August 29, 2005 COLOURED.

the internet is a wonderful thing... i managed to find some of the stuff which i have been tasked to find onboard ship... guess what, some information can be found on the internet straight off... hehehe, they didnt know that some of the stuff could be found using the internet eh...

so go ahead, try asking me more questions... and i am more than able to impress them yet again... hahaha but b4 that, i have to see my chief's face first... why am i still awake now when i am supposed to wake up at 5:30 later... lol... ignore me, i have gone crazy

2:56 AM

August 26, 2005 COLOURED.

ok, its official... my chief doesnt like me anymore after that incident... while everyone is happy for me after i have pass the dreaded qm test, my chief wasnt impressed... he didnt say anything initially... a lot of ppl were present while i was doing my test... they wanted to see how good i really was... especially when the ppl UP THERE keep emphasizing on the words "best trainee"...

a lot of them was skeptical about my abilities becos i never really show them a thing or two to impress them... in fact in their eyes, i am this bungling newbie who only knows how to mess things up... maybe partly due to their past experiences with the trainees who didnt do that well... so they werent so hopeful that i can make it...

but make it i did... becos i had sufficient training under the watchful eyes of my PO2... for the past few nights i have been sacrificing my precious hours of sleep for sessions with him... some call him my nanny, some pity me for having so many things to do, some were jealous becos i have specialized training...

they call me a fast learner, supersonic brain, running on a pentium5 processor... rumors spread fast n furious... ever since the day i returned back to my ship after the 2 weeks honeymoon sailing trip... i am slowly winning fans over... every morning i get to hear ppl telling me this...

"heard that u r very good in memorising stuff eh"

when i ask them who told them, they just shrugged and say "they told us one"... -___-```

so those who dun believe me started to ask me some questions... and the questions they asked is like so easy loh... of course i know them la, ask me some questions which i duno b4 one ma, then at least i look more dumb...

gaining the respect of someone whom many have difficulties gaining, to me is a great achievement in itself... L AIS from 210 is one of them... and i can happily add 1 more to the list... the one in charge of all the duties... initally when i took the verbal test from his subordinate, i didnt do that well... but he told the in charge that i can be given a chance... honestly if he didnt hear all about my background, i wouldnt be given a second look... so i can be considered lucky there... and the in charge wasnt so impressed with me at first... as i took the test and started writing... he was.. hmmm...

i am beginning to win him over liao... thanks to the other guy down there who made me look good becos he keep giving stupid answers... hahahahaha...

so when i completed my answers and handed the papers to him to mark... he said something which i totally didnt expect to hear from a person like him...

"i no need to see one, no need to mark de"

i thought he dun wan to mark becos hes unhappy with my answers when he said that... but when i noticed that he said those words to me while smiling, i realised what he really meant was theres nothing much to mark becos i got most of the questions correct... this is respect... i think he is very happy to see someone who managed to pass his test after so many failures before me... actually i have to thank those who took the test before becos they told me what will be coming out, so credit goes to them really... i just apply what i am supposed to know thats all...

after everything my chief gave me a lecture which i think i wun ever forget...

today is the day i have earn someone's respect as well as losing another's... yea i have fallen out of flavor with my chief liao judging by the harsh words he gave me... when he questioned me, i try as much as possible to answer them... the more he asked, the more irritated he became... he was angry that he couldnt get me, as i keep telling him the answers... he tried to find loopholes but he couldnt...


then he ask more n more until i really duno the answers to his questions liao then he had a field day scolding me from then on...

to be angry with me over that incident i think it was really not worth it la... and i am already disappointed with my chief liao loh... he never gave me any encouragement at all throughout my stay at ship... neither did he show any concern... unless u count intimidation as encouragement... he loves to intimidate everyone... duno wat the fuck does he want really...

at first i thought it would be a pity to him to leave after i finish my training... but after seeing how he didnt fight for me at all and how he keep talking about respect respect... its official... i have lost my respect for him and i really think he is the biggest fucker in the world man... 4get about what that guy in 210 did to me... his is considered peanuts to the damage which my chief has dealt to me...

u know its damn hard to be motivated when ur own chief keep putting u down, making u feel lousy n all... it affects the rate i can learn things properly becos i keep worrying about the strained relationship... i think its over now... i am going to fuck it and dun bother about mending bridges...

why did u pick me in the first place... becos my running is good? what the fuck excuse is that... if its really for that reason then i gladly request for a transfer... ppl have already been saying, if ppl of my calibre cant even satisfy him, then who else is capable of doing it... he demands far far too much from a newbie trainee...

i have nothing to say to u chief... i think ur life is pitiful... by the way i have been punished to be confined for 1 week starting from next week as a result of my dumb offence... which means its useless anyway... i dun get to go home after all... unless i can pass my test next week which i think will be hard...

1:33 AM

August 24, 2005 COLOURED.

i m getting into a lot of trouble lately without realising it... i have to accept the fact that majority of it is my fault... but have u wonder why does a person who normally dun give ppl problems one suddenly becomes this person who keeps giving u problems...

obviously there is something wrong... and it definitely isnt me... it is stress at work my friend... stress... its only in my ship that i can see how everyone reacts to stress... u know the real person in u... the dark n ugly side which u always dun show in front of ur friends? i can rename my ship the true colors ship...

hmm i am too mentally drained to write anything funny anymore... maybe when i have become one of the sadist onboard then i can start to become the master of suaning... til then i shall go and play game n sleep... tml got test fail means stay back again... but most prolly i will be staying back again this week due to my stupid error... cannot write cos its confidential...

9:20 PM

August 14, 2005 COLOURED.

mobiBLU Cube DAH-1500.


JNC SSF-8005

the first time i saw it was at bangkok when one ger was wearing it... xue's friend liked it... and i thought it looked uber cool man... but more suited for gers la, guys wear liao look very weird... anyway i got some info for those who may be interested in the cube players... they are not available in sim lim as of 2 weeks ago when i go and fix my pc i took a talk but cant find any... reliable sources say funan got jnc one... haben spotted any mobiblu yet...

here's the lowdown

mobiBLU Cube DAH-1500.

World's Smallest MP3 Player
Super compact size (24mm*24mm*24mm) and weighs only 18 grams!
A fully featured MP3/audio player that fits in the palm of your hand.

OLED Display
The latest in display technology provides superior sharpness and brilliance over standard LCDs.

Six Preset EQ modes plus one User-Set EQ mode
Features 6 preset equalization modes; Normal / Rock / Jazz / Pop / Classic / Live / and you can also customize equalization to suit your sound.

File Navigation System and Unlimited Folder Capacity
The player can play MP3 files saved in multiple folders. Those files and folders can be selected and played as if in a Windows environment.

Easy & Convenient Clock
Built in clock keeps you on time.

PC Peripheral Device
By connecting the product to PC, the Windows system identifies it as a removable disk. No additional software needed.

FM Radio
Enjoy FM radio listening as well as digital music files (MP3/WMA)!

Built-In Lithium-Ion Battery
No extra battery or recharger is required. This advanced battery system is easily recharged by connecting into the USB port on your PC.

Resume Function in Second Unit
Settings are automatically restored when the unit is powered ON in case of sudden power down.

Firmware Upgradeable
Firmware is easily upgradeable to new features and functions.

Power-Save Mode
Power-save mode saves battery power when player is not in play mode.

Muli-Format Capability
Plays MP3 and WMA formats.

MP3 (MPEG 1/2-Layer 2/3, 16-320Kbps}, WMA (Microsoft Windows Media Audio, 32-192Kbps), and new formats by Firmware upgrade

256MB / 512MB / 1GB

16 hours with WMA (64Kbps) or 8 hours with MP3 (128Kbps) per 256MB

16 Ω / 15mW

20Hz ~ 20KHz


87.50MHz ? 108.00MHz


USB 1.1

Max. 6Mbps

Blue, Black, and Pink
for all storage sizes

Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery

Approximately 17 hours

0.94" x 0.94" x 0.94"
24mm x 24mm x 24mm

0.63 Ounces (18 Grams)

JNC SSF-8005

Built-in 512MB
- Support Playback MP3 and WMA
- Built-in FM Radio and FM Radio Recording
- USB 1.1
- 15 Hours non-stop Playback
- Direct Plug and Play as a USB Storage
- Supports Display Multi Language
- Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery
- 2 Color OLED Backlight
- 5 Preset Equalizer Mode: Rock, Classic, POP, Jazz and Normal
- Made in Korea
- Dimension: 24W x 24H x 24D mm
- Weight: 18g

- Stereo earphones
- Neck Strap
- USB cable
- Carrying Case

Available Colour
- Silver
- Blue
- Black
- Pink


mobiBlu black is a stunner but JNC silver oso kan power! at least what i feel la... the prices i not sure but i would go with the mobiblu black cos its really sleek... never c the jnc black close up so i cant say much la... a perfect gift for any girl really... heard that they are selling like hotcakes... both brands exact wt n size and roughly has all the same features as each other... the only thing left is to see which one can last longer without giving any major headaches to the user... and i think the coolest thing is that, the led display absolutely stylo milo power!

10:37 PM

mayday mayday... that day when i came back from bangkok i heard some very bad news from home... pc couldnt start up... supposed to be a relaxing day after coming back turns out to be a rather frustating time for me... buy new sata hard disk test test also same problem cannot work properly... end up dulan go n give the repair guy to fix... so relief to see it working again only just recently... but still got problem la...

my old drive really dying... then i download so many movies all never watch like wasted sia... see got time can test whether can do data recovery or not... otherwise i go n format the whole drive liao...

it was not a very good week loh that time... the moment i step on my ship i can already feel the hostility liao... lucky i was not the only one there... there also got a number of ojts around... but the truth is i dun feel very welcomed there... ppl there all give u the sort of look... only wan to take advantage of us to do all the shit work and stuff... but the moment i received news that i was going to be attached to another ship temp. i appeared stunned but inside i was like receiving a get out of jail card... hehehe

my first day onboard my ship was pretty sucky la... imagine cleaning the walls from evening til 11pm... what the fuck sia and its not even halfway done yet loh... anyway i stayed in for nothing... it will not be counted as part of the induction programme... among the 3 of us, i think i am the most bo hua one... i stayed in for a total of 2 nites which does not count towards my induction... then i am the only one who still has yet to learn all the qm stuff... all i know about qm is what i heard from my fellow mates experiences nia...

then tuesday morning i happy happy say hello to my attached ship while kissing my ship byebye~ but hor got minor cockup la... the cabin that i have been allocated ----- is the same as the gers... LOL so nice of them to give me such wonderful accomodation leh... i didnt know that with the best trainee title bestowed upon, u will get 5star treatment... share same cabin with the gers, even the officers also cannot sia! whahahahhahaa, guess what it was the same cabin as xue! WOOOHOOO... i can sense the big bad wolf in me...

but too bad la, make me happy for a moment only... i also know its impossible for me to sleep with gers one... the guy go n clarify the arrangement then gave me the guys cabin where the rest of the attached ojts were staying... so sad! but happy got so many familiar faces staying in the same cabin la...

my own ship predicted that i would be doing lots of useless stuff and learn nothing much from the trip... yea there were some shit tasks but i guess thats expected from a newbie eh... u cant compare to the amount of shitwork which my own ship gives me... somehow i feel like i am not attached to the ship loh...

sailing in the open seas was a first for me... and my department fellows were nice enough to let us stay on the bridge to observe how they start moving away from harbour... if my ship ah, confirm call me go n pull the damn ropes... i know i have to fulfil my seaman duties la... but i hate doing seamen sia... sucks, lol make my nice fingers become so ugly, bleeding n peeling of skin loh...

initially everything was nice, we were complete idiots when it comes to keeping watches so they were gd enough to guide us... tell us how to report properly, what are the stuff to do bla bla bla...

i got into trouble with some of the crew... partly becos of my attitude la... surprised right, i can actually become a problem kid for them... hahha maybe i am not used to the kind of slavery treatment la, thats why i abit agitated... but duno leh, last time in my npcc days is worst loh but i never complain... maybe old liao know how to talk back... hhahahaa...

twice i was questioned what is so funny... apparently they spotted my face with teeth showing on a number of occasions and they are not too happy about that... please leh, ppl keep complain singaporeans so dao, now i come back from thailand the land of smiles cum bapoks, i learn a thing or two from our thai counterparts so i smile more loh... rest assured i didnt learn about the bapok part... smile means i am happy ma... its important for the ship crew to be happy then like that morale high do anything also good ma... u ask me go back my ship n smile i cant even force a smile out of my mouth loh...

and i questioned the rationale behind why we have to wash dishes... thankfully one chief explained to me in a nice way why such a duty roster was set up instead of letting everyone wash their own dishes... otherwise, i would be aimed by many people liao...

one of the department guys keep criticising me when it comes to doing my own navigational duty... say why i so slow, duno report this report that, duno write this write that... all the faults all he pick up... wtf that day was only like the 2nd or 3rd day of sailing and that was the first time i was doing the chart thing loh... somemore at night i not used to the darkness... the light they kuku say cannot on too bright... so bloody dim how i see properly for me to plot on the chart sia... somemore they never think about lefties... left handers write things ah, in the dark with only a dim light, i cant see what i am writing loh becos my own hand is blocking my words... fucking righties... i tell u next time my rank as big as them n i got juniors under me, i will take gd care of all the lefties man... ppl always create things for the righties and never bother about the lefties...

why? becos they are jealous of the lefties thats why... they dun possess the brains that we do... nah, just joking though old ppl always say left handers are smarter... i dun see the difference la... left hand or right hand can be trained from young de...

its ppl who keep putting me down that makes me want to make them eat their words... and the more i want to show them i can be better than them, the more i wan to make them absolutely redundant to the navy so that they will be out of contracts in future... WHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA, evil, you are oh so evil... hahaha just say say nia, becos they have something which i lack ----- experience... that one cannot fight la, so just have to suck thumb la...

but some of them were very good to me... treat me like their own ship crew... in particular her chief n the navigation officer down there... the NO was the first up to guide me... maybe he was under the instructions of my NO... but nonetheless he really helped me quite a bit... he got me to do all the radar reporting properly... and cute fangfang was also there to make me practise my radar reporting when the NO was busy with something else... she want me to report all the contacts so that i am much more smoother... so special mention must also be given to her la even though she is not from our department at all...

another guy i like to thank was another one from my department though xue dun realli like him... he helped me with alot of all the theory stuff... like how to get this how to get that... stuff which u dun learn in school at all...

oso to the chief... who asked me the most questions... the important thing is though he says he will go fast n furious after our first week with a bombardment of questions, in reality he didnt give us any added pressure... just ask us what is this what is that... if we know we say, if we duno then find out liao later then tell him... better than having someone right beside keep telling u "huh y u duno, u sure or not u best trainee"... yesh, this is a direct attack on u ass... hmmm but he doesnt read blogs anyway... so whatever... in case u read this, i say hi to u, u big mouth rumorspreader shortie... i feel like punching u when u keep saying about something else that simply makes my blood boil...

this best trainee tag comes with a double edged sword... either ppl see u in a different way or they scoff it off as just the only person around in the class so thats why can get best trainee...

if i know things they will say "best trainee leh, what u expect"
if i duno things they will say "best trainee eh, how come like that"

throughout my 2 weeks sailing, i am glad that i have changed a person's impression of me overtime... he was the one who picked on me for smiling... and i dun really like him that much becos of that incident... but one fine day when i was doing my watchkeeping and my chief was busy teaching me n xue on new stuff which we never learn b4, he was there as well listening... he was impressed with my absorption powers and seeing that i was a fast learner, he also decided to add a few things in addition to what the chief was telling us... just by hearing his comments that day, i can tell i have earned his respect and he saw me in a different way afterwards... and for that he has earned my respect as well...

sometimes i know how to do some things sometimes i duno how to do some things... and then the shortie was picking on me again... personally i feel he thinks that xue is better than me in many areas... becos he never gets tired of telling me off one loh... he never touched on xue much sia... so much so that i actually doubted my own ablitities loh... i only felt beter when i realised that some of the things he also duno...


my own chief told me its okay to be slow, wats important is ur attitude... being humble is the strongest virtue and humble has always been my forte... but its hard to be humble when they expect u to be confident... becos to me confidence also signifies arrogance... u need to have this aura of arrogance to be fully confident of what u are doing... and for that its hard to remain humble... but i am trying... words of advice from past fellas who have since been posted to ship all said if u know something, dun be too smart... be just smart enough to save ur own ass can liao...

u know even on the last day of sailing... the shortie was still picking on me... ask me why i always so blur one... so i couldnt resist but retorting back "SOMETIMES IS I ACT BLUR ONE"... yes i said that, the rest of the guys on the bridge also heard it... and i felt so shiok saying that... whahahahaha a wonderful parting gift for him man...

i fell sick on national day, guess its down to fatique ba... my head has been feeling heavy for the past few days before the dreaded fever came... so i was resting in the sick bay sleeping like i never sleep before for the whole day... felt bad la when xue has to cover my part as well... but what can i do, the chief, NO n the doctor wun allow me to resume my duties until the next day even though my fever has already subside...

i have a confession to make... no not regarding my fondness of her... u know the next day i was supposed to be discharged right... i was waiting anxiously for the doctor to clear me until she took my temp and temp. was 37.8C... meaning my fever has came back... but i told her i felt perfectly fine and plead to go back for my watch keeping... she only relented when she has my assurance that i will continue to take my medication...

in actual fact, my head was still spinning and i didnt continue my medication afterwards... i told the chief that i was raring to go... thankfully the fever slowly went away by itself afterwards...

onboard the ship for 2 weeks, lost count the number of times i got free icecream liao... 5 or 6 times... hahahaha crazy one man, i heard from my friend that my own ship once in a blue moon then got treat icecream one... down here wah lan eh, never in my whole life eat so many icecream in such a short time sia... hahahahahha...

last day, the news of the australia sailing trip fail to materialise... none of the attached ojts are going loh, tio faked... though most are happy they are not going... i was praying hard that can go leh... then can escape from own ship for another month... hahahah but sad have to go back to the ship of all frowns n no smiles... hahhaha at least i am going back to share my friends sorrowful state... die liao la, even max can fail the qm test, i tink i no hope liao la...

8:11 PM

going to bangkok is like going to pasir ris chalet like that... i dun feel that excited as the rest... no idea why but i have no idea why am i there either... lol... detest bapoks so much and now i am going to the land of bapoks... maybe its becos its free n easy thats making me a bit uneasy... imagine having to do everything on ur own in a foreign country where u dun know how to speak their language... but we didnt went there without doing research la...

after the plane landed... i cant help feel like i am in KL... thailand feels so much like malaysia loh... the smell n everything... when we got past the immigration, we just did as told in the letter giving us directions to the guide over there... the guide was there just to confirm our arrival and pick us up to the hotel n back to the airport on the departing date... ya oso got half day city tour on the second day...

the traffic over there was... very unsingapore... the minivan taking us to the hotel was like always going in excess of 120kmh loh... and they are really pro drivers la i tell u... throughout the 5 days we stayed there... we took taxis most of the times... and even though the roads are jammed frequently, the taxi fares are unbelievably freaking cheap... never going beyond S$5 loh... think i should install their meters onto all sg taxis better sia... sg taxi stop for a while very fast raise 10 cents... thai taxi stop super duper long then raise 2 baht... whats more, the number of taxis outnumber the number of private cars 2 to 1 at any time of the day... no need to curse about where have all the taxis gone when its near midnite... down there really is free flow of cabs... n their driving super tok gong la... singaporean drivers cant fight one... sg cars a bit close nia and they start to curse and swear... thai cars can squeeze here squeeze there like squeeze balls like that song song yet they wun curse at all... in fact they just shook their head and smile... and hor, thai taxi drivers know all the short cuts n places... sg taxi some dun even know where the heck is choa chu kang crescent... wtf... dun know ur location very well then dun sit in taxi enjoy aircon la... customers are not the drivers leh, i hate it when they expect u to know how to get to your destination from ur boarding place... like that might as well i go be the driver and i let the driver sit behind... sg taxi drivers really no standard one loh... sucks la... SUCKS u HEAR ME? i take taxi is becos i duno how to get to my home ma, knn or else i would have taken a bus or mrt home le... becos down here exists so many lousy taxi drivers that i have to force to agar agar know which expressway to take is cheaper for me to get home... imagine if i in thailand and the taxi driver ask me how to go there... i will give him the 3-dot face loh... -__-'''

anyway we reached our hotel at around midnite? or 11pm... 4get liao la... very china feel... alot of chinese staying there too... the room hor... duno wat to say la... feels like living in the 80s or a scene straight out from the movies where maggie cheung is just next to the wall looking at me... hahhaha gd not say gd, bad oso not say bad... gd enuf for sleeping can liao... though some problems cropped up during the 5 days stay at the hotel... the blanket very goood~ whhahahahahaahha

so that night we went downstairs for some shark's fin n bird nest... that wasnt the only night we had that, i think in total got 3 nights if my memory doesnt fail me... y huh... becos it cheap i supposed... 4get how much it cost... then thats the first of many times i will see the xiao mei mei coming over to our table wanting money...

next morning went for the chao praya tour... sit the boat go c c feed the catfish... fucking big loh, then the guide still say small liao, elsewhere got bigger ones... so while ppl were busy feeding the catfish, any human drop into the water also kena makan one... very big loh, singapore the catfish so small compare to the thai one is like comparing mini-me n yao ming together...

first stop was this temple of duno-forget-name-liao... but to me it feels like the temple of ripoffs... they were selling the buddha lockets for quite expensive... though they keep saying its worth it compare to buying a fake one cheap outside... to me i dun see the difference other than the duty monk down there chanting something on the locket b4 putting it on for u... anyway thanks to the monk, i got a band on my right wrist now... still haven took it out yet but the quality of the string is pretty lousy... 1 day bathe only the color from yellow become white liao... laoya one sia... make so much money to buy gold statues n renovation but no money to buy quality strings...

then we went to the gem factory??? to buy jewellery wat else... expensive but hmmm... they are real anyway... of cos expensive la... but none of the designs caught my eye i just let the rest go n ogle...

later the guide arranged for us to see bapok show... yikes! now i am going to see bapoks perform in front of me wtf... i also duno what were they thinking la... but never mind, beats seeing a gay show anytime... hehe something i missed out... not only are we going to see bapoks, we are also going for the famed tiger show everyone has been talking about... except the gers are not watching that la, so sad...

afternoon we went for some shopping where i will regret as the days go by... should have bought those long sleeve shirts at pratunam loh... i thought maybe other places got so i didnt bother to get any... then end up hor other places dun have so much variety and then more expensive... sian diao la...

so evening off we went for the bapok show... the theatre is like those taiwan angbao singers like that one... and the show hor... the music so loud ears going deaf loh... then they all lipsynching... bapok ear mone so easy sia... lipsynch dance can liao... hmmm lipsync n dancing... sounds so familiar... ah i c, thats where all boybands originated from... boybands are really so bapoks sia... all of them freaking ugly except for one who look ridiculously like a chinese with boobs bigger than amy yip...

they didnt have any underage restrictions but most of the performers were wearing very little towards the end of the show leh... then the kids all running around, so young can see breasts liao so shuang... i wan oso no have sia... then after the show they were waitng outside to make extra cash by forcing ppl to take phots with them n forcing them to grope them to get paid more... they are very aggressive la... more strength than me sia when i try to pull away from them... at first i thought they wan to take a photo with my friend then end up they force his hand into their breasts... then later i oso kena the same treatment... if i get the photos then i show u ba...

b4 that i was wondering what it feels like to be feeling breasts... now that i got the idea of feeling fake breasts... can say it was not a very exciting experience... i thought i would feel high or cannot control or anything of the sort... instead i no reaction at all sia... either i am really not into bapoks or i below cannot stand up liao... anyway when i have the chance to feel real breasts then i update again la...

immediately after that we went for our tiger show... somehow or rather i feel that we have been ripped off by our tour guide sia... if we go n buy the tickets for the show by ourselves i think it would have been very much more cheaper... but whatever la, we are just there for a good time... all i can say was it was an eye opener... the onli boring parts was the intervals in between... next time get fitter n nice looking dancers to dance la... give us the ger the butt so saggy no figure down there shaking away is very very the turn off loh... but we are not there for the strip dance or pole dance or lap dance or whatever kuku dance la... we are there for the special performances... i shant go into too much details la... u have to see it to believe it... and watching once is enough liao... u wun want to watch it over n over again becos it gets very sian afterwards... trust me on this man...

after the show, did some more shopping b4 going for our supper... it should be dinner la... over there wun feel hungry that easily sia... duno why... lunch eaat dinner time, dinner eat at supper time... then we also have quite a number of bacardi nites where we went to each other rooms making out...



nah, just spent some time talking about stuff while watching the boring cantonese movies on tv...

the famed chatuchak market was well not what i expected la... bloody a lot of ppl but nothing gd to buy from there tough unless u count the backpack that i bought... and there really very poor ventilation... the air is so stale n smelly ppl could just pass out easily loh...

then after that really nothing much le... except that we went to the 4-faced buddha there to pray... didnt expect it to be so small, i thought it was supposed to be housed inside a very grand temple like there... turned out it was actually outdoors one... then i also duno what the 4 faces represent so just anyhow pray pray n go... MBK we only spent like 30 mins inside only sia as it was already closing time le... so sad no time to go see the shopping mall properly...

bangkok is all about shopping la, not really my cup of tea... i prefer more fun fun stuff... so maybe next time go thailand again i would choose pattaya... the beaches n the bitches! whahahahahahha... nah i think the water sports would be very fun to play with...

6:29 AM

August 13, 2005 COLOURED.

my my my... so long never update... not that i lazy hor... is becos of many factors leh...

1.bangkok trip
2.pc down ship

so add here add there, when i got my pc up which is now... here i am updating leh... see how proficient i am eh... or how bored i am to be exact... pc is my life, when my pc down u have no idea how worried i was... i couldnt work, i wouldnt even care less about thinking about her... it is my only source of entertainment man... but currently still abit sot sot deh leh... the old hard disk a bit of the problem... maxtor hard disks really suck...

anyway i shall see what i had missed out on the past few days n i shall return u 10 times the interest...

i'll make a quick brief b4 i go to slp... tml write long long

bangkok was a trip which i duno where my money all fly to becos i bought the least of things among the 4 of us yet i used up most of it...

pc down was something that got me very frustated...

sailing was quite a big relief since i am sailing on another ship and not my ship... it was star cruise for me becos im enjoying very minute of it though initially i did ruffle quite a number of feathers becos of my poor attitude... but i loved it most of the time... i feel like machiam going on honeymoon trip sia... WHAHAHAHAHAHAHa, by right the bangkok trip should be the real honeymoon trip where we have more privacy but duno y turn out the other way round... nonetheless, it makes me want to have her even more esp when a fiercely aggressive opponent is attacking on all fronts... truthfully speaking i am already losing the war b4 the fight has even begun...


but i cant... becos she is the one... u know wat i mean? if i can keep saying funny things, it means i am not interested at all... when i told her i wish i was going up n down south china sea never to land on any island, duno if she took it that i was joking or not... actually i really mean it... i wish it never lands... why?

just to be with her...

this song i have been hearing over n over for duno how long liao... very nice song by audioslave... go take a listen, dun have tell me, i send u... duno the meaning of the song though... songs that sounds nice to me is good song, who cares about lousy or gd lyrics... hahaha... wan gd lyrics go n find some cheem poets la...

Audioslave - #1 Zero

Listen now and let me speak
I will be the dog at your feet
Come along when you call
Be the little bird in your straw and sing you a song
I'll be there to take the fall
Though you tread upon me for no reason at all

But just when you think you've left me blind
Well I'll need to, Yeah I will keep you in the corner of my eye
The corner of my eye

I will never leave your side
Though you call me your number one zero
you nevermind
I'll be your king, I'll be your pawn
I will build a pedestal and put you upon it, baby

Just when you think you've left me blind
I will be creeping right up behind
Cause maybe if I need to
I will keep you in the corner of my eye

Down on the street, over your night
Out of your sleep, out of your sight
if I need to, yeah if I need to
Out of your mouth, in every word
Down in your ego one thing is sure
I will keep you, I will keep you

Oh just when you think you've left me blind
I will be creeping right up behind
Cause baby if I need to
Lord, I will keep you in the corner of my eye
Corner of my eye
I will be the bird in your straw
But you won't get far
I will keep you in the corner of my eye

4:13 AM


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