October 31, 2004 COLOURED.

once you are in army, you tend to talk funny, and most of the times we end up sounding lame... but thats what we have to do to pass time inside that place... have to find some sort of entertainment to amuse ourselves so that we dun need to go thru any counselling or rehab... it cant be blamed, it has been proven that men need to ejaculate at least thrice a week to function normally... we stay there so long like constipated pigs like that, its no wonder our brains all start to go haywire...

firers, own time own target carry on = a bunch of people lining up in a horizontal line urinating

half feeding = feel like urinating

double feeding = feeling like shitting

no feeding = no urge to pee or shit

unload check clear = clearing of bowels

IA, IA = got problem urinating or shitting (IA = immediate action)

firers, strip clothes = see who strips fastest

firers, assemble clothes = see who dresses up the fastest

group, straight ahead, 50, chiobu, chiobu wear low cut, rapid, FIRE = self explanatory

you wun know what it means unless you have friends who have been to the army explaining the full details... btw all the talk about your rifle being your wife is completely wrong... heaven knows how many times your wife has been touched by previous batches of recruits... considering that it looks not that new, i thought my wife could have been used by my uncles or father before... which means we have a very tricky situation here... supposedly my father used my wife before... i should address my wife as dear or mother, while my father address my wife as dear or daughter-in-law... so kinky and incestinating (dun tink there suck a word for it) right... so the rifle ought to be a gay friend... why? becos its shaped like one and you dun get tricky situations at all...

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October 30, 2004 COLOURED.

how many days has it been living in the primitive... lost touch with civilisation, totally disoriented, can see in the dark without use of torchlights, and a massive loss of weight... fatigue, loss of drive, greatly demoralised, drained from energy here and there...

if the first 16 days is good, the next 13 days changed all that... i never brought along a watch with me even though it is one of the most important items to have in the army... the only way to pass your day is when you dun own a watch... no need to bother about what day is it, what time of day is it, what time to do this do that, what deadline to meet... i neednt worry about being late or what shit when people around you have their watches... to me its sun rise, sun sets, sun rise, sun sets everyday... i duno its monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday or sunday... time pass faster that way for me... esp during the field camp...

but before the field camp there was the 3 day range shoot with the m16... it was more or less a waste of time having to wait for people taking turns to shoot.... the whole thing last from day to night time... its not a 8 to 5 job mind you... army day to night means 0700 to 0000... initially was afraid of failing the thing becos of my cockster shooting at the simulated virtual range tt week ago... but i guess everyone fared better in live range than at the fake virtual range... the target board is much bigger and easier to shoot until the smallest target fig 15 becomes free frag...

by the time we come back from the range to our bunk, everyone was like zombies.... 2nd day, everyone was shooting with eyes closed... lack of sleep, eyes tearing from straining at the targets too long, eating shit packed food, clean the rifle, kena scolded for nothing again... when you have lack of sleep, you tend to do something wrong... lol lets just say that somehow our 8 character clash with each other... i dun wan to create trouble for him anyway, just that i have annoy him thrice liao... all 3 times is not done on purpose, its more on my carelessness... but i dun like him anyway, platoon sergeant big shot meh, somemore not in charge of us... anyway recruits are the lowest forms of life in army...

first day and 2nd day of shoot is practice, 2nd night is the actual shoot test... i think a lot all fail, cannot see the target board properly and somemore duno got hit or not when it never indicate where your shots went... the only fun part about the night shoot is you get to fire the tracer bullet which has light, so you can see the bullet travel in red light, machiam like star wars like that very stylo milo... too bad only the first bullet is a tracer... the rest is really tikam tikam fire fire one...

they say whatever tests the army give you, all sure pass one, except for a few rare cocks... actually theres nothing to panic about or revise much for all their lame tests... because the worst guy die die will pass one... so its a case of worrying too much just like what people normally stress about over their exams in school... stress so much for what, anyhow do also can pass one, you purposely put wrong answer instead of correct one also can pass... in the end everyone pass the range shoot, those who failed have to go reshoot but they have no problems passing it as well... so we were all happy nothing went wrong...

i thought the worst was over, with only 2 hours of sleep daily, the field camp should be a breeze... but it was an utter nightmare... i think our batch set a record... throughout the 7 days out camping... it was raining day and night... our basha shelters was flooded every night... sleeping in the wet and shivering even with the goretex jacket... wet socks continuously... its useless even with our dry spare socks becos the soles of the boots are wet, the moment we changed into new clothing, it rained again... if people say the field camp was fun, obviously they dun know what its like to experience the rain every day and night...

the first day was bad, what they said about the combat rations were indeed true... almost all of the packs are inedible, even the sergeant told us the only thing he look forward to when he was training back then was the dessert, the main courses a lot all cannot make it... that night while we were sleeping halfway, it was raining heavily and the OC got us out and brought us to a training shed for shelter... we thought wah so nice, give us welfare sleep on concrete floor with no water dripping on our heads... he even allow us to take off our boots and socks to prevent foot rot... it seems a nice gesture, but its a wrong move on his part really...

the next morning we got up and wore our stuff and thats when the super sian-ness starts to set in... the socks which we took off were bloody wet from the cold atmosphere, it would have been better if we can wear our socks while we there we were, wet socks, wet pants, wet underwear... we continued moving on to another campsite...

the fieldcamp lessons by itself is fun, you learn how to move properly, basically all the stuff which you see in war movies... the different tactics, hand signals, artillery, sniper, aircraft, high flare, low flare drills, ghostwalking, camo and concealment, movement in day and night... the practice is quite fun but it gets irritating after going thru it over and over and over and over and over until you want to cry...

though the lessons are fun, the overall field camp is really a torture... do you know that my feet are wet from day 2 till day 6 of the camp... it became quite painful to walk properly when ur skin dries up and form those lines... the second night was raining again and we went to the training shed again for shelter... one of the officer was telling us dun complain so much as bravo company who is also on a field camp with us but on different camp sites were made to sleep on their bashas instead of seeking shelter... most thought bravo so garang, we should be thankful... actually i realised its much better to sleep inside the wet basha than the stupid training shed... nonetheless bravo is really much more tough than us, and becos of that their performance are pretty good, i have to say alpha is not that tough or that slack, normal normal...

the 3rd morning everyone is sian liao... we were praying for the rain to stop and give us some sun... the officers gave us a choice betweeen training shed or basha in case it rained again that night... we chose the basha, anyway whats a field camp if you build your basha and dun get to sleep in it rain or shine... might as well go back our bunks to sleep... that afternoon everyone learnt the importance of building a trench around our basha... the mud was seeping thru the groundsheets and everything inside was wet... once the rain got better, everyone got their blade and started digging trenches... duno why but for some reason everyone got addicted to digging, it was like playing the role of minister of transport... we were building our own roads then watch the water divert to here and there, t junction, cross junction, dead ends, u turns... then it started raining again and all hid inside their shelters... this time less water was entering the basha... but its still coming in from the top... so much for waterproof ground sheets...

the third day was when we get to change new clothes... happy happy change but the mood changed once i put my feet inside the boots... new dry socks became wet immediately becos of the bloody boots... super sian, like you wait very very long to marry this girl hor then on that day you found out the girl is actually a HE... the feeling is somewhat simliar to that loh, not bluffing one...

theres nothing to look forward to really... new clothes always become wet very fast, esp the last few days... the food was the same but our section was smarter, we took the more edible packs instead of the lousy stuff... on the fourth day we were allowed a field bath... meaning we get to bathe with water instead of powder bathing every other day... if any girl was around sure get aroused sia... bloody 150 over guys stark naked... like machiam buffet, let you choose nice nice... we already cant be bothered about decency among each other liao... a bath is what we need to feel better... then happy happy changed to new clothes again... this time more happy la, becos got bathe + powder = REVITALISED... then something happened, the moment we start wearing our clothes, it started to drizzle... this time the feeling is much worse than marrying a guy... it has become you are marrying a alien with 7 boobs and 10 balls... why its bad? becos thats the last pair of fresh clothes that we have... which means we have to spend the last 3 days wearing the same wet clothes... from sian to super sian to ultra sian to uber hyper sian... for those who at home always complain sian sian sian, mine is ultra siansation, so dun complain okay, u got fresh clothes and no wet feet everyday...

outfield for seven days means you have to train your butt muscles to prevent the shit from coming out... of course you can go and take a dump, but i dun like the idea of shitting in the open... especially when you have to go and cover up the shit hole yourself with your blade... somemore theres no cover, end up everyone can see each other shitting and comparing their size and shape and color and the toughness and smell of their turds... they made some shit holes for us in the first camp sites but it was a pretty amusing arrangement of the position of the holes... it was placed in such a way that 4 people shitting together could play cards while relieving themselves... most of us try to endure as long as possible until the camp finishes so most ended up with rather film butt muscles... lol sexy i must say... =X

theres another reason why we try not to shit, the mozzies around are quite irritating, once you leave your skin exposed... soon it will be covered with their love bites... one mozzie bite my friend's dick while he was urinating... sorry but you need tons of mozzies to do a good blow job...

the sixth day we went to the reclaimed land where it has a reputation for being a very very hot place... i thought it was fine with me since i have been lying under the sun before... sadly the disappointment begins there... during the usual practice of what we have learnt, i felt pretty breathless and was pantng rather furiously... gulp down lots of water but still no effect... i really felt unwell at that point of time... the weather is not helping, 5 consecutive days n nights of raining then 1 hot sunny day... after the practice i wanted to carry on but my whole body was beginning to feel very hot...

and that marks the first time i went to see the medic... he gave me a ice pack which was a huge relief and took my temperature... i was 38.2C and running a fever... actually not only me was feeling sick, another guy oso quite fit end up having fever... when it went down a little to 37.6C i requested to carry on with the other guy... later i found out something weird... alot of the fitter ones in our platoon were all feeling hot or slight fever while the weaker ones apparently are quite well... down there we were made to dig shellscrapes so that we can rest for the night... shell scrape is something like a coffin just nice enough to cover your whole body lying down... there i was running a fever digging a fucking coffin to rest my lifeless body... my location was quite a bad one, theres a tree nearby so the roots are holding on to the soil quite firmly and there was a huge rock underneath which forced me to change my orientation slightly... i never completely my shellscrape fully and you know what happen that night... it was raining, but luckily we were not made to sleep inside our coffin for long... they brought us to some flat ground to get some sleep for fear that we might get buried alive the next morning...

the last day of field camp is when we went thru the bic course... leopard crawl, back crawl, leopard crawl, back crawl... was easy at first... then we leopard crawl when we are supposed to back crawl on the low wire... on the 2nd wire we back crawl this time then i start to lag behind liao... i like overturned tortoise like that... no matter how i move my body also cannot move in front... struggle struggle very long then got out of that bloody low fire then go back to leopard crawl... by that time i already no more energy to leopard crawl... slowly slowly crawl over... the trench lagi worse... low wall i cant get up, right leg, left leg, right leg left leg also cannot reach the other side... need my PC to pull my SBO then i can climb up... super embaressing sia, most can do it but i cannot, somemore i am supposed to be better than them physically... but also quite bad la the experience... suffered major cuts on both my thumbs... shaggedelic~

thats when i know field camp is worse than the range... becos of the camp, my specs were damaged... the only good thing from the camp is that i can actually see better without my glasses... thats becos it was always dirtied with mud and i dun have clean tissue or anytthing to wipe with... other than that, it totally sucks becos my beautiful nice nice pretty feet now not pretty liao :(

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October 16, 2004 COLOURED.

the 16 days army experience

on the day itself just hours before i am leaving sunny singapore to a even sunnier and hotter nice island... i wasnt feeling very good that day... no one knew about it but i actually vomitted, kinda dumb la, i like drink too much water then my whole stomach uneasy then go purge... not a very good way to start off the day...

when it was time to leave, dun have any feelings what so ever... not going to miss anything much i will leave behind... snoopy is in good hands, absolutely no worries... reach the pasir ris terminal to take the bus... there were many other guys like me going in and majority of them look like any engineering types... ugly, nerdy, skinny, tshirt n jeans person... never mind, i am one of the engineering types too :D

my mother was looking at them and commented to me about why so many of them got gfs to accompany them then i only got my parents... i cant be bothered to answer that question la, given 3 months time i think half of the gfs would be gone or changed hands...

then we took the fastcraft to the exotic island where my parents go for some "bluff bluff" sight seeing while i have to go do my registration... then this act tough guy says everyone enlisting today is going to the alpha company... not feeling happy or sad, becos i never hear anyone mentioning alpha as a very tough or very slack company... but its good to be in alpha, because its alpha loh, at least its more easy to pronounce and its the first letter mah... better than bravo (u will find out later) LOL

A is for alpha
we love alpha
if you want alpha
then come to alpha company~

H is for honggy-ism
we love honggy-ism
if you want honghong
then come to alpha company~

back to that act tough guy talking... considering his rank i wonder why he like so hao lian like that... that was before i know what his real post was la... he was down there telling us the pledge must do this do that, cannot do this do that... everyone was looking like gong gong... i cant find anyone i know out of the 178 others who will be my fellow alphas... but most of them have at least 1 friend with them though... up til then i was still lan lan, still in dreamland, reality haven set in yet... its like after listening to the naggy guy talk finish then i will go take the fastcraft back to sunny singapore to use my pc again...

after the oath-taking we go their cookhouse to eat eat... they say they always serve good food when the parents are coming... how true, got many nice stuff for parents to be happy... after that send parents take fastcraft, its time for me to go solo liao... they have lousy ushers leh, not enough signs to indicate where to go... the guy was just pointing walk there and i just anyhow walk also duno walk correct or not... then we were grouped according to our ic numbers... after which we were separated into platoons... interesting point to note, the intructors allow us to change platoons if our friends are in another platoon... since i dun know any of them, i stick by my platoon... after that we went to collect our barang barang...

i knew the guy who took my measurements last time was a fucker... i have to changed nearly all of my stuff... shirts changed to M, t shirt n singlets changed to L, shorts changed to L, shoes changed to smaller one... my boots was freaking size 11... i am only size 9... but i didnt changed it though... my cap was also too big but dun have smaller size for me and i lazy to go second round... because i have to change my shirts, i was a no namer over there... the sergeants and sirs wun know my name since there's no name tag on my new shirts...

then the platoon was divided further into sections and we were told we have some nice xtc pills to pop every week so that we wun get malaria... and we were introduced to our sergeants, platoon sergeant, pc, oc...

never judge people on their looks
first impressions are always wrong

on the first day itself one guy was scolded for talking while the sergeant is saying something... everyone was beginning to think hes the devil we should be aware of in future... however, later there is a big shift of the sergeants playing the role of the devil... more on that later...

that day was pretty rushed, by the time we can go back to our bunks to sort our things it was already quite late... no time to bathe at all... i cant sleep on the first night... bloody hot when u have the mosquito net over the bed... next day nearly everyone was clearly not sleeping properly but not tired anyway... went to cut hair, thank god there was no gay behavior about the brushing the hairs off each other...

i forgotten about the events happening during the first few days... all i can gather is it is very very hectic... no free time to do our own stuff, once they release us at night, its already near lights out hours... so many paperwork, so many new things to learn... very very rushed... even for a guy like me who has been through a bit of regimentation also has a bit of difficulty settling in... i wonder how the rest can adapt...

PTP-BMT is actually better than enhanced BMT

trust me on this one, i rather go through the extra six week training than my current 10 week schedule... really no time for anything, we did the webbing, helmet and field pack everything on one day only loh... the ptp batch can slowly one day do one thing, ours is very rushed... honestly speaking i was dreading ns during the first few days really... the helmet, webbing n field pack i do slower than the rest and i was pretty much lagging behind... much of the free time we had i was busy getting the essential three done while the rest were on their phones or bathing...

each section has their own section commander, ours was the platoon sergeant along with the pc... which means our platoon biggest shots are in charge of my section... we werent given much preferential treatment though, we only get to see the platoon sergeant once in a blue moon as he is busy clearing away his leave... we were thankful that pae wasnt in charge of us... he was supposed to play the role of the devil initially... but there is another side of him...

all the sergeants, platoon sergeants, pc are around your age

in case you duno, you better do... i duno about the rest but for me, whenever i see any sergeants, i always thought they are older by at least 2 or 3 years... could be a mentality thing where only older ppl have the right to scold or tell you off... most is the same age or 1 year older only... remember to drill it in your head... it would look very stupid if you look like you are going to cry if he is saying nasty things about you... sergeant indra always remind us to look garang and dun show him the shagged face... even the bcct instructors also say you must show them the look that people will be afraid of... duno la, when people scold you, you tend to be downcast 1 wat, how can show them the you-want-to-kill-them look... wait they say we defy orders then give us confinement... whatever it is, i am going to show my garang face next time i am told off again... (ya, i was scolded for something stupid)

contradictions galore~

a common grudge we have against our instructors is miscommunication... most of the time we are scolded for nothing... one sergeant tell us do this, another sergeant tell us do that... we end up 50-50 and tikam tikam end up mini mineni mini mo... kinda sucks to get scolded for nothing, sucks even more when we cannot talk back...

we have a lot of talks to help us adapt to army life, the medical officer was saying he recommended bicycle tights to prevent thigh abrasion while the army rules state you can only wear underwear and nothing else... which means if you dun wear anything inside or any stuff other than underwear is considered illegal... the big contradiction is how they always emphasized the importance of safety and comfort for the soldiers...

first time i have so many blisters on both my feet after wearing the boots first time round... many others also have problems with their blisters... i also caught the thigh abrasion, some even worst case have to be excused from wearing the slacks... and they were walking like the cowboys from the wild west, all like got big balls like that... i try to minimise the damage during the route marches by walking like them too... looks funny but i dun care, i rather look funny than endure the stinging pain on the groin region...

Acquainting with the ZzzzzZzzzzz Monster

i didnt sleep on the first 3 days... others were already adapting to sleeping on the 2nd night... the only reason i can come up with is theres insufficient physical excercise... i think the first few pushups we did were on the 3rd or fourth day onwards when we have our morning 5 BX... i can sleep from the 4th day onwards, no prizes for guessing the real reason... physical training only step up from the 4th day onwards... that circuit training is a killer... never knew that shuttle runs continously can make you tired so fast...

Fighting the ZzzzzZzzzzz Monster

from having difficulties sleeping to sleeping virtually anywhere... now everytime wake up always want to go back sleep, during lectures head keep nodding away... everywhere we go, we will yawn here yawn there... so far no fire drills yet but the sleep is still not sufficient... the sergeants say bmt is when you get your most sleep... after posted to other units, the sleeping time will be much less... next week is going to be a test of endurance... 2 nights of range shoot means we will be sleeping very very late... right after that still got the field camp to follow, sleeping with mosquitos is going to be hard...

once you have a cough, you will never recover ever again

the chances of you recovering while you are still in that island is virtually impossible loh... most of the meals they have something spicy... either that they will have some pepper... and down there you cant keep your mouth shut, everytime must pay compliments, shout out things... your throat never gets a day of good rest... where is the welfare that they keep on stressing about... inside lecture room, half of the company is coughing away... and the numbers are increasing because so many people live together... there is also a fever epidemic going on... platoon 2 left only half of their men fit... the rest all go home or given light duties... our platoon at least not bad, but the number of casualties is increasing day by day...

if he can do it, you can do it too

this is a very good motto to keep you going on... the first few days i thought i was a goner, going to be scolded many times for not understanding things, not absorbing fast enough than the rest... i only felt better on the third day... that was when i thought of jiahui, if that guy last time so kuku can become so hiong, i would be a disgrace if i cant even make it in the end... its only after the first week is over then i am beginning to feel more relaxed...

back to first love

i was told off for not applying shoe polish on my boots... i said i did and he said i still dare to lie... i did put kiwi but i didnt go and shine it... after all they want the boots to be black can liao... so that night i go n polish my boots, npcc guys are always known for their polishing skills loh... looks pretty shiny but now not that good liao because i lazy to polish everyday... i tink only our platoon has the shiniest boots, the rest of the platoons or companies dun even bother to shine... only we crazy go make until so shiny for fuck... no girls wearing skirts for us to look at their panties anyway with the mirror reflection boots...

what looks hard is easy, what looks easy is hard

when we were given a demo by the instructor on how to strip and assemble rifle... i was in awe, see him strip and assemble so fast... later when we were given some practising time, it wasnt that hard at all... the worry about not being able to shoot with your rifle becos you fail ur technical handling test is unfounded... just do it slow and dun fumble then everything will go through smoothly...

loading and unloading a magazine looks easy ------ until i fail it....

lol, the loading part i fail by merely 2 seconds when i have problems slotting the rounds... the unloading part lagi worst until my section mates pointed out that my technique is wrong... second time round i managed to pass thanks to his excellent advice... thats what happen to people when you take things too lightly...


October 3rd... the day all the guys went uber horny and wanted to fuck the shit out of deborah... really this is no joke, everyone wants a piece of her judging from the amount of wolf whistles, dirty suggestions and thoughts which were heard from all over the lecture room... and that is the day i realised i am actually not so horny after all... in case you are wondering who is deborah, you ought to know there are plenty of talks throughout the period in bmt.... and most of them is recruitment talks or promotions selling products... and this particular deborah is selling magazine subscriptions... she wasnt that pretty at all, its what she was wearing inside that got the whole lot drooling and fantasizing... she wore a tight white tshirt and tight beige pants... notice the word "TIGHT"... becos she was wearing white, we could see she was wearing a pink bra, and becos she was wearing tight pants, we could see the shape of her butt and know she was wearing a gstring... everyone went "WHOOO" very loudly whenever she bent down to pick something up...

somehow or rather, it seems that many things are dropping as she kept bending down to pick this pick that pick this pick that... and more "WHOOs" can be heard... you know what happened in the end... quite a lot of people subscribe to the magazines which i think would prolly end up collecting dust than they go and read it... when they were about to leave, deborah waved and smiled cheekily to us, which results in more "WHOOs" and arguments about who is she smiling at...

i thought she was smiling at how much commission she gets to make from the hot-blooded young males... a nice sales move, sex really does sell... being the stingy me, i didnt get any of the magazines... my motto is if ppl give you free show, then feel free to watch it, but you are not obliged to give something in return... go ahead do a strip tease or lap dance but i wun reciprocate by geting a lifetime subscription for a bloody magazine...

on a more serious note, i am pretty concern by the number of sales talks we have... first 2 weeks only and we already have 5 such talks... if anyone signs up for all of them... sooner or later he wun be getting any ns allowance, more likely his bank account will start to deplete pretty fast... 2 magazine talks, 1 safra club talk, 2 insurance talks... i sign up for one of the insurance which doubles as a savings plan, the rest are pretty quite crap...

Cockster honghong

last week we went to a place where we tried our hands on shooting the m16 on a screen for 4 days to help us for our actual range next week... i thought since i was a marksman for my .22 pistol and have tried shooting the air rifle before, there shouldnt be any problems with a m16... big mistake, times are different now... with the bloody helmet on, it is quite hard to see properly... everytime must push my helmet high high then it wun interfere with my sight... and i cant hold the rifle properly, shots always not together one... then the instructors everytime say i must better buck up or must go for extra lessons... actually its not my fault la... the target is always very very blur due to my poor right eye cant see that clearly... my left eye can see more clearly but bo bian must use right eye becos i duno how to use my left hand to hold the weapon even though im a leftie...always end up straining my eyes until it was tearing sia...

it was very demoralising la, most of the rounds didnt hit the target... its only on the 3rd day that i got some moral encouragement from one of the officers... he noticed that i wasnt shooting that well as the rest then he turn his attention on me... i can tell you if i was a girl ah, then he was the knight in shining armor that time... i thought those sirs dun care whether you shoot good or lousy, as long as you finish it can liao... but he was different... he was guiding me on almost every shot i made... though he made some sarcastic remarks, they dun sound rude, in fact he said it in a funny sort of manner... say what his father got pay tax one then i cannot waste the bullets by not hitting the target and stuff...

he dun understand how come my first and second shot always are not around the same spot... i always hit one on the extreme left, then another on the extreme right... i never have them on both the same spot... thats where i got my cockster name... in fact he calls anybody a cockster if the person does something weird... that day even though i wasnt shooting well again... somehow i can feel that i am not that low morale liao... for that i have to thank him... RESPECT

the fourth day of the shoot was a trial test for us... i was pretty concerned about how well i will fare considering my past results... strange thing is that day was a special day... my right eye could actually see the target much more clearly than the previous shoots... i followed the advice of the officer yesterday and i actually managed to hit the figure 15 targets... and best of all, i could actually hold the rifle position nicely... i got a pretty good score on that day but i would prefer to pass the live range which i think will be a totally different feeling than staying inside a room shooting...

Roles Reversal

i looked up to one officer liao, and i am beginning to respect another one... this time its a sergeant... remember what i said about first impressions... pae was the one who scolded us on the first day... everyone thought he was the bad one... we all know something about him though... he is very very much like us actually... the only sergeant who likes to shake his leg alot, standing on 1 leg so often, and vulgarities spewing from his mouth...even though he scolds us quite often... he never let the weak ones down... my 2nd day of shoot he saw how i was shooting and he guided me... lol that day i really very jialat, my barrel movement was the worst... he see liao then scold scold a bit... he didnt have that aggression type of scolding which would make you feel like crying when he tell an individual off... its more like a naggy or repeating type... i actually managed to improve a bit after his personal guidance... but of course it cant be compared to that sir la... tt sir really best advice i ever heard... too bad he not my PC...

alot of us hated pae initially, but all grow to find him better than gan... an interesting point to note is that pae looks like any typical beng wannabe in the streets of singapore... surprisingly his english is not bad and his handworking is nice man... what the fuck his face doesnt match his writing loh...

then there's gan... the boyish looks works on girls but not on guys... he seems to be suffering from mood swings... everytime kena scolded by him for no reason one... he never seems to be satisfied with our performance... smiley the first, grumpy the next... his mood swings is worst than that of a woman loh...

No Kick Leh

some were complaining their arms were aching so much that they do any pullups anymore... they sound bloody weak to me... most were good to go even after some excercises but some are beginning to feel the strain... until now i still dun have any aches except for the knees which always feel like giving way... more than half of us fail the ippt, which was a pretty sad thing... i managed to pass but cant get silver or gold... the only thing i improve was my running... first time can get 11:01 happy... now aim for 10:30 and try to improve on SBJ... at least i dun have remedial training 2 weeks from now... which means i can book out early again LOL. by the way my name is outside the platoon office... MOST NUMBER OF CHIN UPS... actually 2 other people also do the same as me, duno why they never put their names... anyway also cannot win the platoon 4 guy who did 30+... our platoon got one guy first in shuttle run, sit up, 2.4km... no one can fight man... i will strive hard to pull more for chin up so that no one can grab that spot away from me

interrelated friendships

im talking about the rest... 4 guys from dragonboats... and they come from different polys or represent different clubs but they all know each other... anyone knows being a member of dragonboats, you are bound to be a behemoth... so we have 4 behemoths who are kinda obese but they are fit... meaning they can run 2.4 faster than me, jump further than me and pull as much chinups as me with their heavy weights...

most of us are from singapore poly but strangely i have never seen them before during my 3 years in the school... its even more hard to believe when you have a CLS club president and a LKY award winner in my section... such high profile people by right i should have heard a thing or two about them during school...

and one of the section has 5 guys who know each other from their secondary school days... its like wtf, mini class reunion gathering or what... 5 guys from the same class end up in the same company, in the same platoon, in the same section... how come i dun have such luck...

a very very interesting point to note... one guy was from the same course as me but we never talk before, we were in the same platoon, different section... didnt talk so much, just normal getting to know each other... on the day of booking out he ask me where i used to live... later he said he used to live in the same street i live in last time too... i wonder why he ask me about my old residence until he said on the day where parents came to visit us, his parents apparently find me familiar... this is 50 times WHAT THE FUCK... he was living in the opposite block of my old one... which means one thing, we went to the same kindergarten before but i dun remember anything about him and he doesnt remember a thing about me too... the creepy thing is his mother actually find me familiar which means my face was exactly the same as that 15 years ago... bloody shit, i am so good at retaining my youth? another more fact you need to know is, we have moved... he cck, me yew tee... the world is getting smaller and smaller...

this is an incomplete entry to the 16 days, there is much more thoughts on my mind but i have already spent hours writing this liao... shall continue either tml (if i have time, still need to go buy some things) or another 2 weeks later...

11:38 PM

Personality Disorder Test Results
Paranoid |||||||||||||| 58%
Schizoid |||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Schizotypal |||||||||||| 50%
Antisocial |||||||||| 34%
Borderline |||||||||||||| 54%
Histrionic |||||||||||||||||| 78%
Narcissistic |||||| 26%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 42%
Dependent |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||| 38%
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what you are about to read now is some things i have written days before my enlistment in chronological manner... read more abt the army life later after i have sorted my stuff first okie... btw i alreadyt forgotten what i have written liao, so dun bother to ask me about it k, army makes everyone gong gong...

happy happy happy again~

last few days before i leave my beloved computer... been abusing it for quite long liao leh... the last time i switched off the computer for the night is 3 weeks ago? lol, it has been running nonstop to get all the movies i want before i go in...

someone special
spin kick
super size me
blue spring
if you were me
memories of murder
Tennen shôjo Man next
wild zero
graveyard of honor
shangi-ri la
stop the bitch campaign
the bird people of china
the happiness of the katakuris

anyone want them drop a note before i start deleting them once i watched them... that will be like 3 or 4 weeks later... of particular interest must be the films with interesting titles la... stop the bitch campaign and the bird people of china... lol if the title is something weird, you get people curious... dun think i have enough time to complete taegukgi n sympathy for mr vengeance...


blame our minister loh... lol go and say bad things about taiwan... its obvious china is the big bully but no one dare to offend them because they have the bargaining rights... going against them only means you stand to lose...

i see no difference if taiwan n mainland are united or not... it just means a triumph in reuniting china lands and nothing much will be changed really... except for the influx of cheena men running amok all over taiwan... hong kong and macau are pretty good examples... i thought hong kong is more attractive when the british were still around... now the cheenas have kinda downgraded the country abit cos its not so hip to go there now...

taiwan is another thing though... if they were to unite, what is going to happen to all those funny variety shows... what is going to happen to jacky wu and gang... a lot of shows would be cut off for "inappropriate content" by the chinese authorities... then more shows about patriotism and singing stupid china songs will be made... that is not entertainment but they wouldnt give a fuck...

its kinda weird when they say meteor garden is no good for the kids so they banned them... over in hongkong there are so many sex channels on tv and they dun seem to mind at all... anything also die die want to find fault with taiwan one...

actually its wrong to agree with china that taiwan belongs to china... why should we believe those crazy communists when the power ppl are so bloody corrupted... somemore the big shots faces are so fugly, its a big disgrace to the elegance of china women... ZHANG ZI YI FOR PRESIDENT!

if they claim taiwan is theirs in the first place... can japan kindly come and take singapore away... i like to see singapore transform to shinjuku, where all the action is... then every singaporean will have stylo milo hairstyles... every one got good fashion sense, more localised AV and more Playstations... the end of mediacorp... more FUJI TV, more music station, more anime on tv, more kitano, more miike... more kimonos, more manners, more sake, more geishas, more enjo kosai...

or we could prefer to go further back and ask the queen to take back singapore as a colony... we will get QUALITY MUSIC, down with p10 and other stupid stations that plays stupid black music... we get free football matches on tv... more hooliganism... more beer bellies... SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR!!! and and and... more hooliganism!!!

maybe being with the british sounds more boring than japanese... hmm but still they bring in things which people actually want... what can china offer taiwan anyway... more illegal workers or hard-to-make-out accents? taiwan has more to offer china... jacky wu and gang, betelnut beauties, ximenting, meteor garden, more idol dramas... taiwan should take over china man!

server's down server's down mayday~

i always hate it when they have news... so what if they have bought new servers and stuff... everytime always end up having server problems then cannot access own site... their good news is always bad news... and bad news is even worse news... hurricane [insert name here] has hit the server location... ass that time some of my music files gone from my radio... i thought how come my playlist from 10 songs end up left 6 songs only... they still got the guts to say no data is lost whatsoever... duno how long will it be fixed... most of the time its one two days, quite fast compared to some other sites where it can be up to a week...

welfare from ns? like shit loh

welfare is not about giving less punishment less pushups less pain, less running... its about making sure you dun die from the training and enjoying the whole process...

suggested ideas:
45min meal times
500ml water parade limit
10hours sleep undisturbed

that to me is real welfare for the soldiers... you give ppl 10 minutes to eat only sure will stomachache at least once during training loh... any nutritionist or anyone expert in food will tell you 10minutes is a big no no... i really wonder if i can go and complain about the meal times or not... bloody fuck 45 minutes is even shorter than those working outside with their one hour breaks...

even though they say its 500ml, i still hear stories of the one litre water parade... its good to be hydrated, but its not good to be overhydrated... once you drink too much water, your blood will get too diluted and that is very song bo liao... can die one leh... drinking 1 litre in one shot is a very cb experience... you either end up feeling uncomfortable or vomitting it straight out or feel too bloated to do anything... just hope the instructors are really not that cb and stick to the safe 500ml...

perhaps the most important aspect of life is getting sufficient sleep... 7 hours sleep fuck... if people recommend 8 to 10 hours, then u better give us 8 to 10 hours... it get worse once they start to have the stupid drills in the middle of the night...

you wun die from doing too many push ups, sit ups, running... you wun die from these things la, they can only be good for you... what you can die from though is not enough time to eat, people will end up anorexic... anorexic division of soldiers how about that, fight what lan sai... you need bui bui ba ba beefcakes to fight... for that you need longer meal times la... why cannot use their brains one fucking idiots... why only got 10 minutes to eat while big shots have like 1 hour to lim kopi... knnbccb... lol SAF better see this, come and track me down la... why make us drink so much water for what, so that we can become water suicide bomber specialists ah... all chiong to the enemy let them shoot at our bloated stomachs then we flood them with the water we drank just now...

just a day after i have written about taiwan, they have now apologised almost immediately... but their comments pretty funny leh

"singapore holds china's lam pa (testicles) with its hands, if i may use these ugly words"

"PM Lee acted like a dragon when he visited Taiwan, but turned into a worm once he returned home"

words from the foreign minister and legislator respectively... their politicians so colorful one... compare to ours so boring and so lame and so miss universe... actually china's balls are too big liao la... so many countries are struggling to hold it up... the cheena balls weigh somewhat like a few thousand tonnes ba...

back to some serious business is currently closed due to enormous damage caused by hurricane Jeanne. We experience severe power supply problems and constant connectivity problems. New signups are currently not accepted. Our technicians are working 24/7 to bring the service back. We expect everything to be back to normal in the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this unforeseen natural disaster may have caused.

whee~ see what i told you? any news is always bad news... really got hurricane hit the servers again... lol... by the time u read this post... it would have been like oct 16 when i am writing this on the eve of my enlistment date... today is 29th september 2004... purposely slept for 5 hours yesterday so that i will sleep well tonight... i always cant sleep on the eve of big events... and my bloody cough's back, started since tt day go ktv...

3 hours later...

bad bad bad...

fell asleep in the late afternoon when i got too sleepy...

if you like some sashimi, how about i cut some flesh out of your own body and serve it to you while you grimace in pain... i always find it weird, they like their food eaten raw because its "fresh"... no matter how fresh it is, you can never compare to the freshness of your own nice flesh ba... dun wan to eat yourself? then dun go and eat raw food la...

dun take it that i am campaigning for some veggie organisation or shit... i prefer meat myself... but please kill it before you use the knife... dun use the knife to cut slices while it is still struggling... put a bullet to its head, one punch to knock it out, anything, everything... just make it die asap... if we dun like SM, then animals also wun like right... like all aids patients, they should be shot dead to end their misery... may sound cruel but you rather they suffer the pain for how many years huh... unless they have found a cure then fine la, if not inventing medicine to prolong their life is just prolonging their suffering loh...

animals are quite durable you know... you throw an ant from your height down ah, still wun die and can walk around somemore... i think ants are quite commendable stuff... put them inside water let them drown, 5 minutes later it is still bloody struggling... normal people can onli hold for around 1 minute like that... elite divers can go 5 mins and beyond... but surely not every ant i try to drown is elite ant right... dismantle 1 leg, still can walk but a bit unbalance... remove 2 legs then it will walk more nicely compared to walking with 5 legs... once left 2 legs then cannot walk liao, 3 legs still can walk but beocme very very unbalanced, like drink beer like that, become very unstable...

a cat has 9 lives... ants have unlimited lives... the reason why cats wun die from tall heights has got to be their weight and excellent agility... babies thrown out of the windows by crazy people have a higher chance of surviving the fall than an adult being thrown out... suppose death from jumping off buildings is due to your own weight... you know what to do when you attempt suicide next time, eat more... so if you think life is boring, tell your parents to throw you from a tall building while you are still a baby... that would be some kind of kick ass experience!

4:47 PM


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