

im still in love wit my TENNIS SKIRT.ohh..i lurve tennis skirt,i cant play tennis.hehhs.
i wanna upload d photo mie n baby took at vivo but i forgotten how.
it takes mie 3mths plus to recognise the way to his hse::))
i got no sense of direction.hehhs.
i tink if baby teach mie how to upload again i'll rmb DEFINITELY.

12:56 PM

June 04, 2007 COLOURED.


after my fellow friends have all gotten their income tax have to pay how much alr... i still haven receive anything yet from iras... its worrying becos my account to deduct money one sure not enuf one... decided to log in to the online tax website and i think i am one of the major contributors to the government sia... i have to pay $1470 for my income earned last year... go and count how much money i made last year ba... bloody 2nd sergeant only have to pay so much tax, like i earning officer pay like that... cant be blamed though, they gave me my lump sum last year so its included in my statement... so sad!!!

and i keep wondering why my account always no money one until i recalculated and realised i made a mistake... last month i think i took out too much... becos the psp lo, lol... need to rechannel the amount of money to the paying bank and make sure my "BUY HOUSE" account is always increasing and never decreasing and my "SPENDING" account is never empty... damn demoralising when u see u can buy house one then suddenly cannot buy house liao becos the money all go to spending... faster buy house faster marry my dear... hope the investment is gd and everything will fall nicely in place...

thank goodness i have a monthly saving plan or else i tink i would be losing money faster than i would have realised... perhaps the best advice a financial advisor could ever give me is to keep some spare cash for rainy days... i never thought about it at all until now... to think i wanted to put some more in to the savings plan or the ilp... this time im sure i can manage...

going to meet my dear liao! whEE

3:19 PM


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