October 30, 2006 COLOURED.

hong ah, do u have white?

white? white what? white shirt? white underwear? white pants? white specs? white watch? white phone? white ipod? white sperm?

from his gesturing, i could tell my faher was looking for liquid paper, oooh so thats called white... thank god he didnt clench his fist loosely with a hole within and moving his hand up and down... oooh, thats another type of white... :X

i had no idea what he was up to until i saw him writing numbers... omG he was doing sudoku! lol, i see liao i had the shock of my life sia... my father doing sudoku! lol... if my mother do at least expected la becos gers always have nothing better to do than finding things to do if u knoe wat i mean... if u still duno whats that in the picture, u are really SUKUKIA sia...

however, if u duno how to play, its ok, becos i also duno how the thing works too! LOL... all i know is got numbers 1 to 9 then must place them in a specific way... how to do that i duno la, think the number beside must add up or what i duno... i am also SUKUKIA lol... someone pls enlighten me, my brain is full of seawater eh =D

12:53 AM

October 29, 2006 COLOURED.

jac (2nd from left)

nowadays got alot of ppl bdae sia... since she got tell me, then i might as well advertise haha... i thought she was crazy when she gave me this link to go and see her bdae photos... i mean who would ever post ur bdae photos at a forum right, somemore asiasoft leh... asiasoft for ur info is some company that supports online gaming... until i go and see the photos then i realise her bdae party was held in PCBunk...

PCBunk is a LAN shop at the dhoby gaut mrt there, u cant miss the sign when u are coming out to plaza singapura... that LAN shop specialises in asiasoft supported games like maplestory, pangya, audition, kongkong and duno still got wat cute cute games la... cant believe her friends actually book the whole PCBUnk sia, deprive ppl to play maple! sho bad leh jac... =X

those who have taken the effort to go and see the link would have known her age liao... for the lazy bums, she this yr taking O's... how i managed to know her? not because i am into young gers or got a fetish for gers with metal teeth la... anyway shes taking her braces out at the end of the yr, should look very pretty by then =) do you know when i was still playing maple last time, she is actually my guild leader... ya, imagine a 16yr old commanding a 22yr old, so ke lian... i felt so restricted u know, have to talk in their language... meaning no vulgarities, no sexist remarks, no short forms which they totally catch no ball... but it was gd in a way that they have innocent thinking, if so early alr know the world is such a *^%$**% place then no point living le ba...

wait a minute, she not my guild leader anymore... becos i see the picture i think how come so weird one the cake put her nick and another guild name... then i ask her eh wat happen to the old guild, and she said she disbanded it le... -_-

yay, now im guildless, all the more i shouldnt revive my char liao... =D

p/s: she looks like a singer, but i cant remember the name. and do drop a message at the forum, you should be able to spot my post LOL

8:47 PM

me n mrs toh in matching reds

yesterday... no... on friday i was pretty excited abt going to dbl o... becos i know someone is going so its a die die must go, sick also must go... u know i've been dying to know about it lo... yea, remember the ger i mentioned in one of my post sometime last month where she said something to me? mrs toh is going becos its mr toh aka kenny's bdae celebration! hehehe, no other chance to see her liao so must go!

friday starting abit suay la... my dog the string ah broke sia... so sad now i cannot act cute with my hp and my doggie liao... wah lan eh... damn sad~

i thought i was the first one down there but some of them already inside nua liao... that day is also alfie's bdae, one of my junior but nt from my department one... so we have a double celebration and 2 cakes... not much ppl come, compared to mine last week, most of the guys that day were from their department, only 2 were not from their side one... =x

starting alfie see me straight away talk to me abt world of warcraft liao... he knew that i spent the entire week playing world of warcraft while i was not onboard ship cos i need to clear my leave... then wah lau eh, he machiam like my master like that, talk talk talk talk until like so pro i dun catch a single ball of what he say... all too cheem for me liao la, i onli know the basics... i feel so newbie, listen to them talk, felt like the lowest lifeform sia hahaha... but he talk good la, then no need to keep pressing ppl to drink...

heng not a lot ppl come... if too many come they keep talking abt me and the up the lorry kiss i also sian... bet u didnt know guys also sibei kaypoh one... then kenny and his wife came! suddenly my eyes lit up hahhaha... no la, too kua zhang liao... anyway kenny did his usual introduction of his wife to us... when i shook her hand, she doesnt seem to recognize me... sho sad~

halfway through hor, while i was doing my usual picture taking of them making stupid poses after getting drunk i saw her looking at me while telling her hubby something... prolly telling him that she remember me or what... i got no idea also, i just have to find a way to talk to her!

whatever, we go dancing a while then go sing happy birthday song and cut cake then continue dancing somemore, but i went back to sit becos i wan to find a chance to talk to her... she seldom go and dance one, unless she high or her hubby bring her up there... but mr kenny give me a glass of wine to drink wor... i dun like wine, but duno why it actually taste not bad leh... at least it doesnt suck like beer, the only thing evil about wine is u have no idea how lethal it can be until it hits you...

beer + vodka mixer + merlot wine = drop dead gorgeous

minus the gorgeous, u will just drop dead... becos for the first time ever, i really felt damn sleepy in a club! i not a gd drinker in the first place but why i managed to stay sober everytime is becos i know how to control, if i cant drink liao no matter how u force me i also wun drink de... my head feel very dizzy then i dun even bother to go dancefloor liao... i just wanna sit down and stone awhile... while i was in a mini stoned status, i was still clear enough to go and purposely sit beside her... actually got one space at the side one but i purposely go and sit beside her... luckily i dun have to make any effort to talk... she automatic start talking to me liao... thats what she always does when she high...

we took 2 pictures together... the first one is i request one la... the second one is when hanwei took over my role of shooting ppl looking stupid when they drunk... but we never did anything stupid la, i only looked super stoned... but i think that pic is going to cause more controversy... so nah, cannot put here...

the other time she made me happy with wat she said, then this time i think i have to repay her wor... not with my body la siao... hahaha i said things to make her happy back lo... u know la, wat things can be said to make gers happy... if even i who spend most of my time at home facing the computer playing games know how to say things to make gers happy then any guy also can do it... unless u have been locked up in some well with sadako or u are just gay...

here are some of our convo, i may be stoned but i still remember wat was said... =D

u have many girlfrens?
- nope
u got girlfren now?
- nope
y u dun wan to find
- becos i dun believe in finding love
me too

u very cute leh, like a character from cartoon
- ppl call me chicken little

- you still remember me?
ya i remember you
- what is my name?
hmm, what is my name?
- you never tell me your name -_-""""

that one really damn killer... lol sho sad until now still duno my name... i alr intro like 2 times liao leh... but one of my officer keep seeing that i am talking to kenny's wife then he tease her...

you ah, behave youself hor, ur husband is ard
- never mind la, i got tell my husband abt him before

this one ultimate killer!!!!

then when ppl ask her to go and dance she keep pulling me also but my head heavier than my body i just cant move anymore le... then i said something to her and she smiled sweetly... wat i said is secret... =X

after that day, i felt better... becos shes more like a sister to me... i cant believe i am so guai when i am with her... ppl ask me drink i dun wan, she give me drink then i like baby like that go orh then go drink liao... and after that i sibei stoned thanks to her... then my friend see i so close to her, he also want... he didnt know her status yet and he put his arm ard her... later i ask him he know shes married or not... then he stunned... when i told him the husband is who ah, his whole face turned white... after that he dun dare to play play liao, so funny...

thats why its always best to keep ur hands to urself... even i wun go and touch her or put my arm ard her waist or shoulder when taking pictures... u wan just let them do it themselves instead of u taking the initiative when they cant think properly...

perhaps the most frustrating thing at the end of it all is that i still duno her name -_-"""

4:28 AM

October 28, 2006 COLOURED.

20 oct at dbl o

before i talk about wat happen yesterday, i wanna talk about wat happened last week... u see last saturday is my bdae and initially i just wanted to go and watch movie with friends... but hor duno why last friday i end up at dbl o celebrate with my ship crew...

i was a bit surprised la, considering i never told them about my bdae but somehow a few days before jeffrey told me "eh ur bdae coming soon right" then he started calling ppl liao while he was on duty... -_-

later i learnt that they found out abt my bdae thru my senior... if its my chief who let the cat out of the bag then i can still accept it, but my senior?! we seldom talk much, when we talk its all about work related one... we have a weird relationship, 100% pure working relationship sia... we never talk about outside things together one whereas to other ship ppl i can talk cock with them... no idea why also, he can talk cock to the rest as well... i dun hate him neither do i like him, its scary considering we are in the same department and we are supposed to work together hand in hand to get things done... anyway hes a gd guy, just need to reduce his visits to dirty bars n geylang la, he so young only... same age as me -_-...

celebrate birthday at club is a very bad thing u know... becos the alcohol is going to be free flow whether u like it or not... i myself not a very good drinker have to entertain them bo bian have to toast toast... then i toast i also cannot finish hahaha... quite a number of ppl turn out ah, so its makes me quite an important person... hahaha... but some of them find excuses to get out la... 2 told their gfs they were still sailing haven come back... so bad, but for me ok la, they are forgiven... LOL fucking gays... only sim is the only one honest enough... he told his gf he go my bdae celebration then she allowed... c ppl mention my name straight away she say ok, normally sim got problems joining us one... hahhaha

i hate beer... but they keep ordering beer... and they keep telling me to drink... i very fast go toilet to merlion liao... hahaha... then they keep saying me spoiler bla bla but they never force me la... see that i so kelian and so guai at ship, im easily forgiven... instead they seem to target my junior more... lol also duno why they aim him sia... he quite ok, very hardworking... maybe he first time join us then they want to make him die...

they got me a cake and they put the candles like fencing like that... then they go and tell dj to make announcement say is my birthday at midnight... hehe then kena kissed but hor too bad my group is male dominated so only got 2 gers but one is up the lorry the other is nice but not my type... so not that shuang... LOL... if im more feminine oriented i think sure got alot of girls in my group one then song song... but whatever la... birthday is a good excuse to ask gers for a kiss u know... its so damn easy for the sporting ones la, kiss on cheek also nothing much, never tell u to french kiss or kiss my ass what... but some kiss like will kena poison like that one... so hard meh, if got ger bdae, no need to demand one, the guys all automatic queue up to kiss one hahahaha...

anyway during the one week leave when i was at home relaxing... they kept talking about the up the lorry ger kiss... sure they were making fun of me, but im not bothered by these things la, theres nothing wrong in the first place and theres nothing to be paisei about, im a man ok... if im so sensitive to all the remarks then i wouldnt have send the photos to them in the first place, i would have gone thru some qc and delete those which is bad publicity for me... but i never, becos i believe theres nothing to hide... in fact one of them was surprised that i actually turned up yesterday cos he thought i kena suan until i dun dare come out...

my sister gave me a watch and they gave me a cake and a small dog... ya they relly gave me a dog... =D sho happy...

4:50 PM

October 27, 2006 COLOURED.

picture from

i dun wan to write this one de but hor its is damn irritating... my father ask me when i go and get a girlfriend... -_-`

1:28 AM

October 24, 2006 COLOURED.

i have been losing weight ever since i have stopped excercising on a regular basis... something is very wrong... its not that i feel better or wat, i feel very weak which is very the no good... skali ppl force themselves on u then u no strength to resist then mati liao... regret forever...

while others who have stepped onto the ship all have gained weight due to inactivity, i have been losing it... duno why la... heck i can even wear size 29 or 28... my size 30 n 31 esp the size 31 very the damn loose... everytime go clubbing my pants always want to drop off sia, lucky i wasnt mabok enough to feel that its irritating enough for me to take the pants right off and swing it around and fling it aside...

i thought about why is it happening to me, then maybe those fat ppl can have no more excuses as to why they cant lose weight... i lost weight without exercising ok, more power...

1. stay at my house and eat what my mother cooks

to clarify things, my mother is a great cook... but why eating what she cooks will lose weight? because u seldom get to eat meat... i now 22 yr old then i realise my mother's meals always consists of vegetables, fish and thats it... occasionally some chicken, otherwise its vegetables and fish... perfect for the fishetarians who are the half fucked vegetarians who dun eat meat but can eat fish one... i only realised something is missing all along when i noticed that i am always eating meat outside... chicken rice, macdonalds, burger king, this meat, that meat, women's meat... LOL skip the women meat, i cant swalllow it, too tough! im deprived of meat, and thats why i feel so weak and lethargic... but thats not an excuse, cos weak has got to do with lack of excercise... =x

2. play computer games

when u play games, u tend to forget time... and when u tend to forget time, u will forget about sleeping or eating... gamers usually eat when they can really hear their stomaches talking to them... after that its back to games again... when it comes to sleep, its amazing to see how a person can stay awake for so long without sleeping... last night or should i say this morning 530am then i go and slp... i was too busy playing world of warcraft to even take note of the note... not sure fully onto the game la, some of the time was spent messaging mh...

3. dun snack

the reason most ppl snack is becos they have nothing better to do or their mouths feel itchy... if ur mouth feel itchy u can always buy those scratchers used for scratching old ppl's backs and scratch ur mouth... or find something to suck onto... when u suck instead of biting, the thing will tend to last longer... like sweets, buy those lozenges instead of those chewies... sucking is better than biting, just dun bite dicks...

9:32 PM

kurara so rara!

dun tell me it looks so girly and it makes me so gay k, i decided to put this skin because i thought it looked nice, anyway i dun put picture ppl will mistaken for a girl blog... hahaha maybe they will change their minds after reading the contents eh...

i got put in effort to edit the skin lo, dun believe can c that i have improved on the textbox... now both of them are transparent... just trying to get tagboard to do the same as well but got a bit of the problem, so i decided to change the colors to make it look more pleasing to the eyes...

one bigger change which is missing from my previous skins... multi scrolls are gone ----- at least for now... im too used to have multi scrolls as i believe that it always look nicer that way, when u scroll down, the whole picture not nice liao ma... anyway, its just a temp change... currently trying to create a skin by myself... technicolor is wat im looking at... just need ideas =D

1:59 AM

October 23, 2006 COLOURED.

i wan my chicken rice!!!

i didnt know that $1 chicken rice actually existed in singapore... the sunday new paper reported that there was not one but two stores that sold chicken rice at $1... and somemore they are located at the same vicinity, tampines street 81, feel freee to check it out ya... for me eating $1 chicken rice is not worth it la... esp when u have to travel all the way from yew tee to tampines just to eat $1 and then come back... travel by mrt already costs u $4, if u think $1 is worth it, then think again... the total cost is $5... might as well i go down to my coffeeshop there buy $2.50 chicken rice, nicer, chilli shiok and add rice also wun hit $5...

for ppl who live in the east side, can go try la... u dun get to experience $1 food that often unless u everytime go secondary school canteen to eat... how to do that undetected i duno, unless u got a uber baby face where u are 40yr old liao but still look like a 14yr old... inject more botox or skin pulling or whitening or whatever shit... once u settle the face liao u have to settle the build... u cant have a 14yr old body right, unless u heng heng bypass puberty so ur adam apple is missing or u go surgically remove (how the fck do u do that!) or go and saw off ur leg bones so that u are shorter than ur 6 footer to 5 footer...

then girls still abit heng... sec sch time is where their breasts grow so its still ok... no need to go and remove them like u kena breast cancer or wat just to go to sec sch undetected and tuck in to ur fav canteen food... but for those fiona xie boobs size one i think have to go and reduce la... a real pity though, at least let the guys squeeze until become small ma... anyway u dun wan it to be big wat... =X

for those who have silicon or soya milk implants, ya there really is soya milk implants, dun ask me how i know, i just know la... after all ppl onli have the interest to research things they are fascinated with right? but thats not the pt la... for those who have artificially enhanced their chest, too bad u have to hope the silicon or the soya milk burst... in short go and de-silicon ur chest before attempting the sch canteen...

for all the pain and agony you went thru, is it that worth it to enjoy $1 food? i really duno, its up to the individual la, maybe its for nostalgia purposes... *shrugs*

the report also got say something very interesting leh, it mentioned that school kids prefer breast meat... wah lau, so young alr so horny, think that they eat breast meat then in future they can get to eat women breasts meh... or eat more breast meat then ur breast also grow... -_-

fyi, i never like breast meat, its the chicken wing and the drumstick that i like... breastmeat no juicy one where got nice, so more the flavour always not there one... so sucky, how can school kids like them sia... i young that time i like chicken wings lo. and i expected the kids to like them too... kids these days really duno how to appreciate... drumstick is nice also lo... look like dicks... LOL just joking, eat finish drumstick can go n play drums ma... so useful hor!

11:51 AM

October 22, 2006 COLOURED.

go watch this movie if u havent seen the comic book or anime yet, and u will think its nice... after that... go and download the anime, currently onli 3 episodes but u will feel that its better than the movie... in a way that its more realistic than the stoned acting... and if u have the time... go and read the comic... i supposed thats where u finally understand the whole situation... misa so cute! =P

9:47 PM

speaking of gays, do listen to this song cos this song is fab! hahaha one of my fave from msi... click on the song title to dl the song... stammering has never sound so cool before...

mindless self indulgence - last gay song

Now tell me the truth. Be honest with me. Be honest with me. Do I look gay in
this outfit? Ok, fff. Thank God. I thought I looked like a faggot.

I'm not
That Gay
Bu--, bu--, but you are
A su--, a su--, a su--, a su--, a su--, a suck my dick
I na--, na--, na--, na--, na--, na--, never get tired of
Never ma--, ma--, ma--, ma--, ma--, ma--, ma--, ma--, ma--, ma--, make me come
I na--, na--, na--, na--, I never wanna be done
This is the last gay song that I will ever write
Oh it's the last gay song that I will ever
It's the last gay song that I will ever write
Oh it's a good thing
It's almost over

But when the chorus is in
Oh when the chorus is in
You know, you know, you know, you know I'm unna fuck it up
And when the chorus is in
Oh when the chorus is in
Ha, ha, ha, ha
I fuck it
Oh, uh
Oh! oh!
Oh, ho
Oh! oh!
Uh, ho, oh, oh

Yo, yo
A ba--, ba--, ba--, ba--, ba--, ba--, ba--, ba--, ba--, ba--, batter up
A sa--, sa--, sa--, sa--, sa--, sa--, sa--, sa--, sa--, sa--, slip me tounge
A fa--, fa--, fa--, fa--, fa--, fa--, fa--, finger this
Li--, li--, li--, li--, like I give a shit

This is the last gay song that I will ever write
Oh it's the last gay song that I will ever
It's the last gay song that I will ever write
Oh, it's a good thing
It's almost over

But when the chorus is in
Oh, when the chorus is in
You know, you know, you know, you know I'm unna uh
And when the chorus is in
Oh, when the chorus is in
Ha, ha, ha, ha
Fuck it
Up, oh
Oh! oh!
Uh, ho
Oh! oh!
Uh, ho, oh, oh

Ma--, ma--, ma--, muthafuckas
What you want?
What you need?
Oh my god damn, damn
What the fuck?
Hang it up
What you want?
What you need?
Oh my god damn, damn
What the fuck?
Hey fuck
Hang 'em up
Oh muthafuckas what you want with
Hit the floor and bring some ruckus

Uh, ho, oh, oh
Oh when the chorus is in
But when the chorus is in
You know, you know, you know, you know I'm unna
fuck it up
And when the chorus is in
Oh when the chorus is in
Ha, ha, ha, ha
Fuck it
Ho, uh
Oh! oh!
Oh, ho
Oh! oh!
Uh, ho, oh, oh

This is
The one and only
Grandmaster Flash

12:36 AM

October 21, 2006 COLOURED.

how does it feel like to be living on scraps today and becoming 300k rich tmr? i duno, maybe u can pass the money to me and i will tell you...

im not desperate for money, neither am i rich... i just want to stop working asap so that i can stay home sleep, monitor soccer scores, swimming, isolate myself from the rest of the world... no one likes working, unless its something which u like to do... i mean not everyone can get their dream job of being a gigolo or prostitute who chooses their customers... even those who managed to become a gigolo or prostitute have to serve the occasional fat ass butt ugly customers... erm, make that frequently, the beautiful only appears once in a blue moon... you win some lose some la, cos theres no such dream job at all...

they say that in order to retire, u must have 10 times the money of ur current annual income... i dun understand where they get that figure from... from the way it is, the higher pay u get, the more money u have to save to retire... although it does makes sense in a way that higher income equals to higher expenditure... imagine right now u are unemployed... so ur annual income is nil, kosong, zero, ling dan... so to have 10 times the nil, kosong, zero, ling dan... u actually can retire straight away becos u have achieve ur 10 times the nil, kosong, zero, ling dan liao... thats where it doesnt make sense... can anyone tell me how do ppl survive without money for a yr? not say a yr, one day also cannot la...

so my dear friend formulated an equation which makes more sense compared to the 10 times thinggy...

passive income > expenditure = retirement

meaning, u must have money coming in even though u are not working, it doesnt have to be alot, so long as it doesnt overshot ur expenses, u will never run out of money... makes more sense right! but hor, u must first think of how to have money coming in when u are not working... thats where investments come in...

investments i cant say much la, cos i no knowledge... all i know is i have to save save save and save until i grow old and wonder why am i still single then i will spend all the money on my dream home... my dream home is a hdb flat, its the renovation and the furniture all that which defines me and thats my real dream... creating something out of the norm renovations... however if i managed to find my life partner then the house has to wait, cos all the money will channel to my life partner liao... i just hope my life partner is not a guy... wat the future lies, i duno, just dun turn me gay can liao... btw, im blogging more frequently now that i am on leave for the whole week... wheeee!

12:04 PM

October 20, 2006 COLOURED.

u know there was a report about sales assistants working in a shop and they were kena arrested for apparently stealing the shop's items... they didnt name the shop but from the description it was pretty obvious... i mean which shop in the heeren sells beach outfits and their sales assistants are all models one... if the models are all female cfm many guys flock to heeren liao lo...

last time i thought it was some hip man man store cos the magazines always feature clothes from the shop one... until one time i went inside and see and i saw a shirt "i left my heart at brokeback" label... fucking gay... imagine the ppl come n serve you, u already abit the scared scared liao loh... wat if the salesman decide to left his cock up ur ass? eeyer, disgusting loh... somemore if u go and try on some clothes then he come n do fitting for u... its like he's measuring u up like that sia... LOL

fucking gays go away... i still like some of their flamboyant labels which they have though i dun own one... haha. wait until they change to female models ba...

4:51 PM

im very surprised when i heard this album... considering that its coming from justin timberlake... ppl will think yaya, the songs he sing which make girls drool, all the lovely dovey love songs and shit... this album is class... really...

its edgy and its nice... when a rock fan say this kinda album is nice... u know this is a gem... go n listen to it and moan the night away~

4:06 PM

October 17, 2006 COLOURED.

for ppl having problems with their tag-boards... meaning those who got their tagboards from, u need change the link cause they moved liao... its now so u nd to go and get the new html code for ur tagboard to appear properly again... actually just replace the .com with .biz can liao... will blog on friday... whole week busy with sailing n all the stupid shit...

i aint dead, just busy with my gambling addiction... mh is oh so going to scold me now :X

12:36 PM

October 07, 2006 COLOURED.

yesterday was mid autumn festival wor... sry if i offended anyone yesterday with my remarks... a person lacking sleep is an very irritable person... i just wasnt myself yesterday la, until now i still haven have proper slp yet... :(

lanterns have come a long way... from the traditional paper types to the battery operated fire friendly types... however it seems that ppl still prefer traditions... when i came back from base at night, i saw quite a lot of kids playing with paper lanterns... a refreshing change from the past where u can see a lot of battery operated lanterns with designs of all their fav cartoon characters... i wonder why dun they make a model of zhang zi yi or boa or fiona xie... when light them up from inside, revealing the shadow of their bras... men would be excited as kids... remincising the days when they were young, fantasizing about amy yip... what the heck, they were supposed to remember when they were young they use to paly with paper lanterns...

paper lanterns are fun... for one, u can burn them... when ur lantern burns, thats when the real fun starts... u start getting a stick to light up then proceed to burn leaves or play with sparklers or find any nice insects or snails to burn and laugh sadistically as you hear the sounds of the insects moaning... MOAN! LOUDER! thats how kids reached orgasms when they are too young to know the principles of tetris... something jutting out and something caving in equals win!

i still remember when i was a kid, i was scared of lanterns... actually i was scared of the fire la... i like to hold one, but i hate it when its so heavy and so hot... and when it burns... i just wanna cry... aiya, i was a kid that time la, dun call me crybaby or wat k, i have a license to cry at that point of time lo...

i saw something disastrous nearly happen yesterday... one kid was playing with his burning lantern... burning as in his lantern has caught fire... i think he throw some sparklers in the fire or wat la, becos a while moment there was a loud crack and a mini explosion occur, resulting in a fireball burning in the way of the kid... i saw it, cfm kena his face liao, he quickly run away to his friends who didnt see the incident but they heard the sound... then they ask him he ok or not, he say he ok... kuku, the fireball is right at his face lo... lucky his face not oily or wat... or else his face would have become an ideal frying pan for frying eggs... kids... play with fire some more la...

this morning my father told me that yesterday got a fire near our place... he pointed to me the building and i was like wah lan eh... i dun even know the building on fire yesterday sia... this picture that u see on top is taken from my camera... and i took it right from my room... and the building is the nearest one to my flat... wtf sia... it was in the news, u know that sungei kadut building... this is the one... exclusive pictures from me... too bad i dun have the burning pictures cos i wasnt at home... if i can shoot the burning process, i can sell them to newspapers sia... then advertise my shooting skills... in future i can shoot models and boa n zhang zi yi! but the fire stop liao, wan to shoot also useless... so sad... lets burn more buildings!

as a health note... we shouldnt be lighting up lanterns anyway... the haze alr so bad liao then we still continue to play with fire... no gd la really... we should have the thai festival where we splash ppl with water... tt one at least better... somemore can see what girls are wearing underneath their shirts, dresses or whatever, better still dun wear la! =D

6:07 PM

October 05, 2006 COLOURED.

the aftermath...

that week the monday... when everyone is sober and came back for work... everyone was questioning each other... gan was the first one...

"so how, that day go and bua the bapok, song bo? u say u dun wan, say wat disgusting but end up also go n bua"

i guess i cant defend myself much down here, LOL bo bian, im too hot that day when even a bapok took a fancy and wanted me... i swear i didnt volunteerily go over and go touch her or what shit... lets just put it this way, i was picking up the leftovers... they alr touch until song song liao then i kena this thing... ppl know that i am a gentleman n i am shy by nature ma... where got such thing i go and take initiative to do this type of thing sia... if i am really such a person i would have walked down orchard road and pull down any tube top on any lady i see and go "HARRRRDDDOOO GAYYYYY WHOOOOO" and crotch-chopping my way to safety... correct right, i mean who in the right mind would go and touch bapok and real women are so much nicer rite... nothing beats a woman's warmth... not even 2 nice stress balls on a fake woman...

talking about right mind, i guess drunk ppl would do just about anything huh...

next was kelvin who was trying to remember the bapok name...

hmm... wats her name again... elaine? elin? lynn? lin? ling? no one could cfm her name cos all couldnt hear clearly... bo bian, bapok the voice ai break mai break, talking wat also no understand... i also cant make out her name... at first i thought she duno wat i was talking... until monday lo then all of us started enquiring about the bapok...

"so hows elaine" thats the response everyone greeted me when they saw me... at first i thought they are going to quiz me abt mr toh's wife... oooh so thats her name... until i realise they are actually talking about the bapok...

u know mr toh... when he came over towards me, i was quite nervous about what he was going to do... "WHAT! TRYING TO FLIRT WITH MY WIFE ISSIT" then threw a punch at me... hahaha, he didnt do that la... he just went hey funkster, that day fun hor... the way he said it sounded like a double meaning... i thought he was hinting about something... but heng ah, he was also referring to the bapok... told u le, the bapok was on everyone's minds... tts how gay we navy ppl really are... =D

in the end mrs toh remain as mrs toh... i did ask for her name... guess she too mabok to reply me... too mabok until she ask me for my number... LOL ger ask for guy number... WTF... best is she ask without her hp by her side... whahahahhaha... also too mabok until keep telling me to come on the dec 26th...

"for wat"
"do i even need a reason for u to come"

wah lau, wat type of answer is that... lol, obviously she freaking mabok... of course la, that wasnt her killer statements...

ever since that episode... i have decided, next time go clubbing got this type of lobangs again ah... when it comes to women, i will not touch them at all... unless they started it first, then i have the obligation to follow along right... so u have been warned... =x

sidenote: happy birthday sis!

8:16 PM


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