July 30, 2007 COLOURED.

as national day approaches, one can only count down the number of days left before its finally over... to the rest they are still continuing their daily lives working, eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, fucking... for us its a commitment... a commitment to serve the country...

wah wah.. say until like so patriotic ah.. dun vomit becos i am patriotic k... how many ppl are really patriotic anyway? i think if u go and ask any of the personnel involved in the whole national day parade, be it the organisers, the sponsors, the participants, the audience... only a small section can raised their hands up readily declaring they are doing this not for their own personal gains or wayang wayang, instead they are doing this becos they are proud to be singaporean...

recently mother nature has been good to us... it has been raining for the past few days and while the organisers may sulk when the weather is turning bad because that means they cant execute their plan properly, the guard of honor and marching contingent and the cca contingent as well as the pap and sembcorp are actually cheering... can u feel it? ppl are actually cheering when things are delayed and cant be done. its just like u support man united then when they are losing u actually very happy becos u bet on the opposite side...

the morale is low... but rest assured on the day itself, everyone will feel very high... no need ppl to arouse u alr can self erect liao... i guess its just the atmosphere, u know it when u see so many ppl down there doingn the same thing... singing the national anthem loudly together only on that day when the other days u dun even bother to open your mouth... i guess it must feel good to be waving at the audience as the fake president... i also wan to do that one day... just to feel wats it like as a president... u know just waving hands and smiling at ppl and mesmerizzing them... i tink the fake president orgasm from all the rehearsals he went through... i think i have a mesmerizing smile, dun i =)

9:55 PM

July 26, 2007 COLOURED.

this song is stucked in my to get in out?
ohh..wait till the burst time is over :D

2:51 PM

yours truly is back at home. so early ehh? bcuz i skipped fsp. lols.
simply bcuz mr cliff doesnt believe tht i din my JAVA ASSIGNMENT by myself.crap.i dun have to attend since i finish my assignment larh.wohoo.yehooo!
i've been like procrastinating. all thanks to baby wants me to earn 10,000np a addicted to tht game.everyone laugh at me for deprived of BAD.i dun deny im not really into computer games when i was young.all i played was barbie dolls and and and how to make my bro cry.lols.those whu commented tht i was childish they SUCKS.bcuz now th entire class own a neopets account including you yourself...give yourself a slap.but u're not as rich as me. nanny nanny poo poo.u're STUPID tht's y u din koe how to earn money.i've bought many many chocolate but not sold bluff kong is sucha humor..he ask me to stop selling chocolate concentrate on my C.Maths entire class koe tht i sell chocolate now.hehehh
i've got like WP to finish.only to find some images and put them nicely into the website but i just too LAZY to do it.bcuz i wanna make neopets earn money.i haven blog like so long too.guess why do i blog now?lols.bcuz i've finish playing all th neopets game tht i koe.i've earn only like 6k one hour to go for next day to i can start playing game again tht's why here im blogging.ahahaha.slap me.i haven revise for my C.Maths.damnn..too much of neopets.even shengky help me in playing :))) thank god i dun have a psp. if not i dun think i'll even on sat.i needa work.if not th money in my neopets bank is increasing but my POSB bank not incresing.lols.
im tired. im gog to take a nap. i shall finish my wp tonight. i hope i can :))
yours truly is off to take her beauty sleep:DDDDD


2:34 PM

July 19, 2007 COLOURED.

they're HOT. no meh? give urself a slap and watch again. i dun needa be like them 55kg will be nice for me:DDDD

8:02 PM

i dread to go for volleyball every tues i dun deny. but now, i love th game like mad. lols. th inter group on wed was GREAT. we had whole loadsa fun. we got into finals accidentally. i must say it's ACCIDENTALLY. we was like telling one another. ehh dun play too well, nobody wanna come bk for finals. lols. well well well.. in th end we won like FOUR matches which got us into finals tmr. i was a bad bad bad player. DARN. i couldnt service a ball at all, all i did was recieving im only good at recieving. kinda disappointed thou. bcuz of th finals i gotta scarifice baby. no choice but not meetg him on th friday. he's so nice instead he's meetg mie on th sat n sun :))) i had more of baby instead. lols. when usually he dun meet me on sat.

NEOPETS is so fun. too much of neopets tht i've got no time to blog. hehehehh. i din have a neopets acc therefore, baby bcame my victim again. i attacked on his acc. lols. okayy. im going back to earn money for my neopets again:DDDD

7:49 PM

July 16, 2007 COLOURED.

i've bought a laptop cover case th last week. kinda ex thou, but buy alr. well well well.. baby and i watch the transformer and harry potter th last week. transformer is FANTASTIC mann. but but but.. harry potter aint tht great. ending isnt tht nice. i dunno why. hehe. chevrolet car is good mann. too badd. i dont ve a liscence. lols.

done wit my CATS. finished it just before my notebook went low. how fast? lols.anyhow do anyhow present tmr. lols. okayy. im gog for a shower again and to BED. my bed is calling out for me :D prepare for my IS tmr, i can play volleyball now okayy.

10:29 PM

July 08, 2007 COLOURED.

watch this it's hilarous. lols.i just cant stop laughing. it's took me quite sometime to figure out why cant i copy and paste from youtube. simply bcuz im not a member. hehhhs. im now a youtube member. lols.

7:46 PM

MONDAY tomorrow.
damn. i hate monday. i'll have monday blues i can predict. lols. thank god monday's timetable is super slack. morning 3hours of COS, 1hour of break, 3hours of C.Maths. franky is nice he always release us early. lols. then we'll ve MHGANG forum. we're gonna transform to MHTRON. lalalalala. th sadest thing is.. i've got work after school. sobsobsob.

im MEGATRON(: TRANSFORMER is so damnit NICE i swear!
th color combination is damnit bad todayy.but i like :D

7:31 PM

July 07, 2007 COLOURED.

damn damn damn. all thanks to tht game called HARVEST MOON. i spent my whole afternoon playg harvest moon on baby's psp. GOSHH. tht's bad. i've spent only like 1hr on my C.Maths revision. th rest of th afternoon on my bed playg tht game. i almost finished one season. i couldnt's damn addictive. i was estatic when i got a puppy from my fren. yeashh.. thank you my fren. i din stop bcuz i wanna know what can i do wit tht dog. in th end... tht dog is damn useless. he block my way when im picking up fruits. URGHHH!!! i'll better return th psp to baby. i wanna get a psp this hol:) hehhs. it's so FUN.

btw.. i can no longer blog using th school network. i tink th np network actually block it or something larh i dunno how to explain. okayy. my eyes are tired i think talk properly either. th consequences of too muchh of game. i'll go rest now. tatas.

8:41 PM

it's th EARTH day todayy.
ohh.. let's wear GREEN todayy.lols. im not even going out today:( i wanna go out, but im lazy. th weather is great for stayg in bed todayy:)) looks like it's gonna rain anytime, so it's better to keep ur ass in door.

well, im done wit my proposal. im so proud of myself, we're th 1st group to finish. i was being called KIASU in class bcuz i handed it up on fri while th rest on th followg mondayy. i wanted to hand up on thurs one okayy, but was too early. i mean do u really like to store up your work till th weekend? hello, there's no school in th weekend is meant to be a break for us. and i hate last min work. i would like to spend my weekend wit baby instead:))

my whole family is out to th chalet. damn.. i've th whole damn house by myself. i feel tht my house is so big suddenly. i'll die if they dont come home tonight. i'll cryy.

i've got A+ for my C.Maths i dunno to be happy anot. simply bcuz i hardly got A for my maths. and it's veh hard for me to maintain my A. im super weak at maths. Mr Kong gave me highlighter as a reward. im so damnit happy i tell you. i mean i dun wanna disappoint him by not doing well th next test either.


1:28 PM

July 03, 2007 COLOURED.

finally i get to feel th fun of volleyball. after 11 weeks of like basic training? we got to play matches todae.WHEE!! th past 11 weeks was all TORTURE and PAIN. well,i feel so fine after th S&W today. hehehehe. gotta play the round-robin match today, thou none of th team won us today but but but... more training needed. in order to win th inter-class:)))

WHEEE!!!wed is longer boring to us anymore thou school start at 9am ends only at 6pm. simply bcuz there's a 2hrs break. which allows the MH GANG to have a forum session. only GREENIES allowed, bcuz mh loves GREEN. bull shit... but couples are seriously PROHIBITED :DDDDD but this week i tink it's really hard to keep those couples away from, we're not any gangster. we're just the informers and yours truly is the information counter. therefore, we're th MH GANG. lols. anw... i tink baby th headquarter bcuz i just dun fail to report everything to him after our forum :)))))

why am i still not shitting?damnit.

PURPLE is a relaxing and calm color:D
okayy tht's all for today. i've got many things to finish.

9:47 PM

July 02, 2007 COLOURED.

im super sick today.really sick this time.i hate to be sick i swear.i hate to see a doctor,it's a waste of money and do u think that those doctor at your neighbourhood can really cure you? they wouldnt koe how painful you're unless they experience it themsleves. then again, if they fall sick too often how can they qualify to be a doc when they cant even take good care of themselves? darn. im crapping.

i haven shit for like weeks? it's SERIOUS you know? when normally i shit after every meal. imagine how much shit i've accumulate in my body? im full of shit now. darn. they just cant get out from my feelin like shit now i swear. it's like there's a stone in my tummy crashing on my intestines and it hurts really badly. it's so bad that i din even bitch around todae when bitching is part of my daily routine. fyi, being a gossiper is my full time occupation, part time student.

today is really a BADBAD day for me..

#1. i woke up late this morning, my poor elaine gotta wait for mie alone at th busstop.

#2. i think i misplaced my money ended i've to withdraw money from my bank agn tmr.damnit. im so broke:((((

#3. i haven paid my bills. simply bcuz i haven got paid. i got no money to pay for my hp bill. veh soon i'll recieve a lovely red letter from singtel tht my bills are overdue.thankyou. for that you've to pay a extra 50cents.i've got money to pay for th broadband but im just lazy to find an AXS machine n i seriously dun wanna make 2trips. another just to pay my hp bill.

#4. when i got slightly better todae. i showed elaine the dress i wanna get for my bdae. she wan it too. i mean i seriously dun mind but guess what she sae. "mh can u go n buy 1st,wear it to school show mie.if it's nice i'll buy it too.i dun kinda like online shopping bcuz u couldnt try"'s a tube dress and it's super ultra short. wear to sch? r u out of your mind? hello, i rather wear for my bf than you.then again her bf wouldnt allow her to wear those clothings. he find it too revealing.

#5. my group doesnt wanna meetup just to help mie wit th proposal.fuckk. heyy proposal duedate is earlier can? u still got 2 weeks to complete the html. and im doing th proposal all alone!!i haven even got my fireworks done yet!!

#6. a customer really got on my nerves today. she came only like when im packing up? she love those mesh bags tht i got. $55ea. she spent quite sometime bargaining wit me. in the end i gave in,called up my boss. since todae's sale was bad we agree to her pricing. $80 for two. take it as a clearance since left two. she was like "ohh.. after lookg at it i find it damn cheapo." the two bags was still on her hands.i got really mad n i told her to put it back. of cuz as a customer she tinks she's right n she said "i'll be back tmr,im gonna let your boss koe that ur attitude sucks." "yeahh.big time i koe." i said. lols. fuckk you bitch. im not tht kinda ger u can okay ard wit alright? i may just slap your mother fucking face.

what a bad dayy.i bought a hairclip just to reward myself:))) tmr can use for IS. my mood swings really badly today.faster than th shit come out from ur asshole.
im sorry baby. i lied. im not even sleeping. i didnt wanna tok to you bcuz i koe im not in a good mood. i dun wanna throw my temper on you. tt's y i decided to tell u tt im tired but here im blogging. i didnt wan you to b sad and i koe u're stressful enough wit ur project. i've given you enough stress th last week.i got no one to complain about what a bad day i've got that's y i decided to blog. blogging save woman from depression. i koe im not a woman yet but it still save me.lols.

im hungry i needa find some food if not i wont b able to get to sleep.
alright tatas my bad day.
hello my sunshine tues!!!
yeahh.. volleyball for me tmr. ohh..i see many many colors.

save this wretch pls.

11:04 PM

i took this picture at changi beach during my recce on sunday... it looks harmless, but theres some weird lines appearing on my camera screen while i was aiming... no idea what was it... didnt told anyone about it, perhaps my first ever ghost encounter? im alr a ghost now, haven sleep and now going back to camp... miss my dear~

5:21 AM

July 01, 2007 COLOURED.

finally done wit my fsp. all thanks to baby:)))
baby got a new pencil box :D u'll nvr guess what pencil box he've bought for me. hehehe.
thank you baby.
i saw this dress on this online webb. it's super nice. i wan i wan i wan. but u koe larhh, online shopping is a lil too troublesome. RAHHS. it would be great if i can to wear on my birthday :DDDDD

im gog to bathe and continue wit my project. byebye ple~

11:19 PM


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