September 27, 2004 COLOURED.

you know that you cant live without your computer once your parents caught you laughing or crying while staring at the lifeless monitor screen... look if theres something that can make you laugh or cry over something, it can only be the one you love... btw, watching movies on the computer is not counted...

like friends like that, ur friend funny funny then you will always laugh... maybe will cry la, but is laugh until cry, not the sad sad teary cry... and like onions like that... they forever make you cry and you wun ever laugh at them cos its too painful to laugh...

whats it like to be in love with a non living thing... not bad, not bad at all... if you want it, it will give it to you... it will let you play games, surf net, do homework, and many many things... if you are sick of it, it wun sulk and whine like women on PMS for you not spending enough time with it... heck it even allows you to go out with other people! then when its hit with a virus because of your own doing... you will cry for hours and days when its not functioning and cant start up... and how you regret not spending quality time with it, not giving it some maintenance so that they will look mei mei and in tip top condition...

you know you are in love with a living thing when you see a normal opposite and the first thing that come to your mind is not about SEX... maybe i should rephrase that to you have never thought about it at all when you are with the opposite... this is what separates those whom you think looks good on male mag covers (maxim, fhm, stuff, etc etc etc) and those who should be THE ONE...

other than your own family or relatives of course... falling in love with anyone of them is pretty catastrophic enough although it has never crossed my mind... even if you have pretty relatives or handsome relatives somehow you wun dream of marrying them... ya handsome relatives oso counted 1 okie, some can be so handsome that spur people to go gay...

it seems as if humans are destined not to be with someone who shares the same family blood... say you like your cousin then go and marry regardless of the strong opposition... you know the chances of your baby born with deformities is extremely high... theres this 3rd world country where siblings marry each other and their kids all end up looking terrible like monsters, very few of them look like any normal kid like that... maybe there really is a supreme being in this world or we are just being controlled by some kuku birds who dun want to show their faces because they are supposed to be evil... if they show their faces then there would be no suspense and we wun fear them liao...

the pleasure is all mine~~~ lol, tml go hmv to listen to the new bjork album liao la... sunday not enough time at hmv to listen to other songs... when you fall in love with bjork, its because she made freckles look so cute! other than that she looks like audrey tautou in amelie and thats cool... best of all : SHE'S A MOTHER!!! ... i told u i am attracted to mothers much more than other ladies right... if zhang zi yi got kid then i will nosebleed liao... the only exception i can think of so far is BoA and tina... if any one of them got kid ah, i will cry like fuck liao...

just now after a chat with wendy and some photo browsing ah... i realised another feature that is very attractive about women.... EYEBAGS!!! i am not lying, eyebags are like so attractive sia... dun worry dark circles are not... so nice so nice so nice so so so so nice~

updated honggy's dream ger requirements:

young mother
nice shoulders
eyebags (the heavier the better)
likes honggy and his snoopy and his chinchilla and his willies

eh, thats about it? lol, how come so short one... i thought i still have other criterias de... dark skin, white skin doest matter... long hair short hair doesnt mattter... perfect sight shortsighted no difference... fat or thin is nothing...looks like i am not asking for much, should be quite easy to find ba... calling all young mothers, send in your resume to me... hmm, sounds a bit rude... i think i send them my resume to every single one of them better... all the kids, what are you waiting for, send your mummies to me before im out of stock :D :D :D :D :D (each sold separately, dun find me if i break the kids' bones)

11:27 PM

the 3 of us make a fucking tripod

we met up for perhaps the last time before my enlistment date... uchu looks really funny with his mohawk hair... just like cristano ronaldo like that, except uchu made his hair mari kita... did the usual "no place to go and just idle around" ... we spent a pretty long time in front of the pokka booth where they were giving out free pokka drinks...

so we stood down there like life exhibits for passerbys to ogle and drool at (we are that hot eh) while we were people-watching ourselves... it seems as if girls are getting quite big up there (you know what i mean when i say UP THERE) while guys are getting smaller and smaller in body size... something's wrong with the diet liao la... where are all the guys with the beer bellies... whatever happen to the flatness... it seems i have missed out quite a lot... maybe it has something to do with the pokka girls... loiter around the same area too long gives people weird imaginations and analysis...

bjork new album is so BJORK!

after sano left to prepare for his book-in later, uchu brought me to meet his taka pals and went to that 7th storey smoking corner... felt very out of place there when everyone is smoking and i am blowing the smoke away... we went to McCafe to erm... idle again... i didnt know that the shaw house delifrance now become McCafe liao... and i dun even know since when mcdonalds got something called McCafe... every trip downtown is like a new discovery... you will go eh since when this one disappear liao and how come got that thing down there... i didnt know the outsides of wisma atria look like that... it has been covered up the whole while right?... can roughly tell how long i have never been out to orchard by the descriptions i gave...

and then we met up with uchu's army mates... it was a completely unplanned thing when they just sort of gathered soon... they were quite fine and friendly which left me wondering... are you supposed to be friendly to strangers you dun know or just met? i supposed if the stranger's a friend of your friend, then it should be safe? it was the same thing up there at the smoking corner previously... she was also quite friendly, asking me the wallpaper on her hp nice or not...

maybe its a normal thing for people to talk to your friend's friend and i am the one who breaks the trend by clamming up... or it could be uchu's friends are exactly like him, easy to get along and banter some crap... im one who takes extremely long to warm up to someone and i have no idea how to change that... trying to be friendly initially is not that good since i will slump to my true nature as time goes on... duno la, i am a shy boy boy... shy shy then got ger ger like like... :X

his friends' advice for my impending ns is quite great... i mean i have never heard a lot of what they said from other people... especially about the part where i will see all kinds of people once im inside... lol, that is something i will have some difficulty with... dealing with all the niao niao people around... and of course the bloody food, i never understand why you have only 10 minutes to eat... in 10 minutes what can you eat huh, nothing much really... i rather they give us back the 4 months which they reduced so that it can be used for longer meal times! you cant have soldiers going out training on empty stomachs or indigestion...

most can finish their food in 10 minutes if they eat fast... for me i cannot okie... i at home i always eat very long de... i think i will lose quite a lot of weight once i come out because of the insufficient meal times... bo bian, i just have to stuff myself crazy before i go inside... currently i am now back at my weight before i got that sickly cough about a year ago... just hope that i try to stuff as much as possible inside so that i will at least maintain my weight or increase it... desperately trying to get to 67kg to build my back...

stopped all my exercises for this week and preparing to pack bag liao... waiting anxiously for my maxonline bill to arrive otherwise i will be late for payment... my mother really prepare all the things nice nice liao... she even bought black tape when i never asked her to... every guy who has been thru ns all seems to know black tape is bloody important but somehow it isnt in the list of what-to-bring... duno whats the use of it right now but will most prolly learn to treasure it later on... my mother even bought pipagao for me to bring in on advice from my neighbour... maybe she thinks if i cant use my charms and body to seduce my officers and sergeants then perhaps i have to score with my pipagao-enhanced throat singing angelic songs like sarah brightman?

5:46 PM


if you cant design, then at least appreciate it... lol... too bad la i am not good at drawing or any designing things... so i just have to get some cool pieces of work to show on my desktop... only recently got interested in making my desktop look more nicer and pleasing to the eye after seeing other people's desktops... always thought its just some idol worship of pictures that are a tad too boring until i saw theirs...

lol, i even bloody change all the icons to something funny if you can look closely... if there's anyone interested, i'll show the actual size of the desktop...

2:36 PM

September 25, 2004 COLOURED.


01. Eason Chan - Di Deng Dong Wu (4:20)
02. Eason Chan - Shall We Talk (3:47)
03. Eason Chan - Sheng Dan Jie (4:41)
04. Eason Chan - Xiong Mei (3:30)
05. F.I.R - Fly Away (4:37)
06. F.I.R - Lydia (3:58)
07. F.I.R - Wo Men De Ai (4:47)
08. Faye Wong - MV (3:46)
09. Faye Wong - Si Yue Xue (4:11)
10. Faye Wong - Xiang Nai Er (4:58)
11. Faye Wong - Yang Bao (4:06)
12. Faye Wong - Zai Jian Ying Huo Cong (5:11)
13. Jay Chou - An Hao (4:29)
14. Jay Chou - Pa Wo Hui Lai Le (3:55)
15. Jay Chou - Qing Tian (4:30)
16. Jay Chou - Shuang Dao (4:51)
17. Jay Chou - Yi Fu Zi Ming (5:42)
18. Joey Yung - Dun Dun Dun (4:15)
19. Joey Yung - Piao Bai De Xin (3:43)
20. Jolin Tsai - Qi Shi Jin Shen (4:16)
21. Jolin Tsai - Suo Ai Ni (3:43)
22. Karen Mok - Ai (3:18)
23. Power Station - Bei Pan Qing Ge (5:04)
24. Power Station - Wai Tao (4:18)
25. Power Station - Wu Qing De Qing Shu (5:07)
26. Rui En - Bai Se Yu Mao (3:49)
27. S.H.E - Superstar (3:13)
28. Sammi Cheng - 808 (4:45)
29. Sammi Cheng - Ban Kong Zhong (3:19)
30. Sammi Cheng - Bu Neng Cheng Shou De Gan Dong (3:26)
31. Sammi Cheng - Deng Feng Zhao Ji (3:03)
32. Sammi Cheng feat. LMF - Ai Shi (4:14)
33. Shin - Da Jing Xiao Guai (5:20)
34. Shin - Duan Le Si Nian (4:41)
35. Shin - Li Ge (4:27)
36. Shin - Ma Che Fu Zi Lian (4:24)
37. Shin - One Night In Beijing (4:38)
38. Shino Lin - Fang Shou Yi Bo (4:06)
39. Shino Lin - Jiao Cha Xian (4:53)
40. Shino Lin - Na Yu Ru He (4:01)
41. Sun Yan Zi - Zhi Lai Zhi Wang (3:30)
42. Tao Ze - Hei Se Liu Ding (4:14)
43. Tao Ze - Jin Tian Mei Hui Jia (3:51)
44. Tao Ze - Melody (4:29)
45. Tao Ze - Pu Tong Peng You (4:09)
46. Valen Hsu - Nan De Hao Tian Qi (4:50)
47. Zhang Zhen Yue - Wu Lu Yong De Ren (5:26)

Lyrics Page

陈奕迅 - 低等动物

喉咙很干 所以爱上你的吻
嘴唇需要觉得 曾被谁期待过
身体空虚 所以爱上你拥抱
胸膛需要记得 也被怀念过
何必需要动心 我只要相信我本能
需要就是原因 我是人
因为野性 所以爱上你指尖
胡渣需要觉得 曾被谁驯服过
因为寂寞 所以爱上你肌肤
体会需要记得 也被承受过
留不住你的心 我只要留住你的人
留不住你的人 也要留住一吻
擒住你的肉身 不需要俘掳你灵魂
像个低等动物 那么天真
*两个人 互相的欣赏 爱情不过是这样
给欲望找个对象 本质上都是一样
不要想得那么抽象 爱情不过是这样
谈情不错 不过还有事要做
身体需要觉得 没被冷落过
说的太多 没有动作
为什么我等你 你等我就不算罪过
repeat *

陈奕迅 - Shall We Talk

小叮当 不爱回家吃饭
看明月光 低头不思故乡
孩子们只会贪玩 父母都只会期望
蟋蟀对着螳螂 有什么东西好说
shall we talk shall we talk
请你说 我们为何变成陌路人的模样
请你说 还有什么比沈默更难堪
屏幕闪亮 两个人在一起
情侣的晚餐 白开水一样淡
情侣都善于说谎 大人都只会向前看
蟋蟀对着螳螂 有什么东西好说
shall we talk shall we talk
请你说 请你说出心里难以承受的伤
不能说 除非我们早已忘记了爱的力量
天黑黑 孩子们不在身旁
and shall we talk 只有树叶摇晃

陈奕迅 - 圣诞结

思念的旺季 霓虹扫过喧哗的街
我爱过的人 没有一个留在身边
#Marry Marry Christmas
Lonely Lonely Christmas
Lonely Lonely Christmas
Marry Marry Christmas
Repeat * #
电话不接 不要被人 发现我整夜都关在房间
狂欢的笑声 听来像哀悼的音乐
眼眶的泪 温热冻结 望着电视里的无聊节目
瘫在沙发上 变成没知觉的植物
Repeat # #

陈奕迅 - 兄妹

再不愿把你得罪 一时那么依偎
就让我们虚伪 有感情别浪费
不能相爱的一对 亲爱像两兄妹
爱让我们虚伪 我得到于事无补的安慰
残忍也不是慈悲 这样的关系你说多完
人看你 看着我 看得那么暧昧
为什么竟然防备 别人给我献媚

F.I.R - Fly Away

清晨的微风 如此的平凡 看似简单
雾气驱散 温柔的阳光中 慢慢醒了过来
准备面对挑战 在新的世纪

该拋开过去 是好是坏 要放得开 往梦想的路
没有想象中简单 我还要更勇敢
时间的钟响起 我不该逗留
Fly away 不管留下了多少眼泪
Nothing I will be afraid Fly away
不管未来有多困难 我仍然能感觉心跳还在
Nothing I will be afraid

F.I.R. - Lydia

Lydia 迷离的眼眶
为何流浪 心碎的海洋

受了伤 连微笑都彷徨
Gypsin女郎 为谁而唱

你会看见雾 看见云 看见太阳

他走了带不走你的天堂 风干后会留下彩虹泪光
他走了你可以把梦留下 总会有个地方 等待爱飞翔

Lydia 幸福不在远方
开一扇窗 许下愿望

你会感受爱 感受恨 感受原谅

F.I.R. - 我们的爱

回忆里想起模糊的小时候 云朵漂浮在蓝蓝的天空
那时候的你说 要和我手牵手 一起走到时间的尽头

从此以后我都不想抬头看 仿佛我的天空失去了颜色
从那一天起 我忘记了呼吸 眼泪啊永远不再

不再哭泣 我们的爱 过了就不再回来 直到现在
我还默默的等待 我们的爱 我明白 以变成你的负担

只是永远 我都放不开 最后的温暖 你给的温暖
不要再问你是否爱我 现在我想要自由的天空

远离开这被捆绑的世界 不再寂寞
王菲 - MV

花 有几束 她再换礼服
歌要结束 今晚 要继续
歌 再结束 萤幕里
谁做什么 在弹什么 情歌 换来特别效果 情歌
继续磨 这一首关于归宿因此她必须夸张她满足
歌 再结束 萤幕里 谁做什么 在乎什么
情歌 为何沦为情歌
什么 为何漏夜陪我听歌 仿佛听 结果
什么 在烦什么 如果
想说日后如果 情歌

王菲 - 四月雪

当四月的天空 忽然下了雪霜 就会想起信仰
当个人的往事 忽然失去重量 就拥有坚强的力量
脸色放在一旁 内心反而宽广

啊…… 我们有什么资格 说悲伤
啊…… 为谁而恐慌 为谁忙

欲望变得荒唐 价值显得虚妄

终于有一天我们 回到游乐场
终于有一天我们 再看到阳光
我们有什么资格 说悲伤
啊…… 为谁而恐慌 为谁忙

王菲 - 香奈儿

外套寻找它的 模特儿
亲爱的 亲爱的
让你我 好好 配合
让你我 慢慢 选择
你快乐 我也快乐
香奈儿 香奈儿 香奈儿
香奈儿 香奈儿

王菲 - 阳宝

需要阳光宝贝 我的向日葵
只在阳光下灿烂 善于激情中优美
我说阳光会不见 你说你不后悔
阳光像往常一样消失 你像我想像般憔悴

我错了 希望月亮带给你安慰
你说你 要的不是这种光辉

别气我不懂 别向我示威
无论我多想是个太阳 却只是另一株向日葵

阳光下的宝贝 格外耀眼
阳光下的笑脸 略显疲惫

王菲 - 萤火虫

来磨擦 来燃烧 来焚灭 我生命
我会化做萤火虫 我会当你是彩虹
不可伸手触碰 仍衷心相信
分享不到温暖 仍努力去发亮
直到 流金似的岁月 留在星空
让我 如火屑般舞动 然后失踪 然后失踪

周杰伦 - 暗号

我想要的 想做的 你比谁都了
你想说的 想给的 我全都知道
未接来电 没留言 一定是你孤单的想念
任何人都 猜不到 这是我们的暗号
他们猜 随便猜 不重要
连上彼此的讯号 才有个依靠
有太多人太多事 夹在我们之间咆哮
杂讯太多讯号弱 就连风吹都要干扰
想吹风 想自由 想要一起手牵手
去看海 绕世界流浪
别管那是非 只要我们感觉对
别离开身边 拥有你我的世界才能完美
你说你想逃开松手 爱太累爱得不自由
你停止收讯号 我开始搜寻不到
到底有谁知道 是几点钟方向 你才会收到暗号

周杰伦 - 爸我回来了

就因为喝醉酒 他就能拿我妈出气
我真的看不下去 以为我较细汉

从小到大只有妈妈的温暖 为什么我爸爸 那么凶
如果真的我有一双翅膀 二双翅膀 随时出发
偷偷出发 我一定带我妈走 从前的教育
别人的家庭 别人的爸爸种种的暴力因素一定都会有原因
但是呢 妈跟我都没有错亏我叫你一声爸~爸我回来了

我说的话 你甘会听?
难道你手 不会痛吗?

其实我回家就想要阻止一切 让家庭回到过去甜甜
温馨的欢乐香味 虽然这是我编造出来的事实
有点讽刺 有点酸性 但它确在这快乐社会发生产生共鸣
产生共鸣来阻止一切暴力 眼泪随着音符吸入血液情绪
从小到大你叫我学习你把你当榜样 好多的假像
妈妈常说乖~~听你爸的话 你叫我怎么跟你像~~

我说的话 你甘会听?
难道你手 不会痛吗?

12345678 12345678
我叫你爸 你打我妈这样对吗 干嘛这样
何必让酒牵鼻子走~瞎~说都说不听 听
痛是我们在痛 痛

周杰伦 - 晴天

故事的小黄花 从出生那年就飘着 童年的荡秋千
随记忆一直晃到现在 ㄖㄨㄟ ㄙㄡ ㄙㄡ ㄒ一 ㄉㄡ ㄒ一
ㄌㄚ ㄙㄡ ㄌㄚ ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄌㄚ ㄒ一 ㄌㄚ ㄙㄡ
吹着前奏望着天空我想起花瓣试着掉落 为你翘课的那一天
花落的那一天 教室的那一间 我怎么看不见 消失的下雨天
我好想再淋一遍 没想到失去的勇气我还留着 好想再问一遍
你会等待还是离开 刮风这天 我试过握着你手
但偏偏 雨渐渐 大到我看你不见 还要多久
我才能在你身边 等待放晴的那天 也许我会比较好一点
从前从前 有个人爱你很久 但偏偏 雨渐渐 把距离吹得好远
好不容易 又能再多爱一天 但故事的最后你好像说了拜拜

周杰伦 - 双刀

透过镜头重新剪接历史给人想像 八厘米纪录片的桥段 正邪对立的两方
我握紧拳头开始习惯 以牙还牙的手段 风 盘旋烟雾弥漫 我虔诚点的香 在祈祷着平安
从天台向下俯瞰暴力在原地打转 上一代解决的答案是微笑不抵抗
被雨淋湿的的唐装那股叹息很东方 我看不惯尊严受伤家族如此不堪 风 缓缓绕过武馆
正上方的月亮 那颜色中国黄 透过透过镜头重新剪街历史给人想像
八厘米纪录片的桥段在播放 隔着距离欣赏 正邪对立的两方 我握紧拳头开始习惯
那以牙还牙以牙还牙手段 恐惧来自退让
Rap 双刀的正前方 我杀气不转弯 被对我的力量 它自己却受伤 双刀的右下方
我挥刀去了断 将恩怨全看穿 丹凤眼的目光


周杰伦 - 以父之名

微凉的晨露 沾湿黑礼服 石板路有雾 父在低诉
无奈的觉悟 只能更残酷 一切都为了 通往圣堂的路
吹不散的雾 隐没了意图 谁轻柔踱步 停住
还来不及哭 穿过的子弹 就带走 温度

我们每个人都有罪 犯着不同的罪 我能决定谁对 谁又该要沈睡
争论不能解决 在永无止境的夜
关掉你的嘴 唯一的恩惠
挡在前面的人都有罪 后悔也无路可退 以父之名判决
那感觉没有适合字 就像边笑边掉泪 凝视着完全的黑

低头亲吻我的左手 换取被宽恕的承诺
老旧管风琴在角落 一直一直一直伴奏
黑色帘幕被风吹动阳光无言的穿透 洒向那群被我驯服后的 兽
沈默的喊叫 沈默的喊叫 孤单开始发酵 不停对着我嘲笑 回忆逐渐延烧
曾经纯真的画面 残忍的温柔出现 脆弱时间到 我们一起来祷告

仁慈的父我已坠入 看不见罪的国度 请原谅我的自负
没人能说没人可说 好难承受 荣耀的背后刻着一道孤独

闭上双眼我又看见 当年那梦的画面 天空是濛濛的雾
父亲牵着我的双手 轻轻走过 清晨那安安静静的石板路

那斑驳的家徽 我擦拭了一夜 孤独的光辉 我才懂的感觉
烛光 不 不 停的 摇晃 猫头鹰在 窗棂上 对着远方眺望
通向 大厅的长廊 一样 说不出的沧桑
没有喧嚣 只有宁静围绕 我 慢慢睡着 天 刚刚破晓

容祖儿 - Dun Dun Dun

不后补 不后补 爱情不能后补
不让步 不让步 进一步再一步
爱不是腹语术 请你不必含糊
心跳要加速 清楚地喊出
Dun Dun Dun Doo Dee Doo Dee Dun Dun
Dun Dun Dun Doo Dee Doo Dee Dun Dun
Yeah Yeah Yeah
热的像中午 这种温度 并不适合孤独
把心情的积木 推翻重组
Dun Dun Dun Doo Dee Doo Dee Dun Dun
Dun Dun Dun Doo Dee Doo Dee Dun Dun
Yeah Yeah Yeah
加减乘除 你要让你被忌妒
不要转述 感情没有说明书
Dun Dun Dun Doo Dee Doo Dee Dun Dun
Dun Dun Dun Doo Dee Doo Dee Dun Dun
Yeah Yeah Yeah

容祖儿 - 漂白的心

不用相信 我对你表白的感受
我会好好的忍住泪流 你还夫复何求
我走 你会不会跟我勉强的牵牵手
* 牵牵手 可能是唯一抚摸你的借口
我走 在有笑容的时候 请把我表情看透
我总是关怀你的感受 不想听的不说出口
这一颗给你漂白的心 属于这多年朋友什么都没有
想起我们从前 难道你没发现 那些沉默的缠绵
一起吃过拉面 一起看过表演 回忆永远不改变
我不希望 爱情会让我抬不起头
我会向别人展开追求 你还夫复何求
我走 你会不会跟我勉强的牵牵手
Repeat *
想起我们从前 难道你没发现 那些沉默的缠绵
希望经过多年 我们还会见面 仅有的聊天 关系不改变

蔡依林 - 骑士精神

盔甲后的你表情带着笑意想要对我说 外来的袭击即将离公主远去
那些令人刺耳的声音 我不听 我不听
偏偏我又容易受影响容易伤心 没有用 微笑的表面不停骗自己
他们的语气 好笑的攻击 自卑的心理 四年来 带着各种面具想让你我孤立
莫名其妙那些话语 莫名期妙那些话语 如同沙子掉进眼里 不用哭泣
莫名其妙那些话语 莫名期妙那些话语 不如下挡电影 值得注意
我 不要王子苦苦守候的故事 梦幻不实我不希望你是王子
因为瑰丽童话结局为战而死 故事开端结局会因你而真实
像骑士的忠贞 不畏惧邪恩的眼神 这过程 一直放在我心底就像
挡在你胸前的盔甲 保护着我让我心疼
骑士们 发挥出你们的精神 就这样 强悍的骑士撑到最后
骄傲的公主的要回家 整装再出发
像骑士的忠贞 不畏惧邪恩的眼神 (当我看见左肩破损的战衣)
这过程一直放在我心底就像 (盔甲后的你表情带着笑意想要对我说)
挡在你胸前的盔甲 (外来的袭击即将离公主远去)
保护着我让我心疼 (那些另人刺耳的声音 我不听 我不听)
骑士们发挥出你们的精神 (偏偏我又容易受影响容易伤心 没有用)
就这样强悍的骑士撑到最后 (微笑的表面不停骗自己)
骄傲的公主的要回家 整装再出发
(他们的语气 好笑的攻击 自卑的心理 四年来 带着各种面具想让你我孤立)

蔡依林 - 说爱你

我的世界 变得奇妙更难以言喻
还以为 是从天而降的梦境
直到确定 手的温度来自你心里
这一刻 我终于勇敢说爱你
一开始 我只顾着看你
装做不经意 心却飘过去
还窃喜 你 没发现我 躲在角落
忙着快乐 忙着感动
从彼此陌生到熟 会是我们从没想过
真爱 到现在 不敢期待
要证明自己 曾被你想起 Really?
我胡思乱想就从今天起 I wish
像一个陷阱 却从未犹豫 相信
你真的愿意 就请给我惊喜
关于爱情 过去没有异想的结局
那天起 却颠覆了自己逻辑
我的怀疑 所有答案因你而明白
转啊转 就真的遇见 Mr.right
我的世界 变得奇妙更难以言喻
还以为 是从天而降的梦境
直到确定 手的温度来自你心里
这一刻 也终于勇敢说爱你

莫文蔚 - 爱

你还记得吗 记忆的炎夏

没结果的花 未完成的牵挂

我的意志 总被寂寞吞食


想念的刺 钉住我的位置


你还记得吗 记忆的炎夏

动力火车 - 背叛情歌

你问我这世界 最远的地方在哪里
我将答案抛向蓝天之外 落在你心底
如果你的爱 总是逆向行驶
你说你爱我 我怎么能跟的上你
你问我这世界 最后的真爱在哪里
如果你的心总是闭上耳朵 我说我爱你
你怎么能听得下去 诺言背叛诺言
刀子背叛缠绵 刺进心头我却看不见
我忘了喊痛忘了恩怨 任爱情麻木哭泣的脸
永远背叛永远 泪水背叛双眼
爱到深渊我还不改变 我宁愿相信你的欺骗
再不让我有对你去恨 的一天

动力火车 - 外套

我早该知道 你只是偶尔的需要
习惯了你的味道 挡风成了我的骄傲

每个心跳 开始都计算不到
难道给我的回报 只是陪你在他的怀抱

做你的外套 只能穿梭你的外表
听到你对他的撒娇 可笑的是我没资格计较

做你的外套 拥抱着却不被拥抱
我是谁你知不知道 怎能随便穿上又换掉

我能拥有什么 答案早就明了 学会哭也能笑 OH NO
怎么不听劝告 怎么不被想要 还在为你效劳 会不会疯掉 (你知不知道)

动力火车 - 无情的情书

说了是无情 写了更无情 都作无情人何必再写信
既然已无心 何苦在用心 一封信就轻易把过去写成幻影

我站在屋顶 泪和霓虹迷濛了眼睛
誓言欺骗了吹痛了相信 我的心碎能说给谁听

我为你蹉跎一辈子 你给我潇洒几个字

你简单寄出几个字 却要我收下无尽地 无声的哭......啊

芮恩 - 白色羽毛


S.H.E. - Super Star

笑 就歌颂 一皱眉头就心痛
我没空理会我 只感受你的感受
你要往哪走 把我灵魂也带走
它为你着了魔 留着有什么用

你是电 你是光 你是唯一的神话
我只爱你 You are my super star
你主宰 我崇拜 没有更好的办法
只能爱你 You are my super star

手 不是手 是 温柔的宇宙
我这颗小星球 就在你手中转动
请 看见我 让我有梦可以作
我为你发了疯 你必须奖励我

你是意义 是天是地是神的旨意
除了爱你 没有真理

火 你是火 是我飞蛾的尽头
没想过要逃脱 为什么我要逃脱
谢谢你给我 一段快乐的梦游
如果我忘了我 请帮忙记得我

郑秀文 - 808

想要High到天亮 现在还不晚
快乐向左转 悲伤右转 想到酸甜苦辣
就在808 我们别偷懒 一起唱 唱老歌
疗新的伤 浪漫的夜 特别渴望
有你陪在我身旁 我心似海浪 想唱什么都好
爱不会说谎 就算key不准 都能原谅
几小时 几个模样这一首歌 后劲很强 赶走寂寞的心情
你帮我的忙 喜怒哀乐包厢 就是808
因为你让我 越唱越暖 让我挑首情歌
来段合声版 时间走慢点 天别亮 世界也许好乱 暂时都别管
两个人一起 幸福唱 La.....

郑秀文 - 半空中

带着某人的回忆 可是落地之后是灾难还是好运
我想也不一定 如果我是一个精灵
忘了上一秒钟的事情 做个没有回忆的人
可不可以 心里有云 身体很轻 是上帝给我一个假期
一个人飞是一种美丽 让我在天空飞檐走壁

半空中我问我降落的心 是不是忘记了心痛的事情
哪里是我的降落点 让我来决定
半空中我和我降落的心 去寻找另外一个天地
这一次我一定要告诉自己 命中红心
人在爱情的空窗期要一个梦 要去外面吹点风
请让我一个人去寻找万里晴空 去找我的笑容
半空中我很自由 一想起你就眼睛红
也许最后落点不同 也许会重逢

郑秀文 - 不能承受的感动

谁说不能承受 生命中的感动
我们拥抱过 东京最美丽的梦
你的一双手有多普通 当时我无法形容
放下才明白 爱情有多重
你一路背着我 累到我也学得懂
不够爱我的人 再美丽只是个梦

你能够痛着对我好 难道我能假装不懂

全世界看不起你 难道我就能对不起你
就是爱看你这样子 样子还有什么关系
全世界看不起你 难道我就能骗我自己
爱情不只 一场欢喜 你不只是 一个回忆
拥抱你 我就会舍不得呼吸

谁说不能承受 生命中的感动
我们拥抱过 东京最美丽的梦
就变得通红 你能够痛着对我好

爱情让人不分轻重 不能承受的回忆

郑秀文 - 登峰造极

震撼 无比震憾 每个节奏打到每个人
各自感觉 感觉 会被消灭
我要求我至少到顶点 让你掉进目眩神迷中
又无邪又狂野 真实的互动
一直飞舞 一直冰冻 直到散场
对 登峰造极 寻找完美的句点
对 登峰造极 爱的作风太无限
痛快的表现 就是攀到最高点
没到 自己知道 有人会说你做的很好
什么玩笑 玩笑 我有目标

鄭秀文/LMF - 愛是

結合 分開 見過聽過太多
由始至終從一而終 又一串囉嗦
你話我口水多 我係有感而發
生命唔易明白 唔阻你發達

勉強無幸福 究竟你明唔明白
明唔明白 我唔係講緊垃圾
你咁大個人 用o下個腦去解答

*命運從未預告 迷糊的國度
想得到 染血的愛又那可修補
#寂寞時候跳舞 遺忘感嘆號
可感到 放棄的愛任意去傾倒

+每個細節 懷念作夢
揣測天真 我做清風
每個過去 逃避作弄
可惜悲劇 還依戀你心中
HONEY 我想你知道
年紀輕輕o既你 又點會想得到
你愛我幾多 我又點會唔知道
睇一睇 諗一諗 唔好再咁糊塗
唔好再為小事煩惱 好唔好

重唱 *,#



重唱 *,#
信乐团 - 大惊小怪

看到新的东西 你们别大惊小怪
听到新的声音 你们别大惊小怪
说到敏感话题 你们别大惊小怪
我们只想要HIGH 你们别大惊小怪

世界变化 真的太快 你不明白 会被淘汰
该来就来 顺其自然 面子抛开 一起摇摆

活在电子时代 你们别大惊小怪
撒旦有人崇拜 你们别大惊小怪
不结婚生小孩 你们别大惊小怪
女人只爱女人 你们别大惊小怪

OS:你在想什么 告诉我你在想什么
快点告诉我你在想什么 你他妈的到底在想什么
你不要大惊小怪 你不要大惊小怪
你不要大惊小怪 你不要大惊小怪
你不要大惊小怪 你不要大惊小怪
你不要大惊小怪 你不要那么奇怪
为什么你还要想那么多 为什么你还要想那么多 我受不了啦~~~

信乐团 - 断了思念

以为分手 从此不会相见 以为不见 就能忘了从前
偏偏闭上双眼 你的脸就会浮现 我不够狠 才不能断了思念

想你的夜 只好继续睁着眼 只怕睡去 世界跟着长眠
昨天不会重演 我的痛 还不明显 再痛一点 才能够多活一遍
爱已爱 分已分 我还离你不够远
怕只怕 恨只恨 回头一瞬间 又再沦陷
我断断了思念 断不了那最后一眼 你的影子若隐若现 也是我心中最美的熬煎
藕断断了丝连 断不了就继续缠绵 趁着明天还很遥远 再爱一遍
(趁着寂寞蔓延之前 断了思念)

信乐团 - 离歌

一开始我只相信 伟大的是感情
最后我无力的看清 强悍的是命运

你还是选择回去 他刺痛你的心 但你不肯觉醒
你说爱本就是梦境 跟你借的幸福 我只能还你

想留不能留 才最寂寞 没说完温柔 只剩离歌
心碎前一秒 用力的相拥着沈默
用心跳送你 辛酸离歌 (看不见永久 听见离歌)

原来爱是种任性 不该太多考虑
爱没有聪不聪明 只有愿不愿意

信乐团 - 马车夫之恋

太阳出来又落山呦 一天到晚赶不完的路呦
吃不饱来穿不暖呦 唉......呦......
天天辛苦天天忙呦 唉呦我的命好苦呦 唉呦我的命好苦呦

前面走的好姑娘呦 你家住在哪一乡呦
快快跳到我的马车上呦 唉......呦......
为兄送你转回家呦 唉呦我的干妹妹呦 唉呦我的干妹妹呦

★两人对饮情花开 几番清醒几番醉 欲醉还迎君且去 明朝有意抱琴来★
信乐团 - One night in 北京

One Night in 北京
One Night in 北京

住着老情人 缝着绣花鞋

One Night in 北京
One Night in 北京

眼中含着泪 呜…..

One Night in 北京
One Night in 北京
One Night in 北京

林晓培 - 放手一搏

不必支支吾吾 隐藏你的错 摇摇摆摆搞不定
言词暧昧又闪烁 爱情用力耕耘 就会有收获
我是怎么对待你 你就会怎样对我
我不要爱情像玩火 也不要你感觉强迫
爱的位子我让你坐 到永久 这次让我放手一搏
不管结果完美残破 至少我有爱过恨过 不退缩
自己做主放手一搏 我的权利你别剥夺
大胆快乐小心难过 我没有白活

林晓培 - 交叉线

如果不再有任何交集 爱情只是沉溺
I Love You Baby 我不要你 困在我这里
你勉强给我一个微笑 不敢看我眼睛
别说是难题 你真不必这样心虚 对自由贪恋
是你沦陷 眼看你上了瘾般 一切都来不及
才明白爱已熄灭剩下了灰 那又何必 又何必眷恋
释放过激情火焰在一瞬间 那一眼 太冲动看成永远
我们只是交叉线 虽然相遇交会却慢慢走远
无所谓 无所谓 无所谓

林晓培 - 那又如何

我无法呼吸 我忘了自己
我开始怀疑 勉强去爱你

出了什么错 爱让人忧愁
出了什么错 爱变得沉默

输的是我那又如何 唱伤心的歌
伤的是我那又如何 痛不必多说
虽然泪流 我还有选择

孙燕姿 - 直来直往

我跟人群逆向 在街上
从道路的两旁 转小巷
Oh~ 涂鸦小时候单纯的愿望 穿白纱 当新娘

Hey~ 我又绕到广场 看一看
闹区的电视墙 在歌唱
Oh~ 我一个人站在红绿灯前 看天上 看天上

我继续在街上 晃一晃
花店的落地窗 很漂亮
爱可以是一种习惯 单纯的喜欢

对爱恨欣赏 直来直往
有一种勇敢 叫做原谅
在回家的路上 想一想
爱如果变难堪 就要放
但欠人家的 你一定就得还

Solo (Rap)
注意 踩到狗尾巴 就像触电一样

在餐厅打破玻璃杯 也别慌张
碎碎平安保持仪态 准备付帐

就算看到恐怖画面 先故作坚强
嘴唇发紫 脸色发青 干脆扑到你肩膀

看电影 感动就哭 好笑就笑 以免得内伤

如果男朋友 偷瞄辣妹 流口水
揍他几拳 捏他一把 问他懂不懂欣赏

对爱恨欣赏 直来直往
有一种勇敢 叫做原谅
我还在 跟人群逆向 在街上
从道路的两旁 转小巷
Oh~ 涂鸦我对你的种种不满 你自己 看着办

Hey~ 我又绕到广场 看一看
闹区的电视墙 在歌唱
Oh~ 我一个人站在红绿灯前 看天上
我看天上 看天上 来来来来一起看天上

陶喆 - 黑色柳丁

今天我心情有一点怪怪的 可是说不出来到底为什么
好像有一些悲伤的征兆 可是病因不知道
头上有橘色的加州阳光 我的口袋只有黑色的柳丁
我只有一个蓝色的感觉 不要问我为什么

很想说 再又觉得没有话好说 我只恨我自己 逃不出这监狱
或许我 是个没有出息的小虫 不该一直作梦 你不是个英雄

叶子用坠落证明换季 可我昏昏沉沉没有办法醒
你愿意做个英雄 还是你会要放弃
天是亮的却布满乌云 所有焦距被闪光判了死刑
你想做什么英雄 我看你不过是佣兵

我只想哭 只想哭 只想哭
我只想哭 只想哭 只想哭

今天一起床 我就头痛 不管吃了几瓶药都没有用
心情有一些莫名的焦躁 你离我越远越好
外面有橘色的加州阳光 我却躲在自己孤独的黑洞
我只有一个小小的要求 就是请你leave me alone

今天我心情有一点懒懒的 可是说不出来到底为什么
好像有一些悲伤的征兆 可是病因不知道

我只想哭 只想哭 只想哭
我只想哭 只想哭 只想哭
我只想哭 只想哭 只想....

陶喆 - 今天没回家


看不完的纸醉金迷一个都走不掉 Come on!
听说就在那里 一个传奇
那是什么粥 给我吃什么药 是你让他迷上男男女女
忘了自己哪里来 要哪里去 离开又可惜 Oh ya~
为他 乐就乐在这今朝 他挑着媚眼 他对我笑 不停的笑.
为他 阵阵醉敢有好调 胆子特别的大 他掏腰包 其实她对你特别特别的好 (特别特别好)

我昨天就没回家 (看的我眼花花心乱飞) 不想回家 (登得哩个哩个登得了登)
我今天也没回家 (看的我眼花花心乱飞) 我没有家 (登得哩个哩个登得了登)

我昨天就没回家 (看的我眼花花心乱飞) 不想回家 (登得哩个哩个登得了登)
我今天也没回家 (看的我眼花花心乱飞) 我没有家 (登得哩个哩个登得了登)

我拎着简单的行李 在冒险那的乐园里
但午夜梦回 或者躺在我心底 (我不在这里 我要在那里)

昨天就没回家 今天也没回家 (旁白:侬想我吧?)

我昨天就没回家 (看的我眼花花心乱飞) 不想回家 (登得哩个哩个登得了登)
我今天也没回家 (看的我眼花花心乱飞) 我没有家 (登得哩个哩个登得了登)

我昨天就没回家 (看得我眼花花心乱飞) 怎么怎么回家 今天没有回家
我今天也没回家 (看得我眼花花心乱飞) 我没有家~~~~~~~~

我要去哪里 不想回家 我不想回家 . . . . . .
我要到哪里 不想回家 我不想回家 . . . . . .


终于明白你已变成回忆 没有言语能够说明当别人问起
谱了一段旋律没有句点 也无法再继续
像埋伏在街头的某种气息 无意间经过把往日笑与泪勾起
忽然心痛的无法再压抑 原来从未忘记

Melody 脑海中的旋律转个不停 爱过你 有太多话忘了要告诉你
Melody 无数动人音符在我生命 爱过你 失去你我才知道要珍惜

当时无法为你写的那首歌 却是我永远的遗憾当爱逝去
如果所有的错重来一次 能否改变结局
终于落下休止符的那首歌 我听着每一个音符流过的回忆
为什么在那么多年以后 还不能说再见

Melody 脑海中的旋律如此熟悉 爱过你 在我心里只能轻轻叹息
Melody 无数动人音符在我生命 爱过你 失去你我才知道要珍惜

Melody oh Melody 我永远不能忘记
你是多么的美丽 让这音乐一直不停响起
Melody oh Melody 我舍不得去忘记
我们快乐的过去 请别让我从这梦境清醒

Melody 脑海中的旋律如此熟悉
爱着你 求你听我唱完这一段旋律 请不要离去
Melody 你是在我脑海不停的旋律 爱过你 我的心里只能无言叹息
Melody 无数动人音符在生命里 爱过你 失去后我才知道要珍惜你

陶喆 - 普通朋友

等待 我随时随地在等待 做你感情上的依赖
我没有任何的疑问 这是爱
我猜 你早就想要说明白 我觉得自己好失败
从天堂掉落到深渊 多无奈

我愿意改变 (what can I do)
重新再来一遍 (just give me chance)
我无法只是普通朋友 感情已那么深 叫我怎么能放手

但你说 I only wanna be your friend 做个朋友
我在你心中只是 just a friend 不是情人
我感激你对我这样的坦白 但我给你的爱暂时收不回来
So I 我不能只是 be your friend I just can't be your friend
no,no,no,我不能只是做你的朋友 不能只是做普通朋友

许茹芸 - 难得好天气

收音机要报导什么 再好的音乐能够改变我们什么
雨停了你说你要离开了 那一首自以为很感人的情歌
蓝天白云那种颜色 比生命还要难得
所以别再问 我快不快乐 我快不快乐

张震岳 - 无路用的人

每天我醒来在床上就在发呆 我的脑袋跟天花板一样空白
昨天在干嘛 明天要干嘛 我的灵魂 似乎不在我的身上
唉呀 未接电话那么多 我想 狗屁事也非常多
我希望 这是一场梦 可以让我 轻轻松松忘掉很多
哇勒蛋 怎么可能会是一场梦呢
我很自由 可是没有工作 是一种痛苦的自由
我在惊什么 我在怕什么 也许 自由 是我逃避的借口

谁能够告诉我 我哪里出了错

反省 是多么重要的事情 可是我到最近才慢慢了解
笨蛋 这两个字我常常骂别人 现在 我只会骂我自己
我了解自己吗 不知道 都已经几岁了 还不知道
这几年 用尽所有力气 试着证明我跟别人不一样
懒觉啦 我的白痴自信和白痴骄傲 害了我
女朋友也跑掉 我还怀疑她妈的 她跟别的男人上床
原来问题出在我这里 我没听她说 她心里面的话

我真的好想她 但美梦已不再

我的车 我的电视 我的浴缸 我的零食
我的鞋 我的书桌 我的计算机 我的肥皂
我的灯 我的CD 我的盐巴 我的牙膏
我的笔 我的沙发 我的一切 不属于我

我的钱 我的冷气 我的地板 我的窗户
我的卡 我的衣柜 我的啤酒 我的菜刀
我的床 我的手机 我的吉他 我的印章
我的心 我的灵魂 我的一切 不属于我

度日如年哪 支离破碎的生活 我就像是没灵魂 在街上晃呀晃
像一滩死水 一种绝望的感觉 没有多余的眼泪来可怜自己
喔 没有人陪我 喔 寂寞的街上霓虹灯闪耀 它似乎在笑我
喔喔喔 啊哈哈 无路用的人

1:40 AM

the day my bird bird drown

yesterday la at the jacuzzi... continuous stream of bubbles keep coming out from my trunks... look like it is grasping for breath and desperately trying to surface for air... lol, why i so bad go and drown my precious little one i duno, it was really a very funny sight... somemore the bubbles never release from the openings, the bubbles come out from the fabric... hahhaa pissing bubbles... can take part in variety shows liao, the dick that farts!


how many songs do you think i can fit in with 95mb free space... 47 songs on the radio currently! for bored people who is going to miss me when i am gone for the next 2 1/2 weeks... if there is any in the first place, if no have then like that loh, waste my time upload songs only... all black hearted nia! all chinese songs for those who sing ktv frequently... actually the original playlist has 65 songs, bo bian have to QC even further becos of no space... oh ya, i will include a lyrics post for all the songs... so you can slowly sing until your monitor spoil or speaker rot...

lao ah pek

yep, i feel like lao ah pek currently... my right shoulder cant rotate properly without feeling pain, today decrease all the weights liao still can pain pain somemore, i win liao la... oh shit i cant stop laughing when i saw the incredible hulk poser again... lol buay tahan him, always like look normal normal like that, then go near near the mirror start to flex flex, cake cake, give the killer look...

bored? listen radio loh

dun click on the arrows in the playlist... just place your mouse over it and the list will move up or down by itself 1... if you think that clicking it to make it scroll faster then you are wrong, click liao it just select another song de... if you cant find any radio on the main page, make sure you enable flash okie... if lyrics wrong dun blame me, blame xuxule okie, i got the lyrics from there one... if title track wrong then blame me, because the hanyu pinyin i ownself put one, duno all correct or not... but i have confidence in my hanyu pinyin :D


01. Eason Chan - Di Deng Dong Wu (4:20)
02. Eason Chan - Shall We Talk (3:47)
03. Eason Chan - Sheng Dan Jie (4:41)
04. Eason Chan - Xiong Mei (3:30)
05. F.I.R - Fly Away (4:37)
06. F.I.R - Lydia (3:58)
07. F.I.R - Wo Men De Ai (4:47)
08. Faye Wong - MV (3:46)
09. Faye Wong - Si Yue Xue (4:11)
10. Faye Wong - Xiang Nai Er (4:58)
11. Faye Wong - Yang Bao (4:06)
12. Faye Wong - Zai Jian Ying Huo Cong (5:11)
13. Jay Chou - An Hao (4:29)
14. Jay Chou - Pa Wo Hui Lai Le (3:55)
15. Jay Chou - Qing Tian (4:30)
16. Jay Chou - Shuang Dao (4:51)
17. Jay Chou - Yi Fu Zi Ming (5:42)
18. Joey Yung - Dun Dun Dun (4:15)
19. Joey Yung - Piao Bai De Xin (3:43)
20. Jolin Tsai - Qi Shi Jin Shen (4:16)
21. Jolin Tsai - Suo Ai Ni (3:43)
22. Karen Mok - Ai (3:18)
23. Power Station - Bei Pan Qing Ge (5:04)
24. Power Station - Wai Tao (4:18)
25. Power Station - Wu Qing De Qing Shu (5:07)
26. Rui En - Bai Se Yu Mao (3:49)
27. S.H.E - Superstar (3:13)
28. Sammi Cheng - 808 (4:45)
29. Sammi Cheng - Ban Kong Zhong (3:19)
30. Sammi Cheng - Bu Neng Cheng Shou De Gan Dong (3:26)
31. Sammi Cheng - Deng Feng Zhao Ji (3:03)
32. Sammi Cheng feat. LMF - Ai Shi (4:14)
33. Shin - Da Jing Xiao Guai (5:20)
34. Shin - Duan Le Si Nian (4:41)
35. Shin - Li Ge (4:27)
36. Shin - Ma Che Fu Zi Lian (4:24)
37. Shin - One Night In Beijing (4:38)
38. Shino Lin - Fang Shou Yi Bo (4:06)
39. Shino Lin - Jiao Cha Xian (4:53)
40. Shino Lin - Na Yu Ru He (4:01)
41. Sun Yan Zi - Zhi Lai Zhi Wang (3:30)
42. Tao Ze - Hei Se Liu Ding (4:14)
43. Tao Ze - Jin Tian Mei Hui Jia (3:51)
44. Tao Ze - Melody (4:29)
45. Tao Ze - Pu Tong Peng You (4:09)
46. Valen Hsu - Nan De Hao Tian Qi (4:50)
47. Zhang Zhen Yue - Wu Lu Yong De Ren (5:26)

click the colored text (my radio) for a popup version so that you can continue to listen while surfing other sites

12:23 AM

September 24, 2004 COLOURED.

this is that zhang zhen yue song which is like specially written for me like that... LOL, but the lyrics different from the song a bit, maybe the one i have is pirated or wat... will post the song later

ps: think i can fit 255mb of songs into 80mb?


每天我醒来在床上就在发呆 我的脑袋跟天花板一样空白
昨天在干嘛 明天要干嘛 我的灵魂 似乎不在我的身上
唉呀 未接电话那么多 我想 狗屁事也非常多
我希望 这是一场梦 可以让我 轻轻松松忘掉很多
哇勒蛋 怎么可能会是一场梦呢
我很自由 可是没有工作 是一种痛苦的自由
我在惊什么 我在怕什么 也许 自由 是我逃避的借口

谁能够告诉我 我哪里出了错

反省 是多么重要的事情 可是我到最近才慢慢了解
笨蛋 这两个字我常常骂别人 现在 我只会骂我自己
我了解自己吗 不知道 都已经几岁了 还不知道
这几年 用尽所有力气 试着证明我跟别人不一样
懒觉啦 我的白痴自信和白痴骄傲 害了我
女朋友也跑掉 我还怀疑她妈的 她跟别的男人上床
原来问题出在我这里 我没听她说 她心里面的话

我真的好想她 但美梦已不再

我的车 我的电视 我的浴缸 我的零食
我的鞋 我的书桌 我的计算机 我的肥皂
我的灯 我的CD 我的盐巴 我的牙膏
我的笔 我的沙发 我的一切 不属于我

我的钱 我的冷气 我的地板 我的窗户
我的卡 我的衣柜 我的啤酒 我的菜刀
我的床 我的手机 我的吉他 我的印章
我的心 我的灵魂 我的一切 不属于我

度日如年哪 支离破碎的生活 我就像是没灵魂 在街上晃呀晃
像一滩死水 一种绝望的感觉 没有多余的眼泪来可怜自己
喔 没有人陪我 喔 寂寞的街上霓虹灯闪耀 它似乎在笑我
喔喔喔 啊哈哈 无路用的人

2:45 AM

September 23, 2004 COLOURED.

happy happy happy happy~~

how long has it been since i have swum 50 laps in less than an hour... i think that was way way back, around 2 yrs ago when takumi and i were at bukit batok swimming 100 laps... back then i was psychotic la, during holidays i was swimming 5 days a week... wear and tear 2 swimming trunks along the way due too lack of proper washing... swim for 5 consecutive days cannot put in washing machine ma, so bo bian handwash...

considering grant hackett can swim 1.5km (30 laps) in less than 15 minutes using freestyle... to go 50 in under an hour is kinda slow eh... and mind you, his actual timing was 14 min 40 something, his record was 14:34... but i have never seen anyone going faster than me as yet... never watch any national swimmers go before la, maybe i need to go down to toa payoh one day to check them out...

what you think is not what you get

my uncle says i will have no problems dealing with the physical aspect of ns, my father say the army life is too weak for me, lingling says i have an excercising disorder... i say i am simply not good enough... so what if i pass napfa test, there are so many out there also can pass with no problems... somemore my sbj and 2.4 run very laoya, only 2 points each... no improvement from pullups, always around 10 then cannot liao... i want to run 2.4km in under 10:30 (last official timing was 11:50)... trying to get up to 15 chinups (current max: 12)... sbj i would be happy if i can go beyond 235, my last one duno how far... i dun wan to be just one of those who pass napfa or ippt, i aim to one of those with a perfect score... and i know that are quite a number of perfect scores around... they are the real fit ones...

just one week left before i go for sightseeing of singapore's finest greenery, i still haben go and get my things... instead it was my mother who was preparing all the things for me... she like got do her homework one, asking my neighbour and other relatives who got experience... i think i shall only start getting things for myself on monday... next week duno should nua or continue to train... maybe monday to wednesday go outside walk walk see see ba... sry if i am getting boring, my creativity was drowned at the pool... tml will be better :D

oh ya, i just found out zhang zhen yue got one song that really fits me leh!!! lol will be on the radio next week

11:29 PM

September 22, 2004 COLOURED.

i have been duped!!!

after that stupid $200 increase, i decided to get the cheaper 3120 at $68... looks abit obiang and without integrated camera and no radio... last night busy busy playing around with the starhub online shop then happy happy click click... reach the last confirmation part (there are many confirmation parts) liao hor, got a note indicating that they only accept visa or mastercard upon delivery of the phone...


they got put cash and visa and mastercard accepted in the part where you haben even start to select the phone you want... then reach the last confirmation part give me this kind of shit... the weirder part is further down the confirmation page, they put cash and visa and mastercard accepted again... starhub cannot make up their mind isit, can use cash to pay or not huh... i want to contact them also cannot la, at that point of time its like 3am? so i decided to make a trip down to a starhub shop, actually lazy to go one la, can just buy from the net then get them to send direct to my house...


guess what i saw at the starhub shop in lot 1... 6610i for $168!!!... you know i was all ready to point to the guy that i want the 3120 when i saw the $168 price tag on the 6610i... after all the 3120 doesnt look so obiang actually but i choose the 6610i in the end la, just have to go and find a better casing, the blue one kinda extra...

throughout the transaction process, i was wondering they got print wrong or not, how come internet says 368, but their shop 168, they never update? lol, think i have to check out more starhub shops just to make sure... if really 168, then its really crazy to set $368 on the e-shop, $200 for delivery charges? possible, since they put delivery fee is waived, there might be hidden fees around...

training part

i tell you i am lazy liao... today supposed to go gym and you know what i did, i packed my things nice nice --- to go swimming! was like duno what the hell i am doing la... but then i see the scorching sun so gian, yesterday swim under clouds no kick and i now like not orh lu lu liao leh... so today die die must go get good sun and most prolly burn away the white spots...

never bring goggles so cant swim much anyway... my priority was the sun, so swimming doesnt matter... and it was bloody hot leh! it has been a long time i have ever felt so hot before, usually i can stand the heat for quite long but today like 30 minutes already buay tahan liao, non stop fidgeting around... my fur turned golden liao~ :D happy~

9:48 PM

September 21, 2004 COLOURED.

after slacking for two consecutive weeks, i thought this week die die must complete schedule... last week only gym thrice, run once and swim wat, 3 laps? lol... working very hard on my abs recently so that i can go haolian in ns... but from what i know, it seems that those enlisted on the same day as me have all passed their napfa tests... which means there will be plenty of fit zais around, hmm sounds like a gay parade to me...

swimming in the rain quite shiok leh... must swim faster to quickly finish up the laps otherwise stay in the water too long the lightning zap zap to charge your body up a bit, by that time already song bo liao... then must stay underwater longer because when you surface the raindrops keep pi piak pi piak on your back kinda pain especially when its raining heavily... but usually you will get hauled up by the lifeguards before you get to pi piak pi piak... however cck the people quite slack sia, they never blow whistle, continue to let us swim...

and the bloody whole afternoon rain and rain and rain and rain and rain and rain and rain until want to become evening... got no time to wait until so long so bo bian walk back home in the rain with only a towel to cover my head... just when i am about to go ns liao then i found out i still got so many takashi miike films never download... got one the title very funny -- the bird people of china... lol how true, china people all bird bird niao niao one --- with the exception of china mei meis...

7:40 PM

September 20, 2004 COLOURED.

paisei, yesterday too busy posting my BoA fetish on the forums that i forgot to post entries down here :X

weird things has been happening recently... i was all ready to go and get a hp when i was shocked by the prices i see... i mean i have already done my research 2 weeks ago... i checked all the prices and all the brands... couldnt find any below $100 ranged ones that i fancy... lol, i want to get the cheap cheap nokia2100 but then they never sell liao... then i spotted the 6610i priced at $168... and i thought that was what i want and willing to pay for an irritating phone...

so today when i want to buy it, its now amazingly $368... my eyes nearly popped out leh, i thought the website got some typo errors or what, so i kept refreshing the page but the price's still the same... i checked both starhub and m1 eshop and their prices were the same at $368... then i thought maybe the $168 is i see wrong or something... i checked the old papers for handphone prices and guess what, its $168 all right...

if its a gradual increase in price then okay la, for something to jack up until a $200 increase is so crazy man... actually if there's a gradual increase ah, people will start to raise eyebrows liao... normally prices will go down after a while... the last day that i can confirm when it was still $168 is on a saturday... i didnt see any ads at all yesterday... just 2 days, the difference so big liao... maybe the sales have picked up and they are running out of stock ba...

anyway, its bad news to me... i will never fork out so much money for a phone while other will think nothing of spending way above the $500 bracket just to get their hands on the latest model... i rather spend that money on upgrading my computer than use it to radiate my braincells... not sure if its really bad news to me or not, saves me money and remain as uncontactable as ever... but i need to get one asap, otherwise my ns life will end up being outcast by my future army mates when they go out... we'll see how...

11:19 AM

September 18, 2004 COLOURED.

everyone seems to like people who have plans for the future... they will go gaga over those who have big plans and thought they hen you xiang fa... then despise those who do nothing or have no plans in the long term... they think people who dun plan will have no future in life and stuff like that...

you want to plan so long for what when life is so short... you could be here today, gone tomorrow... you dun dictate when and how you are going to die, someone is going to do it for you... you might end up being knocked over by vehicle, being murdered as mistaken identity, drowned while attempting to save somone, kena bombed while you inside an important building, trampled by the elephant at the zoo... surely you didnt plan them right...

is it that bad to live a simple life? i never wanted to make it big in life... i prefer to be a minion working my socks off than be someone up there calling the shots... i would be earning just about enough to pay internet connections and some bills in the future... maybe have to work even harder if i have a gf... havent thought of going overseas for some sight-seeing... maybe the frequent extensions of passport made me think twice about boarding planes... want to go somewhere must chop chop to extend... every fw months expire so mah fun...

i think i have wasted 10 years of my life doing nothing... 10 years being the primary and secondary school phase... duno why must study so many rojak subjects... duno why you must be good in certain subjects then can be promoted when the certain subjects just doesnt make sense... you just have to do well in the "certain" subjects to pass the minimum requirements... i think it all went downhill for me the moment i enter school...

english, chinese, maths, science, social studies, art and craft, music, hao gong ming (civics and moral education), physical education... primary school only and they give you so much shit... and its useless to excel in music or art or hao gong ming or P.E because the only subjects that really count is english, chinese, maths and science...

why are there so many fatty bom boms around? because everyone wants their kids to do well in the core subjects, its doesnt matter if they fail big time in P.E... if singapore really wants the healthy living, healthy lifestyle campaign to work successfully... they should make P.E the core subject... its pretty dumb loh, 1 week you only have 2 periods of P.E on out of 48 periods, you onli have 2 periods for that... english, maths, chinese, science take up a lot of the remaining 46 periods...

opening the fucking expensive esplanade also useless, music and arts take up a total of 4 periods in a week only... what can we learn from 4 damn short periods... anyway the music and arts lessons also quite sucks lah... music lesson want us to sing the stupid twinkle twinkle little star, my bonnie lies over the ocean, chan mali chan, di tanjong katong (forget the title right or not)... yea right we may be kids that time, but those songs so old fashioned who the hell want to sing that... music teacher everytime say sing it with lots of spirit but lanjiao la... kids listen to the radio and they dun hear stars singing that idiotic "chan mali chan hey hey, chan mali chan hey hey"... back then even though i wasnt listening to 933, my mother always listen to 958, i still get to hear aaron kwok's dui ni ai ai ai bu wan... everyone in class know how to do the actions in that song loh, but music teacher dun wan to teach, still give us the dumb clementine song... not only aaron kwok, also got jacky cheung's wen bie and grasshopper's songs...

i only started listening to english music quite late... when i was in primary 4 like that... i even know how to sing tt boyz II men's i'll make love to you leh... yet the teacher still dumb dumb give us "how much is that doggie in the window woof woof"... music lessons should be fun and learn pop songs and dance like them... like that then singapore idol got future ma... instead of giving us old fashioned songs end up everyone dreaded going to the music room... the only consolation about it is that the room got air-con...

perhaps the most damnifying thing is that we have to learn how to play the recorder... WTF!!! ever seen some bands using recorders as musical instruments? no right, i mean even the military band or symphony orchestra also never use the ultra lame recorder...

if you want us to have some talent in playing some instruments then at least find something much more practical ma... if they insist cannot be bulky, a flute is a pretty good alternative... make us play the stupid recorder which no one uses at all... i think its very humiliating... its worse when my form teacher teaches music, the whole class kena have to perform on teacher's day or any special occasions on the stage ---- with what else, the recorder...

the nightmare doesnt end at primary school, it gets worse in secondary school...

english, maths, chinese, science, geography, history, literature, music, art, design & technology, home economics, civics & moral ed, physical education...

thats lower secondary for you, added a few new subjects to help you find your particular interest or hidden talent... you cant find out whats your hidden talent anyway when majority of the periods is still given to english, maths, chinese, science... the same stupid 4 subjects which i dun really find any use for it in life... anyway you still haveto study liek shit for these 4 since you need them in order to promote...

i thought geography and history were quite interesting... but theres something wrong with the history that we are studying... whats there to say about singapore history? how it got its name, how founded it, the WWII, the independance, the riots... fast forward to the 80s and what can you find, nothing much really... you only learn about singapore being a developing country and fast progressing stuff like that which is more appropiate for geography case studies... im afraid the big problem is 50 years down the road when people study history, they are still going to read the same old shit, and the timeline from the 90s to the 2050s, they have nothing to study about... because theres no riots, no demonstrations, no political unrest, no coup detat, no guerilla warfare, no wars... its a worrying thing for historicans... they dun have anything to add on liao... the rest of the countries' histories all so colorful, every now and then got new incidents that they can add, but we? reading the same old shit of that sang nila utama...

literature i dun want to say liao... i am more than happy that its not a core subject... its the only subject i failed throughout my secondary school days... only the last semester the teacher pity me she go and adjust my marks to 50.0... being lousy in literature doesnt mean i dun read books, watch movies... if watching movies is the case, then i would have aced in korean literature after watching so many korea movies... the chosun dynasty, the chunryang story, the assassination attempts by both koreas... pity we didnt study korean history, theirs is like so interesting sia... okie back to literature... i suck because i always write short... in fact the whole class was struggling with this stupid subject... all borderline pass borderline fail... then the teacher read us a sample which got high marks... then i found out, to score high, you need to be long winded... naggy mothers would have no problems taking literature exams... if you want to write about this thing, you must first talk about that thing then slowly slowly move to this thing... cannot straight away talk about this thing... so sucks sia, anyway i did what was told and true enough, i pass that script with 60+ marks... lol, my highest for literature, then the rest of other assignments i fail again la... simply because i cant stand being long winded...

music in secondary school is much worse than primary school... so what if no need to sing twinkle twinkle little stars... they make you sing some ultra slow pop songs... and its bad because she wans everyone to do it in high pitch... i would be better off ding the dui ni ai ai ai bu wan... the english songs lagi worse, give us some bloody ancient classics you've got a friend... wtf, sometimes i wonder if the music teacher select their songs thru nostalgia or really teach us something...

art as usual, must draw nice nice, cannot doodle like the paintings on exhibition... is there any painting on the exhibits there needs no abstract thinking to figure out what it is? art teachers absolutely destroyed the creativity of aspiring painters... tell you to draw bird then must draw a real bird, cannot draw stick figure bird or your own "bird"...

design & technology noting much to say, i dread drawing on the grid paper... the tech work was kinda stupid... most of it is done by the teacher whenever he sees we are not doing it right... home econs i managed to pass my sewing by simply handing the homework to my mother... cooking i never bother to eat what i cook because its pretty inedible... its not important for the food to taste nice anyway, as long as it looks nice can get high marks liao...

then come to upper secondary where some things you feel is pretty biased...

english, chinese, additional maths, elementary maths, geography, history, physics, chemistry, physical education...

im only listing the subjects i studied in, there are other subjects which i didnt take...

everything's the same for the first 6 subjects... except that for history you get to study about south east asia which is pretty useless... i had a hard time about the thailand history... why their names so fucking long 1 and hard to remember... what chulalongkorn, mongkut... thier government system hard to memorise, why got king and government so mah fun... malaysia lagi worse, their names all so similiar... tungku razak duno wat then later down some timeframe got yet another name call tungku razak duno wat... i rather study korean history loh...

physics and chemistry i got a lot of problems lah... always kena called out during physics to answer questions since i always duno how to explain... physics is one bloody weird subject, it requires calculation and some reasonable explanation to back it up... i can do the calculations but i always forget the theory behind it... maybe i didnt bother to remember because their theory always seems so stupid and kinda brainless... laws of motion --- a object in motion will continue to move... thats the dumbest thing i ever heard from some so called genius... chemistry more shit, never got interested in it at all and the teacher's to blame... only the practical more easy to do, the theory duno what lj element + wat element become wat element... practical just drip drip drip for titration and burn some chemicals test got wat results...

then after the O's, i went to study computer networking... as you can see, i spend 10 years studying shit... i could have learn computer networking right when i was just 7 years old and could have upgraded myself to know more n more about networking... give me 10 stupid years learning stuff which i have no use for... yet i couldnt enter the course if i dun have the required grades from the exact same useless subjects i have been studying for the 10 years... its just like you cant study music if you dun score well for your science... like wtf, what does science has to do with music...

everytime i watched taiwan variety shows where sometimes they visit the schools... i envy them a lot, they can choose electives one leh... can take acting, sports, arts, engineering, music, cooking electives... its not when they are old enough then can choose loh, they like in secondary school can start to choose liao, some in primary already got specialised subjects liao...

if given a choice, i would have taken up photography when i was young... then study about how to get that perfect picture so that i can become a professional voyueristic photographer... or maybe learn some musical instruments --- guitar, drums, turntables, piano... yesh the piano, the thought of guys playing piano make girls go soft 1 right? lol duno la, but its definitely better than learning the stupid recorder... sports i would have devote my entire time to soccer, rugby, muay thai...

you see if they can adjust the education system abit, singapore would have all sorts of interesting people who are exceptionally good in their fields... the way they make us study so many subjects in hope of us becoming all rounders is not going to work... so what if singapore boasts of being the best when it comes to maths... you dun see singaporeans going to work in the silicon valley as programmers or matheticians or any other analysts that require maths... in fact its the indians who are much more better in these fields...

we will not be able to produce a born-in-singapore sports world champion if we dun give them training every day like lee jia wei and ronald susilo and the rest of the foreign imports... singapore is grooming loads and loads of nerds if they still dun want to change the education system...

i am a product of the system and i have no ambitions in store because of the 10 year rotting process... not that i dun have any ambitions but the system destroyed it totally... of course people still have their own big plans for their future... what i am saying is i dun think i am the only one out there who has lost the drive for any pursuits at all... everyone thinks as long as you do well in school, thats sufficient for anything... i dun need education for so many things, just a specialised professionalism is sufficient...

3:48 PM

michael moore is so roly poly that any girl would want to hug him anytime... he is quite an irritating character to most people... because he asks a lot of questions... its fine if he can be dismissed of easily but he just sticks to you like a pest until he gets the answer he wants to hear... and thats the aim of his documentaries...

for someone like him his age to ask so much questions... one wonders how can his mother tolerate him when he was young... i mean i ask a lot of questions when i was young as well... "what happen to dinosaurs" "why they die" "why must go to school" "why eat halfway cannot go to toilet" "why cannot bite fingernails" "why cannot dig nose" "why must so early wake up for school" and many many many other whys...

as kids you tend to ask a lot of silly questions... its always one question leads to another and then the adult will get irritated after answering and answering them... the end result? either being told to shut up or be on the receiving end of some nice caning...

the way he questions the people in his bowling for columbine... its not really trying to get their answers out from them, some scenes he pressure them like mad... especially when the questionee pause for a while, then he starts to hammer him liao... i dunno you but i think hes getting them to say the things he needed so that his documentary becomes a revelation...

like when he questions the last guy, that NRA president about the real reason, the president said its about the american history and blah blah blah... but thats not the answer that moore wanted to hear and he rebutted the president's reasons... he wanted the president himself to admit that its wrong to possess guns... which of course president die die wun admit lah, how would the rest of the rifle association react if their own president actually say its wrong to own guns... he also has to answer to his own people one ma...

the fact is that everyone has their own beliefs and you cant force them to change their mindset... maybe you could get them to say what you want to hear but thats not really what they feel anyway... it could be a way of getting you out of their faces asap so they say things to please your mind, just to make you happy that got people have the same thinking as you...

like everytime got christians on the streets asking the same old questions, you know you cant say "i dun believe in these things so fuck off" since they will think you are a problem person and in serious need of help... then they will attempt to help you walk on the "right" path by guiding you to their teachings... which takes up much more time than you say "yea im christian, thank you and have a nice day" while walking away from him, you start to go pipipapipu and other vulgarities you can think of...

i have said it before and i will say it again... theres really no right or wrong in anything we do... its just how people perceived it from the way they have been brought up...

if i was a rich spoilt brat, in case i get into any trouble, i would have thrown money at someone to help take care of it for me... you know maybe i have knocked down some guy and he died... give some money to the deceased's family and tell them to take care while the family cursed you and say they dun want your filthy money... which leaves me wondering... why would they want to curse me when i have offered them money to help them a bit... i could just leave it alone and let them suffer, some more wun get cursed by the damn family... what the fuck more do they want...

no one taught spoilt brats about compassion anyway, all they know is people behaved like dogs in front of their faces as long as they hand out the cash... so if you want to blame, blame who? rich spoilt brats, greedy poor people, bitches throwing themselves at brats for money, overprotective rich parents who think they know their children best...

while playing the blame game, they forgot to include one more person... the decreased... what the fuck was the guy doing on the roads anyway... roads are for vehicles, not for people to stroll along... in the end its not the question of who's to blame... in fact its actually why the hell the guy want to cross the road... typical why-did-chicken-cross-the-road question eh?

im not saying that michael moore is no good, its good to have 2 totally different views... he said some things which i agreed on and disagreed on... like the way media tries to portray certain actions or incidents... they usually come up with something and then conclude that he's wrong or she's wrong... and everybody believes it, everybody buys it, and everyone assumes thats the truth... no one ever questioned is it really true or not...

no major news station ever play jokes on april fool because they know everyone is going to believe it... even though april fool is supposed to be making people buying the idea and then tell them they have been bluffed... playing a joke in a news segment can have chaotic consequences... like tt radio station long long long time ago in some country which was talking about some alien invasion... then listeners all started going crazy and running around because they really believe the aliens are here... it took a lot of convincing for the listeners to believe everything was a hoax... but every year newspapers still have the odd joke on april's fool, only on some topic which sounds too fake to be convincing enough...

its not a matter of who's right or wrong, its the power of convincing that is really the key... sometimes when i made some comments about something... people usually just brush me off or think that i am wrong... there are times when i am wrong and there are times when i am right... but people will still think that i am wrong... simply because i dun say it or do it convincingly enough to satisfy them...

its okay for people to say you are wrong when in fact you are right since they will find out about the truth sooner or later... which leaves them with a bit of shame and guilt, but the best part is i get to say "see, i've told you but no, you would'nt listen"... its not okay for people to say you are right when you are wrong because it gets pretty embaressing when your lies get exposed... i still remember one stupid guy who said that it should be "phone damaged" and not "phone spoilt"... he said that "spoilt" is only used for food... he got everyone to believe his english was better than the rest... back then i thought theres nothing wrong with "spoilt" what... i still feel that "spoilt" can be used... because everywhere i go, i always hear "spoil spoil spoil", never "damage damge damage"... i duno, i may be right or wrong... need some pro english or ang moh or eat potato or banana person to confirm...

1:48 AM

September 16, 2004 COLOURED.

i find it amusing that quite a number of people actually check on their own blogs for like at least 10 times a day? also duno they check so many times for what, to see got people hack your website ah... they behave like they are not reading their own blogs, in fact it seems like they pretend they duno who the author is then happily read read... self-obsession doesnt have to go to that extent right?

and most will check their own sites to see got any updated comments or not... some walk fire enter devil until they keep refreshing the page like they are playing neopets restocking at shops like that, hoping for some kind of response in their tagboard, shoutbox, doodleboard, whatever board... as long as they see got comments, they will be over the moon faster than neil armstrong... most psychotic is they themselves actually write some messages on the board under weird names... and they reply with their own names, you know like play-acting... one person play two roles...

to me, no news is good news... can you imagine your mother tagging a message "hong ah, later i come home then you know ah" and what do you expect me to reply with... "sorry, i am not that ah hong, i just migrated to hell's kitchen"... roller coaster rides no problem but i cant stand these type of shocks lah...

a point to note, i never made any efforts to edit my posts after it has been published... and i dun bother to read them at all, so dun confront me about some kuku incident which i may have mentioned before because i would have no idea what you are talking about... i know i got a lot of typo errors which i never corrected... why should i correct them anyway, this is not some english composition where i need to write 1st draft 2nd draft final draft and correct the grammatical errors... most importantly no need to hand in to teacher!

to summarise, i am a fire-and-forget person... some entries may be rude, sad, happy, funny whatever... but i never remember any of them at the back of my head... i dun want to end up becoming bald then have to go yunnam haircare or beijing 101 just because i keep thinking about the incidents... in fact while i was transferring my archives over, quite a lot of entries look very foreign to me leh... in case my brain crashed then cannot function properly, someone kindly refer me to this site to refresh my memory hor...

anyway i think i am immune to shocks liao la, especially since my most wanted list of people who shouldnt see this site has already seen it... if you decided to publish on the internet, then its supposed to be seen by the public what... so there i am lying naked for everyone to scrutinise every strand of fur on my body... short hair is call fur right... leg hair, chest hair, arm hair, pubic hair, facial hair all is fur... they are not called hair, hair grows on your head only... soft toys has more hair than humans but you never say they hairy right, all is furry furry...

11:20 PM

September 15, 2004 COLOURED.

i hate it when guys keep staring at the mirror inside the gym... look look look until so long still dun want to move away, very hard to do your sets when people is obstructing your view loh... basically there are 3 types of guys who would stare in the mirror...

1. guys who keep making their hair or making the ends of their eyebrows...
2. guys who keep flexing and flexing and flexing to imitate incredible hulk...
3. guys who keep lifting up their shirts and rubbing their stomach either to see six pack or six flabs of fat...

the first reason is pretty stupid... the gym is not for people who look like they are ready to go orchard or be an idol whatever... whats the use of looking pretty when there are so few girls at the gym... want to seduce men huh, sorry to disappoint but gays prefer muscular types like manhunt competition pattern... they dun like skinny and pretty boys...

the second reason more lame... but their actions quite funny la, especially those who like to flex those patterns which the heavyweight people from wrestling usually do one... they like to do a lot of bodybuilding poses but again they are not big sized enough... at least they are better built than the ones who keep making their strands of hair... actually its quite rare to find heavyweights around leh... maybe they go california fitness centre ba, and never go the open-to-public SSC gyms... even if got heavyweights they look kinda out of shape to me, sure they are strong and can take heavy weights but no shape 1... you cant even tell the difference between 2 big guys if one work out and one didnt... anyway the flex-ers make good entertainment, they dun flex once only leh... after every set and excercise, they will go to the mirror and starting flexing... really buay tahan them loh, guys are more obsessed in getting the perfect body than ladys...

the third reason is why most people want to go to gym in the first place... everyone wants six pack six pack but it seems that no matter how many situps or crunches they do, they still end up looking the same in the first place... a lot either have round tummies or flat tummies and no believe that up to now, so far i have only seen 1 guy who really has a six pack, those well-defined type... you should have seen him do the declined obliques situp... do it so effortlessly while others do until their whole face red red or grinding their teeth until their teeth perfect alignment no need visit dentist...

got another type of gym user i dun like but it has nothing to do with the mirror or vanity... those who think they are better than me and start to do the same excercises i did a while ago with heavier sets... usually they are the ones with no shape no whatever who only knows how to jog on the treadmill, cycle on the bikes... maybe if they want to look like me than okay la, but at least take lighter mah, dun see me small small can take a bit heavier than you bigger sized can go take heavier than me...

all this takes time one la, dun listen to those crap people who keep psycho you to start with heavy weights... most likely you will end up getting injuries instead of improving... that time got 1 uncle tell me to do squats with 40kg as a start... hes one big crazy fucker la, he is like blind or something never see my size... i started off with 20kg and he said like that where got kick... shit loh, my thighs and my butt are not that strong as my upper body loh... in fact, my butt is the weakest part of my body liao... anyway 2 weeks on, i have moved to 35kg liao...

the best is just to shut up when people are doing their own thing, why you want to bother this bother that... he cant even take 40kg bench press still want to say me... i lighter than him by alot and im already on a 47.5kg liao... old man liao still want to work out for what... the muscles will still end up looking saggy 1 la, dun bother and just go make love to your wife everyday la...

10:55 PM

September 14, 2004 COLOURED.

change ur favorites and links to i never update on blogger liao, so is bye bye bye le

6:52 PM

finally managed to sort things out... after so long sia, spent 3 days playing around with movable type until it died on me... the stupid server error keep coming up whenever i try to publish the old archives...

just when i thought i have no choice but to switch back to lousy blogger, i happen to do a quick search on google for some quick fix... ended up coming across wordpress... and judging by users' comments, it seems very interesting to me...

really true to their word leh, so easy to set up, much much more easier than movable type... highly recommended for starters... even me also have problems with movable type loh... wordpress very easy to use sia...

the best thing is no need to wait very very long to rebuild indexes or archives... their publishing works just like blogger, one button click can liao, it will do the rest for you... and its not slow somemore... hahhaa

the only bad thing is i scared wait my hosting server experienced problems... when you get free servers, thats what you expect... nothing is free in this world la, if you want stability then have to go and pay to get good hosting... but i dun like to pay money 1 leh, so have to cross fingers everyday hope the server dun crash...

i hope you are wearing sunglasses while browsing my site... (note: my computer brightness setting is 10) you know, as in 10 out of 100... i know it looks like this page is done by some kiddo because of the colors... not that i care, i like to experiment... considering most of my templates is mostly based on white, i thought i might do some other colors...

and yep i have changed my radio playlist as part of the new revamp... uploaded some dance tracks over although its not something you would feel groovy or anything... just rampaged thru my hard disks finding some songs to put up... and they are old songs, i very long never download albums le... so if you are bored, feel free to listen to some of the tracks... for those people lazy to open it, here's the playlist:

Paul Oakenfold feat. Skunk Anansie - Brazen Weep (Perfecto Remix)
Layo & Buskwacka! - Love Story Vs Finally (Tim Deluxe Vocal Mix)
iiO - Rapture
Dj Tiesto - Traffic
Dj Tiesto - Sweet Mysery
Dj Tiesto - Walking on Clouds
Dj Encore - I See Right Through To You (Extended Mix)
Way Out West - Mindcircus
Tom Craft - Loneliness
Sensation - The Anthem 2003
Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Dj Tieso Remix)

in case you want to know why i switched from blogger to movable type to wordpress... first of all you get no stupid ads, i know you can cover it up with pictures but i never used pictures for all of my templates one... actually the most important reason is that BoA picture can become BIGGER and that obviously mean BETTER!

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6:47 PM

September 12, 2004 COLOURED.

busy transferring over to movable type...

yeaH~ i am not going to use blogger soon!

6:15 PM

September 11, 2004 COLOURED.


there are 395 Jesus Christs and 10 Satans around

2:06 AM

September 10, 2004 COLOURED.

reasons for working out since almost 2 years ago till now

1. senzi
2. better the posers
3. better the small-time gangsters
4. better the lamers
5. stop being labelled as weak, thin, skinny
6. shut arrogant people's mouths
7. china mei meis
8. breaking kids' necks

and more recently

9. to seduce married women with kids

why cant i like some normal girl... why must i like china mei mei like those typical uncles looking for a mistress... why must i like some women who are already married and with kids somemore...

even though most people hate the cheenas for their rudeness and more kiasu than our own singaporeans... i thought china women look more docile and gentle... plus they got that, hmmm... what do you call that, the china look? lol, go ahead and hate the china men by all means because they are useless to me anyway...

but dun hate china women because they have some exotic accent!!! (think zhang zi yi and tina), and most of them are pretty fair-skinned though i have no preference towards white or dark, both looks the same...

at least if they are fair, it means they never go to lame-o beach to bio boy boy... which is good, you dun expect your wife or husband to go lame-o beach to bio boy boy or girl girl after marriage RIGHT?

i am beginning to find married women more and more attractive... during the school holidays period recently, they were bringing their kids to the swimming pool... not those lao aunties la, those mid, late 20s, early mid 30s... somehow they look kinda... mmmmmmmmmmm

they say if a person is not attached, then thats the best... if got boyfriend liao also never mind, because still can break them up... if got fiance, then just have to try your best to cancel their engagement loh... if married le, must try even harder to incite discontent between their in-laws so that they will be pressurised to divorce...

the worst is if married with kids, too bad... this is the type i am interested in... it takes a lot to get her to leave her husband as well as the kids... not only have to make in-laws quarrel among themselves, must also try to psycho the kids to do incest or any other crimes, encourage husband to take up drugs, smoking, gambling, frequent geylang visits... all these isnt sufficient to grab her away... must work out harder than the rest so that i am singapore's #1 beefcake and put on sultry makeup, wear ultra low cut top that exposes some cleavage, high slit that show my pretty legs... then final stage: seduce and conquer!

if you ask me why married women with kids, married women can liao ma... actualy i need the kids for reason #8 why i am working out... BREAKING KIDS' NECKS... i thought they could provide some entertainment for us in case we got bored or something...

so please keep your mothers away from me especially if your mother is considerably young... i wun spare anyone even if you are my friend... watch out, auntie killer wants to be the young mother killer liao...

i think i will be better off in the army... young mothers wun have to worry so much about being snatched in the middle of the night... so fast 10th day liao, i haben even go buy my stuff yet... i think i really will go swimming on 30th and forget that i am supposed to go army... sorry for the earlier crap, but im happy my creative brain is showing signs of life again... :D

9:41 PM

monday got gym never go run
tuesday go swim never finish 50laps
wednesday never do anything
thursday never swim go run 12 rounds
friday gym halfway never go run

why am i so lazy liao...

8:06 PM

ever look hard into the mirror and wonder if that person you are staring at is not you at all?

whenever i look at a mirror, i dun see myself in it at all... rather i saw a stranger, someone whom i have never met before... if you took a picture of me and showed it to me, my mind will be thinking "who the hell is that"... of course i never say it out, i'll just go "oh" and thats it...

if i look like shit at times, i will think that person cant be me, i look way better than that... if i look good at times, i will have the same mentality... that guy is too good-looking to be me... sometimes i wonder if i have mastered the art of face-changing...

you wonder if someone is playing tricks on you... why is it that you can see everyone else's faces yet you cant see your own... some have an obsession about wanting to be pretty or handsome when they see beautiful people... actually they themselves are already part of the beautiful people le, just that they duno or they refuse to believe it...

the day you see no reflection of yourself in the mirror is the day you die in the other side of the mirror...

sorry i was still thinking about the into the mirror show... my brain still not functioning properly la... haha

3:44 PM

September 08, 2004 COLOURED.

aiya i forget to mention something about the phone thing... lucky got people bring it up then i remember what i am supposed to be writing liao... people really should avoid chitchatting on the phone loh...

you watch those movies where the police or spies can hear what you are talking on the phone through phone tapping right, actually no need to use those taps also can hear other people on the line talking...

all you need is a cordless phone and preferably high level of interference around your area... just call your friend and start moving around with your phone to try cutting into another person's conversation with a stranger...

so far i have experienced it twice liao... i dun have cordless phone, is my friends who have... you know cordless phone sometimes got the same zap zap sound when you trying to find a radio station manually... if the zapping is very loud, its highly likely you are going to listen to another person's voice liao... first time i heard it i thought my friend purposely trick me or what, because all i hear is the loud zapping and some faint talking in the background... and somemore that isnt my friend's voice... then after a while no more zapping then i can hear my friend voice again... he said it was common to get intercepted or to intercept calls whenever he used the cordless phone...

usually when i hear the zapping sounds, we will start "hello hello hello" each other very loudly just to make sure we dun lose each other, actually moving away from the spot is the best solution la...

the second time i heard it was last year i think... that time more scary because you cant make out what the other person is saying and the loud zapping most of the time... but this one is like crystal clear, just one loud zap then silence... the next thing i hear is a girl's voice... it feels really very weird la, becos you cant hear the 4th person talking... you can only hear the girl talking, and it almost seems like she is talking to you loh... she asking questions after after a brief pause, she started laughing... sounds like a schizo but actually her friend is answering her la, just that i cant hear the other side at all...

the funny thing about it is, throughout her conversation, i never said a word... actually i could say anything i wanted like "i want you to take off your clothes" and she would giggle giggle and say "okay" because she cant hear what i am talking anyway... they didnt know they were intercepted...

finally i got back to my friend's frequency again and i told him what i heard... he said he heard the exact same things as well... i thought if i hear the questioner side, he would have heard the questionee side... but it doesnt turn out that way, both of us heard the questioner side... intercepting calls is normal, whats abnormal is how come their conversation like so clear one... no signs of interference at all leh... if i give anyone to listen ah, they would think i was talking to a girl...

thats why i find it very scary to chit-chat on the phone... you are like indulging on some of your secrets to your best friend and thought no one else will hear you... in the meantime your convo is being overheard by some stranger using a cordless phone... bf-gf talk, dark secrets, phone sex all these are hush hush one ma, letting strangers know and yourself dun even know got people listening to your convo is so creepy leh...

6:31 PM

September 07, 2004 COLOURED.

my right side of the brain has been dead since yesterday... duno leh but my mind is like quite empty like that... so empty that i dun even know what to blog about... it must be that sunday la... too long never go out then the brain cannot take all the excitement suddenly then now still in a coma state...

my plan was to stay home and clear movies and play some game... end up old friend call me in the morning ask me go out... i think if jack didnt call me on saturday, honglin wouldnt have called that day...

whenever the phone rings, 90% of the calls are not for me... on average, only about a call a month is for me... im serious okie, this is no joke... some months like no calls at all loh... but this month just starting onli already got 3 calls for me liao... to some, they may think so little ah... considering that some may have like more than 10 calls a day...

dun get the wrong idea that i am complaining here, for i am not... i am more than happy not to receive calls at all... i always find them a nuisance... to me its best used for emergencies or for short notes... chit chatting for hours is bad because your ear will be burnt, lose hearing on 1 ear, redness on ear...

trust me on the loss of hearing... if you never experienced it b4, you could give your number to ys... he talking on the phone really very loud loh, real life talk talk like normal like that... then at the phone, wah piang eh, people 3 metres away from me also can hear what he is talking to me loh... i remember everytime he call, i have to like place the ear piece further by about 5cm then i can listen to him better... put close to your ear confirm hear ringing sounds inside your ear at night...

so i went on a date with a guy which got my mother all excited... she was happy for once that i am not going gym or swimming or staying at home but going out with a friend... maybe she has given me the license to be gay ba... if go out with girl i think my mother will heart attack...

saw pretty mei mei inside the mrt and thought suay la, why my back facing her... wan to bio also cannot bio very long... must use the glance-and-run tactic so sian... steal glances steal until very gian then i realised is lingling la... i only know after i saw her feet but i never greet her because i cant be sure ma, she also no reaction de... never caught her drooling so i duno loh... just dun want ppl to get the wrong idea in case its not her, wait the girl think i am those everytime loiter around geylang find china mei mei type...

at jurong east wait wait wait... wait until boa likes me liao honglin still haben come... i dun care if he was late or what because i can always look at people... i am worried about overstaying... in case you duno, you are not supposed to be staying inside the station for very long... SMRT got this time limit ruling whereby they set a time frame, from this stop to that stop you can only spend up to a certain amount of time... if you exceed, that you must pay $2 fine... but the time limit is quite long to offset the possible train delays and waiting time... you know you can go in this station and come out of the same station within 20 minutes, any longer than that must pay liao... dun think that the time limit is alot leh, i got one time kena have to pay the extra $2... but that time i stupid la... i am supposed to go to the next stop but i dun want to so fast reach there so i took the train in the opposite direction... then go until very far liao i then change back to the correct direction... end up have to pay the stupid fine loh... cant be blamed la, i didnt know got such a rule at that time...

i was about to tell him to go orchard when he said he was expecting jack at jurong east as well... so we ended up getting off at jurong east, thank goodness never deduct money sia, super lucky... talk cock a while then decided to go ktv...

my first time ktv leh... actually not really first time la, got go before 2 or 3 times with big groups of people who want you there just to make up the numbers lah... dun get a chance to sing and still have to pay money for those suckers that type... so this is my first time i pay and i get to sing... ktv really works best with the lesser people the better... 3 ppl is most efficient in my opinion... 2 microphones and the other person can rest or choose songs... of course this applies to per head only la, if count by hours then more people better loh... imagine 7 people paying per head for 5 hours... you get to sing less and still have to pay so much...

so i was down there like an idiot, i duno which buttons to press, i duno how to select songs, duno this duno that, duno even know that the mike is not on... after fiddling for quite a while then can understand abit le...

i never properly finished any of the songs i selected as far as i can remember... i either forget the tunes or i cant understand the traditional chinese or the lyrics too fast or sing halfway become no voice because pitch too high... i am the type who mimics the singer... if its a ger singing, i will sing in girl's voice something like that... i always find it weird singing the same song in your own voice because it sounds pretty monotone to me... mimic the singer voice at least makes you pretend you are really the singer... so i became landy, fish leong, elva hsiao, s.h.e, sammi cheng... you know the results la, ended up skipping to next song next song because i cant continue in a woman's voice throughout the whole song ma...

the only song that i managed to finish properly and sound like the real artist is that shin song... hahaha, that was pretty easy because all you need is scream, no need good vocal range or what... just scream your ass out... at first honglin thought i anyhow until i let him let the original artist... duno if yunxu will also scream or not if he sing that song, hahahaa... i surprised myself because i never thought i could do that, at home i sound too high or too low... at home too loud people will complain de, at ktv ppl complain you also bo hiew...

and i found out my singing sucks alright, maybe thats why my brain has been dead ever since... :D

2:52 AM


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